Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces March Sunday March 12th


Full Moon @ 22 * Virgo/Pisces

March 12 @ 7:54 AM

Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. It is a time of seeing clearly both sides of an issue, and working to combine both. A Full Moon always seeks to create balance. This Full Moon is bound to bring up mixed feelings as it has challenging aspects involved!

Remember….emotions run high….Pause and give those around you space!!!

The main emphasis  of this Full Moon is:

  • Looking at how you integrate and balance your spiritual life and your daily practice . Faith vs fear!
  • Routines and practices that increase your overall health
  • The integration between your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.
  • This Full Moon brings the energies of imagination, mysticism and creativity, while showing that in order to   create you are required to stay focused and practical!

The aspects that add complexity to this Full Moon:

  • Saturn is squaring both the Sun and Moon, making it important to consider what is practical, realistic and viable when it comes to manifesting your dreams. Take off the Rose Colored Glasses!
  • This square can increase weariness and fatigue….so rest!!
  • Mercury is squaring Saturn, mentally challenging your decision making process.  Seeing realistically, and considering all details is your pest best practice! And take your time in the process!

What to watch out for:

  • Focusing on the details so much that you resist going with the flow
  •  Falling into victim roll
  • Feeling depressed, worried or anxious about things
  • Striving for perfection to the point of distraction!

What to strive for:

  • Making a conscious effort to develop faith  if you are fearful or worried
  • Look at self- critical of self defeating beliefs that keep driving your decisions
  • Eliminate distractions, focusing on one thing at a time
  • Avoid things that send you into overwhelm




Things to consider:

  • How can I establish a daily Spiritual Practice to remember my true essence?
  • When I receive inner guidance, do I listen to it and apply it to my life?
  • Do I push myself too hard not allowing for test and retreat?
  • Am I integrating both my common sense and inner knowing as I consider my options?

Below is your grid for this FM, and the best stones to use are Amethyst and Peridot for the integration

of  Pisces and  Virgo.

Black Onyx for grounding and seeing clearly, and Carnelian for creating!


Remember…..where ever you are….be sure to go out under this beautiful full Moon and receive her blessings….

And Howl!!!



Peace and Blessings




Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Feb 10th!

Full Moon in Leo @ 22 *

Welcome to Eclipse Season!

Eclipses are dramatic wild cards and some of the most powerful tools that the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to change. They uproot us, surprise is, and get us moving. They shake us up so that we can move from one level of maturity to another, and to a higher plane very rapidly. Eclipse wants us to change, and change we do!

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse includes a Fire Grand Trine….so we will be Fired UP for sure!

The Moon in Leo  seeks recognition…we want to be the Star and Shine! We are the King or Queen of our realm, and our world revolves around us!

Aquarius, however is the intellectual air sign, focused on the group conscientiousness.The worlds eclectic mix of personalities must be able to work as a team to ensure the future of humankind as a whole.

Our differences can either help us to  support each other….. or set us apart!

Our job during this Eclipse is to integrate these 2 energies! How can we Shine and bring our Creative Self expression to the causes that are best for the collective conscience?

For sure, it is a time to follow inspired hopes and dreams. To bring our brilliance and think outside the box! Collaborate with friends and colleagues! To take actions that start a new project! Remember, “If you want something, you must DO something!!!”

The crystals that are most important for this full moon are Citrine ( to abundantly shine your light) and Aquamarine, ( to assist in connecting you to your brilliance!) I also connected up the Fire Grand Trine with Ruby for the Aries, and Labradorite for the Sagittarius

Here is the grid for this Full Moon.


Details for your Full Moon Ceremony:

Full Moons are not  time sensitive as New Moons,so no worry to be out at the exact time, But…fyi, the time is 4:33  PM  Feb 10 PST.

Plan to go out under the moonlight if you can so you can soak in her amazing rays and get fired up!

Find your spot, have a journal!

Take in a few deep breaths, become fully present, connecting to your Higher self,and say a prayer that includes both asking for guidance and gratitude!

If you need to release or let go of something you have been holding on to for eons…….write it down, what ever it is…… and give it over to the Moon!

Once that is done…..ask these questions… and wait for the messages.

  • Am I true to myself in group settings, or do  I adjust “who I am in order to fit in?” (Independence vs interdependence)
  • What is the best way for me to Stay True to Me?
  • Am I open to a Vision in my Life…
  • If not, what does that Vision look like?
  • What action steps can I take to to make it happen?
  • What  groups can I collaborate with to accelerate my dreams and vision?
  • What is the best way to bring my gifts to the world!

Take the time to get it all down….Eclipses Super charge everything….including your hopes and dreams!

  When your time is complete…again give thanks for all you have and for the messages received,                                        ALLOW the Magic in the Moonlight to  to Begin!!!



Peace and Blessings


Full Moon in Cancer/ Capricorn….Jan 12!

Every month Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. A Full Moon signals a time when you are able to see more clearly how certain dualities create tensions, but, can bring opportunities for growth and greater awareness! When you become aware of and merge the opposing energies you will feel more empowered and in control of your own life! Intuitively, you are seeking balance…whether you are conscience or unconscious, so, really pay attention to the messages and synchronicity! The energy at full moons are more intense…..feelings run high…..for all of us! Acting with Compassion as opposed to Anger and impatience is the better choice!

This  First Full Moon of 2017 is powerful and potent for sure! This is because  5 planets are involved forming a Cardinal Grand Cross! After the end of the long and challenging 2016….this energy will help us complete and usher in New Directions! Jupiter, (expansion) is involved and will magnify whatever is going on, so events may blow up disproportionately! We want to tap into the higher frequencies of this energy, so Best Practice, stay mindful….look at what IS possible! Be courageous and  choose a different way, the way of a happy heart!

Follow those feelings, ideas and insights that spark excitement and enthusiasm!

And….being impatient or impulsive, taking rash actions in not advised! Breathe and pause before you respond!

This Grand Cross is occurring in the signs that will effect  family vs work, relationships vs individual freedom! We are seeking to gain BALANCE and HARMONY in these 4 areas of life! There is also a very strong Pisces energy, (Spiritual) encouraging us to recommit to our Spiritual Path in 2017. Actually…..if we just remember…..this is a New Beginning ,a 1 year, the Year of Magic!                                                                                                                                                           Our INNER guidance system the the very best GPS for our own personal Magic! (The Way IN is the MAP for the Way OUT! )

Below is the Astro chart so you can visualize the Grand Cross and a Crystal  Grid to use in your FM ceremony!



Planets involved….Moon in Cancer, family (moonstone), Sun conjunct  Pluto in Capricorn, work, career (Garnet) Jupiter in Libra, relationships (rose quartz) and Uranus in Aries, individual freedom and creativity, (Carnelian). All anchored by Venus, Neptune, and Mars in Pisces, amethyst (Spirit!)

Details for your Full Moon Meditation Ceremony and Release….

Full Moons are not  time sensitive as New Moons,so no worry to be out at the exact time, But…fyi, the time is 4:08 PM Jan 12 PST. The activity or degree  is occurring at 22 *  of all 4 signs.

Plan to go out under the moonlight if you can so you can soak in her amazing rays and stand in the center of this Grand Cross!  (Between the Setting Sun and the Rising Moon!)

Find your spot, have a journal!

Take in a few deep breaths, become fully present, connecting to your Higher self,and say a prayer that includes both asking for guidance and gratitude!

If you need to release….write it down, what ever it is…… and give it over to the Moon! Once that is done…..ask these questions… and wait for the messages.

*What changes need to take place in my home this year?

*What is the single most important thing  needed in my career that will create a greater sense of purpose,

well being, and security in my life?

*What is the best way to create Balance and Harmony in all areas of my life?

*How can I grow my Spiritual practice?

                               When your time is complete…again give thanks for all you have and for the messages received,                            ALLOW the Magic in the Moonlight to  to Begin!!!


Stay Inspired…..Connected….Empowered

Peace and Blessings




Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius Dec.13

fushia full moonFull Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius

December 13th

  4:05 PM PST

Full Moons always bring things and situations that were previously unknown into the light. It is a time when we are trying to gain balance! Emotions can run high as we seek to know the truth of situations!  What is being illuminated is reflected in the signs of the Sun and Moon. We are being asked to integrate these two energies! With this lunation, we are called upon to to utilize both our rational mind (Gemini) and our intuitive wisdom (Sagittarius) to resolve current issues!

This is also a trigger to the beautiful Jupiter Sextile Saturn aspect discussed in the December Overview! (Please review) This is a real blessing, so be ready to take advantage of the Good!

So lets take a look at how to work with this Full Moon energy!

  • Best practice is to look at how you can merge these two energies….information (Gemini) into wisdom (Sagittarius)
  • Sagittarius /Gemini polarity brings opportunity to expand our mind and look at a bigger picture!
  • This FM helps us see where faith has been lost, and helps us renew our Beliefs!
  • Intuitively, we seek to gain greater balance  by utilizing our innate wisdom!  (Love this!)
  • Communications of all kinds are significant at this time, so pay attention! A powerful insight or ahha  can change a belief in a flash!let it go
  • Intuition and imagination will be extra active so pay attention to messages and visions.
  • We  may see where we are holding back…..time to let that go!!!!

This is the last full moon of the year, and an opportunity to RELEASE all the useless information we have collected this year, and  hone in on the WISDOM we acquired thru trial and error!



2017 is a 1 Year….the Year of the Magician! Let’s go in with a clean slate and create some Magic!!!!



Take a few minutes to prepare for your  Full Moon release ceremony by  making a list of all you want to let go of.butterfly let go

                  Write it all down! We don’t want to bring any old baggage, information, or beliefs  into 2017.

Here is a beautiful grid to work with this FM. Since the axis is Gemini(information) Sagittarius ( Wisdom/Beliefs),

I did it a bit differently, using just the special crystals that work to integrate these 2 energy’s.  These gorgeous crystals are from the AURA SHOP on Main St.



Labradorite is the Spiritual Mentor Crystal (for Sag energy) and Kyanite ( for Gemini) helps to bring the truth to you through logical thought and intuition! Apophylite at the top links Spiritual and Physical, and, of course Moon Stone at the bottom, enhances intuition and adjusts your biorhythms during the Full Moon! ( Always have your Moon stone for any moon ceremony!)

Kyanite is the Blue Stone and Labradorite is the  multi faceted olive gold stone! Actually…the grid is created on a Labradorite slab! Awesome and from the AURA SHOP!~  Print and use this or create your own!

Take your list of Releases and your crystals to your special place OUTSIDE, if possible, and vibe with the Moonlight!

full moon and lakeSpend a few minutes in Silence, under the beautiful rays of Moonlight.

Then read your release list ….OUT LOUD….to the Moonlight.

When complete….light it up and watch it burn….all of it!

Jot down any insights or ideas that come to you that are NEW.


When complete…Give great thanks for all you DO have….and relax…..

Time to get ready for a brand New Year and YOU!!!prayer big girl

Note …Mercury goes retrograde Dec 18th – Jan. 8th. If you are traveling over this holiday  make sure you check and recheck your plans. There may be delays and chaos with this aspect.  Best Practice, Stay Grounded, Centered, Flexible, and plan extra time! Really get all your shopping and shipping done this week. You want your cards and gifts to arrive in time and at the correct address!!! You will want to slow down by the 19th….(Mars into Pisces) so really, trust me, get it all done, or as much as you can….this week!!!


SeedsofFaith_WebDuring  this Holiday Season…Remember the Real Reason we Celebrate…it is about Giving the Gift of  Love, Gratitude  and Appreciation from your Heart to the Heart of your Family and Friends! Since it is a retrograde Holiday, reconnect with friends and family, and reconsider your 2017 directions. There is exciting Cosmic energy guiding us at end of this month and year!

Get ready to start fresh and expand your beliefs and views and expect the unexpected!!

Life+Peace+Love dove

THANK YOU all for being my readers, clients, friends, and allowing me the opportunity to share my love of Astrology and our Cosmic Connection!


Inspired…..Connected …..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings



Peace and Blessings


Full Moon Nov 14 in Taurus/Scorpio

November 14th @9:23 AM PST

wolf howling at full moon57Full Moons always illuminate that which is hidden. It offers us to see things in a New Light!  This Full Moon is the the 3rd of 4 Super Full Moons. We  feel the pull of the Moon in normal times, but  when it is  a Super Full Moon…coming  close to Earth, the gravitational pull is amplified!  So… Heads Up…. this is one of the most emotional and intense Full Moon energies of the year!  It  involves bringing up deep issues that reside in our unconscious or shadow side. shawdow side The Taurus/Scorpio axis  rules  issues of self worth, self esteem, and what we value. Finances and resources  also come under the spotlight…as does our sex life!

There are several aspects with this Full Moon that  indicate there are things going on below the surface that once identified,will require you to make some adjustments before they can be resolved, balanced, and  restored.

Areas where  adjustments may need to occur:

*Your relationship with abundance ( or lack)

*Your relationship with your body and how you take care of it

*Your relationship with sex….shawdow tango

*Power…use, misuse, and abuse of it!

*Discovering what matters most to you at this stage of your life.

Questions to consider during these intense few days…Are you in denial about something that needs to emerge?

Are you tending to and doing what you really really care about…or do you put if off until you have the time/energy/money/etc?

Are you utilizing the resources you have available to you?

Scorpio energy  gets down and dirty… to find the truth.. no matter how painful…and transform it!

There is a great quote from Angeles Arrien in the Mountain Astrologer this month that I love….

“There comes a time in the Spiritual Journey when you start making choices from a very different place. And, if a choice lines up so that it supports truth, health ,happiness, wisdom, and love, it is the right choice! ”

So, once you find YOUR truth….make your choices from a higher perspective!

These choices and decisions will empower us all!

shawdow side 2

 We are not having a full moon gathering! To cold and too dark! So, I highly suggest you do your own!                Here are a few suggestions for a DIY  Full Moon Release ceremony:


The best crystal is still Malachite for the Scorpio Sun, and rutilated quartz for the Taurus moon.( It will help you access your past,and what you is ready to be released at this time!)

Here is your beautiful Full Moon  crystal grid to use or follow…


* Full moons are not  as time sensitive as New Moons, so plan to go out and feel and experience this very powerful, Super Full Moon. Receive the downloads, upgrades and assistance she is sending to you!
* Bring a journal and take a few moment to contemplate and meditate. Ask for guidance!

* Write down all the things that  are no longer working for you. List everything. The Intention is to expose hidden secrets and ” just let go”  so you can move forward without a bunch of  emotional baggage!

*Then, take your list.…Bless It for what worked and the lessons learned.  Next, light it up and let her burn baby burn! All the way….no chunks of paper left!

*Once burned…..Shout… Dance… Howl…. get excited that these things will no longer have power over you!

 Bye Bye Now to the past shitola!!let it go!

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing….do it FULL OUT!

Put your Heart and Soul into it!

And….on a another note…. The  US elections will be over…finally!  Who ever wins, it is truly a time to release this ridicules campaign and all the separation it has created.  Do an extra howl or written release,  let’s” let go” of the crazy hate, bigotry, lies and name calling. I know we will all  have to dig deep to release….

but it is really time to move forward!

Time to the page, work together, and UNITE our beautiful country!

And, please send love to our New Leader…whoever it is will need it!



Peace and Blessings


shawdow side moon