StarLight MoonBrite Custom Jewelry Line

We  are excited to introduce our new StarLight MoonBrite Line. Each piece is designed with stars, moons, and empowering crystals! We select custom crystals based on your personal Star Chart! Or, you can order our styles designed to enhance Love, Abundance, and Light.

Each piece is infused with a personal blessing…..just for you!

Your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are the power points in your personal Star Chart/Soul Print. By wearing the crystals that vibrate to each of these personal planetary energies, it creates a three fold effect. First, these crystals enhance, empower, and accelerate your Soul’s journey. Second, these items are beautiful, they feel awesome since they are your superpower crystals, and they look great! And third, the natural combination of your power crystals working in synergy, create a special force field around you, so natural protection occurs!

These make great gifts for your friends, family, and of course for you!

Remember, the custom pieces are hand designed in collaboration with Kiki of Kiki Designs, so you will be receiving a one of a kind item!

Please email me directly at with your birth info. After calculating your chart, I will call/email to discuss your power crystals before I create with Kiki!

Since these items are made here in LA  and are custom, we will need about 2 weeks to deliver.

Also, please note, if you would like a design that is different from what we are showing, please contact me and we’ll create what you are looking for!