Why is it important to know and understand your natal astrology chart?  This is a great question and one only you can answer with your heart.  Let me ask you this… would you go on a road trip across the country without a map?  Maybe, but for sure, you would be traveling by the seat of your pants, in the dark,  without specific times, miles, and markers. Stressful…yes? Astrology, as a scientific and spiritual approach ,  is  a road map to You! Your character,  your personality patterns, your behaviors, and your potential. An understanding of these  planetary influences allows  you to take your life into your own hands, and intelligently utilize this  energy  that will help you evolve and thrive….or, travel to your destination empowered…inspired…and connected!  I graciously invite you to the sacred soul  journey of you, and together we will map out your trip!