March 2023 Overview!!!!!

March sets in motion expansive change and transformation!! This truly is the month the Shift happens!! Saturn slips into Pisces for the first time in 30 years! The next 2 1/2 years will see the task master planet work to place boundaries and structures around the oneness and infinite possibilities of Pisces! The Pisces symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions. One fish swims toward the mundane existence of life, while the other swims toward Spirit and the Cosmic Collective!

Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn for the past 15 years, and all areas that Capricorn rule have been touched! Those areas are:The economy, corporations, banking, big business, government and its policies, politics, elections, voting, social laws and norms, churches and organized religion, and the patriarchal system of government!

We all have been living this Pluto transformation since 2008! Just think back to the financial and housing crisis that occurred when President Obama entered office!!!!

Pluto shifts into Aquarius on March 23 for the first time in 248 Years!! Wowza!!

So, buckle up… are the dates and details!!

                                                                                 March comes in like a Lamb…….

3/2 Mercury enters Pisces thru 3.18   This is the first of 2 shifts of Mercury this month!!  While in Pisces, he is inspiring and imaginative, and communication can be rather vague and elusive at times, making it difficult to think logically and clearly. Things overall tend to be less definitive and a bit more fuzzy around the edges. You may be mentally unfocused or confused. Misunderstandings can occur more often with Mercury here. To help mitigate such things, be sure to consult your intuition and your inner knowing. Also, avoid jumping to conclusions, or making important decisions without getting the facts clear. Mercury in Pisces greatly enhances all creative endeavors as it heightens the imagination and fantasies further, this is a very inspirational influence making it a good time to put greater focus on your spiritual devotional practices. Mercury will assist us in getting used to this energy as we prepare for Saturn’s move on 3/7!

3/7…Full Moon at 16 Virgo@ 4:40 AM PST This Full Moon brings additional emphasis to our health and overall well being, both  Physically and Spiritually. Habits and routines, the dynamics of chaos vs order, being of service and having faith vs needing proof or certainty is the emphasis. This is an exceptionally mystical FM, bringing a strong focus to how our spiritual life intersects and /or merges with our everyday life. Now is a good time to adjust these so that they dovetail and enhance one another. Sometimes a small change in your daily routine can bring big changes over time, and this is especially true now.  Try to avoid getting stuck in the details and getting out of sync with the natural flow of things, or being self-critical, and  falling into the victim role. This Full Moon also highlights the Shift of Saturn into Pisces as he makes the move an hour later for the first time since 1996, initiating a test of faith but also, ultimately, an opportunity to strengthen our spiritual foundation over the next 2 1/2 years!

3/7…5/24/25….The Shift of Saturn into Pisces…Dissolving Boundaries…Bringing Shape to Water!!!

It will be very interesting to see how the organizing principles of Saturn play out in the Piscean arena of infinite possibility and compassion. In Pisces, Saturn will find the boundaries he tries to set up keep dissolving! As he leaves Aquarius on 3/7…the old rules crumble….. and the new ones may be hard to grasp! We are asked to take a leap of faith and develop other forms of perception as the structures of our world begins to shift and change in subtle ways! Other areas that will be in focus…Spirituality, compassion, drugs, addiction, art, music,movies, and the collective consciousness!……all things Pisces!

A few points of reference for better understanding of  how powerful this  transit  will be from the last time

Saturn was in Pisces …1993-1996!

*The US, Mexico, and Canada formed NAFTA..The North American Free Trade Agreement! And 26 European countries joined to establish open borders know as the Schengen Area to allow for easy crossing between participating countries!

* Email and the internet became widely available, shaping the world as we had not known it! The first conference devoted to the World, Wide, Web commenced!

*Dream Works Animation was founded by Spielberg,Geffen and Katzenberg changing our experience of movies!

*The Hubble Space Telescope took the first photos of Pluto!

*The Bosnian conflict between the Serbs, Croatians, and Muslims resulted in a devastating religious war!

* The FBI raided the Branch of a Religious Cult in Waco Tx, and a terrifying  massacre pursed!

* Rupert Murdoch launched Fox News!

No doubt each of these areas is having a Saturn Return….so changes and revamping are in the Stars for sure!

The challenge to the social constructs that Saturn brought in moving thru Aquarius, now resolves into a more deeply ordered, spiritually oriented norm. Love, forgiveness and surrender will play a part. Our concepts  of community will evolve to a more collective orientation, better addressing the needs of many! The possibilities are limited only by our imagination!!! So exciting to be a part of this amazing time! More will be revealed as we move thru time!

3/12…Daylight savings time! Finally!!!! Yippee!!! And I believe this will be the last time for California to make this shift!!

3/16…  Venus enters Taurus until 4/10. Venus loves being in Taurus, her ruling sign, and she encourages slowing down and finding time to relax, which, in the current environment is needed and totally warranted. You may be magnetically drawn to something or someone. Just be sure to ask “ is this for my highest good?” before leaping. Try to avoid overspending, overeating, or being possessive or clingy. Time spent in nature can rejuvenate the soul. Enjoy the many sensual pleasures she happily shares!

3/18-4/3…. Mercury shifts into Aries…..  This is the 2nd shift of Mercury, so now the Messenger is moving quickly thru to the end of the month. With the influx of Aries energy the quality of time will completely accelerate!!! Conversations become lively as our mind is active, processing information a mile a minute!! The best answers to problems or projects can be quite innovative and perhaps quirky.  Stalled projects get an amazing boost!!! Seriously… best practice is staying present and attending to one thing at a time!!!

3/20  Spring Equinox the Sun enters Aries at 2:24 PM PDT until 4/20.  The Spring Equinox is when the Sun moves into Aries, and day and night are equal. It marks the beginning of the New Astrological Calendar year, and the Beginning of Spring! Cosmically, the veils between worlds are thin, and it is the perfect time to set your intentions for the year, plant seeds of new ideas and goals! It is a time of celebration! This is an exceptionally charged Equinox stimulating change, growth,and New Paths, making it a major turning point of the year!


3/21…. New Moon in Aries 10:23  AM PDT @ 0*

This is the first  NM of the Astrological Year, and has a decidedly fiery edge, initiating projects and inspiring growth! It occurs the day after the Equinox and new life vigorously emerges after winter dormancy!  This lunation includes not only the Sun and Moon, but Mercury and Jupiter  as well, bringing innovation and advancement  stronger than has been for some time!!!  This is a blessing in many areas of life, but particularly, with  situations that have previously felt stuck or too complex! It may be the case that we are motivated to take up fresh activity in an area that has been dormant or lacking in solutions. We may well witness an acceleration in the healing process as Chiron is also in Aries! If we notice any kind of new health problems arising, however, it might be equally wise to take prompt action and nip it in the bud! That way we can avoid a repeat of a situation. More details and your New Moon Ceremony will be posted at a later date.

3/23 Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time in 248 years!! This is a super big deal! Areas of humanitarianism, equality, technology and inventiveness are at the top of the agenda as well as freedom, independence! This transition will occur in 3 phases, as Pluto is such a powerful, slow moving Planet.

* Pluto into Aquarius form 3.23.23-6.11.23 then back into Capricorn. Be sure to pay attention to these first 3 months as it will give insights into what is to come in the next 20 years!

*Pluto back into Aquarius from 1.21.24 -9. 2.24…Then back into Capricorn for 2 months for the final clean up of the last 15 years.

*Pluto into Aquarius for its final stay for 20 years....11.19.24…2044!

Astrologically, Aquarius has to do with the subject of change! Capricorn was about fixed structures,laws and rules. Aquarius is about breaking rules, balancing differences, justice and freedom! If we look back at the last time Pluto was in this sign, 1777 to 1798, (the French Revolution and the US constitution was established) it brought an end to the estate-based society, a clear separation of church and state, human and civil rights were formulated and freedom of trade was introduced. The idea of freedom and equality spread through the world and caused some royal houses to take even more restrictive and brutal actions against their own subjects! (quite similar to what is occurring in Iran and Russia currently!)

With Pluto’s entry into Aquarius it will bring new ideas, new themes and new focuses. We will become more aware of inequity and injustice and our focus will be on independence, freedom, emancipation, renewal, decentralization and networking.Social media, as well as the internet itself and how we communicate will for sure get an upgrade and will be unrecognizable!

In the very best case, humanity itself will transform into a cooperative community, and maybe….just maybe… we will finally understand that wars do not work, that exchange, communication and solidarity are better solutions! Only time will tell……It will be quite exciting to witness!

 3/25-5/25 Mars shifts into Cancer!! Finally, the red planet moves out of Gemini, and into the sign of Cancer!  Projects turn to the home front and working to improve all domestic situations becomes the Mars focus! Remember to practice patience, hold in your temper, and take gentle actions! Spend as much time as needed time with family!

Clearly we are living in unprecedented times! Please, don’t fear change….use Astrology to understand what a powerful transformational time we are living in. Yes, it is scary at times….and progress and change are what makes us all better! Get involved. Pick the area you are passionate about.Set your intentions to be a force of good in the midst of change and chaos! If you understand the creative process, the artist starts with a blank slate….and begins the process of the painting, adding, changing, shifting….until a  masterpiece is formed! We each are creating a master piece called our life, being inner guided with patience, divine presence,love and compassion for our-self and those around us! This is an amazing opportunity for us all to CREATE our lives!

Keep your eye on the end game…a world that works for us all and for many generations to come!!

Remember…”Imagination is more powerful that knowledge”

 It is going to be a very Energetic and Lively Month..Buckle up and Enjoy It!

Stay Inspired…..Connected….Empowered!

Peace and Blessings