Full Moon July 12th @ 4:30 AM

fullmoonin purpleGreetings,

Our full moon this month is at 20degrees of Capricorn/ Cancer and will be forming a final Grand Cross aspect with  our friends Uranus, Pluto,  Mars and Jupiter! This has been a very powerful, dynamic energy  for us all, and many changes have occurred on all levels  in our work, homes, jobs, and personal self expression in the past 6 months.  This full moon will “illuminate” any situation that has not yet been revealed, or one that continues to hang on…..and allow us to address it, heal it, and release it….for good…….so we have Smooth  Sailing as we embark on our new, exciting, journeys!full moon with shiip

The month started off a bit slow, but that will begin to shift quickly after this  this full moon.  The Cosmic Intention  of this Grand Cross was  to put us on a new path…one that fulfills our personal destiny.  It has not be easy going…but it has been  necessary to get us re-directed! Grace, gratitude,  acknowledgement and appreciation for all the work we have done will  go along way now. Take a moment for YOU!

Here is the run down of the  power packed shifts happening this month:

July 16th..Jupiter into passionate, fiery,  creative,  heart center Leo. Time to follow our hearts and desires!

July 20th..  Saturn stationing Direct in Scorpio,returning to forward movement with new solid  structures in place!

July 21st…Uranus turns Retrograde … be open to receiving flashes of profound insights and new ideas!

July 25th….Mars leaving  Libra after  9 long months and shifting  into powerful intuitive  Scorpio.

So, as you can see, the time is NOW to let the past and old ways of being and doing GO….

We have Cosmic support to move  forward and create a world that works for us all!cosmic moon

Please join me in person at Mothers Beach, Marina del Rey on Saturday July 12 for a Full Moon Release Circle.

If you can’t make it in person, please be sure to have your own release ceremony, and plant those  seeds of new direction!

I am also offering Special Jupiter into Leo  mini astrology readings this month to assist  in your growth and expansion!

Contact me for details on either!


Onward and Upward….shoot for mooninspirational-quotes-tumblr




Full Moon in Scorpio May 14th

change98201_448973581852345_996570224_nFull Moon in Scorpio

May 14th  @ 12:15 PM

Full Moons  illuminate! They  are oppositions, calling for a conscious balancing of the energies involved. This week we have the  Full Moon in Scorpio  opposition the Sun in Taurus. And, it will be quite  intense  and emotional I might add.  These are 2 fixed signs, meaning, it is more difficult for us  to break up old  patterns and let go of what is no longer working. In the wake of the powerful grand cross energy, what is being asked during this full moon is to really, really, really release  all of the old, deep, dark Scorpio patterns that hold jealousy, greed,  and power in place.  Bye Bye Now to all this baggage that no longer works and is fear and power driven.  And, truly anchor  a solid, grounded, beautiful new path of Being that is  guided by the ruler of Taurus the Goddess Venus. She brings with her the feminine principles of abundance, love, grace, beauty, and balance.  Walking  a new path, afterthe storm which is sustainable is our next step. Now is the time. We are the ones to do the work.

Go out and soak up her beauty Wednesday evening…..howl, dance, sing, celebrate! It is so freeing to just let it go….we made  it thru the  Cosmic Storm….now we rebuild on a solid Taurus foundation!



Stay Inspired….Connected….Empowered!

Love and Light


Cosmic Currents…Week of the Grand Cross!

if it doesnt challeneg it does changeThis is the week that life changes in a dynamic way! The Cosmic energy coming in to assist  us in our transformation  is profound, powerful, and absolutely off the charts! The Universe definitely has something in store for us all! The very best way to ride this wave, (April 20th to the 23rd,) is to hunker down,  strap in, and go WITH the flow! This is an exciting time. We are living history. What occurs  will set us free and put us on a new path. In a week like this one coming up, our best practice is to STAY AWAKE, AWARE, and CONSCIOUS  ( no sleep walking allowed! )

My good friend Terri forwarded this info from  Nick Newman, Astrologer.  I LOVE the great, easy visual and explanation.

I think this will give you a perfect feeling and understanding  of this week coming up!

“Temporarily stuck in a revolving door”      revolving door

“When you enter into a revolving door, you enter at your own risk. You have  to move  to get  out on the other side or you get stuck in the merry go round! But what happens if the power goes out, the doors stop, and you get stuck inside? Look at the picture and you see the Grand Cross.  Next week we are inside that revolving door, under the cross, waiting for it to move to so we can go out the other side!

What would you do if stuck in the revolving door? Panic? Bang on the Glass? Try to break the frame?

Best Practice…..Stay calm and be ready to move! Don’t get caught in the illusion that everything is stuck. What waits for you on the  other side of the door once the power is restored?

What waits is what you imagine and plan to be waiting for you. Instead of panicking during this period, use it as a timeout to vision and create. Soon the doors of change will be moving ( the 20th -23rd)   Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus are collecting  energy, so the power will be back on! Big time! ”

Also,  most interesting, that as  as we enter into this most high Holy Season,  we celebrate the  Death and worldloveResurrection of  Jesus, one of the most powerful Spiritual leaders and teachers that walked our planet.

There  certainly is a Grand Cosmic plan for this Grand Cross to be occurring at such an important date and holiday.

There are no accidents here!

Our old way of life is dead, and we can resurrect our new life and direction anyway we choose.

What will you choose to create for you, your family and our planet?learning

Who will you BE during this time of challenge and change?

I invite you to act  from a place of self EMPOWERMENT. Feel the fear and move forward anyway. Let go of all the old believes that hold you hostage.

This is the message….. for us all.

Scary, exciting, invigorating, and for sure, perfect timing!

For a more personal view of how this will effect you, I invite you to contact me for a reading.


Sending much love and light!

Stay Inspired….Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings


Cosmic Currents April 13- 19th

horse full moonThis will be a very powerful, dynamic week! There are several potent events taking place in a very short period of time. These energies will be merging into each other, creating its own  type of a an  alchemy, and certainly adventurous week!

Let me break it down…..

April 14th. The week begins  with Pluto, the powerful planet of transformation, turning retrograde thru 9/22. What Pluto RX will be doing is taking us deeper into  the  issues  we are currently facing. This is about feeling the fear, and moving  thru it anyway! Remember, on the other side is the Light, a new way of being in the world, and freedom from what has held us back!

Also on the 14th, Mercury, planet of communication, will be conjunct ( or kissing) Uranus, the genius energy.  Look out for wild and unpredictable events, conversations and insights. You will probably  feel like information overload,  and  may not be able to make clear decisions as your mind is running a mile a minute….so pause….let conversations and decisions rest.   Plan to take it easy and decompress in the evening. Turn off the TV and stay off line, (if you can). Really look to take care of you and your loved ones with a beautiful dinner and music.  Take a walk in the moonlight and just BE!

April 15th. summer solostice Full Moon Lunar Eclipse very early in the morning  (12:42 AM PDT) What makes this full moon eclipse so powerful is that it actives and highlights the cardinal grand cross  that will be exact next week! Full moons always illuminate something hidden, and when it is an eclipse, it is 3 x as powerful! Please read the full moon post, and check out the info on eclipses for more details and the best way to handle the energy!

As you can see, this is what I mean by blending of energy…all these aspects  be happening very close to the same time. Stay as grounded as you possibly can, don’t rush, plan extra time, and KNOW you can handle it all!  This is a very exciting time. Embrace all the changes! Pay attention to information that is revealed. It will help you make important decisions. This is the turning point. Move with GRACE!

April 17th. Amidst all this wild and crazy energy, we  are gifted with a Jupiter Venus Trine…one of the happiest, luckiest, most loving energies we can have! And, of course,  it is arriving at the perfect time. Soak it all  in! Use this most optimistic day to gain new perspective on the events of the week  and the new directions you want to take.

love heals_300178530112348_1271555408_n

April 19th….The Sun moves into Taurus! This energy with ground us, and help us to remember what is really of value and worthwhile in our lives. And, we must nurture that which we want to grow!

Spend some time this week end to be in nature,  plant flowers, walk in dirt or sand barefoot….just really ground yourself and your new direction.  Next week the grand cross will be exact, and the energy  will be  even more dynamic!


Stay Inspired….Connected….Empowered!