New Moon in Libra October 19th 12:12 PM

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October 19th  12:12 PM PDT

New Moons occur every 29.5 days when the Sun and Moon meet up in the same sign. It’s  like having a Cosmic business meeting… the big guys get together and facilitate new possibilities!

This month it is all about setting the stage for for new relationships, both business  as well as intimate partners! Usually, this is a beautiful peaceful New Moon, bringing balance and calm, however, this will not be the case this year! Uranus, the Great Awakener, is in direct opposition to this New Moon, possibly bringing an unpredictable, destabilizing influence, both personally and on the global scene. Uranus seeks FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE, and Libra seeks BALANCE  and COLLABORATION! There in is our work…..integrating these energies!!

Additional details surrounding this NM… Jupiter has just shifted into the Sign of Scorpio for the next 13 months, bringing TRUTH to LIGHT, and Mercury, planet of communication, entered  Scorpio on the 17th of October until November 5th. These 2 planets are conjunct (kissing) at the time of this New Moon. So, there will be an expanded awareness in seeking truth, exposing abuse of power,corruption, and sexual misconduct! ( You may want to take a good look at  your partnerships, and we are certainly watching this play out nationally! )

Best Practice….Pause before you fly off the handle with mean and cutting comments! Say something that empowers and creates a win win for both sides. Hold love in your heart….and ask yourself.…How would love and respect answer!

*Focus on ways to create harmony and peace rather than discord and conflict.

*Active and attentive listening bring meaningful insights that empower your relationships.

*Discovering  ways to express and create more  love in your life and your partnerships.

*Agreements made now are significant to your Soul’s growth.

Great questions to ask to attune to the energies present:

*Am I willing to make the changes necessary if it means more balance in my life?

*Is it time to do an honest review of the arrangements and agreements in my relationships and partnerships?

*Do I compromise too much? Not enough?

*Is it time to make a decision that will take me in a new directions?

Be honest with yourself….then your partners…..and make that change. In changing, you create balance, which will bring peace and harmony back into relationships and life!



Also, with Uranus opposing this New Moon,  be on the lookout for sudden brilliant insights and unexpected encounters!uruans planet-001

Rose Quartz is the perfect stone to use and program during your New Moon Ceremony.

Often called the “Love Stone,” it’s energetic hallmark is that of rose_quartz_heartunconditional love and its energy opens the heart chakra. It’s a wonderful stone to use for every type of love: self-love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional.

Rose Quartz can assist you in attracting the perfect love partnership. Its energies teach us to apply this love to ourselves….thus attracting the  perfect partner at the same level and desire!

Hold your rose quartz during your meditation…either in your hand or at your heart. You can program it with your intentions this month….and it will go to work for you as your personal assistant giving and attracting the love and partners you desire!

And….one last thing, for those new to my NM ceremony, I just want to review  the HOW TO!

Below I list all the different possibility using the qualities of Libra….the sign and energy of this New Moon. This list is to assist you. You can use the intentions below,or make up your own.  The beauty of doing this ceremony/meditation at the time of the New Moon is you have the Cosmic Power of New Beginnings to assist in your dreams and desires! That is why it is important to do at the exact time or AFTER!time to love

Now,  to the qualities of Libra and a possible intentions!.

Libra rules partnerships, marriage, relationships, balance, justice, art, beauty, peace, harmony and diplomacy!

Sample intentions to Inspire Happiness, Commitment, and Equality in all Your Relationships:

I attract the perfect  loving, committed long term relationship.

I attract the perfect business partners that are aligned with my values and goals.

I joyfully re- ignite my marriage (Partnership) with love, passion, respect, and appreciation.

red umbrella

Libra rules Balance, Equality, Appreciation of opposite viewpoints, Negotiation, Counseling.

Sample intentions:

I  intend to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND all points of view, and Appreciate differences!

I intend to create Win Win solutions in all my relationships!

I effectively negotiate my situation with

listening from my Heart, releasing my need to be right!

full moon cat and dog

Libra Rules Harmony, Peace, Beauty, Art.

Sample Intentions :

I  create a beautiful, peaceful environment at work and at home.

I find  the perfect art that express beauty in my home that inspires me!


Libra Rules Teamwork, Giving and Receiving Support, Collaboration, Cooperation.

Sample Intentions:

I am consciously aware that we are ‘all in this together’ and easily lend my support to others.

I  collaborate with

__ in a way that results in a win- win situation.

I support my family and business partners in their dreams and intentions, as they support me and mine!elethant and cat


Libra Rules Refinement, Luxury, Elegance, Pampering, Grace

I  fully Receive and Appreciate  being pampered by others!

I am  graceful and elegant as I move though my daily life.

I am consciously aware of the beauty and grace in each moment.


Libra Also Rules Loss of Self- Identity, Codependency, Appeasing behaviors, Indecision.

Sample Intentions:

I release the need to like, and be liked, by everyone!

I release the desire to achieve peace at any price.

I release indecision, trusting the direction I choose is perfect for me at this moment.

I love who I am, perfect in every way!self worth

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!


Here are the guidelines for your New Moon ceremony.prayer little girl

Start at the exact time of the New Moon or after.

  1. Write  no more than 10 intentions by hand, not computer.
  2. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Libra.  And, feel free to include any other project you are currently working on.
  3. After writing, take a moment to SEE (picture it), then FEEL your intentions actualized, (feel happy and loved!) And the final piece is to BELIEVE it is possible and happening now! Then just let it go, not worrying HOW to figure it all out. JUST  allow the Universe to deliver in perfect Divine Timing! Your part is to be EXPECTANT!
  4. And, most importantly…Dream Big, Get Creative, Ignite your passion, and always follow your Hearts Desire!


peace love happiness

If you are in LA, please join us for a live NM intention ceremony at the AURA Shop on Main St. Included in our evening is an Astro Overview, Crystal Bowling concert with Shanna(just back from having a beautiful baby) meditation and more! Call to reserve your space at 310.584.9998



Peace and Blessings







October 2017 Overview

Happy Birthday Libra!

(And, sorry for this late post….life is moving quite rapidly with many complicated situations )

We have been through some serious Cosmic energy the last two months! And September continued to be wild and intense! Luckily, we have the wonderful balancing energy of Libra transiting the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars bringing a bit of piece and calm, allowing us a chance to  catch our breath  and  restore a sense of order in our lives! The other big news this month  is the shift of Jupiter into the sign of Scorpio on October 10th!

For the past year, Jupiter, called the Great Benefactor, has been in the sign of Libra. Every 13 months, he shifts signs, and will be entering the powerful, magnetic sign of Scorpio on October 10th, where he will remain until Nov 8th 2018!

Jupiter’s presence in the  mysterious and deep sign of Scorpio will be impacting us in several areas of life, having a particular strong significance spiritually! This planet will bring a powerful alchemical frequency, placing a greater emphasis on the dynamics involving planetary evolution with the potential to enhance and enrich our own personal spiritual journey! With Jupiter here, the Truth will be reveled! Just smoothing over things is not going to cut it this next year. We now are willing and ready to take that deep dive below the surface to find the  facts and truth. And, FYI, Scorpio deals with corruption,  and misuse of power at the lower level. So, the headlines in the media are bound to thrive in the next year as we as a country look to balance and deepen our moral compass and what we will or won’t allow at this point in our evolution.

A few other areas getting attention:

*The Laws of Attraction and Magnetism will be potent this year! Emotions and feelings run hot! It is very important that you are mindful of where you place your attention as thoughts, and images can manifest much more quickly……..instant Karma is at work!

*A powerful cleansing and purging …..on all levels!

*Jupiter in Scorpio will bring profound insights to you and the issues in your life though the language of symbols, metaphors and imagery. This will assist you in seeing things from a new perspective!

*What is fake, superfluous or no longer relevant falls away to be replaced by what is authentic!

And, Jupiter in Scorpio can bring you many gifts and blessings!

Here are some positive things to look for:

One of its cosmic agendas while here is to help you establish a greater connection to truly love what matters

to you and your soul!

  • Being able to better grasp and utilize your innate knowing and further develop your intuition!
  • Realizing and manifesting your higher purpose
  • Gaining new and life-changing perspectives about your authentic and true nature
  • Finding it easier to manifest by tapping into the Universal Laws of Magnetic Attraction!
  • Finding the courage, strength an power deep within. You are able to have the courage to ” Do It”…whatever IT is!
  • And finally, being able to shift old patterns and release long held fears and limitations that have kept you from receiving your good and thriving!!!

Remember….Scorpio is about change, transformation, rebirth, truth, power,connecting to source, intuition…(the high vib)……. and lower frequencies of corruption, fear, panic, worry, abuse……All being amplified in Jupiter…..

And, you get to Choose….the High Vibe of powerful Transformation, or the low vibe of corruption,fear, worry, ect!

 Now on to the key dates to take note of:

Oct 10th,11th, and 12th……Mars squares Saturn

When these two meet up it can be a battle of the wills. Saturn can restrict or curtail the movement and expression of Mars, not something Mars deal with well!

So, this is a volatile influence that can bring up feelings of anger, frustration and irritation. Sparks are flying and things are said ( or done) that can add fuel to the fire. It is so important to hold in check impulsive reactions to things that upset you before you’ve had a chance to calm down.

                                                                                  Two things go a long what now:

                                                                        Slowing down and using common sense!

That said, it is likely that whatever gets triggered now ( personally or otherwise) has been a longstanding issue that needs to be addressed…just not in the heat of the current astro environment. And, with the shift of energy in Jupiter, it may magnify the impact of  encounters and events.

At more personal levels, you may be feeling at odds with yourself in some non-nondescript way. Maybe you know you need to do something but just don’t want to —or maybe your are feeling overwhelm by the” to do” list. Both are valid…so just set your priorities, and create realistic expectations!

And know that this grouchy transit will pass… do your best not to over react!!!

October 19th….New Moon in Libra @12:13 PM

New Moons  occur every 28.5 days when the Sun and Moon are in the same sign, and mark the beginning of a new cycle. It is the perfect time to review where you are and where you wish to go in the coming month. What gets extra emphasis now are the areas that Libra rules…… Relationships, harmony, beauty, compromise, diplomacy, collaborative efforts,contacts, agreements, legalities, and the law. Usually, this is a very calm New Moon, however, Uranus, the Rebel Planet is in direct opposition to the NM. So, it will have  an unpredictable influence which may have a dramatic impact. Uranus seeks independence and freedom, so these will also be important themes! Unexpected and abrupt shifts of energy may create a feeling that something is “UP” but you may know know what it is..yet!

There are two additional aspects with this New Moon…..Mercury  conjunct Jupiter in the mysterious energy of Scorpio, which may bring up intriguing thoughts, messages and interesting conversations. Pay close attention to the subtleties for clues and insights!

And, Mars is inconjunct Uranus….again…..impulsive energy making it very important to slow down and not over react! Remember, others are feeling this energy too!

Please join us for a live New Moon ceremony, meditation, astro overview, and a beautiful crystal bowl cleansing with our amazing , Shanna, back from Oregon with her new beautiful baby!!!  Sign up and details

Also, I promise to have your DIY NM ceremony shortly for those who can’t join us!

Oct 23 to Nov 5th–Sun-Mercury-Jupiter in Scorpio trining Neptune in Pisces

This is a very mystical combo of astro influences that will bring a mysterious, other-worldly vibe to the air, perfect timing  since this is the week/time of Halloween, All Saints Day. The energy is likely to feel very surreal so don’t be surprised if you are a bit off kilter and ,  on the other side, it can be a most magical time when awe-inspiring events take place. Spend some quiet  nature time, listen in, and just try to relax and enjoy this transit. Life is moving quite rapidly. Our best offense is to stay grounded, centered, and don’t buy into the political drama. Remember, we are in a revolution, changing the very fabric of our world. Prayers and light are needed as we go thru this very challenging transformation, and Jupiter in Scorpio is here to assist on the Cosmic level!



Peace and Blessings