New Moon in Cancer June 23

New Moon in Cancer
June 23
7:31 PM
New Moons are when both the Sun and Moon align in the same sign, offering us an opportunity to hit the re-set button, re-think and renew our ideas and commitments in the area where this alignment occurs. This month it is Cancer. So, our focus turns to home and family, belonging (or not) and what makes us feel safe and secure.
The comforts and familiarity of home and spending time in the garden or nature is pulling at our hearts! This is very instinctual pull, and can be a time of profound healing that takes place quietly deep within us as we allow our family……or……nature to make us feel loved, safe, and protected!
The impacts of this New Moon run deep, particularly since we have such strong planetary presence, (Mars and Mercury join the Sun and Moon) in this area of the Cosmos!
Our feelings will need attending too.
And, expressing them in loving, kind ways is our Best Practice!
Family, children, parents, generational issues, may resurface for you to take a look at and Heal.

Overall you may be quite emotional as this energy is very strong!

 * Mercury is conjunct the Sun and Moon: Linking your consciousness with your soul/higherself. This allows us to bridge these two aspects more easily.
*Jupiter is a major player and is part of a  t-square with Pluto and Mars
 forming a quincunx with Neptune and Venus.
Meaning…..  issues and conversations will be Magnified in some way. It’s important not to let them get blown up out of proportion!  Keep focus on the positive side of situations, and a win win for all!
Here is a crystal grid for this New Moon to help Balance and calm these energies!
 I am calling in the Love with Rose quarts for Jupiter in Libra, Moonstone to set a new beginning in Cancer, Labradorite for higher perspective, and of course Amethyst to calm and connect, along with Selenite! You can use any or all of these for your intention ceremony!
Let’s amplify  Love for our Global Family!!!

As you prepare for your New Moon Ceremony…..Remember, this is  special reset for the summer, your family and friends, taking time to enjoy, relax a bit, and plan some down time to take care of your self! The  Summer Solstice was late on the 20th, and has long been celebrated as a turning point for the next 3 months! So this New Moon energy is extra powerful for manifesting what your heart desires!

And…if you are in LA….please join us for a powerful New Moon Ceremony, Sound Bath, Meditation at the AURA SHOP on Main St. Santa Monica! Details and sign up here

The areas listed below are what Cancer Rules, and will be highlighted:

Home, Family, and Instincts

Sample intentions to strengthen your Personal Foundation:mother duck keeping watch

I spend plenty of heart felt time with my family.

I experience a feeling of increased security and joy.

I clearly and easily listen to and honor ALL my gut instincts!

I easily attract, recognize, and purchase the perfect home/apartment at an amazing price!


Security, Feelings of Belonging, Protection, Tenacity, and Financial Security.

Sample intentions to Increase Feelings of Safety:

I handle my finances in ways that create a stable base I can count on.happy be

I have a complete sense of security in every area of my life.

I am loved and protected by an infinite source of Good!

Growth, Nurturing, and New Beginnings.

Sample intentions to Encourage Positive Growth:

I release childhood patterns that have held me in bondage!

I joyously learn and grow from all significant events that happen in my life!

I embrace the process of my own expansion and personal growth!

Cancer Rules Emotional Closeness:

Caring, Empathy, Vulnerability, and IntimacyLearn-to-Love-How-to-Live-Happily-Ever-After-1-mdn

Sample intentions to increase Emotional Closeness:

I intend to be open and ask for help in a way that is empowering!

I release all fear around intimacy!

I am empathetic and understanding for those who need my care and support,

I  receive the same from my loved ones.

Cancer Rules Feelings;

Changing moods, Awareness of our own feelings, Sensitivity to others’ feelings, Tenderness, and Awareness of needs.

Sample Intentions to Enhance Feeling Experiences:

I consciously and consistently communicate my feelings in responsible, appropriate ways.

I release all moodiness!

I let go of all non-constructive, over the top emotional responses.

I intend to live moment by moment and not be ruled by my moods!

Cancer Rules Nurturing:

Being supportive/accepting support, Food, Close family relations.healthy summer food

Sample intentions to Promote Positive Nurturing:

I release all self-destructive habits around food.

I experience wonderful, mutually heart felt relationships

I spend great quality time with my family.

Cancer Also Rules Excessive Self-Protection, Including:

Clinginess, Feelings of Insecurity, Possessiveness, Overly cautious behaviors, Fear of rejection, and a Lack of definite goals.

Sample intentions to Release Self-Defeating Insecurity:

I release my habit of clinginess.

I replace the urge to possess others by a deep awareness and sense of security within myself.

I intend to define goals that empower me to rise above current limitations.

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!

person lotus planets

Details  for your New Moon ceremony:

  1. Start at the exact time 7:31 PM June 23 or after. You have up to 8 hours to utilize full power of  New Beginnings.
  2. Write your 10 intentions, by hand, not computer.
  3. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Cancer.
  4.  After writing your intentions, be sure to VISUALIZE  them complete, FEEL them complete, and KNOW  Divine right timing is working to deliver!
  5. Most importantly…  FEEL and FOLLOW  your Heart’s Desire!
  6. Plan some fun with family and friends and let them know how you feel about them!

                                                  Happy Summer!

Stay Inspired….Connected….Empowered!

Peace and Blessings



New Moon in Gemini May 25th

New Moon in Gemini

May 25 @ 12:44 PM PDT

New Moons are when the Sun and Moon align in the same sign each month, and it is an opportunity to hit the reset button and begin again!  The sign that hosts the Sun/ Moon conjunction  is the energy and intention you want to set in motion for the next 4 weeks! During the time of Gemini, Ruler of Communication, is the opportunity to Re-Set our Thinking and Speaking! Thoughts become things….so it is vitally important how we speak, what we say, and how we think! Is our glass half empty or half full? It really makes a difference! If we take the next 4 weeks and consciously only speak and think positive, empowering thoughts with love, compassion and intention….just imagine what our world would look like, and how empowered we would be feeling! Pretty exciting…yes? I invite you to take the challenge!!!

A few more details about the aspect and energy of this New Moon…

  • Your mind is especially active now and you will experience an abundance of ideas and thoughts! With this activity, it is an opportunity to become more aware of how you think, take in and utilize information, and how your thoughts, attitudes and words shape your experiences and responses to life!
  • Amazing clarity can come when you least expect it!
  • You get answers that change or clarify the direction you were heading!
  • Best Practice: take time for meditation ( to slow your thought process down a bit), activate HONEST communication from a neutral place, particularly in all your relationships, your intuition will be especially  active now….so trust it!!
  • Expect Great Inner Guidance, innovative ideas, and perfect solutions to challenging situations!

Words and Thoughts are King this month…

so chose carefully what you want to create and how you speak it into the world!words for change

Crystals to use for this New Moon in Gemini are  Kyanite, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Celeste, all empower mental clarity!  And of course, Moonstone, to begin a new cycle! Below is a grid for the this New Moon!

Please join us at the AURA SHOP on Thursday the 25th from 7 to 9 PM for a New Moon intention setting ceremony, meditation, and an amazing sound bath with the crystal bowls! RSVP to me or 310.584.9998.

Here are the details….

And, if you cannot join us in person, please follow the details below for a DIY ceremony!

Here are sample intentions for the time of Gemini, and all the areas in your life that Gemini Rules!                   Please feel free to use these…or make up your own!

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, including:  thinking, writing, speaking, effective listening, and teaching.

Sample intentions to promote inner and outer communication are:

I am inspired to take action on my new innovative ideas and projects!creative brain

I clearly communicate with my boss/coworkers/partner in an effective empowering manor.

I intend to LISTEN and pause before I respond to my family/co-workers.

I  ASK the right questions, leading me to a clear understanding in conversations.

I love writing in my journal daily!

My new book is powerful and transforms lives!

My speaking engagements always empower my audience, and I clearly speak from confidence!

Gemini rules learning, including: factual information, print media, the internet, and formal education.

Sample intentions to enhance learning:

I love using the internet to expand my research and learning!i love books

I find the perfect classes online or in person to further my education in the field of…….

I love studying and learning many different venues!

I envision a new and innovative way to educate and learn, and launch it in the world!

Gemini Rules: Automobiles (and mechanics), short trips, and all transportation.

Sample intentions

I intend to find the new perfect car, at the perfect price.

I intend to take amazing short fun day trips on a regular basis!

I release any fear of flying or travel right now!

Driving on the freeway is always a pleasant experience for me!

All car repairs are complete and long lasting!

Gemini rules relationships based on close proximity, including: happy firends

Brothers, sisters, neighbors, school mates, and roommates.

Sample intentions to encourage positive communication in social relationships:

Easy, effective communication always occurs between me

and my ….(sister, brother, roommate)

I always say the right words to my neighbors, promoting harmonious relationships.

My (sister/brother) always communicates in a loving, understanding manor.

My neighborhood is a loving, supportive community!

prayer little girlHere is the 411 for your New Moon ceremony.

  1. Start at the exact time 12:44 PM PDT May 25th or AFTER. You have up to 8 hours after to really capture the full intensity, and the closer to the exact time is always better!
  2.  Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred.
  3. Write your 10 Intentions, 10 only …by hand, not computer. It would be fun to create a word collage during this new moon with your intentions!
  4. Take a few moments to visualize each intention, actually PICTURING and FEELING the desired result.
  5.  Then…most important…. EXPECT results! Assume the position…It is Done!
  6. Last but not least,have fun,get creative, ignite your passion and vision, and always, always, follow your Heart’s Desire!

Until next New Moon, here is wishing you great new ideas, innovative solutions,

clear communication and an open heart!

astro book with lights



Peace and Blessings


New Moon in Taurus April 26th

New Moon in Taurus

April 26th 5:16 AM PDT @ 6 *Taurus

New Moons are always about New Beginnings! It’s the time each month when both the Sun and the Moon align in the same area of the sky…..supercharging it! By working with the energy and qualities of that sign we align with the Cosmic Flow!

Over all, this New Moon has quite a positive influence! (Yippee!!)  It is an energy that helps us connect more deeply with what we really care about, value ,and love! It is the optimal time to get focused on what your heart is calling for you to create!  And, at the time of this NM we have a genius aspect occurring! Mercury (our lower mind) kisses or conjuncts Uranus( our higher mind) encouraging  us to come up with inventive and advanced solutions to our most challenging situations!  At its highest potential, we are allowed access to new understandings that can shift our awareness in profound ways! This influence will stay with us throughout  the rest of the month and into the first 2 weeks of May! This genius aspect forms a trine to Saturn, so inherit in the idea or concept, is the ability to slowly build and develop the dream/idea in the weeks ahead…..IE, The New Concept has staying Power!!!!

Relationships are also woven into this New Moon cycle, as Venus, the Ruler of Taurus is conjunct Chiron in Pisces, offering healing and forgiveness, clearing the past and opening up to Heart driven relationships!

venus 3Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, so take a moment to think about the Goddess Venus and you will start to get the flavor of this New Moon.  Beauty, Money, Sensual Pleasure, Contentment, Perseverance, Patience, and Self-worth!

As we re-view and release what is not working, this Powerful New Moon is  perfect for planting and re-structuring  new areas of growth that Taurus rules!

Since we have 4 retrograding planets, it is about renewing and reviewing structures, commitments, plans, financial interests, and self healing practices!

Below are intentions you can use for your personal New Moon Ceremony.


Suggested crystals to include in your ceremony to amp up this Taurus energy are: Emerald and Peridot, and of course great abundance stones are Citrine and Pyrite! I always  include my Moonstone in all New Moon events,  as it represents New Beginnings and Cycles, and a clear quartz crystal to amplify my intentions!

Here is my Grid for this New Moon! Crystals from the AURA SHOP on Main St.!

If you are in town, please join us for a beautiful New Moon Ceremony at the AURA Shop on Main St. from 7 to 9 PM! Shanna our amazing crystal bowl alchemist will give us a powerful healing sound bath, followed by an Astrology overview, meditation, and intention setting Ceremony! Call to reserve your space at 310.584.9998!

Themes for this New Moon in Taurus are:

What you Value, plus feelings of self-worth

Your innate gifts, abilities and talents and the resources you have to support them

Your capacity to receive love and give love

Your relationship to money/abundance/lack

What provides you with a greater sense of security and a firm foundation

 Now, On to your Taurus intentions…….

Taurus Rules Accumulation, Including: Money, Material Comforts, Ownership, and Possessions.

Sample Intentions to Appropriately Increase Money and Possessions:money

I absolutely create financial independence daily, in new innovative ways!

I am a money magnet, $ flows to me easily and effortlessly from many sources!

I live in a beautiful, comfortable, sumptuous home!

All my needs are met with ease and grace!

Taurus Rules the Physical Senses, Including:

Sensuality, Massage, Physical Comfort, Aromas, and Tastes.

Samples Intentions to Increase Sensual Experience and Pleasure:venus and mate

I always enjoy the sensual side of life in a happy, healthy way.

I enjoy a beautiful massage with my mate on a weekly basis!

I love the taste, texture and smell of the healthy wholesome organic food I consume!

In my sexual relationship with ……….I fully experience joyous sensual pleasure!

Taurus Rules Enjoyment of Life on Earth, Including:

Appreciation, Gratitude, Simple Physical Pleasures, Rapport with Nature, Satisfaction,

And Contentment.

Sample Intentions to Enhance Enjoyment of Life:

I love, enjoy and appreciate my life!Spiritual-flamboyant-3254181-1024-768

I am so grateful for all the beauty in my life.

I consciously appreciate the abundance of Mother Nature and life itself!

I am content and happy with my life!

I am so grateful for the simple pleasures of life!

Taurus Rules Building, Including:

Solid Foundations, Persistence, Progressing Step by Step, Thoroughness, Perseverance.

Sample Intentions to Aid in Building Successful Results:

I am filled with persistence, and will take daily steps to make my new dream a reality.

Today I build new, solid foundations that I can depend on in every area of my life.

I release the habit of trying to rush and push results in areas that are not working.

I consistently progress, step by step, to accomplish my goal of…….!power kung fu

Taurus Rules Reliability, Including:

Patience, Dependability, Trustworthiness, and Steadfastness.

Sample Intentions to Encourage Reliability.

I always  KEEPING MY WORD,  being a person that others can rely on.

I have loving patience in every area of my life.

I am trustworthy in all I do and say!

I always say what I do, and I do what I say!

Taurus Rules Self Worth, Including:

Awareness of Personal Needs, Setting Appropriate Boundaries, Strong Values, Determination, and Self-acceptance.

Sample Intentions to Increase Self-Worth.self worth

I define what is important to me, and live my life according to my values!

I always state my needs without any attachment to results.

I establish boundaries that empower my life.

I consciously and consistently experience feelings of self worth in every area of my life!

I release the tendency to undervalue myself and my work, now!

Taurus Also Rules Inflexibility, Including:

Stubbornness, Attachment, Resistance to Change, Possessiveness, and Stagnation.

Sample Intentions to Aid in Releasing Inflexibility:

I release all self-defeating stubbornness.

I intend to express my views in ways that do not shut others out of the conversation.

I release all attachment to excessive accumulation.

I easily let go of resistance to change.

I love and embrace change!

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!

prayer image big girl 2candles

Here is the 411 for your New Moon ceremony.

  1. Start at the exact time 5:16 AM  PDT on 26thth or AFTER. You have up to 8 hours after to capture the full intensity, and the closer to the exact time is always better!
  2.  Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred.
  3. Write your 10 Intentions, by hand, not computer.
  4. Take a few moments to visualize each intention realized! Be in the feelings of it happening! Get excited and inspired!
  5.  After writing and visualizing your Taurus Intentions, read them out loud, declaring them to the Universe and EXPECT results!
  6. Then….release and bless them to Divine perfect timing!
  7. Last but not least…. Give great thanks and gratitude for all you do have…and for what is to come!

Until next New Moon, here is wishing you a month of powerful change, new abundant directions, love, grace, appreciation, and peace!



Love and Light


magical unicorn

New Moon in Aries March 27 …….7:57 PM!

New Moon @ 7 Aries

March 27th

7:57 PM PDT

This is a very Super Charged, Special New Moon.  It is the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year! New Moons are always about New Beginnings and occur each month when both the Sun and  Moon align in the same sign at the same degree! So, whatever seeds of intentions we plant now will effect our entire year! Time to hit the reset button! Let go of what is already out of date!

The Ingredients  that make this New Moon so powerful and special are:

  • We have 5 planets lined up in the Sign of Aries! Life Force is Strong… we will be energized and ready to get moving, in some cases in a new direction! Trust your instincts now….they are super strong!!
  • The New Moon is conjunct or kissing Venus… so, it is important to consider our values, relationships, and what we love as we move forward!
  • This 3 way conjunction brings an element of magic and luck! Whatever you are focused on can go better than expected!!
  •  Jupiter is squaring Pluto….meaning what is ” fair and just” butts heads with “old and established” ( just stay turned to our political news to  see these aspects in action  :))
  • Avoid being stubborn and bull headed….Listen!
  • Be Bold and Courageous in your intentions and actions!
  • Courage_Web

A note to consider….pulling weeds

Planting our seeds of New Beginnings on the 27th is like planting your garden. There will be weeds that will have to be pulled up, and much tender love and nurturing will be needed to help them grow!

The area in your Chart when 7 * Aries lives will be where the action is!

Below is a list of intentions to help inspire your thinking….so please feel free to use, or make up your own!

The best crystals to empower and enhance this ceremony are:

  1. Moonstone…always…to begin a new cycle!
  2. Aries stones….Ruby, Red Jasper, to ignite your dreams with the courage to follow them!
  3. Pisces energy….Amethyst to clear, connect, and dream big!
  4. Clear Quartz to amplify and hold the Intentions for you!
  5. I added a Merlinite stone in the center for Magic!grid for new moon in aries

Here we go…..

change sameAries Rules New Beginnings, Including:
Blazing new trails, Initiation, High energy, Taking action, Innovative approaches.
Sample Intentions:
I intend to initiate action on project ……………today!
I intend more energy and vitality every day.
I intend a successful new beginning in the area of …….

power kung fuAries Rules the Self, Including:
The physical body, Instincts, Assertiveness.
Sample intentions to Strengthen the Self:
I always trust my instincts! They are my fail proof inner guidance system!
I intend to strengthen my body, allowing for grace and beauty to radiate!
I intend to take a stand for myself, my values and believes!

Aries rules Innocence, Including:
Honesty, Authenticity, Impulsiveness, Straightforwardness
Sample Intentions to Encourage Authenticity:
I intend to be honest with my true thoughts and feelings.
I am confident in simply being myself.
I am always authentic and transparent with others, letting them know my true feelings.
I intend to converse straightforward in all my relationships.

Aries Rules Self-Discovery, Including:

Exploration, Taking Risks, Eagerness, and Competition.sail boat healing
Sample intentions to Further Self Discovery.
I intend to take those risks that lead to personal growth and positive renewal.
I intend to make each day an adventure, filled with eagerness and exploration.
I view any setbacks as an opportunity for creative self-discovery!
I am excited to explore new paths daily.
I intend to connect with others in a way that awakens my own sense of self-discovery!

Aries Rules Independence, Including:
Self direction, Self Reliance, Self-sufficiency.hikers empowered
Sample Intentions to Bolster Independence:
I intend and accept the leadership roles in my own life.
I intend to cultivate the habit of self-reliance.
I always follow my own instincts in making decisions.

Aries Rules Our “Warrior Nature,” Including:
Courage, Leadership, Strength, Vigilance, Boldness
Sample Intentions to Evoke Courage:
I have the courage to be myself!
I intend lots of vital health, energy and courage in every area of my life!
I confidently take the lead in the matter of…..
I intend strength and boldness in my approach to……

I intend to lead my tribe with integrity, love, and grace…. fearlessly!dog paddle board

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!

Here is the 411 on the rules for your New Moon Ceremony.

prayer big girlStart at the exact time 7:57  PM PDT  March 27or AFTER. You have up to 8 hours after the New Moon to really capture the full intensity.

  1. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred.
  2. Write 10 intentions …by hand, not computer.
  3. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Aries and your intentions for the New Cosmic Year!
  4. After writing your intentions, take a minute to FEEL them complete,  BE in your future….EXCITED!  EXPECT and KNOW they are  happening!
  5. Most importantly… Be Bold, Think Big, Invent your life, and always follow the path of  Love and your Heart’s Desire!



Peace and Blessings



PS…We are doing a Powerful New Moon gathering on the 27th at the AURA SHOP, 2419 Main St. Santa Monica from 7 to 9 PM

Come join us….sign up and details here

New Moon Ceremony & Meditation

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces 2.26.17

This New Moon Solar Eclipse  in Pisces offers an EXCEPTIONAL opportunity for profound insights, deep healing and major shifts in consciousness!  Here’s why. Neptune, (the Ruler of Pisces, Mythic God of the Seas), the Sun, Moon, Mercury, the South Node and Chiron (the wounded healer) are ALL lined up in Pisces forming a huge celestial doorway into the higher dimensional realms! Also, this is the final New Moon of the astrological year. Pisces is the 12th and last sign in the zodiac, and represents our return to Source. Each sign has its set of lessons, and Pisces primary challenge has us Unlearn what we are taught!  Pisces takes us into trans personal territory, far beyond the limits of the mind and logic, and into the depths and mysteries of the heart.Kagaya_zodiac_art_PISCESS1s

In Pisces, we realize that we are multidimensional beings and the gateway to higher dimensions is unconditional love and connection to the heart. Just as a TV or radio has different channels and programs, we can attune to different frequencies. Pisces take us into our sixth sense, where mysticism and quantum physics meet, where nothingness is solid and everything is connected. Every culture and religion has its name for the greater reality…the Great Spirit, the Tao, the Force, Buddha, Brahman, and Sofia, Allah, God, Source, and many others.

Pisces, a receptive, feminine, emotional water sign, works BEST when you completely submerge, and surrender yourself into the vast ocean of the invisible presence of our universe and unconditional Love! This is the place where dreams become reality and finding your higher purpose is available!

This New Moon  Eclipse comes with several powerful planetary aspects!  Mars (action/anger) is kissing Uranus, (the radical change agent and rebel, having us expect the unexpected)….opposite Jupiter in Libra,(seeking balance) both creating a T-square to Pluto in Capricorn ( breaking down and challenging  the old to rebuild the new! )

Beware…….This is a lot of  different and opposing energy!!!!

So, lets break it down……

This event will bring Endings and New Beginnings, while emphasizing both your Inner and Outer lives. You may feel mellow and withdrawn one moment, then in a flash your mood changes, and you feel an Urgent need to do something!

The line up of Pisces ushers in potent mystical energies. This can be a time of great spiritual insights and realizations. Openings between the worlds are possible allowing for profound experiences to occur!

This is a South Node Eclipse suggesting that old patterns and beliefs may be Standing in the Way of Movement and Progress!         If this is so for you…. Decide to BREAK the pattern and old karma…..Just Let it Go!

Time to move on to excitement and adventure!!

Many of you may be feeling this Pisces line up, as it has been building for a week. Some of the symptoms are: feeling super tired, wanting to play hooky more than usual, finding yourself daydreaming instead of plowing forward on projects, listening to music more than usual, having romantic fantasy’s (more than usual )…and in general…feeling like you need a break!  Well, you are absolutely correct in your instinct.  The energetic pull of this spiritual sign is alluring and gentle, constant and relentless.  And, it won’t stop until you surrender to it!  So, this week, take some time to surrender, and do those things that allow you to align with your higher self. Meditate, prayer, contemplation, yoga, gardening,being in silence, being in gratitude…just BEING!  This new moon is about BEING completely in the flow…don’t’ fight it…surrender to it, and you will have a breakthrough for yourself. Take notes of insights, ah has, and synchronicities!

You will have plenty of time to take action and implement many changes once all the planets shift into Aries on the March 20th Equinox.

Take this time now to unplug, and listen deeply with your heart and soul. And, remember “In order to find new lands, you have to lose sight of the shore”.

The best Crystals to use for this Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse is Amethyst, and Celenite. Both are crystals that assist you in Connection to the Spiritual realms.

Below is an astro grid to copy or use for your ceremony!

And, please  join us at the AURA SHOP on Main St. for an intimate  evening.

 Saturday Feb 25

7 to 9 PM

Included is an Astrology Overview, Meditation, Crystals,and an amazing Crystal Bowl Chakra Clearing Sound Bath!

The perfect way to use this Eclipse energy to Release and Receive!!!

Space is limited….call to reserve today at 310.584.9998


Pisces Rules Spirituality, Imagination, Trust, and Mystic Awareness, so, open your mind and heart, align with your Inner Self, and BE ready for something Divine to occur!

 If you can’t join us, here are the details for a DIY New Moon ceremony.

  1. Start at the exact time 6:58 AM PST on February 26th  or AFTER. You have up to 8 hours after the New Moon to really capture the full intensity of this special time.
  2.  Get quiet, and make your ceremony special.
  3. Write 10 intentions, 10 only …by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions are best served using the natural qualities of Pisces, but feel free to create an intention that is a burning desire in your heart.
  5.  After writing your intentions, take a moment to SEE them complete, FEEL them complete, imagine them done and how happy you are!  EXPECT, KNOW and BELIEVE  they will manifest!
  6. Most importantly….have fun, get creative, ignite your passion, and always follow your Heart’s Desire.

Now…on to your Pisces  qualities  and your intentions for this month!

Pisces Rules Spirituality:

 Including Surrender, Trust, Spiritual awareness, and Channeling of Spiritual power.

Sample intentions to Increase Connection with your Higher Power:

I surrender all worries and anxieties into the healing hands of a Higher Power.

I surrender and know my daily life is consistently being sourced by God.

I know and Trust that a Higher Power is successfully guiding my life.

I know and trust that everything occurs for my highest and greatest good!

I attract those who are on a similar spiritual path into my life!

Pisces Rules Spiritual Healing, Including:

Meditation and yoga, desire for inner peace, Angelic assistance, quiet time,  and spiritual purification.

Sample Intentions:

My meditation practice is easy and effortless.

I intend to find the perfect yoga class for me.

I am open and receptive to Angelic messages

I intend to create regular quiet time for my spiritual practice!

Pisces Rules: Illusive States, Including: Sleep, Fantasy, and Imagination

Sample intentions to Enhance Positive Illusive States:

I intend to play and TRUST my imagination!

I intend to allow my fantasy’s to emerge, becoming reality.

I intend to sleep as much as I need to rejuvenate and refresh daily!

 Pisces Rules Joyful States, Including:

Internal happiness, Bliss, Ecstasy, Universal love.

Sample intentions to Encourage Joyful States:

I consciously and consistently experience the joy of my inner being.

I am spiritually fulfilled and happy.

I embrace the ecstasy of pleasure.

I experience the peace of universal love now!

Pisces Rules Psychic Sensitivity, Including:

Emotional sensitivity, Gentleness, Awareness of subtle energies, Mystical states.

Sample intentions to Support Psychic Sensitivity:

I easily connect to nature and my environment on a deep level.

I  always have the clear mind of the mystic in viewing my life and circumstances.

I easily perceive and communicate with my guides and angels.

I trust my 6th sense implicitly!

Pisces Rules Unconditional Love, Including:

Forgiveness, Understanding, Nonjudgmental thinking, Tolerance, Acceptance, Compassion.

Sample intentions to Promote Unconditional Love:

I experience total forgiveness in the situation with…….

I intend to feel love and compassion for ………..

I always remember that everyone is doing the very best they can with the tools and information they have in each moment.

I release my judgment about………..

I intend to lovingly accepting ……..without trying to fix her/him.

Pisces Also Rules Victim Mentality, Including:

Defeatist attitudes, Procrastination, Panic attacks, Deceptions, Addictions, Disappointments

Sample intentions to release Helplessness:

I release and surrender all tendencies of self-deception and deceiving others.

I easily free myself from the addiction to ……..and find it replaced with spiritual fulfillment!

I release and surrender all feelings of helplessness.

I release all feelings of disappointment and replace them with the knowing that that everything is working toward my highest good .

Please feel free to use these or make up your own!

  Albert Einstein was one of the most brilliant and famous Pisces.einstein_classic_old

I leave you with a few quotes from this mystical genius…..

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

                                                              “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.                                                                    It is the source of all true art and all science.”

Until Next New Moon………



Peace and Blessings