September Overview!


Happy Birthday Virgo!

And, this is going to be a September to Remember!   We are all at a crossroads, and the dynamic Cosmic energy flowing this month will certainly guide us…..whether we want it  too or not, so Best Practice….Go with the changes, even if unexpected! We have 2 Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter shifting into Libra, the Fall Equinox, Pluto stationing direct, a second New Moon in Libra at the end of the September., and the final square between Neptune and Saturn…!!!!! Wow!

And, I will say, right at the beginning of this blog….It is not BAD,  the shifts and changes occurring are here to help us move in the direction of the highest and greatest good for our Souls evolution….so buckle up, and plan to FLY this month….Destination….The Best Possible YOU!!!!

Let me break it down for you…..

Mercury RX in Virgo ..August 30th – September 22merc

We will all feel this retrograde strongly, as Mercury rules Virgo. So, it feels like a double Merc RX!

The bottom line message…….SLOW DOWN……double check all the details……Look at where you can  streamline, cut out the fat, clear and organize your desk, your closets, your home. Make all the details of your life efficient! In your work,reconnect with old clients, double check all the details of your plans…and redo if necessary. Best Practice, delay instead of charging forward with out a solid, detailed plan. The juice this month is in the details! Check them once, twice and a third time. Seriously! And, add a little humor….we can’t make up the events that will be happening….a good belly laugh will go a long way!!!

Create small daily routines that will have a big impact on your life. Health, diet, exercise, and meditation!  Start small, but commit! And, one that I love for us all to do this month….practice 1 Random Act of Kindness to someone you don’t know. Just 1act each day for the next 30 days! Wow….you and our world will be transformed by Oct 1! Let’s do it!….Yes! (Get your friends, colleagues, and family members to join us!)

September 1….New Moon Solar Eclipse at 9 * Virgo at 2:02 AM PDT solar eclipset

This is a key player this month!  New Moons are about New Beginnings, and when it is a Solar eclipse, it is a Super Charged Powerful New Beginning! There will be a ton of cosmic energy stream with updated coding, and guidance. Best Practice…..Set your intentions and spend time on the 1st to get your downloads and upgrades! New Moon ceremony Post on New Moon Page with a ton of info for you!    (Take on the Random Act of Kindness Challenge for the next 30 days! Woohoo!!!)

Ceremony and details here

September 9…Jupiter shifts into the sign of Libra thru Oct 2017!

Libra’s…..this is your year! Jupiter visits each sign for 1 year…so the last time this occurred was 12 years ago! This is the beginning of a new 12 year cycle for all  Libra’s!

Here are some of the gifts this benevolent planet will be bestowing on us this year….the_feel_of_jupiter_by_qaz2008-d4v2c1b

  • More Harmony and balance in our lives…yippee!
  • New relationships in our personal and professional lives….(Love!!!)
  • Increases our capacity to love and well as receive love.
  • We become more aware of what is fair and just and we seek to align with these principles!
  • We appreciate and seek out ways to bring more beauty into our homes and life in general!

Pretty awesome influence for the next year! My hope and prayer the world peace will gain big strides this year. Please join me in this prayer!


September 16th….Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Piscesspiritual-crossing

At the New Moon….there was a sense of initiation….beginnings….Now, with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, there is a sense of destiny being fulfilled, and that something spiritually significant is coming into being.Lunar eclipses bring a mystical feel, opening doors to the secret hidden energies for the cosmos. Pay close attention to these subtle energies as they hold insights and information that will impact your life.

Particularly since it is the final square of the Saturn Neptune square. With the FM Eclipse in close proximity to Chrion….healing happens….even past life events! Best Practice is to be out in the moonlight and receive important messages! We usually have a full moon ceremony, however, I will be at a Horseback Retreat in Wyoming! I will have the full moon ceremony details posted shortly for you to do your own!

But….KNOW….this is a super-powerful time to heal and connected to your destiny!

September 22….The Autumn Equinox! Join us live at Mothers Beachbalance of equinox

Equinoxes and Solstices are the natural seasons of the year when the Earth sifts on its axis and the veils between worlds are thin. It is a special cosmic day, and represent a 3 month period for you to create and complete plans. This is the last quarter of the year….and it is time to put all our new ideas directions and guidance to work for us! It is the time to receive the HARVEST of all our hard work this year! We will be holding a gathering at Mothers Beach from 7PM to 9PM.

Details will be posted on the events page! Please RSVP….space limited!

September 25th….Astrology Crystal Grid Class 12 to 4 at the AURA SHOP on Main St.astro-crystal-grid

I will be teaching my favorite…..Basic Astrology and how to Grid your natal chart at the AURA Shop on Main Street. Space Limited…. Please call to book 310.584.9998

Details on the events Page!

September 26th Pluto Stations Direct!

The power planet moves forward….All our plans begin to turn into reality. So, very important to be clear on what they are!

September 30th…..2nd New Moon in Libra@ 8 * at 5:11 PMweb_libra

We can now breathe easy….the month ends on a beautiful, harmonious note! Balance, peace, harmony, beauty, relationships, fairness, equality are the energies  we will be feeling! Our new direction established, we will be on our way. Your new moon ceremony will be posted later in the month!

Wow….as you can see…..a super action packed month.

I can’t emphasize enough the need to slow down, adapt new small daily habits and routines, listen IN…go out and speed time in nature, away from the hustle bustle so you can connect to your higher self and get INNER  guidance. Your world will look different on October 1……guaranteed!

And…as a note….I will be out of the office and away from all electronic media…( no internet, no phone) at a Horse Ranch in Wyoming from September 8th to the 17th. So, if you would like to set up a session, please do so before the 8th….or after the 17th.

I will have much to share when I return…..

Have a fantastic September to Remember….. and



Peace and Blessings

horse rearing

Extraordinary Full Moon in Leo!

Greetings Cosmic Artist!

full moon in caveFull Moon 3 * Leo/Aquarius

Jan 23 5:45 PM

This has been quite a dynamic month of change, review, renew, regroup….and now, we have the opportunity to RE-LEASE all the crazy energy, particularly what is not working in our life! We can no longer fit a square peg  into a circle!! In the last few weeks, I am sure you have all revisited the Pluto- Uranus square. If you have not…NOW is the time to re-visit issues that started in June of 2012! And, seriously, make adjustments, be grateful for the insights and move on!

It really is that simple!

Full Moons  always  shine  LIGHT on an area or issue in our life that has been hidden from our awareness!   This Leo Full Moon is especially powerful.

It illuminates  the opportunity to SEE and UNDERSTAND what’s next…….

And what has to go go go!!!

The axis of this Full Moon….Leo/Aquarius has quite a range of aspects and  will empower any and all  steps we take, large or small, as we embark on the next  chapter in the story of our Heart and Soul!

leo mysticalLeo is the sign of the Individual, our Creative Self Expression and our Unique Gifts and Talents. What we bring to the world that is ours uniquely!

Aquarius is the sign of the  Humanitarian, groups, and doing what is best for the Collective! Making a difference today by   bringing the Future into the Present!

So, we have the integration of our individual gifts and talents,  and how to best  express and  influence groups, the collective, and Humanity! Pretty awesome!

zodiac_signs_aquarius_004071_There is so much GOOD going on under the media radar!  We are collaborating and changing the world together in small communities, grass root movements,  and  creative endeavors that are making solid positive change!

Truth is being revealed in so many areas and so many ways! We are making progress!

There is still much work to be done…. Let’s  keep it up…..Step into your Starlight this Full Moon.


Only you can be YOU…..Be the Leo Leader that you are!… Take your  unique Leo gifts to  groups  you are called to!!!

The Pluto Mercury conjunction is powerful and intense and if you listen, INSIGHTS will be revealed!

As a reminder, Mercury will be stationing direct on Jan 25th ( yippee)!

It has been a super intense month. We have a few more insightful days, January 29th, and 30th.

Best Practice….wait until Feb 1 to proceed with new plans as these last days may provide you with important info  you need!

February 8th is the New Moon and Chinese New Year….and  will actually feel like the start of the New Year!

So, re-tweak your plans….and get ready for the Quantum Leap! And, one last note…..remember, we are in the 9 year…the Year of the Hermit….keep your Focus….Follow your Integrity…..Do not compromise here!                         Take your gifts into the world…and remember to RE-TREAT to your inner sanctuary and put structure into your Spiritual Practice.

The Way Through is IN!IKTL_web

Your full moon ceremony is a simple one….( Full Moons are not time sensitive like New Moons)

So, Saturday night, when the moon is Full, go out if you can, if not, find a quite spot in  your home.

Light a candle, bring your favorite crystals, Tigers Eye for Leo, Aquamarine for Aquarius, Clear Quartz for sure, and any other favorites.

Once you are completely centered and relaxed, ask these questions and have your journal near by.

What do I need to release?

And, what else do I need to release?

And….finally….what is the last piece I need to release?

( Dig deep to get it all out!)

What is my next step?

How can I use my talents for the greatest GOOD?hermit

What is the best solution for

What continues to call to my Heart?

(Ask any questions you would like insight on)

The answers will come….Trust the info you get!

Take as long as you need….this is your  special time!

I always like to pull a Tarot card,  Angel Card, Animal Medicine Card, Crystal Card….whatever you have for any additional info….

When you are ready to complete your meditation….always remember to Give Thanks for what you received, ending your time in an attitude  of gratitude!

Thank you so much for all you do!

Together we ARE changing the World…..YIPPEE!!!!


Inspired ….Connected…..Empowered

Peace and Blessings


PS The beautiful new art I am using is from an extraordinary artist Ashely Foreman…here is her link….







Cosmic Currents…Week of the Grand Cross!

if it doesnt challeneg it does changeThis is the week that life changes in a dynamic way! The Cosmic energy coming in to assist  us in our transformation  is profound, powerful, and absolutely off the charts! The Universe definitely has something in store for us all! The very best way to ride this wave, (April 20th to the 23rd,) is to hunker down,  strap in, and go WITH the flow! This is an exciting time. We are living history. What occurs  will set us free and put us on a new path. In a week like this one coming up, our best practice is to STAY AWAKE, AWARE, and CONSCIOUS  ( no sleep walking allowed! )

My good friend Terri forwarded this info from  Nick Newman, Astrologer.  I LOVE the great, easy visual and explanation.

I think this will give you a perfect feeling and understanding  of this week coming up!

“Temporarily stuck in a revolving door”      revolving door

“When you enter into a revolving door, you enter at your own risk. You have  to move  to get  out on the other side or you get stuck in the merry go round! But what happens if the power goes out, the doors stop, and you get stuck inside? Look at the picture and you see the Grand Cross.  Next week we are inside that revolving door, under the cross, waiting for it to move to so we can go out the other side!

What would you do if stuck in the revolving door? Panic? Bang on the Glass? Try to break the frame?

Best Practice…..Stay calm and be ready to move! Don’t get caught in the illusion that everything is stuck. What waits for you on the  other side of the door once the power is restored?

What waits is what you imagine and plan to be waiting for you. Instead of panicking during this period, use it as a timeout to vision and create. Soon the doors of change will be moving ( the 20th -23rd)   Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus are collecting  energy, so the power will be back on! Big time! ”

Also,  most interesting, that as  as we enter into this most high Holy Season,  we celebrate the  Death and worldloveResurrection of  Jesus, one of the most powerful Spiritual leaders and teachers that walked our planet.

There  certainly is a Grand Cosmic plan for this Grand Cross to be occurring at such an important date and holiday.

There are no accidents here!

Our old way of life is dead, and we can resurrect our new life and direction anyway we choose.

What will you choose to create for you, your family and our planet?learning

Who will you BE during this time of challenge and change?

I invite you to act  from a place of self EMPOWERMENT. Feel the fear and move forward anyway. Let go of all the old believes that hold you hostage.

This is the message….. for us all.

Scary, exciting, invigorating, and for sure, perfect timing!

For a more personal view of how this will effect you, I invite you to contact me for a reading.


Sending much love and light!

Stay Inspired….Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings



The 2014 Eclipses

eclipse nov-1

Eclipses are dramatic wild cards and some of the most powerful tools that the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to change. They uproot us, surprise is, and get us moving. They shake us up so that we can move from one level of maturity to another, to a higher plane, very rapidly. Eclipse wants us to change, and change we do!

Eclipses always arrive in pairs, and coincide with new moons and full moons, as solar and lunar respectively. They appear in a family of signs that are opposite  each other on the horoscope wheel and occur every 5 and ½ months for 18 to 24 months, and at that point, your transformation  in that set of signs will be complete. Once a family of signs is finished, it will not be back for 7 or 8 years.

Currently, we are in the Scorpio /Taurus polarity, transitioning from Aries/ Libra

The years that hold eclipses in your sun sign or rising sign will be vital for you and will trigger major turning points.

Eclipses bring news of life’s BIG events…engagements, marriage, promotion or career breakthroughs, starting businesses……monumental events. Eclipses mark major turning points.

Solar Eclipses tend to create new beginnings, and Lunar eclipses are more emotional for they cause final endings.

Here are a few great tips for understanding and working with eclipses.

  1. Eclipses bring random events you do not expect, didn’t know about, and ones that are completely outside of your control, yet, the event will bring vast changes to your doorstep!
  2. Eclipses speed your sense of time, and change planned timetables.
  3. The job of an eclipse is to shine a glaring ray of truth to the part of your life that is being touched, and the truth will likely arrive in a startling way. Eclipses are brilliant illuminators, revealing a truth about a condition that you never in a million years knew existed. Once you are given the info, the news can act as a catalyst to a major decision or action you will take. Most often we are shocked or surprised by the info….but, in time, it allows you to move forward with understanding.
  4. An eclipse, especially a full moon lunar eclipse, will help you see the true character of someone close…brace yourself; you may not like what you see.
  5. Take any message you hear from an eclipse as nonnegotiable and firm, and then move on!
  6. Take notice of all news and signals you get near an eclipse seriously, even if news comes as subjective and ambiguous as gossip.
  7. It is vital you guard your health if an eclipse falls within five days of your birthday, or if it falls almost exactly opposite your birthday.
  8. Eclipses almost always bring up all kinds of unexpected changes of direction if your sun, moon or a personal planet is touched.
  9. Occasionally, an important person will be eclipsed out of your life.
  10. Try not to issue ultimatums or take big actions under an eclipse….bide your time and act in a few weeks when there will be less static in the air.
  11. If an eclipse falls on your birthday, or within five days of your birthday, the year that follows will be a critical one for you.
  12. Eclipses that are in the same element (fire, air, water, or earth) as your birth sign are generally friendly and helpful.
  13. At eclipse time, keep your schedule light and elastic.. No matter what is on your agenda at the time, something else will come in to demand immediate attention.
  14. Leos tend to feel new moon solar eclipses strongly, as the sun rules Leo, and Cancers tend to feel lunar eclipse strongly as the moon rules Cancer.
  15. Once a family of signs is finished, it will not be back for 7 or 8 years.
  16. Gold star point…eclipses repeat in nearly exact degrees and signs every 19 years.
  17. Don’t be too quick to pronounce an eclipse good or bad. All eclipses have a second act.
  18. Eclipses help you do things you never thought you could do…Remember they are your friends!


2014 Eclipse Dates

April 15th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 25 degrees Libra

April 28th New Moon Solar Eclipse  9 degrees Taurus

October 8th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 15 degrees Aries

October 23rd New Moon Solar Eclipse 0 Scorpio

Stay Inspired…Connected….Empowered!


The Chinese New Year Wood Horse January 31st

The Chinese New Year…The Wood Horse…officially begins on January 31! blackhorseblackhorse

Just take a minute and think about the Magnificence of the Horse…..

Chinese New Year is a spring festival that begins on the second new Moon after the Winter Solstice, with the Sun and Moon in Aquarius.

In Chinese astrology, Horse year is considered a fortunate year that brings luck and good things. Magical Horse has supernatural powers, is heroic, strong, and can even fly! A white celestial cloud Horse is sacred to the Chinese Goddess Kwan Yin. Her white Horse flies through the heavens, bringing peace and blessings. Horse is a hero in China because important battles were won due to the power and strength of the Horse.


Wood Horse 2014 will be a wild ride as the world changes, and changes fast!

The energy for the upcoming Year of the Horse is about letting go – breaking loose of emotional entanglements and ties to projects that are taking us in the wrong direction..(sound familiar…astrology grand cross)
The horse is open, intuitive, bright, strong and cheerful when it’s in balance. Those who can harness their own skills and natural instincts in service to their heart’s desire will benefit immensely. But, if the horse gets out of balance, it can balk, get spooked and gallop off in the wrong direction at a dangerous pace.

At the other extreme, it can behave like a donkey or work horse – stubborn, wearing blinders, procrastinating on important decisions – it can even get rude and kick you in the pants!

So the transition from the Year of the Snake to the Year of the Horse could be rough and full of surprises. Think of how a horse reacts to a snake – the two aren’t exactly the best of friends. Plus, if you thought last year went fast, think what the horse energy will do with our sense of time and space! 2 blackhorse

“The inhibitions of the past that have held you back can be eradicated if you are cheerful and direct in your approach to this Year of the Horse.

A few tips and points to consider…much like the astrology grand cross energy.

  • Sadness can be a great obstacle especially if you are prone to stubbornness: look for the issues or projects you feel you have to be right about and this is where you are stuck.
  • The complications and confusions of the past year will mercifully lift: if you know how to ride the horse and tame those emotions.
  • When you find yourself caught in competitive or argumentative situations, look for the entanglement and untie yourself from it.
  • This is a good year to tap into your own ways of doing things: unplug from the illusions and delusions that trap your natural abilities.
  • Old decisions based on a lack of self-worth will have far reaching consequences: use self-knowledge to transform the pattern into a glorious breakthrough that will lead to higher planes of happiness and fulfillment.
  • Travel is generally enhanced; however, lack of direction or reckless rushing around may very well lead to unhappy accidents: learn to hone your inner guidance and follow it.

horse full moon

When moving out from the Year of the Snake and forward into the Year of the Wooden Horse, combine caution with quick-footedness. Your opportunities for fun and prosperity will abound!” Reanni Lightwater

black horse wide

And we are off…….at a gallop!

Please and Blessings