2024 January Overview…… Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius!! This is a historic year!!!

The Biggest News …Pluto shifts into Aquarius on 1/20/24 for the next 20 years taking us deeper into the Age of Aquarius!!!  Wow! 

 Time to leave 2023 in the dust and get excited! This year BE  the Change embracing the qualities of Aquarius!

If you remember, December 2020 we had the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn @ 0* Aquarius, shifting us into the Age of Aquarius! And on 1/20/2024, Pluto moves into Aquarius, emphasizing many of the same conversation that started then,as we now embody these characteristics into the Evolution of Humanity! We are rebuilding, at every level, our world, our country, and our own personal stories!  As power struggles and challenges continue, we can use the Astrology to help us navigate these extraordinary times!

So, lets revisit the Powerful Aquarian energy that will be permeating and transforming our world for many years to come!!

*The high vibe of Aquarius  connects us to our Higher Mind, our own genius, and the place where possibility lives!

*Aquarius rules the human condition, the global family, and the collective! (All for One, One for all!!!)

*Key Aquarian words….radical, different, unique, innovative, unusual, justice, humanitarian, outside the box thinking!

*Looks at old problems in new ways for solutions!

*Social and Cultural reforms and Civil Rights Movements, will be a huge part of what is coming….. so join in if you feel called!

*Progressive leaders replacing those with traditional outdated agendas…..run for office if you believe you can make a change!

*New innovations in Education.

*Greater concern and action for our planet!

*Metaphysical  sciences, Tarot and Astrology will become mainstream! Yippee!

This is such an exciting time to be on our planet and participate in this change! We are in the beginning years of this GIGANTIC TASK! And,it will take all of us working together for the greater good. What is required is to dig deep and look at how we can be part of the solution. What we can contribute to the Age of Aquarius? As we rebuild our world we are learning to work together toward common goals! Which, underneath it all, is about freedom, prosperity, love, family, friends, and the opportunity for each to Thrive!

It is so important, particularly now, to Vision the future you want! This year, do the hard work required to move us forward, knowing and trusting a brighter future is just around the corner!!!

Here are your key dates in January as we set the stage for 2024!

January 1

We begin the New Year with 2 planets stationing direct….Jupiter in Taurus, and Mercury in Sagittarius! As we consider our New Years Resolution’s and intentions, the expansive energy of Sagittarius permeates and you may feel compelled to include learning something new, teaching or taking a classes to improve your mastery on a subject, and most importantly….Visioning Big Dreams!

Jupiter encourages us to Go for It!!  And, Jupiter stationing direct now indicates it will be a year to prosper, so be sure to do some financial intentions and plans in your visioning!!

With the Direct Motion of Jupiter and Mercury, and the solid Capricorn earth energy, life will start to move forward….slowly, like a train leaving the station. Best Practice… finish up, prepare, plan, and get your ducks in a row as rapid progress will occur on the 20th!!

1/12/21…First New Moon of the Year @ 20* Capricorn @ 3:57 AM

The Capricorn New Moon helps us tap into our executive abilities, organizing and simplifying!  Continue tweaking your plans and set intentions for what you do want to accomplish in 2024, and finish up any projects that have been left undone! There is a marvelous  aspect to Uranus, encouraging us to think outside the box, tapping into the energy of Aquarius!! Intention ceremony will be posted shortly!


January 20th….Pluto Shifts into Aquarius while conjuncting   the Sun at 0*!!

This transit will bring about significant collective and societal changes! We got a glimpse last year between March 23 to June11.

And now, with the Power of Pluto to transform in the of innovative sign of Aquarius,we will see a complete overhaul in the next 20 years in our world in the following areas:

*Transformation of Societal Structures….we will see profound changes in our social structures, institution, and collective values, with a focus on reform.

*Technological and Scientific Advancements..Pluto’s influence can intensify these areas, leading to breakthroughs and changes in how society utilizes technology and scientific knowledge! ( We see this already with AI and its only the beginning!)

*Humanitarian and Social Justice Issues……Pluto’s time in Aquarius  brings attention to and transformation of issues related to equality, human rights, and social reforms!

*Individual Empowerment….. There will be a collective emphasis on individual rights, freedoms, and the power of the people!!

*Collective Consciousness and Global Connectivity…. Pluto’s influence in these Aquarian values will intensify these themes, leading to a deeper awareness of global issues and a desire for positive collective change!

*Unconventional Approaches! Pluto’s transformative power here will encourage society to apply and adopt innovative forward thinking methods in areas from climate to politics to technology!

We have scene glimpses of all of these areas…and, it is only the beginning! This is so exciting! And, your visioning and participation is needed!!

1/25/21…Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius @ 5*

This Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius will bring up emotions for sure!  Pluto at 0* is conjunct the Sun in Aquarius, forming a T-square Jupiter in Taurus! When Pluto is involved, there usually is something complex and hidden that this FM will reveal! And, with 3 Fixed signs involved, feeling of determination…..or just being stuck will come up! If it is the latter, this is the perfect FM to release your attachments to how you think things have to be, and allow in this new innovate Aquarian energy, seeking what’s right for the situation and the collective!

Again, its about blending self expression (Leo moon) against what is best for the community, group or collective, (Aquarius) both being challenged by the Stubborn Bull in Jupiter, trying to resist change! Ceremony will be posted later!

BEST PRACTICE….Breathe….and mostly, look at how you can be part of the solution!

1/26/24…Uranus Stations Direct at 19 Taurus until September 1st

Once Uranus, (the ruler of Aquarius!), stations direct, all planets will be in forward motion! So, from 1/26 – 4/1 the energy will feel quite dynamic and exciting! And, the stationing of Uranus really brings in another layer of the Aquarian energy with the Sun and Pluto!!

Here are some general effects and considerations when Uranus stations direct……

*. The station direct releases energy and the qualities of sudden change, unpredictability and the desire for freedom. Events that have been building up during the RX period may start to manifest or unfold more rapidly!!

*There may be an increase in the pace of innovative ideas and the desire to break free from old patterns.(Yea!)

*Sudden changes can occur on both a personal and collective level!!

*There may be a heighten focus on asserting one’s independence and resisting anything  that feels restrictive!

*Sudden developments in the tech world may be more prominent during this time!

* There will be an increase in activism, protests, or movements seeking social change!

 Last but not least this…..We are in a 8 Universal Year… 2+0+2+4=8


Balance is the Law of Action and Reaction!

Here are key phrases and tools to use throughout the year to maintain equilibrium!

  • For every action there is an equal reaction. When life gets crazy…counter balance with quiet or meditation!
  • The 8 turned sideways is the symbol for infinity! Things are infinite only because they are constantly changing.
  • Eight represents balance amidst ever-present change.
  • As every change creates a new balance/imbalance….remember to adjust!
  • Balance is a dance, a continuum of mental adjustments to keep your equilibrium.
  • Balance is called Justice in the traditional tarot….We hold the scale of Justice in our hand.
  • Take the right and honorable action….Follow the high road!!! Use Aquarian Values!
  • From James Wanless creator of the Voyager Tarot Deck!!

 Additionally…the 8 represents Infinite Possibilities, Abundance and Prosperity!

Vision Big and Claim it in 2024…this year will be different that the last few!

February will be another amazing month! Stay Tuned!

                                                                          January 15th Martin Luther King Day!


                                                                            Stay Connected….Empowered…Inspired

                                                                                         Peace and Blessings