New Moon Eclipse October 14

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra@ 22*

October 14th 10:54 AM PDT

Greetings all!

This is the  Big Eclipse! I have written on this in the overview….please click thru link to re-read info!


Fall Equinox 2023

And…. try to watch today…but make sure you have on glasses….if not, being in meditation is the perfect way to spend peaceful time today….and especially….send a blanket of love, peace and protection to the innocent in  all the many conflicts happening world wide! The focus of your intentions and meditation is peaceful, win win resolutions and solutions. Be part of the resolution/solution….not the problem. Keep open for change….with love.

The Universe will be stirring  up all the emotions and issues in regards to ALL of our relationships! Dark hidden secrets will boil up to the surface to be transformed. Best Practice is to BE with what comes up….address it head on….and work to resolve it.

There is a very challenging aspect to this eclipse from the planet Uranus…making it vitally important that you slow down, expect the unexpected and allow for change to happen.The essence of this eclipse is Balance. In order for true balance to be achieved, equality for all parties concerned is essential! This NM will  bring up relationship issues that have been brewing for some time, such as, just how committed to the relationship each party is. Peaceful Discussions  looking at win win solutions for both parties is your Best Practice, and, if it is time to go… so!  If you have looked at and worked every angle of  your situation, and no movement is possible, declare irreconcilable differences, end in peace, and move on!

These Eclipses are designed  to shake us awake  on every level, so when given a choice, choose a new direction more aligned with your heart, peace, and equality.

Best Practice In regards to your relationships:

*Focus on ways to create harmony and peace rather than discord and conflict.

*Active and attentive LISTENING brings meaningful insights that empower relationships….LISTEN and HEAR what your partner is saying!

*Discover ways to express and create more LOVE and BALANCE in your life!

Great questions to ask to attune to the energies present:

*Am I willing to make the changes necessary if it means more balance in my life?

*Is it time to do an honest review of the arrangements and agreements in my relationships and partnerships?

*Do I compromise too much? Not enough?

*Is it time to make a decision that will take me in a new direction?

Be HONEST with yourself and your partners….time to make that change. By changing, you create balance, which will bring peace and harmony back into relationships and life!


And, for those whose relationships are strong, take this time to appreciate and LOVE deeper!!!

Rose Quartz is the perfect stone to use and program during your New Moon Ceremony.

Often called the “Love Stone,” its energetic hallmark is that of rose_quartz_heartunconditional love and its energy opens the heart chakra. It’s a wonderful stone to use for every type of love: self-love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional.

Rose Quartz can assist you in attracting the perfect love partnership. Its energies teach us to apply this love to ourselves….thus attracting the  perfect partner at the same level and desire!

Hold your rose quartz during your  intention meditation…either in your hand or at your heart. You can program it with your intentions this month….and it will go to work for you as your personal assistant  attracting the love and partners you desire, in addition to drenching you in peace and calm!

And….one last thing, for those new to my NM ceremony, I just want to review  the HOW TO!

Below I list all the different possibility using the qualities of Libra….the sign and energy of this New Moon Eclipse. This list is to assist you. You can use the intentions suggested,or make up your own.  The beauty of doing this ceremony/meditation at the time of the New Moon  Eclipse is you have the Cosmic Power of New Beginnings to assist in your dreams and desires! That is why it is important to do at the exact time or AFTER!time to love

Here are the qualities of Libra and possible intentions for you to incorporate into your ceremony.

Libra rules partnerships, marriage, relationships, balance, justice, art, beauty, peace, harmony and diplomacy!

Sample intentions to Inspire Happiness, Commitment, and Equality in all Your Relationships:

I attract the perfect loving committed long term relationship, now!

I attract the perfect business partners that are aligned with my values and goals.

I joyfully re- ignite my marriage (Partnership) with love, passion, respect, and appreciation!

red umbrella

Libra rules Balance, Equality, Appreciation of opposite viewpoints, Negotiation, Counseling.

Sample intentions:

I  intend to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND all points of view, and Appreciate differences!

I intend to create Win Win solutions in all my relationships!

I effectively negotiate my situation with ………., listening from my Heart, releasing my need to be right!

full moon cat and dog

Libra Rules Harmony, Peace, Beauty, Art.

Sample Intentions :

I  create a beautiful, peaceful environment at work and at home.

I find  the perfect art that express beauty in my home that inspires me!

Libra Rules Teamwork, Giving and Receiving Support, Collaboration, Cooperation.

Sample Intentions:

I am consciously aware that we are ‘all in this together’ and easily lend my support to others.

I  collaborate with ……….  in a way that results in a win- win situation.

I support my family and business partners in their dreams and intentions, as they support me and mine!elethant and cat

Libra Rules Refinement, Luxury, Elegance, Pampering, Grace

I  fully Receive and Appreciate  being pampered by others!

I am consciously aware of the beauty and grace in each moment.

Libra Also Rules Loss of Self- Identity, Codependency, Appeasing behaviors, Indecision.

Sample Intentions:

I release the need to be liked by everyone!

I release the desire to achieve peace at any price.

I release indecision, trusting the direction I choose is perfect for me at this moment.

I love who I am, perfect in every way!self worth

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!

Here are the guidelines for your New Moon Eclipse ceremony/meditation.prayer little girl

Start at the exact time  or after 10:54  AM PDT on 10/14.

  1. Write  no more than 10 intentions by hand, not computer.
  2. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Libra. Feel free to include any other projects you are currently working on.
  3. After writing, take a moment to SEE (picture it), then FEEL your intentions actualized, (feel happy and loved!) And the final piece is to BELIEVE it is possible and happening now! Then, just let it go, not worrying HOW to figure it all out. JUST allow the Universe to deliver in perfect Divine Timing! Your part is to be EXPECTANT!
  4. And, most importantly…Dream Big, Get Creative, Ignite your passion, and always follow your Hearts Desire!


peace love happiness



Peace and Blessings


 This is your Eclipse Survival Guide…please read! Astrology has us be prepared!

22 eclipses

Everyone….please be safe  and slow down today!