February Overview 2017

Happy Birthday Aquarius!

As we begin February in the sign of Aquarius, the powerful New Moon in Aquarius on Jan 27th is still highly activated! This energy  is calling us to expand our hearts and mind, and actively embrace humanitarian concerns! Attention to national and global issues are facing us all, reminding us we are indeed one family in the Cosmic scheme of things! During this time, our circles of friends and peers may expand to include new and intriguing people with whom we share mutual interest and concerns! The higher frequency of this sign is to find ways to build bridges rather than burn them! Group meditations and sending light to the collective can make a big difference. Thinking outside the box is an Aquarian trait that is quite useful at this time in our history! And remember….1 person sending light can effect 70,000 in the dark! (Power vs Force) We have a lot of work to do!!

As a historical side note….during the 60’s, the planet Pluto ( break it down) and Uranus ( break through to New Ways, freedom, individual rights) created an aspect called a conjunction( both in the same sign at the same degree) This aspect in Astrology is the strongest, and represents the beginning of a new cycle. Since these two planets move slowly thru the Cosmo’s, they are now at their first square, or point of tension and challenge. We are in a time that is a critical point in history! What we do now to assure what was started in the 60’s in regards to civil rights, gay rights, woman’s rights, African American rights is for the greatest good for all people! We are in a revolution, and what each one of us does to join the causes we believe in MAKES A DIFFERENCE!  Join a group, call your senator, write letters, and march peacefully! Now is the time to practice mindful resistance and change! We want to bring what was started in the 60’s to full integration!

Here are the important Astro aspects for February….

 Feb 6 – June 9th…..Jupiter, the planet of expansion and blessings, is turning retrograde!

*First and foremost, Jupiter magnifies everything else going on when it is strong as it is now. So, things can seem “bigger than life”!

*  Jupiter is in the sign of Libra, the sign that rules balance, harmony and relationships…so if you are feeling out of balance….now is the time to regain equilibrium.

*Watch out for overindulging…( food, social media, drinking!)

* Yield on things that don’t really matter

*Practice active listening

*Respect others opinions

*Allow yourself to be loved and supported, and do the same for others!

*Practice moderation

On a national scale, issues relating to inequality and what is fair and unjust are on the forefront. And, both Jupiter and Libra have rulership over law, courts, etc. While retrograde, any rulings that are either unethical, unpopular, or unjust, could be reversed or overturned at some point in the future. So, have heart and keep Marching….Peacefully!

Here is a quote from the Martin Luther King Jr Monument in DC

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly” Alabama 1963


Feb 10th…….. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo at 4:33 PM

This month hold the first set of  2017 Eclipses! (The second set is in August!)

Eclipses are dramatic wild cards and some of the most powerful tools that the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to change. They uproot us, surprise is, and get us moving. They shake us up so that we can move from one level of maturity to another, and to a higher plane very rapidly. Eclipse wants us to change, and change we do!

Eclipses usually arrive in pairs, and coincide with new moons and full moons, as solar and lunar respectively. They appear in a family of signs that are opposite each other on the horoscope wheel and occur every 5 and ½ months for 18 to 24 months, and at that point, your transformation in that set of signs will be complete. Once a family of signs is finished, it will not be back for 7 or 8 years.

In 2017 we have  2 sets of  Eclipses moving into the Signs of Leo and Aquarius and we end the series of Pisces and Virgo on Feb 25th.

Years that hold eclipses in your sun sign or rising sign will be vital for you and will trigger major turning points!

Full Moon Eclipse in Leo/Aquarius

This energy will place a greater focus on how we, as individuals, relate to and fit into the whole!  Under this Full Moon you may feel more social, creative, and inventive! There is a beautiful Fire Grand Trine associated with this Full Moon, so you may feel inspired, fired up, and excited about new ideas and plans.

And, full moons always seek to create balance, reveling that which is hidden to come to light, so pay very close attention to synchronicities and coincidences around this time…they are sure to bring important details to your decisions and plans!

And one last word about this Full Moon…the energy will be intense….so act with kindness and love….we all will be feeling the intensity here!  ( Your ceremony is posted on the full moon page!)

Feb 18th… March 19th….The Sun shifts into the Sign of Pisces!

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, and so when the Sun is here each year it marks the end of our annual solar journey through the Zodiac. During these 30 days, you may experience  completions in your life while new areas of focus are beginning to setup wings, waiting to emerge in the solar new year, March 20th!

Feb 26….New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces + Mars Conjunction Uranus Opposite Jupiter!

This is going to be quite a potent day!  New Moons are activators, as is Mars, so this day is sure to bring an array of unexpected situations, and emotions!

It is the last Eclipse in Pisces…so something will end, and there will be a new beginning in the area where Pisces lives in your chart.  Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus also involved, it is going to feel intense! Pisces is the most mystical of the signs, asking us to seek inner counsel, reaching for our highest expression. Uranus is heading us in New Directions and Freedom, while Jupiter is asking for harmony and balance. The involvement of Mars, brings out anger and action…so rest assured, the energy this day will feel all over the board.

Though this can be a confusing time, you may feel invigorated, renewed and committed to a new path for your life! Courage, passion, and enthusiasm can be available in a big way! Releasing of the tension and holding on to the old ways can be quite invigorating and the perfect way to end the month and start  Fresh New Adventure! ( ceremony and details on the New Moon Page!)

Remember….it is each one individually that effects the collective…..what you do matters and makes a different!

Shine your light!!!



Peace and Blessings





January 2017…Let the Magic Begin!!!

Happy 2017….The Year of Magic!

This year begins a New Cycle for us all!!! It is a 1 year (2017 = 2+1+7= 10 =1)                 The year of the Magician and New Beginnings!

The Magician represents the Law of Manifestation! By using your many talents you ARE a Transformer and a Materializer!

The Magician uses his Inner Vision…to SEE what is possible and what is in his heart! He FEELS what it is like to be In that Vision…amazing! He absolutely KNOWS and Believes and trusts it is POSSIBLE, and he takes Doable actions to accomplish it!

This is your Magician’s Mantra…..See it, Feel it, Believe it, and Do it!

Then, like Magic….all elements needed to accomplish your Vision conspire, and  Boom….there it is…. Done!

                    Best Practice in the 1 year is to do your Magician’s Ritual Daily with your mediation and quiet time!

Live In Possibility and Magic….Daily!

Watch what you are thinking …no matter what it is… it will Manifest! So, lets  keep our mental thoughts positive!

Remember, we create our own reality….not our president or congress!

Here are the Astro details as we begin 2017…

We started  2017 in  a mystical aspect call Neptune conjunct Mars, along with Mercury RX!  From a cosmic view, we are being guided to take the time to Go In for our Guidance! Even after Mercury stations direct on the 8th, the Mars Neptune mystical aspect will hold for the entire year! This energy is perfect to use our Magician Skills….Be Inner Guided for your Outer Action!

January 8th Mercury Stations Direct@ 1:43 AM PT……. Hallelujah!!

This  has been a powerful Retrograde! As he stations direct, some important info that was withheld during the last 3 weeks, will come to light and could impact events significantly going forward! During this retrograde period, you may have uncovered some important new information, or maybe realized things that are now ready to be incorporated into your 2017 game plan! The green light is on!                  ( ps…give it just a few more days to settle down before you go into major action or major purchases!)

January 12 Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn 3:37 AM ….Cardinal Grand Cross!

Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. A full moon brings to light that which has been hidden, or needs to be illuminated in order to bring balance and harmony. If you are open and receptive, it can be a time of unification, discovery , reward and fulfillment. And, as a note, Full Moons always bring emotions to the surface…for everyone!

This is the First Full Moon in the New Year, and it is going to be quite potent! It involves 5 planets and creates a cardinal grand cross!  The planets in opposition are quite powerful, because they all want to win and be right.! This FM will be a time of RELEASE, NEGOTIATION, and INTEGRATION! It involves the area  of your work/career vs. home/family, and your relationships vs. personal independence! This energy  is sure to usher in a new wave of change sending us in new directions! It is our opportunity to release….really let go of the old ways and anything left over from 2016, and have the courage to step into a new direction!

And, with Jupiter and Uranus involved….expect the unexpected!

Emotions will be high….Best practice……

Breathe, pause, be patient before you take action or lash out at someone.

We are all feeling it!

Your spiritual practice and guidance is the IT factor so be sure to make it a priority!!!

( More details and your ceremony posted on the Full Moon Page!)

January 19th Sun moves into Aquarius!

Aquarius is ruled by the unpredictable planet Uranus….the Rouge of the Solar System! It is called this because its unpredictable behavior fits perfect with this sign as it asks us to Think outside the Box and to view life from a new perspective,considering things we hadn’t before. This solar influence also expands our hearts and minds, asking us to embrace humanitarian concerns and the global issues facing us in these times.  While the sun is in Aquarius (thru Feb18) we may feel more social, creative, inventive and curious! Our circle of friends may expand including new and intriguing peeps, with which you share common concerns or interests! To activate the highest energy of this sign, look at ways to  build bridges rather than burn them!  We need inclusion and unity now more than ever!

Best Practice….Get your Humanitarian On!!!!! Think Globally….Act Locally!!!

 January 27th New Moon in Innovative Aquarius @ 4:08 PM

The only planets involved with this New Moon in Aquarius is the Sun/Moon conjunction…..meaning no other energies will be influencing this NM! This is quite rare….and actually, this Aquarian energy will be quite pure! So BRING IT to your revolutionary New Ideas, your groups, and the world platform! I feel that this is really the beginning of the New Year….Mars gets us into action, and actually, we have the Chinese New Year…the Year of the Rooster  on the 28th!  And, we are hosting a Live New Moon, Crystal Sound Bath Meditation and Ceremony at the AURA SHOP on Jan 27th from 7 to 9. This is an awesome way to set your intentions with like minded souls! Have your energy field bathed and cleared with the alchemical sounds of Shanna and the singing bowls!!! The beautiful Crystal Energy in the Room of Illumination super charges and energizes you. It is quite an experience! If you are in town please join us!

Details on the New Moon page….

Call to reserve your spot at the AURA SHOP…310.584.9998

January 27th…..Mars into Aries! Energy shift! Yippee!!

Mars begins a new 2 year cycle, out with the old…in with the new!  This is wonderful news, as we have all been pushing thru the difficult Mars in Pisces aspect. Now it is time to wake up and get things done!!! Mars remains in Aries until 3/9. What you will notice is you are feeling more energetic, confident, and courageous….. ready initiate new projects and get the ball rolling for 2017.This is a very dynamic energy and if used with some forethought and mindfulness you can accomplish a lot in a short period of time! And, it activates your New Moon intentions with Go Power!

Best Practice….Plan accordingly and Just do It!

January  28th Chinese New Year….The Year of the Fire Rooster!

In many ways, this will feel like the beginning of the New Year for us! We are thinking clearly, we have energy, and we are on a 2017  Magic Mission! The Rooster qualities will keep us on our plans and goals. They are up early, announcing the day! The love schedules and love to stay on them, as well as keeping  their space neat and tidy with everything in its place!

The Year of the Rooster will be a powerful one, with no middle of the road when it comes to moving forward. This year, impressions count. You’ll want to look your best and be clear on your intentions concerning love, money, and business. Stick to practical and well-proven paths to ensure success, rather than risky ventures.

Remember: In a Rooster Year, all of the Chinese animals can reap great rewards by tapping into Rooster traits. Loyalty, commitment, hard work, family values, and top-notch appearances are just some of the characteristics that will be rewarded this year.


 There will be many exciting twists and turns in 2017!  This is a time in history that is unprecedented! We are all here to be leaders and light-workers, creating Magic despite appearances of chaos!   And, we really must be ready to stand together with our tribes to initiate the changes we desire! United we Stand….Divided we Fall!!!!

Let’s Make it a year of amazing magic and a change for Good!



Peace and Blessings

December Overview 2016

sag kagayaHappy Birthday Sagittarius!

I always love this time of the year…..for many reasons, but in particular, Sagittarius energy is so expansive, generous, and optimistic, it feels like a breath of fresh air! The Symbol of Sagittarius is the Archer, aiming his arrow high into the sky, striving for greater consciousness. During this time, we are asked to seek greater understanding,higher truths, and new perspectives that broaden our horizons.

                                    It is a month of renewing Faith!

And, as this year draws to an end, it is the perfect time to review what has been accomplished…the Good…the Bad…and the Ugly!…..and  set our sights for 2017!


As we gather with friends and family this month, REMEMBER the REAL meaning of the Holidays…….one love

Gratitude, Faith, Thanksgiving, Appreciation and Love!

Share it….Receive it….Give it!

This has been quite an extraordinary year with many starts, stops, shifts, changes, new beginnings and endings!  And now, this month the Cosmos is lining up special energy to assist us ending 2016 powerfully! Let’s tie up all those loose ends and prepare for 2017,  a 1 year, beginning a new cycle for us all! (YIPPEE!!!!!)

time to love

Here is a run down of Energetic Days to note in your Calendar so you Stay in the Flow this month and end the Year Gracefully and  Empowered!

cosmic-breath-of-lifeAs a special Cosmic Gift, we have an unusually long aspect ( good vibration energy) holding strong all month and into January! Saturn in Sagittarius is sextiling Jupiter in Libra! Sextiles are called the “opportunity aspect” and exert positive energy. It does however, require that you pay attention to HOW it presents itself in your life and then act as needed!  YOUR PARTICIPATION is required! These two Big Planets are in a cosmic dance, having quite the time! So for us, after such a year as 2016,  rewards are available! A Sextile is an opportunity to have life work, and, the energy is subtle. Pay attention to the little details.  Look for and be open to signs, people, synchronicity, unexpected meetings!  Make notes, keep a special journal! This is not the time to rest on your laurels! Be proactive in the Vision you are creating! Magic is in the Air! Saturn can help Jupiter expand in solid practical ways. The Cosmos is sending sparkles and light beams to inspire, connect, uplift, and lead us on our Soul path. It will be quite and extraordinary ending of 2016!

You may want to print this or just jot down the days so you are in tune and in the Flow during the busy Holiday Season!

12.13 Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius @ 4:05 PM PST PegasusFullMoon

This is a beautiful Full moon and is one of the triggers activating the Jupiter Sextile Saturn dance happening in shawdow tangothe Sky all month!    Full Moons always seek to create balance (the Sun opposite the Moon) and illuminate that which has been hidden! The Moon in Gemini will bring focus to all  all forms of communication, how you receive and process it.The Sun in Sagittarius then forms opinions and beliefs about what is true or what could be old and outdated. The gift is to look at what no longer supports you, and let it go!

Best Practice….. choose the High Vibe of this Full Moon, and  LOOK at New Possibilities. Be WILLING to See and Know Higher Truths. ( more info and a FM ceremony will be posted on the full moon page!)

12.19 Mercury goes Retrograde in Capricorn December 19th thru Jan 8

mercThis is the 4th and final retrograde of the year, and the second one in Capricorn. We started 2016 with Mercury RX in Capricorn, and now we are ending with this same aspect! I like to think it is the Cosmos giving us a check and balance before we take off into 2017! Please do all the usual Merc Rx strategies, (plan ahead, back up computers, check and double check your travel plans for the holidays, and definitely shop early!) And, you may revisit issues that came up during January….did you take care of situations?  Is there something lingering that needs completion? The same opportunity may re-present….so take note and appropriate action. You get a second chance to re-adjust!! The very best way to work with  Mercury RX energy is to RE-connect with friends and family. RE-member the real reason for the holidays and celebrate love, connection, and Faith. Pay attention to synchronicities and the people you vibe with. This is the time to jot down  all your amazing ideas and ah-has, as it is not the best time to initiate moving forward into action. Better to regroup, relax, and renew! Some missing piece of information will present during this time that will make all the difference for your 2017!


12.19 Mars Moves into  Pisces thru January 27.Lake Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand.

Fiery Mars entering mystical and watery Pisces will slow things down! All the more reason to for getting prepared early for the Mercury Rx and the holidays You will not be in the mood to rush and push forward, complicating the Mercury Rx even more! Best Practice for this energy is to take time out to BE…. meditate, connect to your Higher Self, renew your faith, open up to compassion and love for self, family, friends and the world! Connect with nature, walk on the beach, go to the movies, be inspired, dream!!  A perfect energy to blend with the Saturn Jupiter Sextile!

dec new moon12.21 Winter Solstice 2:45 AM PST

A new season begins! The Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn, signaling  the shortest day and  longest night of the year! Perfect for planting seeds, planning and setting intentions for the next 3 months and into 2017!  Meditation, being quiet, and listening IN are so important at this time  as  the veils between worlds are thin! Assistance and messages from our Angels, Guides, and Messengers on the other side are clearly heard!  I will be holding a  beautiful Solstice gathering  at the Dolphin Marina Club. Included is powerful meditation, visioning,  and surprises! Details will be on the events page where you can sign up. And, if you can’t join us, be sure to take a moment to LISTEN IN, where ever you are are today!

12. 24  Saturn Trine Uranus

The influence of this aspect lasts a few weeks before and after and is great news as this is quite a powerful aspect! Trines help us bringlightbuld inhand two planetary energies together. Combined, these 2 planets can bridge our ideals with reality and work to bring dreams into manifestation! And, it will even empower the Sextile with Jupiter! We have 3 amazing planets working together in synastry just for us! Timing and synchronicities are key elements of how this transit manifests, so trust divine timing and pay close attention to coincidences and ah-ha moments. Now is the time to consider new pathways and directions! During this time your unique innovative ideas and solution can and will become reality!!!

12.25 Jupiter Opposite Uranus

This aspect can and will amplify whatever is going on! It is a positive energy that can bring lots of enthusiasm, optimism and hope for the future. Under this influence we want to grow and evolve is some significant and noticeable way!  It Fires us up to be all that we can be! Here are a few great questions to ask yourself…..

penguin on dolphinWhat If…….( think very big!!)

Why Not Try…..(something really unusual that is in your heart)

If not now…when? (of course after the Mercury stations direct Jan 8th)

You will probably be with friends and family today….the best place to get support and inspiration!!  All of this energies will be blending into a new, innovative direction for you!

Key words….Expand Your Genius!


12.28 New Moon in Capricorn @ 10: 53 PM PST

This is a very special New Moon! New Moons are always about New Beginnings, wiping the slate and starting fresh!! In Capricorn, it new moon pick tree emphasizes our primary purpose, goals and intentions for the New Year…..which may need a a bit of clearing and revamping! And, Uranus stations direct a few hours later, bringing sudden and brilliant possibilities!

This is a very important day! Please take the time to do your intention setting ceremony! It will be quite beneficial as you start the New Year! I am hosting a New Moon gathering at the AURA SHOP on Main Street on 12.28, 7 to 9 PM.  This will be quite an extraordinary evening. Shanna Fanelli will be giving us an amazing Sound Bath and Chakra Clearing  alignment with crystal bowls and her own spectacular voice! I will discuss the trends and key Astrological events occurring in 2017, followed by  a powerful mediation and visioning! If you are in town, you won’t want to miss it!  Space is limited as we will be in the Crystal Room of Illumination!

Please call the AURA SHOP to reserve….310.584.9998.

All details for the New Moon ceremony will be posted on the New Moon page shortly for you to do your personal intention setting!

creative brain12.29 Uranus stations Direct ….The spice that brings it all  together!

Uranus  brings insights and  brilliant ideas to the playing field! If you have been stalled or stuck….now is the time to open to YOUR TRUTH and YOUR Unique Gifts and Talents!

  • What changes need to take place in my home that will bring greater light into my life?
  • What single thing is most needed in my work/career that will create greater stability?
  • What traditions and values are most important to me now, and how can theses be reflected in my life to a Greater degree!
  • What is my Genius Zone…How can I share it even more?

Great questions to ponder as you spend time planning the New Year! Both the New Moon and Uranus turning Direct will assist us in aligning with our Cosmic Soul Print!

This is quite the Cosmic Gift after a Challenging Year!

In review….it has been quite a year! Clearly, events occurred that were not expected on many levels! We as so blessed to be receiving this  delicious Cosmic Cocktail to enlighten and empower our year end! Now more that ever, the world  needs our unique contributions.

2017 is a 1 year…the Year of the Magician! 

We are here at this moment in time to create our personal Magic and help the evolution of our Planet!

Be Bold, Follow your Inner Yellow Brick Road, Dare to go where no man or woman has gone before!

Why Not?

Why Not Now?


Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season,

A time of Reflection, Renewal, and a Bigger, Bolder, Better 2017!shoot for mooninspirational-quotes-tumblr Stay Inspired…Connected….Empowered!

Peace and Blessings


November Overview 2016

scorpio kagayaHappy Birthday Scorpio!

During November, Scorpio energy can feel quite intense and emotionally charged as there are many elements occurring both internally and externally.This month is about release and renewal, so EMBRACING this powerful  transformative energy IS  the path of least resistance . It can and may get quite intense!

A beautiful analogy of this is to take a look at an oak tree. This is the time of the year when the leaves turn exquisite colors, then ….. boom….off the tree they fall, having served their purpose.Then, they lay dormant until we rake them up in big piles ….and burn them. ( Somewhat of a ritual in the Midwest, but native Californians will have to visualize this one! ) New Leaves will return in spring.

Same for us. Time to let the dead stuff go! Let’s burn it ! It is no longer relevant. Period!fall trees

Deep healing is possible  if we intend and allow a light to shine into the depth of our soul! The key theme this month is  ” breaking free of what limits us!”  Please keep that in mind all month when opportunities present for us to let go and move on. I encourage you to JUST DO IT!

And, heads up, it is going to be a very active cosmic month! All three of the personal planets shift signs, Mercury (thinking) Mars (action) and Venus( feelings). Both the New Moon and the Full Moon combine powerful Cosmic line ups, Jupiter squares Pluto, (first of 3 squares running into 2017) and Neptune stations Direct!

A lot is happening to help us prepare for 2017!!!

Best Practice…..renew and DO your daily Spiritual Practice!meditation

Here are the details by date: You might want to print and keep handy!

November 8 …Mars (Action) moves into the sign of Aquarius thru 12/19. We are encouraged to try new methods to achieve our goal!  Personally, I love this and it happens only once every 2 years! The Cosmic timing couldn’t be better to allow us to put into action in a new way, the changes we are making! Yippee! Think outside the box, and let your natural Aquarian genius invent new ways!!

November 11….Venus ( feelings) enters Capricorn until 1/14/17. You will notice you are taking a responsible  practical  approaches with  $ and relationships!
And with Mercury RX in Capricorn in December, these two energies will keep holiday spending in check!

November 12….. Mercury, ( thinking) moves into Fiery, Expansive, Sagittarius until12/2……

grow bigThis will be a nice relief after the intensity of his visit in Scorpio!

While in Sag, Mercury helps us open our minds to new possibilities! We become more hopeful and want to learn and discover new ideas and options! Being open minded and flexible when new options present will assist us in expanding our worlds, and for making attitude adjustments.

Also, look out for over committing…you think you can do it all….not considering  time involvement clearly.

( This is another reason why it is so important to let go of baggage!)         Time to Think Big!

November 14th….Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio….This is a Super intense Super Full Moon where we will be seeking to balance and release our intense emotions and past baggage  (all the details posted on the Full Moon page!) http://shelleywarrenastrology.com/3214/full-moon-nov-14-in-taurusscorpio/

November 19th ….Neptune stations direct.spiritual-crossing

Neptune the planet of illusion, delusion, Vision and Spirituality turns direct….Neptune has been quietly and softly  revamping our Spiritual understanding and connection. All the new insights and ideas we have been working on will begin to make sense , as our Spiritual muscle empowers forward movement!

The days surrounding a Neptune station can be quite interesting. You may feel somewhat disoriented
and/or ungrounded. Things may feel strange and even somewhat surreal. At times you might not be
quite sure what to do next or wonder if you actually just said or did something or not!
If you are super sensitive, you may feel or pick up on other peoples emotions and feelings. Make sure you protect yourself  on an energetic level.
Also, pay close attention to your dreams! This is a great time to receive messages and insights. It is a great day to spend a little  time in meditation, and if you can plan a short retreat for a few days before and after….that would be great use of this energy!
Best Practice…..Consciously Ground yourself before you leave  home!


November 24th…..Jupiter squares Pluto….this first of 3 squares and  will give us a taste of a KEY change in store for us in 2017! When we have the first hit of an aspect, it is much like an awakening! These two energies are quite different, but when in this  aspect combination, can create quite remarkable change and Spiritual growth! It will encourage us to look at our shadow(Pluto) and our Light (Jupiter) and offer us challenges to grow and expand our personal soul’s evolution! This is occurring on Thanksgiving day in the US.  A day of celebrating love, gratitude and thanksgiving for the many blessings of 2016. It should make for quite and extraordinary day! I will be writing more on this aspect as in unfolds in the New Year!

November 29th ….New Moon in Sagittarius…..This New Moon will really be a relief after the intense Scorpio energy ! Time to lighten up and think Big! This is the perfect way to end the month and prepare for 2017!          New moon ceremony will be posted shortly!

 As you can see, our Key theme this month  is transformation!

PhoenixRising no 2                                              We will be rising out of the ashes of our old selves!!!

And….lastly. as we enter into the holiday season …we DO have so much to be grateful for!
2016 is almost over, and we get to begin a brand new year shortly. ( yippee!!)
The US elections will be complete, and we can begin the process of reuniting our country!
Thanksgiving at its truest since is about Gratitude….for all that we DO HAVE!
Our wonderful friends, family, fur children and the ability to GIVE and RECEIVE LOVE!
Really….What else is there?
 Sending you all Love, Love, and more Love….

Peace and Blessings



October 2016 Overview!

_LIBRAHappy Birthday Libra!

And all of you with strong Libra in your soul prints will have a great treat this year! Jupiter….the planet of grace, expansion, and blessings will be transiting in your sign for the next 12 months! Yippee for you! This happens only once every 12 years,so congrats! Also, for my air sign peeps….Gemini and Aquarius….Jupiter will be your ally throughout the year….so, take advantage and accept Grace….( and don’t think about it! LOL)


Now to the energy of the month…..this is going to be quite interesting!  And……Not anything like last month…thank goodness!

Let me break it down for you….balance with rocks

First…the theme is Balance and Relationship! We have several planets in Libra now and Libra always finds a way to do what is best for both sides! Time to take a look at all your partners…intimate and business. With the whirlwind September, take a step back and see what was stirred up, what changed, what worked, and what is ready to be abandoned!


                                             Down time and together time is in order!


If you are not in an intimate relationship and desire one…this is the month to focus on what you want   to manifest in a partner…( be sure to plant those seeds on the New Moon September 30 or right after!!!!)


if it doesnt challeneg it does changeNext.…and this is the more challenging consideration and reflection for the month. Mars the Planet of action, energy and at times anger has shifted into the sign of Capricorn. This occurs once every 2 years. In this sign, he will reactivate  and revisiting the slow moving Pluto/ Uranus square!!! If you remember….this started in 2012, and actually completed in 2015….HOWEVER….Mars will stir the pot this month  both conjuncting (kissing) Pluto in Capricorn, and squaring Uranus in Aries. He will also square our lovely Jupiter in Libra.

This  is a  Cosmic check in….Have you made those changes that were initiated during 2012-2015?

If so, is the direction working? Does it need to be tweaked… or…..does it need a complete overhaul?

What will bring you pleasure, happiness…..and BALANCE, aligning with your gifts and talents?

What changes MUST begin now?

And, if you made  changes between 2012 and 2015….are you happy and fulling your destiny?

       Big, bold questions….right?change98201_448973581852345_996570224_n

Here are the funky…. or better said…stir it up and WAKE UP dates!!!

Oct 5….Mars squares our friend Jupiter.…(remember, squares create tension, negotiation required). You might just feel annoyed this day… it is just the warm up!

October 15th…Full Moon in Aries/Libra...This full moon is conjunct Uranus…and it will be the trigger of the Uranus Pluto square reactivation! It is also a SUPER MOON which really amps ups the Lunar activity. Key….finding ways to assert our freedom, without inducing conflict with others is the undertone! Join us for our last Full Moon ride of the season in Burbank. We are call it The Freedom Ride!!!        (more details on the Full moon page!)horse full moon

Oct 19….Mars conjunctions Pluto!!!!! This is a big one. Mars,action,  anger, kisses Pluto, power, change, transformation. This will be in orb around the full moon so emotions will be running high and hot! Best practice….pause, reflect, and really look at what this energy is trying to help you with! Take the high road here….embrace the change, let go of what is not working….Pluto can be brutal if you don’t surrender to the necessary changes required for YOU and your Soul’s growth. If you are on path,have compassion for your fellows this day, it will be a hot potato for many!change same

October 28th Mars squares Uranus!!!! Sudden breakthroughs are possible today. And breaking out for FREEDOM is strong! But beware not to throw the baby out with the bath water!

October 30….New Moon in Scorpio! This is a beautiful New Moon with  compassionate aspects, so the energy can soften and allow us to process our feelings and begin anew! ( details will be posted by end of the month!)

Crystals to use this month for Love and Balance are Rose Quartz, Blue Celestite, Sodalite, Kyanite, Aquamarine and any others you are particularly drawn to. We have a great selection at the AURA SHOP on Main if you are feeling the need to power up  with a few more!

So, as you can see….this is the month to integrate all the new info with all the changes from the last several years, and create the perfect path for you. I also want to add here that we just moved into Fall, the time of harvest and thanksgivings….and we are completing the final months of a 9 year….a year of completion.shoot for mooninspirational-quotes-tumblr

2017 brings us a 1 year….and a new cycle of beginnings!

So take the time to contemplate, questions, discuss, brainstorm, finish up projects and end this year complete, powered up, and ready to begin a whole new cycle!



Peace and blessings!

dog paddle board

PS….. We have 2 live events this month …

October 15th….Last Full Moon Ride in Burbank….We are calling it the Freedom Ride as the Moon is Conjunct Uranus!!!! The ride will be at 5 PM so it will be a Sunset Ride and a Full Moon Ceremony to follow…details on the full moon page and you can now register and pay on line under the Live events page!

October 30…. on the New Moon in Scorpio, I will be teaching Voyager Tarot 101 at the AURA SHOP from 12 to 4!  Call the AURA SHOP register…310.584.9998. Come join the fun and learn how to work with this amazing deck!!

And ….lastly…..I am teaming up with an amazing jewelry designer, Kiki, and we will be offering custom Astro jewelry using your power stones from your Soul Print Astro chart!

Soooooo exciting….details and products will be availability shortly!