New Moon in Gemini 6/6/24@5:37 AM @ 16*

June 6th 5:37 AM

New Moon in Gemini  @ 16 Degrees

New Moons occur when the Sun and Moon align in the same sign each month. It is an opportunity to hit the reset button and begin anew!  The sign that hosts the Sun Moon conjunction is the energy and intention you want to set in motion for the next 4 weeks! And, not only is the Sun and Moon in Gemini…..Venus, Mercury, and the Big Boy Jupiter are all aligned in the sign of the Twins!! It will really feel like information overload, and since Gemini is ever changeable, and quite social…… plans may change!!!

Best Practice…. Be Sure to take a few minutes in the AM to do your New Moon Ceremony, set your intentions, journal, and work to stay calm and present!!!

This New Moon reminds us of our need for connection, community, and our ability to manage multiple events, projects, and situations which the Gemini Twins do brilliantly!!

Gemini, Ruled by Mercury, is the King of Communication!  This New Moon is the opportunity to Re-Set our Thinking and Speaking! Thoughts become things….so it is vitally important how we speak, what we say, and how we think!  Is our glass half empty or half full? It makes a difference how you speak it! If we take this next 4 week cycle, beginning now, speaking and thinking positive empowering thoughts with love, compassion, abundance with intention….just imagine and how wonderful we will be feeling!

I invite you to take the challenge!!! When the old negative thoughts creep in….which they will….just delete immediately and speak your new thought!!!

A few more details….

  • Your mind is especially active now and you will experience an abundance of ideas and thoughts! With all this activity, it’s an opportunity to become more aware of how you think, take in and utilize information, and how your thoughts, attitudes and words shape your experiences and responses to life!
  • Amazing clarity can come when you least expect it!
  • Best Practice: take time for meditation or journaling to gain clarity as you slow your thought process down a bit!  Activate HONEST communication from a neutral place, particularly in all your relationships!
  • Your intuition will be especially active now….so trust it!!
  • Expect great inner guidance, innovative ideas, and perfect solutions to challenging situations!
  • Watch out for information overload! Best Practice, unhook from all media, take a walk in nature, and just chill!

Words and Thoughts are King this month,

So chose carefully what you want to create and how you speak it into the world!words for change

Crystals to use for this New Moon Ceremony are Kyanite, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Celeste, all empower mental clarity!  And of course, Moonstone to begin a new cycle! If you are feeling anxious add Lepidolite or Apophyllite to the mix!! Work to keep your mind positive!!

Here are sample intentions for  your New Moon Ceremony. Please feel free to use these…or make up your own!

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, including:  thinking, writing, speaking, effective listening, and teaching.

Sample intentions to promote inner and outer communication are:

I am inspired to take action on my new innovative ideas and projects!creative brain

I clearly communicate with my boss/coworkers/partner in an effective empowering manor.

I intend to LISTEN and pause before I respond to my family/co-workers.

I  ASK the right questions, leading me to a clear understanding in conversations.

I love writing in my journal daily!

My new book is powerful and transforms lives!

My speaking engagements always empower my audience, and I clearly speak from confidence!

Gemini rules learning, including: factual information, print media, the internet, and formal education.

Sample intentions to enhance learning:

I love using the internet to expand my research and learning!i love books

I find the perfect classes online or in person to further my education in the field of…….

I love studying and learning many different venues!

I envision a new, innovative way to educate, learn, and launch it into the world!

Gemini Rules: Automobiles (and mechanics), short trips, and all transportation.

Sample intentions

I intend to find the new perfect car, at the perfect price.

I intend to take amazing short fun day trips on a regular basis!

I release any fear of flying or travel right now!

Driving on the freeway is always a pleasant experience for me!

All car repairs are complete and long lasting!

Gemini rules relationships based on close proximity, including: happy firends

Brothers, sisters, neighbors, school mates, and roommates.

Sample intentions to encourage positive communication in social relationships:

Easy, effective communication always between me and my sister, brother, roommate!

I always say the right words to my neighbors, promoting harmonious relationships.

My (sister/brother) always communicates in a loving, understanding manor.

My neighborhood is a loving, supportive community!

prayer little girlHere is the info  for your New Moon ceremony.

  1. Start at the exact time 5:37 AM PDT  on 6/6/24. You have up to 8 hours to really capture the full intensity. The closer to the exact time is always better!
  2.  Get quiet, center,clear your space  and make your ceremony sacred.
  3. Write your 10 Intentions, 10 only …by hand, not computer. It would be fun to create a word collage during this New Moon with your intentions!
  4. Take a few moments to visualize each intention, actually PICTURING and FEELING the desired result.
  5.  Then…most important…. Speak your intentions OUT LOUD and EXPECT results! Assume the position…It is Done!
  6. Last but not least….have fun,get creative, ignite your passion and vision, and always, always, follow your Heart’s Desire!

Until next New Moon, here is wishing you great new ideas, innovative solutions,clear communication and an open heart!

astro book with lights



Peace and Blessings