“My conscious life choices underwent a transformation after being introduced to Shelley about ten years ago.”

“Shelley is a teacher who is capable of explaining what’s going on in a chart no matter one’s level of astrological  understanding.”

“I have known Shelley for a while and I must say that she has brought Astrology to a new Dimension. I never thought that Astrology could be such a powerful tool of transformation!”

“I had my first reading with Shelley 3 years ago and I was so totally surprised and impressed with all the information   and detail that was given to me!  She clearly help me get my life on course”

“I have used Shelley Warren as my astrologer for many years.  Her insight and ability to apply what the universe has in store to my personal and business life has left me in awe.”

“Every year I attune my personal GPS system with a reading from Shelley Warren Astrology!”