Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra 3/25/24

Full Moon  Lunar Eclipse in Libra/Aries

March 25 @ 12:00  AM PDT

5* of Libra/Aries

Full Moons always bring emotions to the surface, and when it is an Eclipse, it is twice as intense!  So, heads up, this is going to be an emotionally charged 2 weeks until the Great American New Moon Solar Eclipse on 4/8!  The focus on Libra means at the forefront is relationship!!! During this 2 week period we may become more keenly aware of the interplay between our actions and their impact on others. Libra is famous for fence-setting and people pleasing in a bid to keep everyone happy. It is a near impossible position to hold, at least long term, so the eclipse might point to where we may need to let go and let others do their fair share of the work!!

As you know, we are LIVING IN a challenging, changing world, and so often it is the ones we love most we hurt the most!

With this as a back drop,the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra is seeking to BALANCE  our own needs with the requirements and requests of others.  Aries represents independence and leadership, and this energy can be raw, demanding, or abrasive. Libra is about equality, harmony, balance, peace, justice and partnership!  When these two signs are in opposition, the energy asks us to integrate our individual unique pioneering self, with that of our partners and collaborators.  Now more than ever is about learning how to do both….. Keeping some degree of freedom, self expression, and authenticity, while being sensitive to the needs and desires of our partners!! Compromise and a Win Win are the solution!  Find the courage to be  authentic and ask for what you need, while still being a supportive partner! This is a New Paradigm we are in… let’s create from Love, Compassion, Balance and Possibility!!!

In reviewing imbalances, problems, or issues, take a look at yourself first.

*Is your environment healthy and functioning, with space for work, play,and relaxing?

*Are you starting the day with a peaceful meditation and connection to Spirit?

*What are you grateful for? One thing!

*Are you willing to compromise?

*Are you eating healthy nutritious food….not sugar and junk?

*If you live alone, are you making calls to check in?

Taking care of your own needs will enable you to better tend to others. We don’t know what will be required of us, so being calm, balanced, and prepared will go a long way in answering the call….whatever it is!

And for your relationships...

* Am I happy, empowered, and free in this partnership?

*Can I be authentic and reveal my unique self?

*Is this relationship abusive or restrictive?

*Is it worth staying in? If so, how can we negotiate a win win for us both?

*How can I be a better partner?

Take time to be with these questions….meditate or journal for inner guidance!!

Much will be revealed during this  Lunar Eclipse  energy….so be prepared to LISTEN IN! Hidden details and agendas will come to the surface, so be prepared to find buried truths!

Full Moon Ceremony!

Try to go out under the gorgeous Moonlight. Have your journal, and take a few of the special crystals listed below!

Pick a beautiful space, get comfortable. This is your time to be out under powerful Cosmic Vibes!

Before you begin, take in 3 slow breaths, becoming fully present!

Call in your Angels and Guides for protection and guidance!

Then begin ….ASK for HELP (Heavenly, Eternal, Loving, Presence ) to Be with you.

Just Begin to Write….ask any and all questions that are weighing heavy on your mind…..and listen! Write out everything that is in your mind and heart…..just keep writing until your mind is empty!

Next, let Spirit write a special message to you! Just allow for automatic writing, don’t think, don’t judge, just let the pen write itself!

You will receive a profound message, perfect for you in this moment!!

The best crystals to assist you:

  1. Moonstone… For the Full Moon and to begin a new cycle.
  2. Rose quartz….For Libra love and balance in your relationships
  3. Blue Celestite….Balance, peace and calm, harmony
  4. Carnelian….For Aries courage and creativity!
  5. Amethyst ….For your Connection to your higher self, Spirit, and Heart!
  6. Black Onyx….To ground and release all of those ideas and thoughts that no longer support you!

When complete…..say a prayer of Gratitude and Thanksgiving, release what and

who needs to go….. and take a Long Loud Howl!!!!!

Sending you Love, Light, Courage, and Strength during

these extraordinary times of renewal and rebirth!

  Connect to your Heart and Truth!



Peace and Blessings