April 2023 Overview! Big Month!!!

Greetings All!

It’s sure to be a very dynamic and life altering month!

We have an extraordinary, highly charged New Moon Solar Eclipse on 4/19 @ 29* Aries!

Mercury is a big player in the Cosmic Currents this month, squaring Pluto in Aquarius@ 0* on the 3rd-5th and kissing Uranus while stationing Rx on the 21st just after the NM Eclipse!

Word to the wise, Mercury will be challenging us…..so make sure to act early to prepare…… purchase and repair any and all electronics now, as well as back up all digital devises and make your travel plans before the 21st!

Mercury turns direct on 5/14, crossing the shadow point on 6/3. So, if you don’t purchase now, it is advised that you wait until June!The shadow point is the degree Mercury turned RX. Usually the issues involved during the RX  (4/21-5/14) get resolved, or, you get really clear on next moves!

Your courage and resolve will get a boost with the energy of the Aries New Moon SE!

Be bold and stay open to New Ways of doing and seeing things….just watch your patience level…or lack of! Don’t get ahead of yourself, or become headstrong! Breathe, slow down, and LISTEN IN before you push through!  Trust that slowing down will allow for  Perfect Divine Right Solutions to emerge!

And, remember, Strength, Inner Guidance, and Trusting your innate, instinctual KNOWING, will guide you forward making positive changes and New Beginnings with the Courage to take action!!

Please note, as you move forward in New Directions…. Go where doors open, where they are closed, let GO!!! Remember Divine Right Timing!!!        


BE IN THE FLOW….not swimming up stream!!!

So…..Let’s break it down by date and aspect!

4/3-6/11….Mercury moves into Taurus and immediately squares Pluto in Aquarius… a challenging few days for sure! Disagreements  will abound….practice your negotiation skills…arrive at  win win solutions!!

Here are a few of the traits we can count on with Mercury in Taurus for the next 11 weeks!!

*Practical and realistic thinking: During this transit, we tend to think and communicate in a practical, grounded manner, preferring to focus on tangible results rather than abstract ideas. This will be so helpful as we prepare for the next big shift!

* Attention to detail…. paying closer attention to small details and taking a deliberate approach to decision-making….great  energy with the pending RX in this sign!

*There may be an emphasis on reliability and dependability in communication and decision-making, with people valuing honesty and trustworthiness in their interactions….so needed at this time on our planet!!

*On the negative side, Mercury here can also bring out stubbornness in people, making it difficult for them to change their minds or consider alternative viewpoints….particularity during the square to Pluto the 3rd-6th!

Overall, Mercury transiting in Taurus tends to bring a practical, grounded approach to communication and thinking, with an emphasis on attention to detail, reliability, and appreciation for beauty. However, the potential for stubbornness may also arise during this transit.

April 5th….Full Moon in Libra/Aries @16* at 9:34 PM Pacific

The Full Moon in Libra is a time of balance and harmony! Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and relationships, so this Full Moon will bring focus to our partnerships and connections with others. It may be a good time to assess the give-and-take in you relationships and make adjustments to find a better sense of balance.
Additionally, Libra is associated with justice and fairness, so this Full Moon may bring attention to issues of fairness and balance in our lives or in society as a whole. We may feel called to take action to promote equality and justice.  Details will be posted for your FM ceremony on the web site on 3/5.

April 19th….Big Event!! New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 29* Aries at 9:13 PM PDT

The New Moon solar eclipse on April 19, 2023, will occur in the sign of Aries at 29 degrees, just a few hours before the Sun enters Taurus. Here are some details on this powerful celestial event:

* A Total Solar Eclipse: This is a total Solar Eclipse, which means that the Moon will completely cover the Sun, creating a temporary darkness in the area where it is visible. The eclipse will be visible in parts of the Pacific, including Hawaii, as well as in parts of North and South America, including the western United States and Canada, Mexico, and parts of South America.

* This is the Last Eclipse in Aries for 9 Years…… making it a potent time for new beginnings, taking action, and initiating change in our lives.

Eclipses are powerful times for releasing old patterns and letting go of what no longer serves us. This Solar Eclipse in Aries may bring up themes related to our sense of self, our identity, and our ability to take action and assert ourselves in the world.

* With the Sun entering Taurus just a few hours after the eclipse, there may be a need to balance our assertiveness with a more grounded and practical approach to life.

* The planet Uranus, which is associated with sudden change, innovation, and rebellion, will be closely conjunct to the Sun and Moon during the eclipse, amplifying its energy and potentially bringing additional unexpected events or insights. Buckle up!!

Overall, this New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 19, 2023, is a powerful celestial event that marks a time for new beginnings, letting go of the old, and balancing our assertiveness with practicality. With the influence of Uranus, there may be unexpected events or insights that arise during this time, urging us to embrace change and innovation in our lives.

More details about how to manage Eclipse energy and your NM Ceremony will be posted by the 21st

April 20th – 5/21....The Sun enters Taurus.

When the Sun is in Taurus, the Bull encourages us to get back to basics, to take natural approaches, and steer away from what is complex and intricate. Remember, to manifest  something and be a success, you must tend to it….like a garden that needs the weeds pulled to become deliciously beautiful! Finances and budgets also get attention!

April 21-5/14…..Mercury Stations RX while conjunct or kissing Uranus!

The first few days during the retrograde it feels like chaos! Seriously! So just try to remain calm, practice your your Spiritual approach with meditation, yoga, prayer.Try not to make any sudden changes or decision. Things will calm down however, during this next 3 weeks, communication, technology, travel, and decision-making is disrupted, leading to misunderstandings, delays, and errors.

Some of the typical issues you may experience include:

  1. Miscommunications: People may misunderstand what others are saying, leading to confusion and frustration.
  2. Delays: Plans may be delayed or postponed due to unexpected setbacks or circumstances.
  3. Technical difficulties: Electronic devices, such as computers and smartphones, may malfunction or break down.
  4. Travel problems: Flights and transportation may be delayed or canceled, leading to travel-related stress.
  5. Contractual issues: Misunderstandings or mistakes may occur in contracts, leading to disputes or legal problems

So…..take note… try not to make yourself crazy. All will resolve!

One of the great things about Astrology is that you are privy to the Cosmic Transits…..and, the truth is, the real Cosmic Intention behind a Mercury RX period is to slow down and rethink your direction, review details and look at what needs to be change, revisit plans and travel. Take some time to relax and renew body mind and spirit! Take a beat, pause and breath for a few weeks. Life has been moving so quickly…..time to REGROUP!!!!


I leave you with a  quote to keep in your heart  for this dynamic life changing month…..

                 “One may not reach the dawn save by the path of the night!”

Kahlil Gibran



Peace and Blessings