Full Moon in Scorpio 4/23/24

Full Moon  in Scorpio @4*

April 23th @ 8::49 PM PDT

Full Moons occur monthly when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs,Taurus and Scorpio this month.  Full Moons illuminate what has been germinating beneath the surface, and the areas that will be highlighted this month are finances, including your attitudes about abundance or lack, intimacy, sexuality, relationships, personal power, misuse and abuse of it, self worth and values, areas ruled by Taurus and Scorpio! Taurus holds the keys to what supports and sustains us,while Scorpio invites us to look deeper for where true passions and potential lie. Integration of the two is how we achieve balance!

Astrologically….this is the perfect FM to release all that has occurred for you since the last Full Moon Eclipse on 3/25. Let endings be just that and release with love and compassion. This energy has been transformational ….so let go and embrace the new!

Here’s are the Details:

First: Mercury stations Direct on the 24th….so let this FM help clarify decisions and best next actions. Once the slate is clean, you will be able to see clearly.

Second:  The Jupiter/Uranus aspect is still in effect….so tap into your Genius Zone during your FM release ceremony! Ask for guidance, listen to the download!!!

Third: Pluto in Aquarius squares both the Sun and the Moon.  Full Moons always bring up powerful emotions, and with the square to Pluto, tempers and anger issues will be boiling under the surface. So, if caught in the cross fires, be the negotiator. And, if you get involved in a dispute, stay calm, and  create a win-win!

It will be a bumpy few days….Best Practice…..Slow Down, Stay Present and grounded, and set your intentions daily to tap into your Genius Zone, and create miracles!!!

*Since Pluto is the ruler of the Scorpio Moon and is involved, intensity is amplified! Issues related to misuse and abuse of power at one end of the spectrum, to personal empowerment at the other will be in the news. Please be safe, stay grounded, and keep a low profile. There is a lot of passionate energy  in the air and it can either be very motivation and inspiring, or overwhelming and chaotic!  Personally, watch out for and release any jealousy obsessions, curb impulsive purchases that create future debt, and misusing power that is given you….Karma is watching!

Crystals to use for your Full Moon Ceremony.

Moonstone….setting a New Cycle.

Malachite for it’s transformative powers!

Rose Quartz for Love and Compassion.

Herkimer Diamond  for clear connection to your Genius Zone!

Bring any other crystals that want to come! Also, it is a great practice to place your crystals out in the moonlight.They love it and will soak in and hold all your intentions Cosmic!

Your Ceremony:

Tuesday evening go out under the FM, it is exact at 4:48 PM Pacific, and remember, you don’t  have to preform your ceremony at the exact time of the Full Moon, so a bit later when it is dark out will be fine!

Take your journal, your crystals, sage to clear your space. Pick a beautiful space under the moonlight. This is your time to release, and receive Genius Vibes from Jupiter/Uranus!!!

Before you begin, take 3 really deep slow breaths, becoming fully present!

*Tap into the Genius energy of Jupiter/Uranus!!

*Open yourself to RECEIVING the abundance of Universal Grace that is present!

* Ask How can I best boost my self esteem?

*What resources are available  that I can use more efficiently?

*What empowers me…what can I release  that dis- empowers me?

*How can I empower those around me?

*How can I bring my best self to make a difference on the planet?

*What can I do to be of service?

*What is my true Genius Zone!!!

*Open your heart and listen, receive, contemplate, and write down any insights,and ideas. But mostly, just BE and receive the energy. It will be palpable, so stay in it as long as possible.


When complete, say a prayer of Gratitude….give thanks for all Blessings Received!


This is an extraordinary time to MAKE CHANGES on all levels!

Sending you all Love, Abundance, and Peace