Full Moon Super Moon in Aquarius/Leo 8/1/23

 August 1

Full Moon Super Moon

9*Aquarius /Leo

 11:32 AM  PDT

Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the of the zodiac, and in opposite signs. Breakthroughs and culminations are sure to occur as we work to integrate both sides of the energy of Aquarius and Leo!

The main aspect  involved  in this FM includes Jupiter!

Jupiter in Taurus forms a T-Square…. to both the Leo Sun and the Aquarius Moon! All 3 planets are in fixed signs,( meaning….stubborn, and wanting it their way!!) So, it may feel as though we are stuck between a rock and a hard place….The FM is designed to illuminate different points of view…or any other details that need to be brought to light! And, since it is Jupiter...it could be too much of a good thing….over commitments…..or just plain burn out! Note.finding balance is the fix! What can you do to honor your creativity, and still compromise for what’s best for all involved! Look at where you can cut back so you have time for yourself and loved ones. Be sure you pause and think of win, win solutions. Tempers and words may fly…so breathe and take a moment before you speak!

Remember…..Areas getting  the Full Moon focus are Freedom, Independence, the Global Family, Humanitarianism, Friends and Community! Again emphasizing Aquarian principles….New innovative ways of solving the many challenges, changes, breakdowns and restructuring of our time! We are IN the Aquarian Age, so our  best direction is New Ways to Be and Manage our lives, creating a  Future that works for ALL!

It will take all of us to create a new, sustainable planet that works for everyone!

And, as we are in the time of Leo, it is super important to bring your creative A Game! Best practice….take the high road by focusing on the Leo qualities of BEING courageous, generous, acting and holding compassion in your heart…. while integrating the powerful innovative nature of Aquarius!!

Full Moon Ceremony Suggestions:

Our intention for this Full Moon, based on the energy listed above, is to look at and envision what we kind of world we want to create, personally and collectively!

Leo has us look at our unique signature, what only we as individuals can add, and how it can effect humanity for good!

Remember to anchor your FM ceremony in Quantum Physics and Human Consciousness….. how ONE can effect many!

  This is the energy we want to bring into our FM ceremony!As we LIVE this time of change, KNOW that we, as a group,  affect millions on a daily basis by our thoughts!

One random act of kindness and compassion can and will change the world!

One Pause in your conversation to consider compassion and understand DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

As you gather your tools for your ceremony include:

A Candle, and any beautiful Essential oil you love, rose, lavender…..

Sage or a Selenite wand for clearing out all the old thoughts!!

A journal to record your release old thoughts and new solutions!

Your Crystals:

Citrine for Blessings, Abundance and expansion!

Selenite…..To bring in the Light!

Moonstone….Always for Moon ceremonies to set a new cycle

Rose quartz….Love and compassion for you and the world

Tigers Eye for Powerful leadership! To bring out those Leo Qualities

Apetite….For a New Bold future

Clear Quartz… For the Aquarian Moon and to  amplify your good vibrations and to SEE CLEARLY what needs to go!

Feel free to use these or any others that you love and are calling to you!!

Your Ceremony!

Try to get out under the Moon Light….It is a Super Full Moon…so it will be gorgeous! It is exact at 11:32  AM PDT.  Remember Full Moons are not time sensitive to your ceremony, so go out when the moon is bright in the evening!

Settle in, clear yourself and space with Sage or a Selenite wand. Begin with a prayer of Thanksgiving and Gratitude. Invite in your guides for guidance and protection, and then begin to write.

Write down all your fears, concerns, anger, hurts, frustrations. Just let it all go! Any and everything that is boiling under the surface. If you don’t release it, it will just fester and make you sick, or erupt when you least expect it! This is quite a powerful time for a deep dive!

*What stubborn old “stuff” has to go?

*Just breathe air and love into it and let go!

*Know it no longer supports you…and is holding you back!!!!!

*How can you be a part of a Solution during this most dynamic time?

* What is your unique talent that you can bring to your tribe/family, leading from the Heart?

While writing, allow a free flow to occur…..don’t edit….just allow! You may be surprised to see what comes through! Trust it!

When complete, end with a prayer of Thanksgiving, and send a Prayer of Love, Compassion, Health and Healing to all of the world. Think Globally!!!!

We can and will affect many on this Full Moon evening!

Thank you for your energy and for all you do!!

Stay Inspired….. Connected….Empowered

Peace and Blessings