New Moon in Cancer June 28th @7:52 PM PDT

New Moon in Cancer
June 28th @ 7 Degrees
7:52  PM PDT
New Moons are when both the Sun and Moon align in the same sign, offering us an opportunity to hit the re-set button, re-think and renew our ideas and commitments in the area where this alignment occurs. This month its Cancer. So, our focus turns to home, family, belonging (or not) and what makes us feel safe and secure.
The comforts and familiarity of home and spending time in the garden or nature is pulling at our hearts! This is a very instinctual pull, and can be a time of profound healing that takes place quietly, deep within us as we allow our family……or……nature to make us feel loved, safe, and protected!
Our feelings will need attending to.
And, expressing them in loving, kind ways is our Best Practice!
Family, children, parents, generational issues, may resurface for you to take a look at and Heal.
Be Nice….Practice random acts of kindness! Everyone needs a little love!
There is so much change and turmoil happening in the world, so it is super important to take the time to make your home feel safe and welcoming. A place for all your family to relax and feel loved! This Cancer New Moon is the perfect time to reset!
At the same time, Neptune, the most Spiritual of planets, stations Retrograde thru 12/3/22.
A few pointers…..
First….you might feel extra tired….don’t worry, just plan less activities, and rest for the next few days.
Next… to your Spiritual Practice! The New Moon Ceremony is a good time to open your heart and your home to a daily  dedicated Spiritual practice!
And finally, this is an auspicious time in our country and world. Rest, rejuvenation, and take time to be with your family.                      The events of the summer will continue to heat up……create your home to be a haven so you have a wonderful place to retreat!
Here is a crystal grid for this New Moon to set the New Cycle!!
Moonstone is your most important stone to use… to set a new beginning, it is the stone for Cancer!
It helps to balance emotions,and keeps you on the path to your life’s purpose!
Rose quartz..the stone of unconditional love…We all need Love!!!
Lapis….urges you to take the lead!!!
Amethyst….the Spiritual Stone…Protection, peace, calm, connection to higher realms!
Black Obsidian…draws off negativity…keeps you grounded!
Labradorite…The Magic Stone! Lets call in a little magic!!!!
Clear Quartz…Brings the body into balance!!!
 Selenite!….Brings in divine light!
You can use any or all of these for your intention ceremony!
 As you prepare for your New Moon Ceremony…..Remember, this is reset for the summer, your family and friends, for taking time to enjoy, relax, and for planing down time to nurture yourself and all you love!

The areas listed below are what Cancer Rules, and are highlighted:

Home, Family, and Instincts

Sample intentions to strengthen your Personal Foundation:mother duck keeping watch

I spend plenty of heart felt time with my family.

I experience a feeling of increased security and joy.

I clearly and easily listen to and honor ALL my gut instincts!

I easily attract, recognize, and purchase the perfect home/apartment at an amazing price!

Security, Feelings of Belonging, Protection, Tenacity, and Financial Security.

Sample intentions to Increase Feelings of Safety:

I handle my finances in ways that create a stable base I can count on.happy be

I have a complete sense of security in every area of my life.

I am loved and protected by an infinite source of Good!

Growth, Nurturing, and New Beginnings.

Sample intentions to Encourage Positive Growth:

I release childhood patterns that have held me in bondage!

I joyously learn and grow from all significant events that happen in my life!

I embrace the process of my own expansion and personal growth!

Cancer Rules Emotional Closeness:

Caring, Empathy, Vulnerability, and IntimacyLearn-to-Love-How-to-Live-Happily-Ever-After-1-mdn

Sample intentions to increase Emotional Closeness:

I intend to be open and ask for help in a way that is empowering!

I release all fear around intimacy!

I am empathetic and understanding for those who need my care and support.

I receive the same from my loved ones.

Cancer Rules Feelings;

Changing moods, Awareness of our own feelings, Sensitivity to others’ feelings, Tenderness, and Awareness of needs.

Sample Intentions to Enhance Feeling Experiences:

I consciously and consistently communicate my feelings in responsible, appropriate ways.

I release all moodiness!

I let go of all non-constructive, over the top emotional responses.

I intend to live moment by moment and not be ruled by my moods!

Cancer Rules Nurturing:

Being supportive and accepting support, Food, Close family relations.healthy summer food

Sample intentions to Promote Positive Nurturing:

I release all self-destructive habits around food.

I experience wonderful, mutually heart felt relationships.

I spend great quality time with my family.


As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!

Details  for your New Moon ceremony:

  1. Start at the exact time 7:52 PM  PT or after. You have up to 8 hours to utilize full power of  New Beginnings.
  2. Write your 10 intentions, by hand, not computer.
  3. Make your time special….set the mood with your crystals, candles, and journal.  It is ok to be inside or out, but, just know you won’t see the moon….as it is aligned exactly with the Sun!
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Cancer.
  5.  After writing your intentions, be sure to VISUALIZE  them complete, FEEL them complete, and KNOW  Divine right timing is working to deliver!
  6. Most importantly…  FEEL and FOLLOW  your Heart!
  7. Plan some fun with family and friends and let them know how you feel about them!

        Happy Magical Love Infused Summer!

Stay Inspired….Connected….Empowered!

Peace and Blessings



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