Full Moon in Leo Aquarius 2/5/23

Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius@* @ 16*

Feb 5 at 10:29  AM PST

Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the zodiac and in opposite signs. The job of the FM is to  illuminate what is hidden and no longer serves us, allowing us to let go and hit the reset button! The axis of this FM is Leo/Aquarius, and brings drama, passion and emotions to the surface! Leo/Aquarian Full Moons encourage compromise and cooperation! Leo is the sign of the Individual, our Creative Self Expression and our Unique Gifts and Talents. What we bring to the world that is ours uniquely!

Aquarius is the sign of the  Humanitarian and always does what’s best for the Collective, making a difference by bringing the Future into the Present with innovative ideas!

With this FM we have the opportunity to integrate  our individual gifts and talents, with the collective, and Humanity!

Additional Planetary Energy that is quite Lively……

Venus and Mars have a square, and both the Sun and Moon Square Uranus! A great way to look at this is that Uranus takes no hostages….and will create an event  or situations that will require change and release!  This energy will likely create tension in relationships as well as unexpected situations!!! A word of caution…..pause before you lash out with mean words….release your need to be right and go for a win win…… and remember…this energy is to help you release what has be boiling up under the surface and blocking you…. so you can clear the air and move forward! Call in your Leo Courage and Creativity, and  blend it with doing the Aquarian Right Thing that is best for all!!!

Full Moons always shine LIGHT on an area or issue in our life that has been hidden from our awareness.It illuminates the opportunity to SEE and UNDERSTAND what’s next…….and what needs to GO!

The axis of this Full Moon….Leo/Aquarius has quite a range of qualities and will empower any and all  steps we take, large or small, as we embark on the next chapter in the story of our Heart, Soul and Transformation!!!

leo mystical

zodiac_signs_aquarius_004071_Remember, there is so much GOOD going on under the media radar! We just don’t hear about the good stuff! And,many are collaborating and changing the world together in small communities, grass root movements, and creative endeavors that are making solid positive change! Truth is being revealed in many areas and so many ways! We are making progress!

        Join the Change for Good Gang!

Full Moon Ceremony!


The best crystals to use for this FM are:

Citrine and Tigers Eye for Leo

Aquamarine and Clear Quartz for Aquarius,

Moonstone always for the Moon Ceremonies to Reset

Turquoise for healing and prioritizing your health so you can be the best YOU!

Black Onyx for grounding energy

And of course any other crystals that all calling you!!


Plan to go out under the moonlight if you can so you can soak in her amazing energy. Either Saturday night or Sunday night works as Full Moons are not time sensitive like New Moons.

Find your special spot, have your journal, your crystals, and clear /sage your spot!

Take in a few deep breaths, relax, become fully present, connecting to your Higher Self and Guides.

Say a prayer that includes asking for protection, guidance, and offering gratitude!

Then, begin to ask and write answers to these questions…

Remember,this is about how YOU can contribute to the Collective Good in your unique, creative Leo way!!

What  am I afraid of?

What stops me from stepping into my light?

What area of my life needs a shot of courage?

Am I hiding from my own personal power? If so, why?

What is my next step in creating the life I desire?

How can I use my unique talents for the greatest good in this exciting time of change!

What continues to call to my Heart?

What new innovative ideas are waiting to be expressed thru me as a solution that will make a difference?

And, anything else that is in your mind!

The answers will come….Trust  in Divine Guidance!

Take as long as you need….this is your special time,

And this Aquarian energy is ready for you to tap into your Genius, and create from your Leo Heart!!!

When you complete your Ceremony,

remember to Give Thanks for what you received,

ending your special time in an attitude of Gratitude and Thanksgiving!!!


Inspired ….Connected…..Empowered

Peace and Blessings,