New Moon in Leo 7.28.22

New Moon in Leo @ 5*

7.28.22@ 10:54 AM PDT

New Moons occur when both the Sun and Moon align in the same sign at the exact same time. It represents a New Beginning, or New Cycle for planting seeds for the next month. The aspects to the other planets in the sky at the time of the NM, tells us a story of the energy and dynamic of the event.

And, this New Moon brings and injection of fresh energy into our lives through the connection to Jupiter in Aries! The energy has plenty of sparks to enliven our creative juices, and plan our hearts desire and next steps in this most challenging journey of change!

Leo rules from the HEART! So open up your heart, your passion, your unique creative expression, and call on the courage to be your Authentic Self!

The time of Leo is from 7.22.-8.22, and  is all about FUN, Creativity, Openhearted Love and Self Expression!

Leo is about being Bold, Passionate, and  Fearless…The Spiritual Warrior of the Heart!

Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, is closely aligned with this NM, so as we set our intentions, LISTEN IN as Mercury is calling us have the courage FEEL our Hearts, and to step into the direction of the heart! This New Moon energy will assist us in gaining greater clarity about our Authentic Self and what IT needs to feel more alive and on purpose at this time! Since Jupiter in Aries is also engaged in the New Moon, think big,and expansive!!  If you ask, you will receive a clear communication as to the next best move!!

Crystals to use for the Leo New Moon to assist in empowering,inspiring and manifesting your vision are:

Tigers Eye… Self confidence!

Citrine….Abundance on every level!

Ametrine….Clearing and expanding your energy and inner connection ( amethyst and citrine combined)


Sunstone…Enlightened leadership!

And any of your personal collection that is calling to you!!

As you prepare for your Ceremony, think about….

Where are you a leader?                                       creative brain

What do you absolutely love?

Are you creating fun and joy?

Is your heart open?

Where do you need to be more courageous?

Where are you Shinning in your life?

What is your Passion…are you living it?

So… clear, set your intentions around the natural qualities of Leo,

and  Dream BIG, Plan Big, Play Big and Intend BIG!


Below are intentions to spark your own desires as you prepare for your New Moon Ceremony.

These are around the natural Leo qualities……


Learn-to-Love-How-to-Live-Happily-Ever-After-1-mdnLeo Rules Heart Connections, Romance, Dating, and Intense Love Encounters.

Sample Intentions to encourage personal Love:

I joyously create romance and play in my relationship with………..

I easily re-enter the dating scene in a way that is successful and pleasurable for me!

The perfect loving soul mate is here  NOW!


Leo Rules Creativity, Enthusiasm, Artistic Expression, Passion, and Self-expression.Courage_Web

Sample Intentions:

I begin each day with enthusiasm and joy!

New creative ideas flow  endlessly into my life!

I am involved in projects that evoke my passion and vital interest!

Leo Rules  Celebration, Fun, Play, Games, Parties, Vacations, and taking risk for excitement.

Sample Intentions:

I intend to do one thing daily that brings me pleasure.

I easily find myself taking risks that bring joy and vitality into my life!

I consciously take time to play and enjoy life!

lion of ozLeo Rules Determination, Self Confidence, Radiance, Leadership, Stamina, and Strength of Purpose,

Sample Intentions:

I truly am confident in all areas of my life!

I always take the perfect right action, creating my desired result!

I release any underlying tendency to sabotage the successful fulfillment of my heart’s desires!

Leo Rules Giving Love, Loyalty, Generosity, Encouragement and Kindness.

Sample Intentions:

I express myself in ways that others KNOW I love them.elethant and cat

I always give love and support to those I love…. no matter what!

I give others the benefit of the doubt.

Feel free to use these or make up your own!



                          Here is the Info for your New Moon ceremony.

prayer little girl

Start at the exact time 10:54 AM PDT  or after. You have up to 8 hours to really capture the full intensity of a New Moon.

  1. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred!
  2. Write your 10 intentions… hand….not computer.
  3. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Leo.
  4. After writing your intentions, take a moment to see them complete, feel what it would be like to have them completed, and most importantly, KNOW that the Universe will deliver them to you! Expect Results!
  5. And most importantly…….Have Fun, Get creative, Ignite your passion, Be Courageous, and ALWAYS follow your Hearts Desire!

lion and goddess

Sending  you all Love, Laughter, Passion, and Pleasure!



Peace and Blessings


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