New Moon in Aquarius January 27th + Chinese New Year the 28th!

Greetings Cosmic Artists,

New Moon  in Aquarius

Jan 27th 4:08 PM  PST

New Moons occur each month when the Sun and Moon align in the same sign. It is the natural cycle of New Beginnings.

The sign of the of zodiac where this occurs is the area of intention, expansion, and focus for the month.


This month is Aquarius, the sign that rules Humanitarianism on a Global Scale and The Collective Conscientiousness!

I just returned from a most awesome, inspired, peaceful , yet expressive, gathering in Washington DC, the Women’s March. I joined  over a million women, men, children….. all races….all ages…all sexual preferences on the National Mall and Independence Ave.  And, over 5 million marchers gathered world wide to stand in solidarity! ” Women’s Rights are Human Rights, and Human Rights are Women’s Rights.”  This is the perfect example of what Aquarian energy is at its highest level.This New Moon  illuminates the power of the Individual and the exponential potency of higher group consciousness. What IS occurring, in the invisible arena, and under the media radar, is a Revolution, both Spiritual and in our Collective Conscience! And this is exactly what is needed to create effective and lasting social, political, and financial reform. HEART centered consciousness transforms ourselves, our lives, and our world. This March, around the world, was  from the Heart! I was there and experienced it, and felt it first hand!

There is a global movement,which started in the 60’s, that has now reached it’s first square, (conflict, negotiation point!) This Aquarian New Moon is pure and powerful, and is asking for global change and equality for all people. This is Astrology in Live Action!

Our capacity to effect change is far, far greater than we realize. Dr. David Hawkins, in his ground breaking brilliant book, Power vs Force, illustrates the profound influence our thoughts and state of mind have on ourselves and others. He defines power as energizing and life supporting. In contrast, force generates resistance, conflict and depletes energy. Power makes us strong, Force makes us weak. Love, integrity and empathy empower us; hatred, shame and judgment weaken us. His 29 year study demonstrated that the human body immediately becomes stronger or weaker depending on a person’s mental state and that level of consciousness affects the world. His studies showed that one person, vibrating at high levels of self-esteem, empathy, and a willingness to learn from experience counter balances 70,000 people in lower frequencies of hopelessness, fear, and anger. This is  awesome documented scientific information!

Just think, those of us practicing our New Moon ceremony monthly, creating our individual dreams, vibrating at a high level of consciousness  seriously impact our changing world!

As we LIVE this time of change, KNOW that we, as a group,  affect millions on a daily basis!

                                                            This is from the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial in DC

Today, as you set your intentions for the month and year, please include some of the Aquarian qualities of Freedom, Justice, and Equality for all people!

Lets vibe up the world consciousness!IKTL_web

Crystals  that best Reflect Aquarian Energy are Aquamarine and  Clear Quartz

Here is your grid!


And, as you settle into your ceremony, take time to consider what you CAN do to effect positive change…. a prayer, and intention, a random act of kindness, a compassionate heart…..Now is the time!!!!

Aquarius Rules Humanitarianism, Including:

Seeking outcomes that are good for everyone involved, Identification with humankind, Interest in others, operating from a larger worldview.

Sample intentions to Stimulate Humanitarianism:

I always support outcomes that are a win win!

I actively support a Cause that makes a difference in the world using my personal time and $!

I open to the big picture of my life in the area of………….

I speak out and become actively involved in situations where there is injustice!!!!!


Aquarius Rules Inventions, Including: Innovative ideas, Brilliance, and Eccentricity.

Sample intentions to stimulate inventive energy:creative brain

I love to think outside the box and be inventive!

I allow my natural uniqueness to shine through in all I do.

I tap into my natural genius and invent my future now!

Aquarius Rules the Future, Including:

New Trends and Unconventional Approaches, High Technology, Long Range Goals, and Following your Hearts Desire.

Sample Intentions to Successfully Navigate the Future:

I love seeing new trends and blend them easily into my work!

I intend to integrate new technology easily and gracefully! grow big

I take the first step toward making my dream of ……….come true!

I listen to and follow my heart’s desire with joy and excitement!


Aquarius Rules Revelations, Including:

Excitement, Unexpected Results, Surprises, and Freedom.

Sample intentions to Attract Exciting Experiences:

I greet unexpected events as positive opportunities for growth, knowing it is for my highest and greatest soul’s evolution.

I am open to receiving new revelations to show me the right path in the matter of…….!

I  make changes that create greater freedom in my relationship with …..!

I  embrace the possibility of happy surprises in my daily life!

Aquarius Rules: The Big Picture, Including:

Seeking Knowledge, Tools of divination (Astrology, Numerology, Tarot etc.), Manifesting Dreams

Sample Intentions to Aid in Accessing “the Big Picture”

I easily gain the knowledge that will empower me to manifest my dream of …..!

I enroll in the perfect class (Astrology, Tarot, Spiritual studies ect.) that  open me up to divine understanding!

I am awake and aware of insights that lead to my dream of ——-coming true!

Aquarius Rules Friendship, Including:happy iransjpg


I attract the perfect friends into my life that love and support my individuality and give me plenty of freedom to be!

I love networking and meeting powerful like-minded people that promote new paradigm shifts!

I circulate in groups that make a difference in the world.


As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!

Here is the 411 on the rules for your New Moon ceremony.prayer image big girl 2

  1. Start at the exact time 4:08 PM PST  or AFTER on January 27th. You have up to 8 hours after the new moon to  capture the full intensity.
  2. Get quiet, make your time special and sacred.
  3. Write your 10 intentions, 10 only …by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Aquarius.
  5. After writing your intentions, take a moment to actually See and Feel them accomplished. Really feel the emotion. EXPECT, KNOW and TRUST!
  6. Remember, this is a 1 year….you are the  Magician…..what you intend and believe will happen!!


And, as a note,January 28 begins the Chinese New Year….the Year of the Rooster! This will actually FEEL like the New Year, as the energy of Mars is moving into action packed Aries….Time to get into action!!!!!



Peace and Blessings

New Moon in Capricorn December 28th

Last  New Moon of 2016!!!!

December 28th 10:53 PM

7 * Capricorn!

goat in percarious positionThe Sign of Capricorn is where we can discover more about our Soul’s Purpose for this Life time.That purpose can encompass many things. Our work in the world, the lessons we seek to learn, and the karma we are here to complete. Spiritually, it speaks to the path that is walked alone in the inner world, and, reminds us that it is not always the easy path!               And, like the mountain goat, ( the symbol for Capricorn) it takes persistence and perseverance to reach the top of the mountain!

There is quite an unusual combination of energy for this Capricorn New Moon, primarily because Uranus ( the planet that rules the unexpected) is stationing direct very close to the  same time! This is sure to bring an unconventional, unpredictable energy to pragmatic Capricorn!  Events may occur that you just did not see coming……And, they can  open you up for an a whole new direction or beginning!

Best practice, stay flexible, open, and go with the New Flow!

This New Moon in Capricorn brings into focus 3 areas.

*Your goals and sense of purpose.

*Your foundation and what creates security in your life.

*You relationship to authority ( includes fathers, bosses,government).

Any of these are where you may get insights, understanding, and unexpected surprises!


Here is the rest of the potent , awesome, planetary line up for this New Moon!

*Jupiter (blessings and expansion) is opposite Uranus (unexpected) and Saturn (solid grounding and moving forward) is trining Uranus…making Uranus a big player while he turns direct!

Key words in a nut shell……..Blessings, expansion of the unexpected, and solid grounding with the ability to move forward with great new ideas!

Stay alert…listen for, and follow the cosmic gold dust!!

*Mercury is Retrograde in Capricorn, conjunct or kissing this New Moon…suggesting that you take another look at commitments and agreements for 2017. Some may need to be released to allow for new ones!

*Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces has you look at why you continue to do the same things,over and over, that prevent you from getting where you want to go! Time to release that too!

This all adds up to a quite a powerful Cosmic Ending to 2016!

To recap simply…

Time to release and review all that no longer serves us. Really complete it and leave it in 2016!

2017 is a One year…The year of the Magician! Time to create Magic….so please, leave the past right where it is…In the Past!!

Be open to unexpected surprises from the Cosmos! Uranus is like the Cosmic Santa, bringing what you need to make 2017 Magical!

Join us for a Poweful New Moon Ceremony at the AURA SHOP on Main St. 7 to 9 PM…details on the events page!

If you cannot join us….here are the guide lines for DIY Ceremony!

prayer little girl

  1. Make your space beautiful, sacred, light a candle, have essential oils, maybe sage your space first. The Key is to  Block out all distractions!
  2. Go into a meditation or quiet reflection, and have your journal with you. Contemplate  and review the year..write down all the amazing things you accomplished….all the things that you were disappointed about…and what you want to continue working on. ( Consider this to be your pre- New Years Eve Intention time!) Write as much as you need to get clear.
  3. Then, from this clear space, ask these questions….*What is my Souls Purpose, *What do I need to release in order to get on this path * What is my next step?  Write some more!
  4. Since Mercury is Retrograde, it is not time to take action, but it is time to plan and strategize!  This will be an ongoing conversation…as Uranus will continue dropping in surprises.
    Below are a few Capricorn Intentions you may want to review and integrate with what you just wrote! We need a map to get where were are planning to go….even if we have to take a few detours along the way!

Capricorn Rules Goals, Including:

Ambition, Defining Goals, Using Opportunities, Professions, Hard Work.

Sample Intentions to assist us in Reaching Goals for 2017:

I clearly see my goal of ——–, completed with ease, grace and joy!
I intend to do work that aligns with my heart and integrity.

I intend to work with and for companies that are aligned with my values.

I clearly define my goals for this year, month by month and KNOW they will manifest!

I love achieving success in my work! I am a Rock Star!

Capricorn Rules Future Needs, Including:

Father Time, Making Sensible Decisions, Maturity.

Sample Intentions to Promote Preparing for 2017and the Future:goal setting

I intend to plan and execute a solid financial plan for my future!

All business decisions I make in 2017 lead to financial abundance and a structure that supports a lifestyle I love!

I intend to use TIME to my best advantage, and I always have plenty of it!

Capricorn Rules Responsibility, Including:

Self-discipline, Adult Behavior, Keeping Commitments, Public Image.

Sample Intentions to Encourage Responsible Behavior Leading to Success:setting-up-goals-and-objectives

I intend to behave in ways that create an authentic public image.

I intend to keep my commitments and honor my word to myself and others.

I intend to practice self-discipline, and reach my goal of… 2017.

Capricorn Rules Success, Including:

Accomplishments, Recognition, Social Status, Achieving Goals.

Sample Intentions to help achieve success:

I release all anxiety around success.

I intend to succeed in my chosen profession, no matter what!

I intend to achieve my goal of …….with enthusiasm and energy!

I intend and SEE myself reaching my goals, succeeding in every area of my life!

I love being successful, and it comes easy to me!

Capricorn Rules Management, Including:mother duck keeping watch

Following Protocol, Delegating Responsibility, Being in Charge, Respect.

Sample Intentions to Enhance Management Skills:

I intend to management my staff in ways that promote responsibility and respect for all involved!

I accurately discern the talents of those around me and place them in positions that are perfect for their skill set!

Capricorn Rules Authority, Including:

Fathers, Bosses, Tradition, Reputation.

Sample Intentions to Promote Successful Interactions with Authority:

I intend to interact with my father in a constructive loving way, one that promotes self-identity.

I interact with my boss without fear.

I honor and respect traditional ways.

The Best Crystals to use in your ceremony are Onyx, and Garnet, along with your Moonstone!

Here is the grid I created for you!


Once all your journaling is complete, here is the rest of the ceremony

  1. Start at the exact time 10:53 PM PST Wednesday December 28 or AFTER. You have up to 8 hours to capture the full intensity
  2. Write your 10 intentions by hand,  your main ones for the 2017 Map….and know it is a Map that will probably change, but you have a starting point and the bones!
  3. After writing your intentions and goals, take a few minutes, SEE them actualized. FEEL what it feels like to accomplish and complete them……. and EXPECT them to happen…in Divine Perfect Time!!!!
  4. Listen to your Heart and Soul……
  5. Go for your Big Vision …the world needs you Now!

Here’s to an amazing, powerful, Magical 2017


Stay Inspired….Connected…..Empowered!



New Moon in Sagittarius November 29

SeedsofFaith_WebNew Moons are always a potent time to create your intentions for the month ahead. It is  similar to hitting the reset button, returning to our original Soul Setting!

And, with both the Sun and Moon converging in Visionary Expansive Sagittarius, it is the perfect time to set our intentions for the month as well as plant seeds for 2017!

Since Sagittarius IS  Big Vision Energy, we are being asked to let go of our small, petty, outdated beliefs. Now is the time to Think Big, expand, and grow our truths and ideas!  Sagittarius seeks to learn and know the Truth through education, travel, philosophy, intuitive knowing, religion, and adventure. And after this last month, it is certainly is a good time to try to get a new perspective!

sag kagaya

The time is NOW for you to honor your

Intuitive Knowing and have the

Courage to share your Unique Voice with the world!

Let’s release our crazy fears that keep us in

bondage and have  Courage to Act !

Possibilities and opportunities exist we never

imagined were possible if we just Look Outside the box!

This New Moon occurs early…4:18 AM PST

Plan on getting up a little early so you can capture the full power of this New Moon.

Below are the intentions that match the Sagittarius energy and qualities,

however, before you begin to  write your  intentions,

Ask these questions…

What is Spirit’s Vision of my life, or year?

How can I be of the greatest service at this moment in time?

What must I become to Live my Vision…..

What must I know to BE MY VISION……

Spend time listening….you will get an Insight…Idea…..Ah ha!


This is a great practice to bring into 2017.

Set yourself up for an outstanding year!

Make it Easy!

Aligning with the Power of the Universe  is the fastest, easiest and most exciting way

to Be in the Flow and Manifest your Dreams!

IKTL_webSagittarius rules the Quest for Truth,

Religion, Spirituality, Intuition, and Honesty

Sample intentions to strengthen these areas:

I intend to connect with  my Higher Power daily.

Prayer and meditation  anchor each and every day.

I  listen with respect to my intuition, and act on the guidance I receive.

I intend  to Connect Daily , living completely “ In the Flow”!



Sagittarius Rules Freedom, Spontaneity, Adventure, Exploration, Foreign travel.

Sample intentions to Inspire

I intend to travel to …….  exploring new horizons and expanding my understanding.

I trust the Universe ALWAYS provides the perfect solution.

I have the ability to choose Freedom in all circumstances!

heros journeySagittarius Rules Optimism, Faith, Good Luck, Generous Spirit, Gallantry.

Sample intentions to Evoke Optimism:

I know that Good Luck appears in every aspect of my life.

My Faith is the source of my joy and positive outcomes in life.

I release all blocks to experiencing the joy of generosity.

I am receptive to Goodness and Abundance in all areas of my life.


Sagittarius Rules Higher Education, Mentors, Colleges, Universities, and Philosophy.

Sample intentions to Enhance Higher Understanding and  Education:

I attract the perfect books that advance my spiritual path, wisdom and knowledge.

I attract the perfect mentor/teacher to guide and help advance my understanding and life’s purpose.

I enroll in the perfect school for continuing my education.

Sagittarius Rules Carelessness, Shortcuts, Self-Righteousness, Making Assumptions, Excess, Extravagance, and Blunt communication.

Sample intentions to Eliminate Self-Defeating Carelessness:

I release all self- sabotaging carelessness in the area of (money, relationships, ect).

I release the tendency to assume without checking the facts.

I release the tendency to overdo.

I release the habit of being blunt; instead I choose words to empower.

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!

prayer big girlHere is the 411  for your New Moon Intention Ceremony.

  1. Start at the exact time 4:18 AM PST  or as soon as you rise on Tuesday morning the 29th! You have up to 8 hours after the New Moon to  capture its full intensity.
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred. Be sure to spend time in meditation before your intention writing. Ask…what is the Highest Vision for my life in 2017.
  3. Write up to 10 intentions, dreams, goals, by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Sagittarius and what you would like to manifest in 2017.
  5. After writing, take a moment to see these goals actualized…. feel how great it feels to have accomplished this vision! Trust and Know the Universe is already working its Magic for you! Be expectant! Give thanks and feel gratitude for all you have now and for all you will receive!
  6. Most importantly…. Think Big….Vision Big…Believe in YOU Big….. and  get ready for a most Amazing 2017!cat lion



Peace and Blessings

New Moon in Scorpio Oct 30th

josephinewall-Scorpio-Regular-MagnetOctober 30

10:38 AM PDT

7 * Scorpio

New Moons each month set the stage for new cycles to begin. Astrologically, it is the best time to start fresh in some way, or to embark on the next phase of something you’ve been working on. Since both the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same sign, the energy of that sign is the focus….and this month it is Scorpio, ruler of birth, death, regeneration and transformation!! It is a powerful intense energy! And, when used at its highest form can  help us change and rejuvenate…… or we can plummet into the darkness of fear, obsession, and misused power! We fear what we do not understand. Fear manifests from a limited view! However, there is a special aspect occurring at the time of this New Moon that will assist us in softening the intense Scorpio energy. It is a beautiful connection between the Sun, Moon, Mercury, (our conscious mind), and Neptune, our Spiritual connection. It may feel like something special is happening, as trines between planets allow energy to flow easily! Mercury  assists  this Scorpio New Moon in opening  door to the deeper mysteries of life,and understanding our Spiritual connection in new ways! Neptune  allows us to see things that are usually hard to grasp! These mystical insights  empower us to move thru the fear and into light and love!

  • Keys to accessing the higher vibrations of the New Moon are to utilize whatever you feel passionate about. Moving towards passion transforms that which is blocking you.                                     passion word

It is all about Letting Go of old forms, patterns, agendas….so you are freed up to REJUVENATE your passions, giving you the courage to take action!!!

The best crystal to use for this New Moon is Malachite.!malichate (We just received a new shipment  of these beauties at the AURA SHOP if you need to drop in and pick one up!) Like Scorpio, it  is intense, beautiful, and will absorb the  negative energy  and thought patterns you release, totally assisting  you in this powerful transformation process!  And since the Sun and Moon are conjunct, I added the best crystals for Scorpio Moon energy, Smoky Quartz and Herkimer Diamond!

There is a great Crystal app created by the AURA SHOP…The Crystal Guru. You can learn all about the energy of crystals, and how they enhance our lives! The app is super easy to use…and you have info at your finger tips…24/7!

Here is the grid I created for this New Moon!


Scorpio Energy  is Rules Empowerment, Change, Crisis Skills, Sex/Soul Mates, Financial Partnerships, and Intense Passion! These are the areas that are highlighted and up for you to move thru and rejuvenate!

Below are possible intentions for your Ceremony!

Scorpio Rules Power, Secrets, Psychology, Charisma, and Awareness of others Needs and Motives.

Sample intentions to enhance personal power:

I easily keep secrets!secret

I completely understand the needs and desires of my significant other.

I always empower my partner in all relationships.

Scorpio Rules Transcendence,Transformation, Eliminating old “baggage”, Change, Restoration, and Forgiveness.let it go!

Samples intentions to encourage easy effortless change:

Positive transformation is occurring in the area of …!

I lovingly release all old “baggage” from ……(my childhood, previous relationships)

I confidently embrace change in the area of ……….!

I forgive …..!

I gain personal power by ceasing to blame others for my circumstances.

Scorpio Rules Crisis, Compulsions, Obsessions, Intense Interactions, Living on the Edge.

Intentions to reduce stress in crisis:

I respond to crisis with clear competent thinking and action.

I release the habit of constantly creating stress and crisis in my life.

I express my intensity in ways that are not threatening to others.

Scorpio Rules Bonding, Sex, Soul Mates, Deep Emotional Connection

Sample Intentions to Cultivate Positive Bonding:passion people

I participate fully in making the sexuality in my relationship with……..more passionate!

My soul mate relationship is deep and profoundly transformational!

I open to and allow the perfect Soul Mate relationship to reveal itself with ease and grace!

Scorpio Rules Financial Partnership, Loans, Taxes, Debts, Grants, Will and Inheritances, Contracts and

Intentions to Successfully Manage Financial Partnerships:

I apply for and received a loan to create my project.

I take action to become debt free in a way that empowers me!

I only use credit cards in  ways that create wealth.

My inheritance comes to me without  a power struggle with family.

I receive the perfect grant to expand my work.

And Last…but not least, Scorpio Rules the Misuse of Power, Revenge, Jealousy, Harsh Judgment, Destructive Urges, Power Struggles, Abandonment, Suspicion, and Guilt.

Intentions to Help Release any Tendency to Misuse Power:

I release all tendencies to get involved in power struggles.

I release any fear of abandonment.

I release all jealousy and suspicion around my partner.

I suspend judgment of others and myself!

I let go  revenge against ..…..!

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own.

Remember….the deeper you go….the freer you will be to move on!

Here are guide lines for your New Moon Ceremony.

prayer big girl

  1. Start at the exact time 9:38 AM PDT, or AFTER on Oct 30. You have up to 8 hours after the new moon to capture full intensity.
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred!
  3. Write your intentions by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Scorpio, and a New Path!
  5. After writing your intentions, take a moment, pause, SEE them actualized, FEEL the energy of them complete. KNOW, TRUST, and EXPECT them to happen!
  6. And most importantly…connect to your higher self…..make this time special and sacred.
  7. Ignite your Scorpio passion to regenerate YOU!

Sending you Love, Light, Powerful Transformation and Exciting New Directions!


Stay Inspired…..Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings


New Moon in Libra….Focus….Balance and Relationships!

web_libraHappy  New Moon in Libra!

Friday Sept 30th@ 5:11 PM

This has certainly been a wild and crazy month, and now we have the opportunity to anchor new directions and changes with a Powerful New Moon!

New Moons are always about new beginnings….and this one in Libra is super powered by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and blessings who just shifted into this sign of Love, Relationship and Balance a few weeks ago. Jupiter transits thru each of the 12 zodiac sign for one year. Now he is in Libra, so to have him kissing this New Moon is really awesome! And, if you are a Libra, this is the New Moon to set an amazing year in motion for you!!!

Top of the reflection/intention list… can we begin to BALANCE our connections and create powerful relationships……. How do we work together to co- create peace and unity?

shawdow tangoOne of my passions is the Art of the  ARGENTINE TANGO….in this dance, TWO must work together as ONE! As a follower, we must surrender to our partners lead…no way to back lead or do your own thing solo! You must trust! As a leader, we must communicate with our partners (thru body language) clearly and directly what our next move will be!  We must be WILLING to co-create thru following giving and receiving, leading and following!  If one of you slips up….the other is there to catch you and guide you to the next movement when balance is restored! It is truly an exquisite union when you move as one! If only all could dance THROUGH life, creating balance, harmony, and beauty as if it were the Last Tango!!!

This dance represents the rhythm of life… living, moving, and flowing with the cosmic heartbeat… working together in a most intimate way…..balancing the masculine and feminine, the yin and the yang!

This is our assignment for the next month, and for this year while Jupiter dances thru the sign of Libra….


You gotta love it!!! Literally!

Crystals to work with for your New Moon Libra Ceremony…

Rose quartz….for Love and Relationship

Blue Celestite.. for stabilizing the Yin- Yang energy…and helps us Get into the Cosmic Flow

Moon Stone….for New Beginnings….

These 3 are the most important for you to use…and I created a full grid covering all the planets to you to use!


The big Rose Quarts Heart  at the top is for Love…Love…Love!

Now, on to the qualities of Libra and a possible intentions!.

Libra rules partnerships, marriage, relationships, balance, justice, art, beauty, peace, harmony and diplomacy!

Sample intentions to Inspire Happiness, Commitment, and Equality in all Your Relationships:

I attract the perfect  loving, committed long term relationship.

I attract the perfect business partners that are aligned with my values and goals.

I joyfully re- ignite my marriage (Partnership) with love, passion, respect, and appreciation.

red umbrella

Libra rules Balance, Equality, Appreciation of opposite viewpoints, Negotiation, Counseling.

Sample intentions:

I  intend to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND all points of view, and Appreciate differences!

I intend to create Win Win solutions in all my relationships!

I effectively negotiate my situation with …… listening from my Heart, releasing my need to be right!

full moon cat and dog

Libra Rules Harmony, Peace, Beauty, Art.

Sample Intentions :

I  create a beautiful, peaceful environment at work and at home.

I find  the perfect art that express beauty in my home.

Libra Rules Teamwork, Giving and Receiving Support, Collaboration, Cooperation.

Sample Intentions:

I am consciously aware that we are ‘all in this together’ and easily lend my support to others.

I  collaborate with ………in a way that results in a win- win situation.

I support my family and business partners in their dreams and intentions, as they support me and mine!elethant and cat

Libra Rules Refinement, Luxury, Elegance, Pampering, Grace

I  fully Receive and Appreciate  being pampered by others!

I am  graceful and elegant as I move though my daily life.

I am consciously aware of the beauty and grace in each moment.

Libra Also Rules Loss of Self- Identity, Codependency, Appeasing behaviors, Indecision.

Sample Intentions:

I release the need to like, and be liked, by everyone!

I release the desire to achieve peace at any price.

I release indecision, trusting the direction I choose is perfect for me at this moment.

I love who I am, perfect in every way!self worth

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!

Here are the guidelines for your New Moon ceremony.prayer little girl

Start at the exact time of the New Moon 5:11 PM  PDT Sept 30 or after.

  1. Write  no more than 10 intentions by hand, not computer.
  2. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Libra.  And, feel free to include anything other project you are currently working on.
  3. After writing, take a moment to SEE (picture it), then FEEL your intentions actualized, (feel happy and loved!) And the final piece is to BELIEVE it is possible and happening now! Then just let it go, not worrying HOW to figure it all out. JUST allow the Universe to deliver in perfect Divine Timing! Your part is to be EXPECTANT!
  4. And, most importantly…Dream Big, Get Creative, Ignite your passion, and always follow your Hearts Desire!

Stay Inspire….Connected….Empowered

Peace and Blessings


peace love happiness

P.S. The  next full moon is Oct 15th  , and if you live in LA, we will be doing our last full moon horseback ride of the year.  I invite you to join us….mark you calendars now…more details to follow!