Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 11.08.22……Power-packed!!!!

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 

16* Taurus/Scorpio

November 8 2022 @ 3:02  AM PDT

This FM Eclipse is the culmination of several very challenging aspects that have been encouraging us…or pushing us to change!!!! You can run…but you can not hide from the energy, info and details this Eclipse will flush out!

Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are on the opposite sides of the Earth, and in opposite signs.The truth around something of great importance is revealed.shawdow side And when it’s an Eclipse, it is a super powerful life changing time….particularly if it aligns in your chart with a Taurus or Scorpio Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign! The Taurus/Scorpio axis rules issues of self worth, self esteem, and what we value. Finances and resources  also come under the spotlight…as does our sex life! The Taurus Moon tends to Hold On to what is known, while the Scorpio Sun seeks to transform old forms and explore new ways of doing things!  Here in is the Rub!!!

On the Scorpio Sun side, we have Mercury the Messenger,and Venus the Goddess of Love and Money  conjunct the Sun, opposite the Moon conjunct Uranus and the North Node in Taurus! Super powerful energy! And, it is Election Day in the US. Please be safe and stay grounded and in your body. Try not to multi task! This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse casts light on secrets, hidden agendas, and things that have been kept from public view. Emotions will be running high, as well as passions! It is very important to pay attention to what you hear! Messages are relevant and deliver important information!  A great question to ask is “What do I really need to both survive and thrive in this new time on our planet!!

                                           Areas highlighted by the Taurus/Scorpio axis and where adjustments may occur:

*Your relationship with abundance ( or lack).

*Your relationship with your body and how you take care of it.

*Your relationship with sex….shawdow tango

*Power…use, misuse, and abuse of it!

*Discovering what matters most to you at this stage of your life.

Questions to consider during these intense few days…

Are you in denial about something that needs to emerge?

Are you utilizing the resources you have available to you?

Scorpio energy gets to the bottom of it and finds out the truth.. no matter how painful!

Once you find YOUR truth,

Make your choices from a higher perspective!

Choices and decisions that will empower YOU and take you in a new direction!

Remember…..Out with the Old….In with the New!

shawdow side 2

Here are a few suggestions for your  Full Moon Eclipse Release ceremony:

The best crystals to have with you are Malachite for the Scorpio Sun,(transformation and release) Rutilated Quartz for the Taurus Moon,It will help you access your past and release what needs to go!

Moonstone….  to set a New Lunar cycle.

Lapis….to assist you in speaking and knowing your truth!!!

Selenite…. to bring in the Light and keep the energy clear!

Onyx or Obsidian …to keep you stable and grounded

And, feel free to use your personal favorites…Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and  Rose Quartz are always good to throw in the mix!!

A few more details for your  Ceremony……

* Plan to go outside under the moonlight to feel and experience of this very powerful Full Moon Eclipse! If inside, clear your space, make this time sacred!

*Remember, Full Moons are not time sensitive as New Moons…so, it is ok to do your ceremony tonight….or tomorrow night as the exact time of the Eclipse is 3:01 AM PDT on the 8th! The Moon will look full tonight!

*Set the tone with an opening prayer, calling in your angels and guides….asking for assistance and guidance during this radical time of change!

* Have your journal ready…and enter a meditative state.

*Listen IN….Ask questions….and LISTEN for the answers. Sit in this meditative state as long as necessary to receive the info you seek!

* Write it down as it comes to you! List everything. The Intention is to expose hidden secrets and ” just let go”  so you can move forward without  emotional baggage!

*Then, take your list.…Bless It for the lessons learned and release it to the Moon….give it to her gentle, willing hands!

* Take a few deep breaths…..and be grateful that it is done. You are now free to move forward without your doubt, fear and worry!!

*Shout… Dance… Howl…. get excited that these things  no longer have power over you!

* As you close your ceremony, offer up thanksgiving and gratitude for what you DO HAVE!!! Send a prayer of love out to your neighbors, our country, and the world. Commit to one random act of kindness a day! We are the change that will shape our new world!

These are super challenging times …..for everyone!

Try not to judge yourself or your neighbor.  Somethings gotta give in terms of

kindness and graciousness for our fellow human beings.

Misinformation will be ramped during this Eclipse.

Be sure you research your information, and find the truth for yourself…..check in with your heart.

With Uranus + the Eclipse involved expect the unexpected…..x2! 

Remember,change is good…Go WITH the flow…as uncomfortable as it seems.

Stay present, aware and flexible, and know your time line will change on Eclipse day!



Peace and Blessings



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