Beautiful Mystical Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces 2/24/24

Full Moon@ 5*  Virgo/Pisces

February 24th @ 4:30 AM PDT

Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, and on opposite sides of the earth.Of all the 6 astrological polarities, Pisces/Virgo is the most Spiritual and holds the fundamental challenge of our time:The integration of matter and Spirit! For Virgo, Humility and Discernment are the pathways to Healing and Wholeness, and for Pisces,Compassion and Faith are the doorways to the Divine. It is an opportunity to reflect and recognize the Mystical and the Practical come from the same source, but vibrate at different levels!  Full Moons seek to create balance.

Remember…..Emotions always run high during a FULL MOON

Pause and give those around you space!!!

The main emphasis of this Full Moon:

  • Looking at how to integrate and balance your spiritual life and your daily life and practice. Faith vs Fear!
  • Routines and practices that increase your overall health.
  • The relationship between your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies.
  • This Full Moon brings the energies of imagination, mysticism and creativity, while showing that in order to create we are required to stay focused and practical!

What to watch out for:

  • Focusing on the details so much that you resist going with the flow (Virgo Energy)
  •  Falling into victim roll.
  • Feeling depressed, worried or anxious about things.
  • Striving for perfection to the point of distraction!

What to strive for:

  • Making a conscious effort to develop faith if you are fearful or worried (Pisces Energy)
  • Look at self- critical and self defeating beliefs that keep driving your decisions.
  • Eliminate distractions, focusing on one thing at a time.
  • Avoid things that send you into overwhelm.

Things to consider:

This is a great time to re- establish your daily Spiritual Practice or to start anew!

  • How can I establish a daily Spiritual Practice to remember my true essence?
  • When I receive inner guidance, do I listen to it and apply it to my life?
  • Am I integrating both my common sense and inner knowing as I consider my options?

Crystals to use to help enhance the energy of this Full Moon…….

 Amethyst for Pisces energy to connect to your higher vision and inner guidance and for protection!

 Peridot for Virgo to connect and build from a place of service and practicality!

Rose Quartz for self love and sending out love to the planet!

Aquamarine for the Aquarian energy and the Shift of Pluto!

Moonstone…always to create a new cycle.

Clear Quartz….Clarity of vision and to amplify your intentions and prayers

Black Obsidian ……To keep you grounded and anchored in your Truth!!

Saturn and Mercury are aligned with the Sun in  Pisces opposite the Moon in Virgo!  This energy is excellent for opening up channels of communication with your guides and higher self!

And Saturn in Pisces facilitates creating strong  structures in the etheric energy of Pisces. Prayer, compassion, and visioning are some of the tools for this Aquarian Age. This Full Moon really lights up the path for the New Way of living and Being in compassion, and inner guided! This prayer below is a good one to use as a new tool!!

Prayer…I surrender to the Power of Prayer and Devotion!

“I surrender to the power of prayer and devotion. There are times when prayer and devotion drop us to our knees with a heartfelt plea for support and direction. Other times it’s a calm daily reprieve where we fill our cup with gratitude and open up to the holy flow. Your path and your relationship to the divine is unique to you and always evolving. The sincerity you bring to your spiritual practice, just like any relationship, is when it really blossoms. Prayer yolks us to our truth, to the collective experience, and to a loving vibration that moves through all things.When fear-based stories surface, it’s often a sign that you’ve disconnected from your power, your greater service, or your connection to spirit. Tap into the powerful practice of prayer and feel the loving force of devotion.

 Your Ceremony:

Select your crystals, a journal, a candle, some sage and go out under this full moon if weather permits. If not, find a quiet place in your home.

*Make this time sacred and special….as you set  the space….clear it with sage, light your candle, and lay out your crystals.

*Have your journal near you and get comfy.

*Always start your Ceremony by calling in your Angels and Guides  for guidance and protection!

*Full Moons are not time sensitive as are new moons, so  go out when the moon is shinning brightly either Friday or Saturday evening.

*Sit in the silence, clear your mind, relax, and just allow this mystical moon to create magic!

*Write down ideas, insights, releasing what no longer serves you… write it all down, spending as much time as you need.

*Linger in the Mystery…the longer the better, and the clearer the messages come to you!

*When you feel finished, be sure to THANK your Guides and Angels, offer a Prayer of Peace. Send a blanket of Love, Protection and Miracles to the world!!! Use the power of Quantum physics, and  vibe up the energy, touching many!!!



Peace and Blessings