April 2024 Overview!!

Greetings All!

Happy April… the wow factor month!!

It’s sure to be a powerful and life altering month with 2 of the most dynamic Aspects of the Year!!!

We have the extraordinary, highly charged Great American Solar Eclipse on 4/08 @ 19* Aries!

 Followed by the Jupiter Uranus conjunction April 20th in Taurus@ 20 *

Time to get your Genius On!!! I love this aspect! It occurs every 14 years and is considered very positive, as something radically new wants to take shape during this time. And followed by the NM Eclipse, ideas will be flowing!!

Mercury in Aries  Stations Retrograde on April 1- 25th….the Cosmic April fools joke!! Note……there will be a lot of Cosmic energy urging us forward..However, Best Practice.…wait until Mercury is direct on the 25th before you take action. It’s OK to revisit and redo….but pause before starting something new!!!

Your courage and resolve will get a boost with the energy of the Aries New Moon SE and the Jupiter Uranus Conjunction!

Be bold and stay open to New Ways of doing and seeing things….just watch your patience level…or lack of! Don’t get ahead of yourself, or become headstrong! Breathe, slow down, and LISTEN IN before you push through!  Trust that slowing down will allow for Perfect Divine Right Solutions to emerge!

And, remember, Strength, Inner Guidance, and Trusting your innate, instinctual KNOWING, will guide you forward making positive changes and New Beginnings with the Courage to take action!!

Please note, as you move forward in New Directions…. Go where doors open, where they are closed, let GO!!! Remember Divine Right Timing!!!        

BE IN THE FLOW….not swimming up stream!!!

So…..Let’s break it down by date!

4/1-4/25….Mercury Stations RX in Aries!  Watch out for anger and arguments and except that events will have delays and cancels!  Disagreements will abound….practice your negotiation skills…arrive at win win solutions!! It is totally ok to revisit,reorganize, redo any and all projects that you have already started! It will be difficult to slow down and pause with so much Cosmic energy swirling about. Your patience will be rewarded if you just wait!

Some of the typical issues you may experience include:

  1. Miscommunications: People may misunderstand what you are saying, leading to confusion and frustration.
  2. Delays: Plans may be delayed or postponed due to unexpected setbacks or circumstances.
  3. Technical difficulties: Electronic devices, such as computers and smartphones, may malfunction or break down.
  4. Travel problems: Flights and transportation may be delayed or canceled, leading to travel-related stress.
  5. Contractual issues: Misunderstandings or mistakes may occur in contracts, leading to disputes or legal problems.

Just pause and have a sense of humor if possible!


April 8th….Big Event!! New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 19* Aries at 11:20 AM PDT

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024, will occur in the sign of Aries at 19 degrees!

Here are some details on this awesome celestial event:

* A Total Solar Eclipse: This is a total Solar Eclipse, meaning  the Moon will completely cover the Sun, creating a temporary darkness in the area where it is visible. The Eclipse will be visible in Mexico, Central and North America and parts of Canada, and its path crosses the US…in the middle! If viewing, be sure to use special Eclipse glasses! It will be quite an extraordinary event…so make time for it is possible!!

* This is the Last Eclipse in Aries for 9 Years…… making it a potent time for new beginnings, taking action, and initiating change in our lives.

Eclipses are powerful times for releasing old patterns and letting go of what no longer serves us. This Solar Eclipse in Aries may bring up themes related to our sense of self, our identity, and our ability to take action and assert ourselves in the world.

*This Eclipse is conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer, so you may receive insights about how early childhood wounds have shaped your life.This is an opportunity to heal those scars, and choose a new story!!

This Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024 is a powerful celestial event that marks a time for new beginnings, letting go of the old, and balancing our assertiveness with practicality. With the influence of Uranus, there may be unexpected events or insights that arise during this time, urging us to embrace change and innovation in our lives.

More details on your NM Ceremony will be posted shortly!

April 19th – 5/20….The Sun enters Taurus.When the Sun is in Taurus, the Bull encourages us to get back to basics, to take natural approaches, and steer away from what is complex and intricate. Remember, to manifest  something and be a success, you must tend to it….like a garden that needs the weeds pulled to become  beautiful! Finances and budgets also get attention. And, this energy will be amplified on April 20th by the powerful Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus!!

April 20th….. Big Event!…. Jupiter Uranus Conjunction @ 20 Taurus

  • Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus is a significant astrological event with potential implications for both individuals and the collective energies. Uranus represents innovation, sudden change, liberation, and breakthroughs, while Jupiter signifies expansion, growth, abundance, and optimism. Taurus, as an earth sign, is associated with stability, material resources, values, and sensuality.
  • When Uranus and Jupiter come together in Taurus, it can lead to a powerful combination of energies that may manifest in the following ways:

1.Financial and Economic Changes:

2.New Values and Priorities:

3.Technological Advancements in Agriculture and Food Production:

4.Environmental Awareness and Conservation Efforts:

5.Personal Liberation and Growth:

6.Challenges to Traditional Structures:

  • Overall, the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus heralds a period of significant change, growth, and innovation, particularly in areas related to finances, values, sustainability, and the material world. It invites individuals and societies to embrace new possibilities, adapt to change, and explore innovative solutions for creating a more prosperous and sustainable future. Be sure to plan time to be in nature or meditation to get the amazing downloads  the Cosmos is offering you!

April 24th Full Moon in Scorpio @ 4*  at 4:49 PM PDT

On the same theme this month of release and let go….. this FM urges observations of deeply buried aspects of our nature, including darker thoughts and feelings. Whatever we might ordinarily conceal stands to surface dramatically, due to the square from Pluto to the Sun and Moon.Whatever is revealed, let it go!!! It is also, the day before Mercury stations direct….so revisit what situation needs your attention!!  Forgive, and move forward! I will have more details posted for your FM ceremony  soon!

April 25…Mercury Stations Direct...Give it a few more days for new bright ideas to formulate!

April 27th….. Mars Conjuncts Neptune in Pisces.…assisting you in formulating your future vision

April 29th Venus moves into her favorite sign Taurus….grounding and making everything beautiful!

And finally…..April 30th…..Mars moves into his favorite sign Aries.….and now the action  begins!!!

With this rapid transition of Mars, Venus, and Mercury shifting signs and directions so close together….it will feel like you have just shed your old skin….and are ready to start anew!!!!

This is such an exciting month! Just allow the Magic and Synchronicities to unfold!  Keep a journal of New Bright Ideas! Some will manifest, and some will go on the back burner to be revisited at a later date, so WRITE IT DOWN!!!!

“One of the most important results you can bring into the world is the YOU that YOU really want to be. ” Robert Fritz




Peace and Blessings