Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius 11/27/23

Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius

November 27, 1:16  AM PST

4* Gemini

Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth and in opposite signs of the Zodiac! The truth around something of great importance usually is revealed! It is a time when we are seeking balance! Emotions run high as we try to know the truth of situations! At this Full Moon we are being asked to integrate the energies of our rational mind (Gemini) and our intuitive wisdom (Sagittarius) to resolve current issues!

This Full Moon is occurring at 4* Gemini.  An insight or key piece of information will come to you…..so, take note of your conversations, and what you read/hear in the news, as it can be quite significant and could represent a culmination or closure of some kind!

Also included in this Lunation are  Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius! So, taking action(Mars) with your big ideas(Mercury) is highly possible!!! These Vibes allow us to think and vision what’s possible!!  This will be a very active and dynamic FM as new information, ideas and connections occur that have the potential to influence opinions, choices and even the direction we’re heading.

So lets take a look at how to work with this Full Moon energy!

  • Best practice is to look at how you can merge these two energies….information (Gemini) into wisdom (Sagittarius)
  • Sagittarius /Gemini polarity brings opportunities to expand our minds and look at the bigger picture!
  • This FM helps us to see where faith has been lost, and how to renew our Beliefs!
  • Intuitively, we seek to gain greater balance by utilizing our innate wisdom!
  • Communications of all kinds are significant at this time, so pay attention! A powerful insight or ah ha moment can change a belief in a flash!let it go
  • Intuition and imagination will be extra active so pay attention to messages and visions.
  • The opportunity is to SEE WHERE we are holding back…..and then let that go!!!!

This is a great opportunity to RELEASE all the useless information we have collected this year, and hone in on the WISDOM  acquired thru trial and error!

The Full Moon Release is particularly potent, as both Mercury and Mars are involved! So, reviewing  the year, and letting go of what  no longer is relevant is our BEST practice! This FM follows our Thanksgiving Weekend in the US, so Gratitude and BEING Thankful for what we do have is a great backdrop. As always, emotions run high during Full Moons, so practice Grace and Kindness, and seriously, leave politics out of all conversations!

Please, take a moment to send prayers and love to those who are suffering great loss all around the world. Lend a helping hand where you can, and let differences of opinions,hate,and prejudice,….Go!!!          

Take a few minutes to prepare for your  Full Moon  Ceremony by  making a list of all you want to let go of.butterfly let go

                  Write it all down! We don’t want to bring any old baggage, information, or beliefs  into  Next Year!

The best Crystals to work with this FM for the axis of Gemini (information) Sagittarius ( Wisdom/Beliefs) is Labradorite,the Spiritual Mentor Crystal (for Sag energy) and Kyanite ( for Gemini). These assist you in bringing truth through logical thought and intuition! Apophylite links the Spiritual and Physical, and, of course Moonstone enhances intuition and adjusts your biorhythms during the Full Moon! Always have your Moonstone for any moon ceremony!

Take your list of Releases and your crystals to your special place OUTSIDE, if possible, and vibe with the Moonlight!

full moon and lakeSpend a few minutes in Silence, under her beautiful rays.

Then read your release list ….OUT LOUD….to Lady Moonlight.

When complete….light it up and watch it burn….all of it!

Jot down any insights or ideas that come to you that are NEW!!!!

When complete…Give great thanks for all you DO have!

prayer big girl

SeedsofFaith_Web As we kick off  this Holiday Season…Remember the Real Reason we Celebrate…it is about Giving the Gift of  Love, Gratitude  and Appreciation from your Heart to the Heart of your Family, Friends, and our Beautiful Planet!




THANK YOU all for being my readers, clients, friends, and allowing me the opportunity

to share my love of Astrology and our Cosmic Connection!


Inspired…..Connected …..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings