full moon w treeThe Full Moon reaches its peak 2 weeks after the New Moon, when the moon and sun are in opposite signs. The moon reflects the energy of the sun, and we have a most beautiful sight! Full moons  emote  powerful energy,  bringing emotions and feelings to the surface. Projects or long standing issues begun at the New Moon now come to a head. Problems or concerns ” are illuminated” .  We can be  very emotional, tempers and feelings are so close to the surface that we, and those around us, can feel  bit “loony” !

Best practice during the full moon to feel those  feelings, without judgement, and  Release what no longer serves  you or your life. Releasing can look like: journaling and ceremoniously  burning, meditation, dancing, hiking, gathering with friends, and the one I love and do monthly is to go out, be in nature,  where ever you are and just howl!   The point is, to  energetically RELEASE! Let it all go, move the emotion out of the body! It FEELS so  good . Then,  we are free and clear to   use the new two weeks of the month to final, complete and prepare for the next cycle!

And so the  Cosmic Dance continues…..Join me each month for a Full Moon release ceremony!

wolf howling at full moon57