The Tarot is an ancient and powerful tool of divination passed down to us from the ancient Egyptian mystery schools and the ancient Hebrew Kabbalah. The Tarot’s “22 Principal Major Arcana Cards” correspond to the 22 branches on the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life. These branches and cards not only serve as a symbol of Universal Laws and Principles, but as a psychological portrait of humankind and a philosophy of life. These symbols were studied and meditated upon for self-knowledge and personal growth.

In the Middle Ages, four suites of cards called the “Minor Arcana” were added the the original 22 to produce  the 78 cards what we know today as the Tarot. Those additions extended the psychological profile of the Tree of Life by providing symbols for mind, emotion, body, and spirit.

The Voyager  Tarot Deck, invented by James Wanless, takes  tarot into the 21st Century. It is still the same  basic 78 cards, however the images and symbols are more comprehensive and are  a universal picturing of our contemporary human consciousness. Its form of collage-art reflects a new world that is interwoven, full of a startling  array of choices and possibilities. These cards actually have an order that mirrors the complex diversity- yet underlying interconnected order of modern life.

The voyager tarot deck is truly Aquarian, a universal spiritual path that is a vision and prophecy of a new millennium way of living. It pictures a world in which we become  an earthling blend of all colors of people, valuing nature and using science to further our individual destiny and collective evolution. Where woman, man, elder and child compose a family again that embraces the ancient future and restores the wholeness of a way of life!

Tarot  and astrology piggy back brilliantly, giving  a clear picture,awesome insight, visual symbols, and guidance for every  area of your life!

Join me for a 30 minute Hero’s Journey Reading, or a full in depth whole life 60 minute session. You will be delighted, inspired, and amazed at the clarity of guidance you receive.

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