logoThe New Moon occurs every 29 1/2 days when the Moon aligns (conjuncts), or as I like to say, kisses the Sun in each sign.  By following this lunar energy cycle, we have the opportunity each month to BE in the Flow and  begin anew! New Moons are about creating new beginnings each month. The Ancients lived by the  lunar cycle  from celebrating, to planting , sowing, and harvesting their crops.  Their lives depended on it! Lunar cycles are  the natural order of the universe, the ebb and flow….the Cosmic Dance. And, once we get In the Flow, and begin our personal dance…..knowing  the most powerful  time each month to  plan meetings, start projects, plan trips, even plan parties and social events……..life becomes magical , fun,and easy…. We are in the Dance of Life!

Join me each month as we practice using the power of the New Moon energy to make our dreams and intentions come true! I post the the ceremony and the energy around the New Moon on the Features Page.