July 2017 Overview

Happy Summer and Happy Birthday Cancer!

With the Solar Focus in Cancer, we  turn to nurturing our home, families, ourselves and our feelings! Time to relax and take some very needed breaks,vacations, and just plain old down time! Spending time in nature, heading to the beach, or going for a sail will go a long way in assisting you in sorting out what is important! We are half way thru the year, and lots of shifts and changes have occurred, so this is a re-focus month. August holds 2 powerful eclipses and a Mercury Retrograde, and  will be quite powerful. The energy  this  month will bring to the surface situations that are not working and will help us  and get clear on our priorities.Great insights, inner guidance,and opportunities occur when we just relax, let go, and allow the universe to support us! Living in the flow is what this Cancer energy is all about, so just dive in….it only last the first 3 weeks of the month!

Things will begin to heat up the 20th, when Mars joins Mercury in Fiery Leo, followed by the Sun on the 22 and the Moon on the 23rd!

And, please note, there are a few days the energy will be quite strong……….( this month is not a cake walk, and as long as we deal with what comes up, next month will be easier to handle!)

July 8th …..Full Moon in Capricorn/Cancer….This full moon will shine the light on our career-home balance, generational issues/patterns, and family! This will be quite an emotional FM, (as most usually are), but particularly illuminating! Concerns with life direction, our purpose, our path vs. how  personal needs are being met, and what makes us feel safe and secure!  Relationships of all kinds will be challenged, and hidden feelings will be revealed!. This FM harbors super STRONG energy…..so truly, this is the week end to to put your personal practice into the Full activation mode!

EVERYONE around you will be feeling it…so PAUSE….before you slay someone with  words or mean actions!!!

We will not be holding a Full Moon circle due personal matters to attend to, but we will be back on the beach for a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th! ( will meet up on Sunday the 6th)….

July 17th….Mars squares Uranus….

This will be quite a feisty aspect, so please, mark this date in your calendar to slow way down, really ground your energy,  and plan to be where ever  you are going…… early! A Compassion heart will go a long way for the next few days! Mars rules anger/aggression/energy, and Uranus is the freedom fighter rebel and rules unexpected events! So, the high vibe of this energy is breaking thru stagnant  situations, ideas,and beliefs! The low vibe is erratic, unpredictable energy and situations! We want to take the path/ direction that provides freedom and a win win situation, if, in case, we do,  go into battle!


July 23…New Moon in Leo!

We will begin to feel the energy shift as we get Fired Up and inspired during the time of Leo! Your vitality and energy will begin to return, along with your passion, creative ideas, and feelings of optimism! I love the Leo energy as we are in the mood for creative self expression, feeling playful and in general…..happy!

Join us for a New Moon intention setting, crystal bowl clearing, and meditation at the AURA SHOP ……details here

New Moon Ceremony & Meditation

More details for an at home ceremony posted on the New Moon page shortly!

Next month is going to be a game changer….so heads up for sure…

August 2nd….Uranus goes Retrograde

August 7th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

August 12 – Sept 5th…Mercury Retrograde

August 21- New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

 August 25th –  Saturn goes direct

This is  the pivotal month of the year! So, best practice is to attend to matters that  comes up now, to be ready for the Cosmic Ride in August!!!



Peace and Blessings


PS…..so sorry for the late posting….my computer crashed!!!! Poor baby is in the hospital being repaired and I am working on a  loaner without all my programs, bells and whistles ….challenging to say the least….but so grateful for the loaner! Will post on time for the action packed August!


June 2017 Overview!

Happy Birthday Gemini!

As we begin the month….the shifts just keep on coming! Interestingly…..this month they occur in 3’s, overlapping each other.

So let’s  get into it….



June 4th- 7/20….. Mars into Cancer…Focus on the home-front! Emphasis will be on family and home. We will be feeling more emotional, vulnerable, and possibly nostalgic!

June 5th – 7/4….Venus into Taurus! Venus Rules the sign of Taurus, and she Loves her annual visit here! Emphasis now on sensuality/passion; your resources/finances; nurturing self and others, natural beauty!

June 6th- 6/21.… Mercury into Gemini! Also  its ruling sign, he functions well here! This placement helps with clearer communication, processing info, and overall mental functions. Conversations and interactions are easier because you and other tend to be more open, adaptable and flexible!

Mars, Venus and Mercury are referred to as the “personal planets” because the are closest to Earth and they Rule areas of our daily life. They do change signs more often than the larger more distant Stars, but, it is rare when all 3 shift within 48 hours!  These are not bad transits!  Just note that these first few days the energy  will feel a Unsettled,until each planet moves in to the sign!

The second group…..

June 9th Jupiter stations direct! Yippee! The planet of blessings and expansion has been resting that last 4 months, and when he turns direct, especially at the time of the full moon, things will feel bigger and more expansive than perhaps they really are. Jupiter’s high agenda is always to enlighten us with new insights and information, and it may be that whatever events are occurring now relate to this. Jupiter in Libra will likely bring attention to legal matters and courts as well as issues related to equality and justice. While retrograde it is likely that information was being gathered but not made available. Now, going direct, at the Full Moon, it is likely that this planet, who rules honesty, integrity, and courts, will be shinning a light on something important! ( Interesting that Comey is set to testify on the 8th…..hmmmmmmm!!!!!! )

June 9th …Full Moon in Sagittarius….Sagittarius is the Truth Seeker and the natural ruler of Jupiter! The emphasis now is on Truth and Honesty…..personally and collectively! Issues around power, control, exaggeration, and misinformation will be brought into the light! Be clear in how your speak your words and ideas, relating to just the facts, keeping an open mind to hear others opinions! More Details posted on the Full Moon page, along with info on our Full Moon Horseback ride and ceremony in Griffith Park

June 16th – 11/22….Neptune stations Retrograde.

While Neptune is in retrograde motion, it stimulates our inner process, assisting us  to come to a better understanding of our own personal Spiritual Path. Best Practice …. spend time in meditation, learning, going on Spiritual retreats, and time in contemplation! Neptune, more than any other planet, holds our visions. Take time to dive into the mysteries, magic, and energy of the Divine, and Vision your highest life!

June 20th Sun into Cancer…Summer Solstice! A new season begins! It is a turning point where we look at the next 3 months and decide what’s next? How do we want to spend our time? Family, nature, gardening, nurturing ourselves and our community? Warm summer nights, long days, vacations, rest, relaxation?

Now is the time to plan it!

June 23rd….New Moon in Cancer!
Time to hit the reset button, and start a new cycle! This New Moon in Cancer is quite emotional, and will bring up family, home, how you nurture yourself and others….more details and your Ceremony on the New Moon page, and here is the link to our live Full Moon gathering at the AURA SHOP on Main Street….please join in if you are in LA


And finally…….The last few days of the month….. a little challenging!

6/27: Mercury squares Jupiter

6/28: Mercury conjuncts Mars

6/29 Mercury opposes Pluto

To make this easier to understand…the Keywords during this time: Transparency, disruption of some kind, impulsive behavior, conflicts, clashes, turning points, renewal and new beginning!!

In general, this is likely to be quite an emotional and intense time with a lot going on at a personal level, as well as the world stage. Some possible issues taking place are related to the abuse and misuse of power, and the revealing of hidden information.  The underlying dynamic now wants truth and transparency. Jupiter in Libra will assist bringing strong energy to fairness, balance, and what is right and just!

Best Practice at  this time line…….Slow down, pause before you react angrily  or out of frustration, and be transparent,  speak the truth, and seek win win solutions!

I have several great workshops planned this Summer from Full Moon rides on horse back, Astrology and Tarot workshops, to an amazing Spiritual Adventure in Costa Rica!

Please check my events page off for all the update!



Peace and Blessings



May 2017 Overview!

Happy Birthday Taurus!

As we enter May, I am happy to say that Mercury goes direct on the 3rd Yippee!! It has been a tough 3 weeks, but things, ideas, and situations will begin to make much more since! We have a  beautiful Mercury/Uranus connection that holds for the first 2 weeks of the month and will assist in guiding us in new, powerful, directions made clear  by the Mercury retrograde three week review!

The Sun, being in the sign of Taurus thru May 20th, will bring our attention and focus to our money, finances, abundance, or lack, and values! The Bull also encourages us to nurture, maintain, and cultivate all the things we love most!

This is a pretty exciting month with many possibilities! It won’t be a complete walk in the Roses, but great, solid progress can be made! Here are the Key events to mark your calendar:

May 3rd…. Mercury Stations Direct at 24* Aries!

Mercury rules all forms of communication and links  things together, mentally. During the 3 weeks of Rx, the mind turns inward more naturally. This allows for subtle, yet significant shifts to take place, through recognizing them can be tricky!

Here are a few indications about what is occurring on the inner realm:

  • You have  more aha moments than usual.
  • You gain understanding around something that has perplexed you.
  • You remember something that once had meaning, and is now relevant!

Also on the 3rd, as Mercury turns direct, he is conjunct Uranus! This is an awesome aspect! Uranus rules the higher mind, while Mercury rules the lower mind, and when they kiss, the link between them is amazing, allowing for brilliant insights, innovative ideas and solutions!

Mystical, magical experiences abound!

Expect synchronicities and coincidences! They are meant to bring  pieces of info that will empower, and move you forward.

Be sure to write down any ideas, thoughts, or chance meetings. Remember, this is a link from your higher self to your lower self.

Ask questions, and be ready to receive amazing info from your higher self and the Cosmos and download the information!

(This aspect  holds for the first 2 weeks of the month!)

And, as a precautionary  note…please recheck all the appointments and plans you made during the last three weeks, making sure everyone is still on the same page! Always best to be safe, not sorry!

May 10th Full Moon in Scorpio….Wesak  Full Moon…Festival of Buddha!!

Esoteric teachings tell us that there are Great Master of Light and Sound residing in the Himalayas in a mystical valley called Shamballa….a scared place that doesn’t’ quite exist in the physical realm, but rather in the etheric realm.The Wesak Festival is generally known as the Festival of the Buddha. In a legend, full of imagery, He is said to make an annual appearance at exact time of the full moon in Scorpio. He appears for a brief period and enacts a water ceremony before his great brother, the Christ, and an assembly of Spiritual disciples. It is said that these Masters descend from Shamballa  to bless mankind with their grace, and to offer guidance.!

The potency of the Buddha’s presence is such that it cannot be endured for long by the assembled group. The moment of His approach is characterized by a great Silence, said to be brimming with vitality and significance. The Buddha’s blessing, stepped down by the Christ, is radiated throughout the gathering and into the world.


During this Spiritual high point of the year our greatest service is to prepare ourselves spiritually for the energy pouring into humanity, and to hold the inner connection in daily life, visualizing ourselves as a pure channel of light . The goal to live consciously within the aura of the spiritual group to which our soul naturally belongs.

During this special time, we all  receive the flow from the Buddha, into our human hearts and minds, unifying, lifting and revealing our Spiritual connection and destiny!

Please join us for a Full Moon gathering at Mothers Beach from 7 to 9 PM.

This is a Very Very Very Special time and Gathering.

More details on the Full Moon Page…and you can resister to attend on the events page!

Mars in Gemini is very active this month which is sure to bring movement and change!

Mars is known as the great catalyst as it is a trigger or initiates a chain reaction of events, like a domino effect!

It can be something you are excited about, or totally unexpected! Remember…Timing is everything…. Particularly  this month!!

Mars is about How and Where you place your basic energy and focus,and the sign he is  visiting gives you the best indicator of aligning with this energy. When you work with the flow of Mars, you can accomplish and make progress on what ever you’re working on or doing this month.

Here are a few tips for working with Mars in Gemini!

*Gather your thoughts and think things through before acting!

*Come up with a plan and Write It Down so you can refer back to it as needed.

*Keep a journal or log of how things are going.

*Begin each day  with “ What do I intend to do today? And at the end of the day…What did I accomplish today?”

This simple process will keep you conscious as to how you are utilizing and directing your energy.

This is your BEST PRACTICE  to making the most of Mars in Gemini!

Here are the key dates Mars is especially active:

May 11th Mars Squares Neptune

May 12th Mars Trines Jupiter

May 19th Mars  Quincunx Pluto

May 28th Mars Opposite Saturn

May 30 Mars Sextiles Uranus

These are the days when noticeable events occur, significant actions are taken, important conversations happen and impactful information comes forward. They are dynamic and high octane times!

May 18th Saturn Trines Uranus

This is the 2nd of 3 Trines in an 11 month period. The 3rd will be 11/11, and after that they won’t meet in this empowering way until 2047!!!! And, note, and this aspect holds strong for the last two week of May!

This is a good news Astro influence as it brings beneficial energy! Combined, these two planets bridge your ideals with reality and work to bring your dreams into manifestation! Help,guidance and support is taking shape behind the scenes from our Spiritual team, and will appear as Divine timing and coincidences! You can truly come up with innovative ideas and solutions that are viable and practical. The opportunity is for you to establish a foundation, allowing your innovative ideas to solidify!  Life works!

This is a time when Gratitude and Thank you to the Cosmos is in order!!! Blessings Flow!

May 25th  ….New Moon in Gemini at 12:44 PM @4 *

New Moons are when both the Sun and Moon align in the same sign, and we get to hit the reset button and set our intentions for the next Lunar cycle! And the focus now is our mental body!!! Your mind, thoughts, additives and all forms of communications will be highlighted the next 30 days. so your mind will be especially active! You will experience and abundance of ideas and thoughts. It is a great month to become more aware of our your thing and take in info….and how your attitudes and words shape your experience and responses to life.

Details for your ceremony will be posted shortly!

One last word about this month…..

I know it has been quite challenging ….and, it you really take the time this month to Listen In, follow the Cosmic Light Clues, it is really a month where Magic can and Will Happen!


Inspired ….Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings



April Overview!

Happy Birthday Aries!

As we begin this month, we are still under the influence of Jupiter square Pluto! As discussed last month, this energy will be holding in the back ground thru August, when we have a third and final exact aspect. The task at hand in the weeks ahead is to sort through,(mentally and emotionally), the pile of of material, data, information, etc to determine what needs further examination, investigation and consideration going forward. This applies to us personally as well as politically and globally!

Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system, whose cosmic job is to know, expand and gain knowledge ….squaring Pluto, the smallest, yet powerful transformative energy, is most associated with secrets and hidden agendas……. the conversation is….what are you hiding…expose yourself!!!

Both of these planets have a way of doing things in their own grandiose fashion, so the result is lots of fireworks and energy being released into the Cosmos!  After this 3rd hit in early August, they won’t meet up again until May of 2023!

The takeaway here is this…..it’s about going beyond where you are, taking risks and moving away from your comfort zone, and living your life, thriving, expressing your true gifts and talents! Now is the time. Our planet needs us all to have the courage to change our personal agenda, and that of our country!


Key Dates and Events for April…

April 5th….Saturn stations retrograde at 28* Sagittarius until 8/25

While Saturn is retrograde is brings opportunities to revisit and rethink some very fundamental aspects of where you are in your life. This is the perfect time to take a look at where you have been, where you are today, and where you want to go! Best practice, look within as well as where you are today with realistic eyes! Saturn is the Great Teacher and has been in Sagittarius since late 2014. He will be leaving this sign at the end of the year….so, the opportunity is to take a good look at the last 2 years…..what you’ve tried, what is working, what needs to go, and what direction you are ready to embark!!

Good questions to ponder……

What does my Soul want for me at this time?

What is my purpose….direction….focus for the next phase of my life? ( Saturn rules our purpose!)

Look at the Long Range implications and impacts of the decisions you are now considering……..

(You have time….by August 25 plans and ideas will gel together)

April 9th…..Mercury stations RX at 5 * Taurus until 5/3

This is the second planet to retrograde this month ( the 3rd one being Pluto on the 20th) so we are being asked to slow down the pace! Avoid jumping into things too quickly! Conversations and interactions need to be thought out carefully before engaging. Thinking thru before hand what you want/need is the Best Practice! This applies to any decisive or important actions you must take during these 3 weeks!

Pointers for the RX period….

*Double check and follow up on all your communications….texts, emails, phone calls, meetings, travel….best to be overly thorough!

*  Misunderstandings can occur….be patient….don’t play the blame game!

*  Write appointments and list of To Dos DOWN…..you are apt to forget during this Merc RX

*  Back up all electronic devises….and Please….don’t purchase  any of these  at this time!

Best Practice during  a Mercury RX

* Good to reconnect with old friends and clients!

*You may discover new more realistic approaches to old problems.

*Solutions to problems could now work that once were not appropriate or ready to execute!

April 10th…..Full Moon in Libra-Aries @ 11:08 PM

This is quite an energetic  and potent Full Moon! It involves a T-square with Sun and Uranus in Aries, opposing the Moon and Jupiter in Libra,  all squaring Pluto in Capricorn! Yicks……tensions and energy will be high!

These are all dynamic power planets, each vying to win!

So….here’s what might come up…..

*Being stubborn or resistance to change or opposing views!

*Not listening to your inner voice/intuition and acting impulsively or carelessly!

*You may think you know what is best for you or another at this time, when , in fact, new information is trying to come through to you. Listen carefully before responding or making important decisions or taking non-revocable actions!!

*Trying to do to much….or pushing others to hard!

BEST PRACTICE for this Full Moon Energy….

*Be open in your stance and approach

*Try to find common ground on a topics. If you can’t, don’t give up…let it rest, and approach at a later date!

*Use mindfulness in your conversations….take the High Road! Try to mend bridges rather than tear them down!

*Be diplomatic and a mediator…..look for win win solutions!

*Practice RADICAL self care! Energy and conflicts will abound….work to stay centered!

And…a few questions to ask….

*Are my relationships and partnerships equally empowering and supportive?

*If not, what could be done to make them more so?

*Am I taking the extra step to build a bridge if the opening presents itself?

It will be an  intense few days….particularly since Mercury is adding to some of the confusion….

Pause…..Breathe ……..Pause……Breathe……

And….. know the more you strive for  all parties to win…..you win!!!


April 15th…..Venus goes direct!

Venus stationing now will add a positive vibe as it opens the way for more benevolent and compassionate feelings to permeate whatever else you’re involved in.

It becomes easier to combine your personal heart with the cosmic heart generating more tolerance and unconditional love!

 You may notice that others are feeling good too which makes this a great time for bridging differences and mending fences!
It would be good to set aside some time over the weekend to reflect upon what you have discovered the last 6 weeks during the Venus Rx phase.  YOU may find that your priorities have shifted as they relate to your personal Values, your relationships, what you love and where you would like to see improvement!

April 20….Pluto Stations Retrograde at 19 Capricorn until 9/8

Pluto is the planet that has the power to reveal your deepest fears, but also your precious buried and hidden treasures! And, when Retrograde, it reveals where these lie in your psyche while also providing the pathways, tools and courage to explore those very places. As you do , you will discover your untapped power and resources that can and will accelerate your growth and evolution!

During this time period, you may be sensing that something is wanting to emerge that is now ready to become known!Pay attention to anything that keeps presenting in some way!

Questions to ponder….

*Are there resources I”m not using?

*Am I holding back moving forward on a venture that might bring me greater abundance?

At the end of this Retro period, you will feel more empowered and renewed! The key is to follow the cosmic bread crumbs as well as your instincts and intuition, and trust the path, even if it is winding and difficult at times to see!

It will be revealed to you!

April 26th….New Moon in Taurus @ 6* at 5:17 AM

A New Moon, or New Beginning in the sign of Taurus of one of my favorites and is perfect time to plant seeds for abundance, beauty, self worth, your inner gifts and  and talents, and your ability to give and receive love! This is a beautifully aspected alignment, so Venus traits  are the themes that will be activated!

We are holding a beautiful New Moon Ceremony, crystal sound bath, and meditation on the 26th  at the AURA SHOP from 7 to 9 PM! Please come join us! If you can’t, be sure to follow the ceremony posted on the New Moon page….(which will be posted shortly!)


This month holds lots of energy, activity and changes……Slow down…..Stay Present….and follow the Cosmic Breadcrumbs!

          Stay Inspired……Connected…..Empowered!

                                                                                              Peace and Blessings

March Overview 2017

Happy Birthday Pisces!

March will be quite an energetic and active Cosmic month! This is the last month of the Zodiac year!

March 21st the Sun shifts into Aries, the  first day of Spring Equinox, and we begin the New Astrological Year!!

That being  said, we have the opportunity this month to ” Review the year ( March to March) and release……consciously….. old patterns, beliefs, and projects that no longer serve us! Pisces rules Spirituality, so spending a little down time, connecting to your higher self, and BEING in the Flow is your Best Practice from  the 1st to the 20th!  Faith, Compassion, and the qualities of devotion and trust are the energies highlighted! You will FEEL like taking it a little easy! Spend time in reflection, contemplate what inspires your faith!    What are your personal beliefs and values?

March 21 we enter the world of Aries….the Pioneering, Do it NOW energy, so appreciate this beautiful flowing time the first few weeks! With so much dynamic activity  happening in our country on a daily bases, staying grounded and focused on what’s right and just according to the TRUTH and your Beliefs! What is your moral compass?

  How can you LIVE and BE that which you believe in?

“Time to BE the Change we wish to SEE in the world”  Ghandi

Here are the highlights by date!

March 2….Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries.

Please note that with aspect will be in effect for about 10 days!

This is the 2nd of 3 exact connections ( the 1st one was 12.26.16 and the last one is 9.27.17)

This is an exciting, dynamic influence that encourages your exploratory and adventurous nature. The urge for freedom of thought and movement is strong as some part of you seeks expression in New and Bold ways! The expansive nature and potential of Jupiter combined with the experimental, innovative, curious nature of Uranus sets the perfect stage for positive change!

Pay careful attention to what enters your life now as it may be very significant as time goes on!

A few more details about this aspect…

  • Higher Truths and new insights can change things quickly.
  • Since Jupiter is RX, you may see what beliefs are blocking your own expansion!
  • There is a Luck Energy with this aspect…so take to heart that this is a GREAT time to break out and try something new and exciting. The boring mundane won’t do!

March 4rd…Venus goes RX thru 4.15

This occurs once every two years for about 5 weeks! Venus rules our relationships, money, self esteem, and what we value!

During this time there will be key areas of focus:

The status and condition of your relationships!!!!

  • Your core values and current priories
  • Your self worth and esteem
  • Self CARE and nurturing
  • Your relationship to abundance/lack/money!
  • Your loves from the past may re-appear…see if there is a completion that is needed!
  • Keep your spending to a minimum….you won’t like what you buy!
  • Please….NO cosmetic surgeries or nips and tucks!

You may need to re-evaluate your agreements….less IS more!

Are you all work and no play?

Are you completely stressed out….multi tasking 12 hours a day? If so, time to JUST SAY NO! Turn off phones unplug, and put a new schedule of LESS into your week!

Take a  good look at self care and schedule time for YOU. Remember, to be of service to many, you must come from a place of BEING FULL with plenty to give! Give to yourself first so you can give to others!

March 9th….Mars moves into Taurus thru 4/21!

This is great news, Mars in this sign has us slow  down a bit and be more methodical and practical  in our actions, instead of just running from one project to the next without forethought and planning!

He will also be a stabilizing energy when we have the Aries line up after the 20th!

March 12….Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces

The emphasis for this highly energetic full moon is on how your incorporate your spiritual path into your daily life! It is a balance of Spiritual practice, and active service! Beware….. you will feel the approach of this Full Moon early in the week!

A great question to ponder at this full moon is….How am I called to service in ways that serve the greater good?

More details on this Full Moon + your ceremony and crystal grid will be posted on the full moon page shortly!

March 20th  Sun enters Aries….Spring Equinox!

Yippee! Spring is here and it is time to begin a New Year and New Cycle! A lot has occurred since the Winter Solstice! Check to see if you want to change, revise, or plant new ideas! You will also begin to notice the build up of Aries energy, so different from Pisces. Time to get a move on!  The Solstice has been an important day throughout history! Veils are thin between worlds. Honor the day, the new beginning( Solar New Year)!  The New Moon on  March 27 is the time to sent intentions and kick off spring…so take the 7 days to consider all the New you Desire to move forward with!

Here is a perfect question to Ask of yourself…taken from a great  book  ” 29 Questions for the Ordinary Life, Revealing the Profound Amidst the Ordinary” by Norman L Bouchard

“What would I do today if I were BRAVE ?”

Aries energy is where we get our extra dose of Courage…So what if we  extend this question to…..

What would I do this YEAR, if I were BRAVE?

Would love to hear your  Intentions of  Bravery and Breakthroughs!!

March 27th….. New Moon in Aries…7:57 PM

New Moons are about Beginnings….and this is the First New Moon of the New AstroYear! It is set to be super dynamic!

Please come join us for an amazing evening at the AURA SHOP for a Live New Moon ceremony, astro overview, meditation and chakra clearing with the incredible voice Alchemist Shanna..  Monday March 29th, 7 to 9 PM..Be There!

Call to reserve at 310.583.9998

Here are the highlights….. more details and your DIY ceremony will be on the NM pages shortly

  • Both the Sun and  Moon are conjunct (kissing) Venus, making it essential that you truly care about and value whatever your new project, venture or idea!
  • There are 5 planets in Aries which is sure to generate passion, and feelings!
  • It can charge up your motivation and enthusiasm to get going on something you may have been dragging your feet on!
  • Jupiter is Squaring Pluto…potent aspect….What is” Fair and Just” butts” up against ” old establish order! ” Sparks fly!!



March 30th…Jupiter in Libra Squares Pluto in Capricorn ( this has a 10 day influence)

This is the 2nd of 3 times this aspect is occurring. The first was last Nov 24 2016, and the final is August 4th…

This is about releasing old patterns in order to set the stage for new directions and expansion of personal freedom!

As these two square off, it is an opportunity to look inward ( Jupiter is Retrograde) to what believes about yourself prevent you from expanding and growing!

This process of growth is related to connection to your soul for it is there your capacity for expand in dynamic and exciting ways truly exists! So, during these days you may find that your are reaching for higher ways to express yourself and live a fuller life….unencumbered by old definitions of self! Part of what makes this so exciting is that it is being energized by the New Moon in Aries!

Please Note

  • These energies are sure to play out on the world stage. Clashes of powerful values are being worked out!
  • The just and fair way comes up again the old established ways
  • The desire for independence is strong
  • Practice moderation in the midst of opposing ideals and agendas.
  • It is important to stay vigilant  as to when to move forward and when to simply stand still
  • Mars in Taurus will help to keep the pot from boiling over….and ….watch your Stubbornness
  • Look for New ways of win win….Think outside the box!

This is a gateway of Cosmic Energy urging us to ” Pony Up, Be Brave, Follow what is Just, Right, and aligned with Fair Values for all!

Let’s be Spiritual Warriors for Good!


April notes….we have Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto all going Retrograde….( the 5th , the 9th, and the 20th)

Get your important tasks, meetings, and decisions done at the beginning of the month! More in April of course….but wanted to give you a heads up so you take action in March!

Time to MARCH Forward!!!!

Stay Inspired….Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings