February 2024 Overview!!!


February is going to be an extraordinary month! Time to get our “Aquarian On” and set the next 20 years on the right path!!

Pluto shifted into Aquarius on 1/20/24 and will be hanging out at 0 and 1 degrees all month!( Please reread the article on Pluto in Aquarius that is posted) It is important to embrace this new era NOW and the Cosmos is here to assist. And, in addition to the New Moon in Aquarius…. Mercury, Mars and Venus all align with Pluto at different times this month reinforcing the New Aquarian Energy!!

And, note, all planets are traveling direct until 4/1. Projects and relationships will begin to move forward rapidly! Be ready!

Lets break it down by date……

Feb 5th, Mercury shifts into Aquarius…and kisses Pluto…(called a Mercury/ Pluto conjunction!) Watch your words and be sure you communicate from an empowering loving perspective! Best practice…walk away from an argument you can’t win. Approach it at a later time!

Feb 9th…. The New Moon in Aquarius! This is the best time to set your intentions for the next 20 years, and, of course, this year! LOL Please spend  some time imaging what our would will be like in 20 years, and hold that vision!! Let’s practice quantum physics!

The New Moon represents the beginning of a new lunar cycle! And in Aquarius, it takes on the characteristics and themes associated with the Aquarius sign.

Here are some meanings and themes associated with a New Moon in Aquarius that apply now and for the next 20 years as we move with Pluto in this sign!!

 * Aquarius ruled by Uranus, is the planet of innovation and unpredictability. During a New Moon in Aquarius, there may be a focus on embracing original ideas, experimenting with new concepts, and seeking unconventional solutions.

* Aquarius is known for its humanitarian and progressive qualities. You may feel drawn to activities that promote equality, social justice, and the well-being of humanity.

* Aquarius, an air sign is associated with intellect and mental exploration. It is great for brainstorming and engaging in discussions about new and visionary ideas.

*  Aquarius emphasizes the importance of social networks, collaboration, and teamwork. It is a good  time for making new friends or strengthening existing bonds.

* Aquarius is known for valuing independence and individuality. This is a time to encourage people to embrace their unique qualities, express their authentic selves, and break free from societal norms.

* Aquarius is associated with forward-thinking and a focus on the future. Time to get inspired to set goals, make plans for the future, and envision a progressive and positive direction for their lives.

I will be posting your New Moon intention Ceremony for the 9th, but these qualities are to ones to embrace NOW and the next 20 year while Pluto is in Aquarius!!

Feb 10th.Chinese New Year…the Year of the Wood Dragon!!

  • The Year of the Wood Dragon occurs when the Dragon is paired with the Wood element. The Dragon is the only mythical animal in the Chinese zodiac and is associated with strength, power, and good fortune. Wood is associated with growth, flexibility, and vitality.
  • When the Dragon is aligned with Wood, it is believed to enhance the positive traits associated with both. The Wood Dragon is seen as a particularly dynamic and creative force. People born in the Year of the Wood Dragon are thought to possess qualities such as ambition, resilience, and a strong sense of justice. They may be innovative, charismatic, and have a natural ability to lead.

Feb  13thMars enters Aquarius and kisses Pluto!! Be prepared and take a bit of caution...Mars is action, anger, and Pluto is power and change!  I have listed a few possibilities for you to be aware of a few days before and after!

         *Intense Energy: Mars represents energy, assertiveness, and drive, while Pluto is associated with power, transformation, and intensity. When these two planets come together, it can create a surge of potent and forceful energy. You may feel more determined, focused, and even obsessive about pursuing  goals.

         * The conjunction of Mars and Pluto can signify a period of profound change, both externally and internally. This may involve letting go of old patterns, behaviors, or situations that no longer serve a purpose.

           *Power Struggles: On the flip side, the intense energy of Mars and Pluto can sometimes lead to power struggles, conflicts, or confrontations. It’s essential to be mindful of how this energy is expressed, as it can be forceful and may provoke assertive or aggressive behavior.

Feb 16th Venus enters Aquarius..and you got it…conjuncts Pluto!!

Here are some possibilities for Venus/ Pluto

* This alignment often intensifies emotions and can lead to profound, passionate, and sometimes obsessive connections in relationships. You may experience strong attractions and a desire for deep emotional intimacy!

*  This conjunction can indicate periods of significant transformation and change in matters of the heart. Relationships may go through intense periods of growth or face challenges that require change!!!

* There can be power struggles and issues related to control in relationships. You may need to navigate power dynamics and learn to balance the need for control with the desire for harmony.

* The conjunction of Venus and Pluto may bring about heightened sexual energy, intense desires, and a deep exploration of one’s own sensuality. It could be a very sexy Valentines Day…as this energy will be in orb!

* On the challenging side, there may be tendencies towards jealousy, possessiveness, or issues related to trust. Emotional intensity can sometimes lead to feelings of possessiveness or a fear of losing your partner.

This energy will last a few days….. Before and after!

Feb 20……Venus catches up with Mars forming a Mars/Venus conjunction @ 5* Aquarius!! They will cruse side by side through the end of the month, being exact on 2/22! Relationships are the theme and focus….New ones begin, old ones get an update or boot!

  Here are a few meanings associated with a transiting Mars-Venus conjunction:

* Passionate Energy.…. Mars is the planet of energy, assertiveness, and passion, while Venus is associated with love, relationships, and beauty. When these two planets conjoin in the sky, there is often an infusion of passionate and assertive energy into matters of love and relationships.

*Romantic Initiatives…….This conjunction can signify a period when you may feel more inclined to take the initiative in romantic or social situations. It can be a great time for expressing one’s desires and pursuing romantic interests.

* Increased attraction…. The combined energy of Mars and Venus can heighten attraction between individuals. There may be a magnetic quality that draws people together, leading to more exciting and dynamic interactions.

* Assertiveness in Relationships! …..In relationships, there may be a greater emphasis on assertiveness, direct communication, and taking the lead. This can manifest as a desire to express one’s feelings more openly or to take decisive actions in relationships.

* Creative Expression…… Venus is also associated with creativity and aesthetics. The Mars-Venus conjunction can be a time when creative energy is heightened, leading to inspired artistic endeavors and a desire to express oneself creatively.

                                                             Ooh la la!!!! Time to get your sexy on!!!

Feb 19th…The Sun shifts into Pisces

When the Sun is in Pisces, the energy shifts for us all! Pisces is a water sign that has the ability to be compassionate, flowing and flexible. Additionally, Pisces energy is know for its dreamy imaginative nature, in addition to being Spiritual, creative and artistic!! After all the wild Aquarian energy all month, it will be the perfect energy to relax a bit and anchor your new innovative ideas into a Spiritual practice, creating a new reality for you and the planet!

Feb 24th…Full Moon in Pisces/ Virgo @ 5 * with Mercury and Saturn involved. Details will be posted with your Full Moon Ceremony shortly!

Feb 28th and 29th… Saturn, the Sun, and Mercury exactly conjunction @ 9* Pisces! This is when we layer in our Spiritual beliefs on the New Aquarian energy!

Saturn is associated with discipline, structure, responsibility, and authority. When in conjunction with the Sun and Mercury, it may bring a serious and disciplined approach to communication and self-expression. This energy may have a strong sense of responsibility and a structured way of thinking. There may be a  focus on personal goals with an emphasis on practical and realistic thinking. While this conjunction can bring stability and  a grounded approach, there may also be challenges related to a tendency to be overly cautious, reserved, or rigid in thinking. Be sure to think big, and don’t be afraid to go with the New!!!

Wow Wow Wow Wow!!!

Be Brave, and Boldly go where you have not been before!!! Embrace the Age of Aquarius!!!!

Stay Inspire…Empowered….Connected

Peace and Blessings