June 2023 Overview!

Happy Birthday Gemini!

As we enter June, we can take a breath! Wow, those Eclipses in April/May were something else! This month will offer time to integrate all the shifts and changes from last month! We can begin to move forward in new directions with clarity and confidence, taking time to establish strong foundations!

The Cosmic energy slows down and it will be a calmer month, but note…. the first week is still quite active…and there are 3 outer planets stationing retrograde throughout the month. Again, allowing us to review, renew, re-strategize, and change course if need be over the summer!

Here are the details….

 6/3/23 Full Moon in Sagittarius  8:41 PM PDT

With the Big Vision energy and wisdom of Sagittarius opposite the curious Gemini  energy, integrating these two signs will allow us to expand and broaden our horizons! Look forward rather than backwards……Thoughts Become Things….take the time to  envision your future! Details for your FM ceremony posted here….Plan to go out under the moonlight and release and recreate!

6/3/23 Mercury conjuncts Uranus during the Full Moon!!! Light Bulb Moment!

This aspect opens a portal  between the  lower conscious mind and the higher mind bringing  new innovative ideas, solutions and insights…… in a flash! As this is occurring at the time of the FM….be sure to do your ceremony, and take the time to think outside the box, you will receive amazing guidance and direction…ask for guidance!!!

6/5/23 Venus enters Leo thru 10/8

Venus will be in Leo thru 10.8.23, stationing Retrograde 7.22-9.3, (more details on this next month)! This is an unusually long stay in one sign in the planet of Love and Money! The good news is that the emphasis will be on the playful Leo qualities of fun, passion, creativity, artistic endeavors, and all things you truly love and that bring you joy!! This is a lovely energy and will assist us as we forge a new path of the heart……. enhancing our life’s direction!

6/11/23 Pluto re enters Capricorn -1/20/24

This is a time of regrouping at some core fundamental level. Take the time to shore up the structures and foundational areas of your life as needed. The key to using this energy is to think in terms of what  would make you feel more grounded and secure, supporting a life that is authentic, creative and soulful! As a note, Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008 and now  is in the process of finishing up his tour in this sign, clearing the way for his stay in Aquarius. Take a look back… see how far you’ve come, and clean up details you have been working on over the last years in regards to restructuring your life.

6/17/New Moon in Gemini @ 26 *

Time for a Mental Reboot!!! This NM will assist you in resetting your believes, thought patterns and decisions made long ago that seriously need to be dumped! This is the best NM of the year to re-calibrate your thoughts and words….thoughts become things…so think rightly!!!  Ceremony will be posted soon!


6/17/23 Saturn stations Retrograde thru 11/04/23.

Saturn in our chart represents the structures of our lives…. actually our very existence in this realm! Sometimes known as the Lord of Karma , he makes it real!!! Our Saturn structures are meant to be sturdy and resilient so we can count on them. They are created to ensure our very survival. Saturn also rules the laws and those who create them. Laws meant to keep the existing structures in place and to uphold the “way things are” aka status quo. These laws aren’t just the ones that come about through a legislative process, but also include what our culture has come to accept as “our reality”.  Collectively we become very attached to and comfortable with “the way things are”! Altering our way of life  goes against our survival  instincts, and these instincts are DEEPLY embedded in all of us to survive!!! While Saturn is in RX motion, all of our laws and structures are up for review. His job is to reassess and restructure where necessary! We will see the review of Roe vs Wade, gun laws, voting rights, and many others! Actually, just about every structure we are familiar with is shifting, as it needs to! Participate where you can, and in your personal life ask if your own foundation is solid. Do you need to make adjustments? Have situations altered so that the old beliefs don’t support the new you! Now is the time to investigate and restructure!!! The key is to slow down, take a deep dive into how you want to live today in this ever changing world that is upon us, and what new systems will be best for the future of our planet! The Pluto Rx IN CAPRICORN will assist in this endeavor!

6.21.22 The Sun enters Cancer @7:57 PM Summer Solstice

Happy Summer! As the Sun enters Cancer, a new Cosmic season begins!!! This is when the days become longer, and we have more light! Time to celebrate with friends and family! Hit the road for a fun summer vacation! Plan picnics, attend outdoor summer concerts,ball games, etc!!Plan it! Do it, and have some FUN!! It is in the fun and relaxation that Divine insights and ah ha moments come thru!!  Take time to enjoy YOU, your family, and the simple pleasures of just BEING!

6.26.23 Mars squares Uranus

This energy can be a little volatile…… so today is the day to slow down….pause….and try not to react! Walk away from disagreements, and plan to revisit conversations in a few days! Mars represents the warrior planet and can unleash anger quickly…. Uranus upsets the apple cart in a flash. So, patience and caution is your Best Practice today. If you have meetings and events planned, be the negotiator, and create win win solutions!!

 6.30.23 Neptune Stationary Rx thru 12.6.23

Neptune stationing retrograde is very subtle, and can have a couple of different effects,particularly the few days before and after the station. First, the low vibe….you may feel tired, confused or discouraged. If this is the case, take extra time to nurture yourself. Relax, eat beautiful healthy food, listen to music that soothes the soul. Be OK to just BE! Things will clear for you. Your main job here is to reconnect with your inner guidance system, and your Spiritual practice. This is what will guide you in building your new structures!

Second, the high vibe of Neptune….. is to  just “go with the flow”, trusting in your intuition, and your connection to Source and Love. Listen to your mystical guidance, and  spend quiet time just BEING!

Over the summer months take the time necessary to integrate and process the extraordinary amount of energetic shifts and changes that have occurred. Be kind and gentle to yourself, your family, your friends, and strangers!  Relax and have some fun….create something beautiful and passionate with the help of  Leo in Venus!!!

And Remember……all these Cosmic Currents are here to EMPOWER us to  shift from the Old to the New in order to create a sustainable world that is INCLUSIVE and WORKS for all people!

Stay Inspired….Connected….Empowered!

Peace and Blessings