New Moon in Scorpio November 13th 2023

November 13th 2023

1:27 AM  Pacific Time

20* Scorpio

New Moons each month set the stage for new cycles to begin. Astrologically, it is the best time to start fresh in some way, or to embark on the next phase of something you’ve been working on. Since both the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same sign, the energy of that sign is the focus….and this month it is Scorpio, ruler of birth, death, regeneration and transformation!! It is a powerful intense energy! And, when used at its highest form, can help us change and rejuvenate…… or…. we can plummet into the darkness of fear, obsession, and misuse of power! We fear what we do not understand. Fear manifests from a limited view!

This is a time to open up our views! Look to the future….rejuvenate our hopes and dreams!!!

There is a supercharged aspect involved at the time of this New Moon …...Uranus, the planet of  sudden, radical “wake up calls” is in an exact opposition! The last 6 weeks has been a time about letting go….getting to the bottom of what is not working!  Today is the finale…..  a powerful day to set intentions….really let go….and start the path that aligns with your heart. And, Uranus may visit you if there is more for you to do or see. Saturn just turned direct on the 4th….so projects will start to move forward!

Keys to accessing the higher vibrations of the New Moon are to utilize

whatever you feel passionate about. Moving towards passion transforms what is blocking you.                                     passion word

It’s all about Letting Go of old forms, patterns,….so you are freed up to REJUVENATE your passions, giving you the Courage to take action!!! And if you need to do some forgiveness work…I love the the following prayer of forgiveness. It is easy, simple, and very effective, and the timing couldn’t be better! Forgiveness frees your heart to move forward!!

​Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian prayer used for healing, transformation, inner-peace and self-love

It’s a simple yet powerful way to bring healing and forgiveness into your life stream. The intention is not about saying, “I forgive you because what you did was okay.” Rather, it’s saying, “I forgive you because by holding onto these feelings, I’m holding onto something that’s already over. I love myself enough to stop reliving what was hurtful enough the first time.”

When we allow ourselves to heal and release, we make room for what we really want – love, joy, and freedom.

Traditionally, the Ho’oponopono prayer was used to heal relationships between two or more people. Each person would say the mantra to the other, beginning with “Please forgive me.” However, this prayer has evolved over time to include the relationship we have with our own self. It can be a powerful tool for coming back into wholeness.
​If it feels as if one part of you hates, judges, or demeans another part, this can help to bridge those inner divides.
Whatever your intention is, whether to work on yourself or relationship with another, the prayer assists in clearing the energy of past hurts and traumas. In Hawaiian culture it is believed that withholding forgiveness leads to disease and disharmony. In many ways this prayer loosely translates as “to make right again.” It involves a simple mantra:

Please forgive me
I’m so sorry
I love you
Thank you

​​It doesn’t matter if you seek to forgive someone or you are seeking more self-love and healing, the mantra works for all situations. The words are a way of clearing energy for the person saying the prayer. No matter who was involved or what happened, this will remove the associated energies on your end.
It’s a way of saying to the Universe, “I no longer allow these dark and heavy energies to live in my body or my life stream.”

The best crystal to use for this New Moon is Malachite! Like Scorpio, it is intense, beautiful, and will absorb the  negative energy  and thought patterns you release, totally assisting  you in this powerful transformation process! Additional Scorpio crystals for this time are Smoky Quartz and Herkimer Diamonds and of course, Moon Stone! Use all  or any that are calling to you while you do your NM Ceremony!

Remember…the low vibe of Scorpio…is the Scorpion, lashing out with its stinger to protect and

defend the wounded places!

The high vibe of Scorpio turns toward the pain and meets it with an open heart!

Scorpio Energy Rules Empowerment, Change, Crisis Skills, Sex/Soul Mates, Financial Partnerships, and Intense Passion! These are the areas that are highlighted and up for you to move thru and rejuvenate!

Below are possible intentions for your Ceremony!

Scorpio Rules Power, Secrets, Psychology, Charisma, and Awareness of others Needs and Motives.

Sample intentions to enhance personal power:

I easily keep secrets!

I completely understand the needs and desires of my significant other.

I  empower my partner in all relationships.

Scorpio Rules Transcendence,Transformation, Eliminating old “baggage”, Change, Restoration, and Forgiveness.let it go!

Samples intentions to encourage easy effortless change:

Positive transformation is occurring in the area of …!

I lovingly release all old “baggage” from ……(my childhood, previous relationships)

I confidently embrace change in the area of ……….!

I forgive …..!

I gain personal power by ceasing to blame others for my circumstances.

Scorpio Rules Crisis, Compulsions, Obsessions, Intense Interactions, Living on the Edge.

Intentions to reduce stress in crisis:

I respond to crisis with clear competent thinking and action.

I release the habit of constantly creating stress and crisis in my life.

I express my intensity in ways that are not threatening to others.

Scorpio Rules Bonding, Sex, Soul Mates, Deep Emotional Connection

Sample Intentions to Cultivate Positive Bonding:passion people

I participate fully in passionate sexuality in my relationship with……..!

My soul mate relationship is deep and profoundly transformational!

I open to and allow the perfect Soul Mate relationship to reveal itself with ease and grace!

Scorpio Rules Financial Partnership, Loans, Taxes, Debts, Grants, Will and Inheritances, Contracts and

Intentions to Successfully Manage Financial Partnerships:

I apply for and received a loan to create my project.

I take action to become debt free in a way that empowers me!

I only use credit cards in  ways that create wealth.

My inheritance comes to me without  a power struggle with family.

I receive the perfect grant to expand my work.

And Last…but not least, Scorpio Rules the Misuse of Power, Revenge, Jealousy, Harsh Judgment, Destructive Urges, Power Struggles, Abandonment, Suspicion, and Guilt.

Intentions to Help Release any Tendency to Misuse Power:

I release all tendencies to get involved in power struggles.

I release any fear of abandonment.

I release all jealousy and suspicion around my partner.

I suspend judgment of others and myself!

I let go of revenge against ..…..!

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own.

Remember….the deeper you go….the freer you will be to move on!

Here are guide lines for your New Moon Ceremony.

prayer big girl

  1. Start at the exact time, 1:27 AM  PST , or AFTER on November 13th. You have up to 8 hours after the New Moon to capture full intensity, so do it first thing this AM!
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred!
  3. Write your intentions by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Scorpio, and a New Path!
  5. After writing your intentions, take a moment, pause, SEE them actualized, FEEL the energy of them complete. KNOW, TRUST, and EXPECT them to happen!
  6. And most importantly…connect to your higher self…..make this time special and sacred.
  7. Ignite your Scorpio passion and regenerate YOU!

                                 Sending you Love, Light, Powerful Transformation and Exciting New Directions!

Stay Inspired….Connected….Empowered

Peace and Blessings