Super Full Moon in Capricorn/Cancer 7/3/23

Super Full Moon in Capricorn/Cancer

July 3rd  4:38 AM PDT

Each Full Moon marks a turning point, a time of fruition when we see the results of past actions. As manifestations come to light, we have the opportunity to continue on the same path……OR….. Change Course! This Super Full Moon may serve as a particularly dramatic turning point, as it activates Capricorn energy, the sign of Karma and completions And,since it is Super Moon, it will be quite emotional!! Situations involving home, family lineage, work and career will be the focus!  This FM will illuminate and identify our priorities in theses areas so we can realign with what’s meaningful!

Capricorn is the sign of responsibility, and this Full Moon reveals where we’ve fallen into avoidance or procrastination, and where we need to step up and take charge. On the other hand, we could become aware of having assumed too much responsibility,or taken on a burden that isn’t really ours! In that case, we might need to say “no,” set boundaries, and pull back our energy!

Ultimately, the Capricorn Full Moon calls for emotional responsibility. Stepping away from the drama and pulling our attention inward for solitude and reflection is the best strategy. Particularly, since Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune, are ALL in RETROGRADE MOTION. Our Best Practice….retrace steps to see how we have gotten to where we are, take responsibility, ….and strategize on how to get to where we REALLY want to go next!

Best Crystals to use for this Full Moon

Moonstone for the Sun in Cancer, and always for your Moon Ceremonies

Capricorn loves Garnet and Onyx

Aquamarine to Speak your truth and set your boundaries.

Malachite to assist in” just letting it go”.

Rose Quartz for doing it all in a loving manor.

Clear Quartz to amplify your intention and prayers.

Here is your guide for doing your Full Moon Release Ceremony at home.

Celebrate Summer and plan to go out under the moon and stars to do your ceremony.Many of you may be off work as it’s a holiday eve…. so be sure to go out and celebrate freedom!! The Super Moon will be sending out strong energy for sure, so let her shower you with all her  powerful, beautiful moonbeams!!

*Find a spot that that is quiet and peaceful. Bring sage to clear yourself, space, candles, crystals, and journal!

*To begin, take 3 deep breaths, set an intention to release what emotional baggage is no longer needed!  Issues around home, family, work,and career and life is the focus! Where are you off balance…too much work, or to much home time? Really contemplate how it could be better…more in alignment with your hearts desire! Write it all down…. all the things that aren’t working! Really be thorough! Have the courage to ask the scary questions and set a new direction! This is a time of renewal and redirection.….take the time now to imagine and invent your dreams and how you desire your life to be!!!

*On a separate paper, write down what you really want to manifest! How can you balance home and family, work and play, career vs job. It is time to BE in the life you desire in your heart! Imagine it! Feel It! Get excited about it!!!

*Take the release paper, read out loud, and then burn it! Watch it go up in flames! Those things are now gone! Never to stop you again! Believe it, know it, and take an action immediately to change your direction!

*Place your new intention in a special place in your home. Place your charged up crystals on the list! Look at it daily and imagine you are in the new dream!

*When complete, say a prayer of thanksgiving for all you have been given, and what is yet to come! Say a prayer for peaceful resolutions in all the hot spots in the world and there are many…and for our  country! It too is going through a powerful transition!Pray and intent for the outcome that represents the best of the United States and the Freedom we stand for!!!

And….most importantly…….Howl it Out!!!

 As much and as long as you like!!


Stay …Inspired….Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings