Shelley Warren Astrology is a consulting/ coaching organization that creates a place and space of creative self-expression, love, and support!  Shelley empowers her clients by guiding them to a complete understanding  of who they are, as identified in their unique and personal soul signature, better known as the natal astrology chart!  This understanding, or merging of science and spirituality, allows for the client to truly know and understand the personal and intimate details of their gifts, talents, challenges, and souls calling in this life time. The work done together is specific to each client, and creates a space for their Spiritual Connection and understanding. Shelley’s  astrology sessions often are a confirmation of thoughts, ideas, and intuitions the client has , but has not acted on or trusted. Astrology, as a guidance system, or road map, provides a path of least resistant and upset, and, when followed, opens up a flow of perfect divine timing in all areas of life!

Shelley’s  Life Experience:

Aquarian Sun Sign, Pisces Moon, Leo Rising….

12 years Practicing Astrologer Consultant/Coach

11 years Spiritual Practitioner

3 years Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Coach

20 years BEING an Entrepreneur

12 years Corporate Work, International Travel,  Product Development

Activist for Peace

Avid Argentine Tango and Salsa Dancer

Committed to Transformation of our Planet!