July 2023 Overview!

Happy Birthday Cancers….And Happy Summer!!!!

The Cosmos is continuing the Summertime theme of review, renew, reboot and redirect as there are  several important energy shifts that will effect your July!

In addition to the Neptune RX on 6.30, Venus stations  RX on 7.22, and The Nodes shift signs into Aries/Libra on 7.18!

Here are the details…..

To start…lets review the Neptune RX energy as it effects the beginning of the month.

6/30 Neptune Stations RX -12/6/23   Neptune Retrograde invites us to explore dreams, fantasies, and creative pursuits at a deeper level. It encourages us to connect with our inner world and unravel the mysteries of our subconscious. This period may also bring up unresolved emotional issues or karmic patterns that need to be addressed and healed.

It’s important to approach Neptune Retrograde with discernment and a grounded perspective. While it can be a time of heightened spiritual experiences and insights, it’s also important to distinguish between illusions and reality. Neptune’s energy can be elusive, and during this retrograde period, it’s necessary to cultivate a sense of clarity and discernment to navigate the subtle realm of  consciousness.

Neptune Rx may also highlight areas where you have been avoiding facing reality or escaping into illusions or addictions. It presents an opportunity to confront and release any unhealthy coping mechanisms or self destructive patterns. By doing so, you can open the door to greater spiritual growth,authenticity, and a deeper connection with your true self.

And….it it the perfect time to reconnect with your daily spiritual practice!!!

7/3… Full Moon Super Moon in Capricorn@4:38 AM  PDT                         This is the 1st of 4 Super Moons this summer. Super moons occur when the moon is close to the earth and it appears about 30% larger!!! This beautiful Super Moon brightens the morning skies exact  at 11* Cancer/Capricorn, asking us to consider the balance between our outer ambitions and inner nourishment. Have we been focusing too much on career and ignoring the need for time at home with family? Or, alternatively…have we been playing it too safe, hiding out and neglecting opportunities to make a difference in the world? This is the Full Moon to take a deep dive into these questions! It will be an emotional few days!!…. More details on the Full Moon and your ceremony are posted on the home page.

7/6- 7/9 Mars in Leo is playing havoc with Pluto in Capricorn!

Transiting Mars inconjunct Pluto can manifest in various ways. It might bring about power struggles, conflicts, or confrontations. There could be a need to confront and transform certain aspects or situations in one’s life. This aspect may also represent a clash between personal desires and the need for transformation or change. It’s important to approach this time with awareness and a willingness to navigate any challenges that may arise. It can be an opportunity for growth, self reflection, making necessary adjustments in areas where assertiveness, ambition, or power dynamics are at play.  During these few days it will be important to COMPROMISE…or SURRENDER your opinion! You will not win any battles so don’t push ..it won’t work…go for the win-win!

7/17…New Moon in Cancer @ 24* @ 11:32 AM

The New Moon in Cancer encourages us to focus on our emotional well being, our connections with loved ones, and creating a sense of security and comfort in our lives. It prompts us to delve into our inner world, listen to our intuition, nurture ourselves and others.It’s a great time for introspection, emotional healing, and strengthening bonds with family and loved ones.

The nurturing energy of Cancer supports creating a safe and harmonious home environment and addressing any unresolved emotional issues. It’s also a time to connect with our intuition and listen to our inner voice for guidance in making decisions and navigating our lives.There are a few challenging aspects with Pluto…and again….there will be an ending of some situation….and a new beginning aligned with the Cancer NM! Ceremony will be posted soon.

7/18/23 Nodes Shift into Aries/Libra thru Jan 11 2025

The transiting North Nodes change signs for the next 18 months, and they arrive in Aries/Libra with a bang as the very first aspect is a square to Pluto in Capricorn at 29* The focus will now be on relationships vs independence!! And, with Venus stationing Rx on the 22nd we have extra energy to get off on the right foot as we begin the process of re-examining our relationships!  The North Node in Aries indicates the path or direction we are to pursue…while the South Node in Libra  is what needs to be left behind or transformed! The next 18 months will be a  balancing act of developing our individual gifts, talents, and boldness vs. taking a back seat or standing back trying to create peace at all costs…. individual freedom vs. codependent relationships!

7/22 Venus Stations Rx- 9/3 @ 28* Leo!

Venus stations RX once every 18 months, and when she does, it is the perfect time to review and examine how we love, our relationships, our values, and finances!
During Venus Retrograde it’s common for past relationships and unresolved issues to resurface…so don’t be surprised if you have an encounter with a past love! As we revisit and re examine matters of the heart, it can lead to personal growth and healing. Also, revising or tweaking our values, desires, and self worth allows for a fresh approach when Venus stations direct on 9/3.

In terms of finances and material matters, it’s a time to review your financial situation, spending habits, and the value you place on material possessions. It may also be a period where financial issues from the past need to be addressed and resolved.

Best Practice… move with patience during these 6 weeks.  And….It is not recommended to make significant relationship or financial decisions during this time, as the energy is more conducive to introspection rather than forward action. It’s a period to gain insights, learn from past experiences, and prepare for future growth and development.

Curtail shopping as best you can as you will not like what you purchase….. and NO PLASTIC SURGERY!!!!!!!

7/22 -8/23  Sun into Leo

The Sun joins the Leo Party with Venus Rx in Leo and Mercury in Leo thru  7/28.

FUN and creativity reign with the Leo Royalty!! These few weeks will be great for a summer  extravaganza, entertaining friends, making everyone feel loved and special! Open hearted gatherings with friends, family, and that special loved one is the perfect way to use this dynamic energy!! Take advantage and spread some love…and be sure to tell the Leo’s in your life how much you love and appreciate them!!!!

7/28 Mercury into Virgo – 10/4

This is a long time for Mercury to be in one sign, and it is of course because Mercury will be stationing RX in August…8/23 – 9/15. The good news is that Virgo is a co-ruler of Mercury…so when transiting in this sign your thinking becomes practical, exact, logical, detailed….and just a bit skeptical! The bad news is he can become very self critical…so watch out for the critic…..and delete when  he gets out of control!!!

August will be another month of additional retrogrades with Mercury and Uranus joining the party,  plus 2 full moons on the 1st and the 30th, and more….so stay tuned!

And, I am excited to offer my Summer Series Workshops!   Using the power and clarity of astrology, we are going to take a look at Love and Relationships while Venus is RX,……and….. since so many of you are going thru big changes of direction....A Life Purpose Workshop  using specific astrology indicators in your natal chart! Details and sign up on the home page!

And in August….a live event creating your own customized  Astrology Crystal Grid.  Sign up and details on the home page!!!

  Happy Summer!