New Moon in Capricorn 01/11/24 @3:57 AM

1st New Moon of 2024

January 11th @ 3:57 AM PST

 20*  Degrees Capricorn

This is the first New Moon of 2024!  We now have the opportunity to set in motion NEW WAYS of building and inventing our lives!  The Capricorn New Moon challenges us to take charge and commit to a Different course of action, setting us up for the powerful Aquarian energy that is about to descend on 1.20.24! Saturn, ruled by the Sea Goat, is a manifester and master builder. Be clear about what you want to create and build in 2024.

Capricorn rules both fear and authority.  Doing just to DO, because we think we” should”, rather than what we instinctively  know is true and right, just won’t cut it! This is a new time on our planet, with new frequencies. Following our heart and soul is what will get us where we desire to go. And, the energy of this New Moon will assist us, as long as we FOLLOW our personal truth!!

The Capricorn part of all of us is learning to master our inner realm rather than trying to make the outer world conform to our judgement of what it ” should be”. This means opening up to a “higher order”. The New Moon asks us to trust that we CAN create something more miraculous than we imagine when we let go of our limited agenda, allowing the unexpected to happen. In other words….Let Go and Let God!! Be guided by INNER SIGHT  as well as integrity, morals and truth principles as you set your intentions and plans for 2024!

Laying the foundation now will keep us grounded as this amazing year unfolds!

The best crystals to use for your ceremony are  Black Onyx and Garnet for the Capricorn energy, Clear Quartz and Aquamarine for the Aquarian energy, Amethyst for connecting to the Higher Realms, Rose Quartz for love of self and others, and always Moonstone to set the New Cycle!Here are  intentions designed for using the Capricorn energy.

Read through and use what you would like……or make up your own!

Capricorn Rules Goals, Including:

Ambition, Defining Goals, Using Opportunities, Professions, Hard Work.

Sample Intentions to assist us in Reaching Goals:

I clearly see my goal of …………, completed with ease, grace and joy!

I intend to do work that aligns with my heart and integrity.

I intend to work with and for companies that are aligned with my values.

I clearly define my goals for this year, month by month and KNOW they will manifest!

I love achieving success in my work!   I am a Rock Star!

Capricorn Rules Future Needs, Including:

Father Time, Making Sensible Decisions, Maturity.

Sample Intentions:

I intend to  execute a solid financial plan for my future!

All business decisions I make in 2024 lead to financial abundance and a structure that supports a lifestyle I desire.

I intend to use TIME to my best advantage!

Capricorn Rules Responsibility, Including:

Self-discipline, Adult Behavior, Keeping Commitments, Public Image.

Sample Intentions to Encourage Responsible Behavior Leading to Success:setting-up-goals-and-objectives

I intend to behave in ways that create an authentic public image.

I intend to keep my commitments and honor my word to myself and others.

I intend to practice self-discipline, and reach my goal of…………in 2024.

Capricorn Rules Success, Including:

Accomplishments, Recognition, Social Status, Achieving Goals.

Sample Intentions to help achieve success:

I release all anxiety around success.

I intend to succeed in my chosen profession, no matter what!

I intend to achieve my goal of ………..with enthusiasm and energy!

I intend and SEE myself reaching my goals, succeeding in every area of my life!

I love being successful, and it comes easy to me!

Capricorn Rules Management, Including:mother duck keeping watch

Following Protocol, Delegating Responsibility, Being in Charge, Respect.

Sample Intentions to Enhance Management Skills:

I intend to management my staff in ways that promote responsibility and respect for all involved!

I accurately discern the talents of those around me and place them in positions that are perfect for their skill set!

Capricorn Rules Authority, Including:

Fathers, Bosses, Tradition, Reputation.

Sample Intentions to Promote Successful Interactions with Authority:

I intend to interact with my father in a constructive loving way, one that promotes self-identity.

I interact with my boss without fear.

Capricorn Rules Excessive Control, Including:grow big

Lack of Joy, Sternness, Fear of New Approaches, Pessimism,

Inflexibility, Self-justification.

Sample Intentions to Release Controlling Tendencies:

I focus only on positive outcomes.

I release my need to be right.

I release my need to control people, places and things.

I invite in new possibilities to help reach my goals.

I release inflexible approaches.

I gladly receive new innovative ideas, and implement them!

As always, these are for your use, or to stimulate ideas and goals for YOUR personal New Moon intention setting ceremony!

Take a few minutes to understand and feel the power of these Capricorn characteristics!

They will act as a base and anchor as we enter into the Powerful shift of Pluto in Aquarius!!!


Card  for the New Moon  from The Moon Deck


I welcome clear vision and inspired action!

“A seed of passion and desire lives within each of us. The seed is our spark, a voice that reminds us… who we are at our core. It keeps us on track, inspires our mission. and craves clarity. The eagle is strong medicine. She can sore to great heights and intuit the winds of change, while maintaining a clear perspective and grounded connection to the earth. When your vision is clear and you know what you want, taking inspired steps forward feels more effortless. If things are not yet clear, the sincere act of asking and listening will lead you there. Imagine you’re an eagle soaring over majestic landscapes that make up your life, embrace all that you’ve already created and acknowledge your journey. The bigger picture bird’s-eye view can help steer you as you welcome clear vision and inspired action.”


Here are the guidelines for your New Moon Ceremony.prayer little girl

  1. Start at the exact time 3:57 AM PST Jan11 or AFTER. So  set your clocks to get up as early as possible! You have up to 8 hours to capture the full intensity!
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred. Have your crystals and clear the energy around you with sage.
  3. Write your 10 intentions by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Capricorn and your dreams and plans for 2024.
  5. After writing your intentions and goals, take a few minutes to SEE them actualized,FEEL them complete and EXPECT them to happen!
  6. Listen to your Heart and Soul……
  7. Go for your Big Vision …the world needs Now is YOU!!

Wishing you all an amazing year filled with magic, light, and love!

Remember, where you place your attention, is what you will manifest!

Lead your tribe with GRACE, INTEGRITY, and INNOVATION!



Peace and Blessings