New Moon in Aries March 27 …….7:57 PM!

New Moon @ 7 Aries

March 27th

7:57 PM PDT

This is a very Super Charged, Special New Moon.  It is the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year! New Moons are always about New Beginnings and occur each month when both the Sun and  Moon align in the same sign at the same degree! So, whatever seeds of intentions we plant now will effect our entire year! Time to hit the reset button! Let go of what is already out of date!

The Ingredients  that make this New Moon so powerful and special are:

  • We have 5 planets lined up in the Sign of Aries! Life Force is Strong… we will be energized and ready to get moving, in some cases in a new direction! Trust your instincts now….they are super strong!!
  • The New Moon is conjunct or kissing Venus… so, it is important to consider our values, relationships, and what we love as we move forward!
  • This 3 way conjunction brings an element of magic and luck! Whatever you are focused on can go better than expected!!
  •  Jupiter is squaring Pluto….meaning what is ” fair and just” butts heads with “old and established” ( just stay turned to our political news to  see these aspects in action  :))
  • Avoid being stubborn and bull headed….Listen!
  • Be Bold and Courageous in your intentions and actions!
  • Courage_Web

A note to consider….pulling weeds

Planting our seeds of New Beginnings on the 27th is like planting your garden. There will be weeds that will have to be pulled up, and much tender love and nurturing will be needed to help them grow!

The area in your Chart when 7 * Aries lives will be where the action is!

Below is a list of intentions to help inspire your thinking….so please feel free to use, or make up your own!

The best crystals to empower and enhance this ceremony are:

  1. Moonstone…always…to begin a new cycle!
  2. Aries stones….Ruby, Red Jasper, to ignite your dreams with the courage to follow them!
  3. Pisces energy….Amethyst to clear, connect, and dream big!
  4. Clear Quartz to amplify and hold the Intentions for you!
  5. I added a Merlinite stone in the center for Magic!grid for new moon in aries

Here we go…..

change sameAries Rules New Beginnings, Including:
Blazing new trails, Initiation, High energy, Taking action, Innovative approaches.
Sample Intentions:
I intend to initiate action on project ……………today!
I intend more energy and vitality every day.
I intend a successful new beginning in the area of …….

power kung fuAries Rules the Self, Including:
The physical body, Instincts, Assertiveness.
Sample intentions to Strengthen the Self:
I always trust my instincts! They are my fail proof inner guidance system!
I intend to strengthen my body, allowing for grace and beauty to radiate!
I intend to take a stand for myself, my values and believes!

Aries rules Innocence, Including:
Honesty, Authenticity, Impulsiveness, Straightforwardness
Sample Intentions to Encourage Authenticity:
I intend to be honest with my true thoughts and feelings.
I am confident in simply being myself.
I am always authentic and transparent with others, letting them know my true feelings.
I intend to converse straightforward in all my relationships.

Aries Rules Self-Discovery, Including:

Exploration, Taking Risks, Eagerness, and Competition.sail boat healing
Sample intentions to Further Self Discovery.
I intend to take those risks that lead to personal growth and positive renewal.
I intend to make each day an adventure, filled with eagerness and exploration.
I view any setbacks as an opportunity for creative self-discovery!
I am excited to explore new paths daily.
I intend to connect with others in a way that awakens my own sense of self-discovery!

Aries Rules Independence, Including:
Self direction, Self Reliance, Self-sufficiency.hikers empowered
Sample Intentions to Bolster Independence:
I intend and accept the leadership roles in my own life.
I intend to cultivate the habit of self-reliance.
I always follow my own instincts in making decisions.

Aries Rules Our “Warrior Nature,” Including:
Courage, Leadership, Strength, Vigilance, Boldness
Sample Intentions to Evoke Courage:
I have the courage to be myself!
I intend lots of vital health, energy and courage in every area of my life!
I confidently take the lead in the matter of…..
I intend strength and boldness in my approach to……

I intend to lead my tribe with integrity, love, and grace…. fearlessly!dog paddle board

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!

Here is the 411 on the rules for your New Moon Ceremony.

prayer big girlStart at the exact time 7:57  PM PDT  March 27or AFTER. You have up to 8 hours after the New Moon to really capture the full intensity.

  1. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred.
  2. Write 10 intentions …by hand, not computer.
  3. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Aries and your intentions for the New Cosmic Year!
  4. After writing your intentions, take a minute to FEEL them complete,  BE in your future….EXCITED!  EXPECT and KNOW they are  happening!
  5. Most importantly… Be Bold, Think Big, Invent your life, and always follow the path of  Love and your Heart’s Desire!



Peace and Blessings



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Come join us….sign up and details here

New Moon Ceremony & Meditation

Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces March Sunday March 12th


Full Moon @ 22 * Virgo/Pisces

March 12 @ 7:54 AM

Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. It is a time of seeing clearly both sides of an issue, and working to combine both. A Full Moon always seeks to create balance. This Full Moon is bound to bring up mixed feelings as it has challenging aspects involved!

Remember….emotions run high….Pause and give those around you space!!!

The main emphasis  of this Full Moon is:

  • Looking at how you integrate and balance your spiritual life and your daily practice . Faith vs fear!
  • Routines and practices that increase your overall health
  • The integration between your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.
  • This Full Moon brings the energies of imagination, mysticism and creativity, while showing that in order to   create you are required to stay focused and practical!

The aspects that add complexity to this Full Moon:

  • Saturn is squaring both the Sun and Moon, making it important to consider what is practical, realistic and viable when it comes to manifesting your dreams. Take off the Rose Colored Glasses!
  • This square can increase weariness and fatigue….so rest!!
  • Mercury is squaring Saturn, mentally challenging your decision making process.  Seeing realistically, and considering all details is your pest best practice! And take your time in the process!

What to watch out for:

  • Focusing on the details so much that you resist going with the flow
  •  Falling into victim roll
  • Feeling depressed, worried or anxious about things
  • Striving for perfection to the point of distraction!

What to strive for:

  • Making a conscious effort to develop faith  if you are fearful or worried
  • Look at self- critical of self defeating beliefs that keep driving your decisions
  • Eliminate distractions, focusing on one thing at a time
  • Avoid things that send you into overwhelm




Things to consider:

  • How can I establish a daily Spiritual Practice to remember my true essence?
  • When I receive inner guidance, do I listen to it and apply it to my life?
  • Do I push myself too hard not allowing for test and retreat?
  • Am I integrating both my common sense and inner knowing as I consider my options?

Below is your grid for this FM, and the best stones to use are Amethyst and Peridot for the integration

of  Pisces and  Virgo.

Black Onyx for grounding and seeing clearly, and Carnelian for creating!


Remember…..where ever you are….be sure to go out under this beautiful full Moon and receive her blessings….

And Howl!!!



Peace and Blessings




March Overview 2017

Happy Birthday Pisces!

March will be quite an energetic and active Cosmic month! This is the last month of the Zodiac year!

March 21st the Sun shifts into Aries, the  first day of Spring Equinox, and we begin the New Astrological Year!!

That being  said, we have the opportunity this month to ” Review the year ( March to March) and release……consciously….. old patterns, beliefs, and projects that no longer serve us! Pisces rules Spirituality, so spending a little down time, connecting to your higher self, and BEING in the Flow is your Best Practice from  the 1st to the 20th!  Faith, Compassion, and the qualities of devotion and trust are the energies highlighted! You will FEEL like taking it a little easy! Spend time in reflection, contemplate what inspires your faith!    What are your personal beliefs and values?

March 21 we enter the world of Aries….the Pioneering, Do it NOW energy, so appreciate this beautiful flowing time the first few weeks! With so much dynamic activity  happening in our country on a daily bases, staying grounded and focused on what’s right and just according to the TRUTH and your Beliefs! What is your moral compass?

  How can you LIVE and BE that which you believe in?

“Time to BE the Change we wish to SEE in the world”  Ghandi

Here are the highlights by date!

March 2….Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries.

Please note that with aspect will be in effect for about 10 days!

This is the 2nd of 3 exact connections ( the 1st one was 12.26.16 and the last one is 9.27.17)

This is an exciting, dynamic influence that encourages your exploratory and adventurous nature. The urge for freedom of thought and movement is strong as some part of you seeks expression in New and Bold ways! The expansive nature and potential of Jupiter combined with the experimental, innovative, curious nature of Uranus sets the perfect stage for positive change!

Pay careful attention to what enters your life now as it may be very significant as time goes on!

A few more details about this aspect…

  • Higher Truths and new insights can change things quickly.
  • Since Jupiter is RX, you may see what beliefs are blocking your own expansion!
  • There is a Luck Energy with this aspect…so take to heart that this is a GREAT time to break out and try something new and exciting. The boring mundane won’t do!

March 4rd…Venus goes RX thru 4.15

This occurs once every two years for about 5 weeks! Venus rules our relationships, money, self esteem, and what we value!

During this time there will be key areas of focus:

The status and condition of your relationships!!!!

  • Your core values and current priories
  • Your self worth and esteem
  • Self CARE and nurturing
  • Your relationship to abundance/lack/money!
  • Your loves from the past may re-appear…see if there is a completion that is needed!
  • Keep your spending to a minimum….you won’t like what you buy!
  • Please….NO cosmetic surgeries or nips and tucks!

You may need to re-evaluate your agreements….less IS more!

Are you all work and no play?

Are you completely stressed out….multi tasking 12 hours a day? If so, time to JUST SAY NO! Turn off phones unplug, and put a new schedule of LESS into your week!

Take a  good look at self care and schedule time for YOU. Remember, to be of service to many, you must come from a place of BEING FULL with plenty to give! Give to yourself first so you can give to others!

March 9th….Mars moves into Taurus thru 4/21!

This is great news, Mars in this sign has us slow  down a bit and be more methodical and practical  in our actions, instead of just running from one project to the next without forethought and planning!

He will also be a stabilizing energy when we have the Aries line up after the 20th!

March 12….Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces

The emphasis for this highly energetic full moon is on how your incorporate your spiritual path into your daily life! It is a balance of Spiritual practice, and active service! Beware….. you will feel the approach of this Full Moon early in the week!

A great question to ponder at this full moon is….How am I called to service in ways that serve the greater good?

More details on this Full Moon + your ceremony and crystal grid will be posted on the full moon page shortly!

March 20th  Sun enters Aries….Spring Equinox!

Yippee! Spring is here and it is time to begin a New Year and New Cycle! A lot has occurred since the Winter Solstice! Check to see if you want to change, revise, or plant new ideas! You will also begin to notice the build up of Aries energy, so different from Pisces. Time to get a move on!  The Solstice has been an important day throughout history! Veils are thin between worlds. Honor the day, the new beginning( Solar New Year)!  The New Moon on  March 27 is the time to sent intentions and kick off spring…so take the 7 days to consider all the New you Desire to move forward with!

Here is a perfect question to Ask of yourself…taken from a great  book  ” 29 Questions for the Ordinary Life, Revealing the Profound Amidst the Ordinary” by Norman L Bouchard

“What would I do today if I were BRAVE ?”

Aries energy is where we get our extra dose of Courage…So what if we  extend this question to…..

What would I do this YEAR, if I were BRAVE?

Would love to hear your  Intentions of  Bravery and Breakthroughs!!

March 27th….. New Moon in Aries…7:57 PM

New Moons are about Beginnings….and this is the First New Moon of the New AstroYear! It is set to be super dynamic!

Please come join us for an amazing evening at the AURA SHOP for a Live New Moon ceremony, astro overview, meditation and chakra clearing with the incredible voice Alchemist Shanna..  Monday March 29th, 7 to 9 PM..Be There!

Call to reserve at 310.583.9998

Here are the highlights….. more details and your DIY ceremony will be on the NM pages shortly

  • Both the Sun and  Moon are conjunct (kissing) Venus, making it essential that you truly care about and value whatever your new project, venture or idea!
  • There are 5 planets in Aries which is sure to generate passion, and feelings!
  • It can charge up your motivation and enthusiasm to get going on something you may have been dragging your feet on!
  • Jupiter is Squaring Pluto…potent aspect….What is” Fair and Just” butts” up against ” old establish order! ” Sparks fly!!



March 30th…Jupiter in Libra Squares Pluto in Capricorn ( this has a 10 day influence)

This is the 2nd of 3 times this aspect is occurring. The first was last Nov 24 2016, and the final is August 4th…

This is about releasing old patterns in order to set the stage for new directions and expansion of personal freedom!

As these two square off, it is an opportunity to look inward ( Jupiter is Retrograde) to what believes about yourself prevent you from expanding and growing!

This process of growth is related to connection to your soul for it is there your capacity for expand in dynamic and exciting ways truly exists! So, during these days you may find that your are reaching for higher ways to express yourself and live a fuller life….unencumbered by old definitions of self! Part of what makes this so exciting is that it is being energized by the New Moon in Aries!

Please Note

  • These energies are sure to play out on the world stage. Clashes of powerful values are being worked out!
  • The just and fair way comes up again the old established ways
  • The desire for independence is strong
  • Practice moderation in the midst of opposing ideals and agendas.
  • It is important to stay vigilant  as to when to move forward and when to simply stand still
  • Mars in Taurus will help to keep the pot from boiling over….and ….watch your Stubbornness
  • Look for New ways of win win….Think outside the box!

This is a gateway of Cosmic Energy urging us to ” Pony Up, Be Brave, Follow what is Just, Right, and aligned with Fair Values for all!

Let’s be Spiritual Warriors for Good!


April notes….we have Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto all going Retrograde….( the 5th , the 9th, and the 20th)

Get your important tasks, meetings, and decisions done at the beginning of the month! More in April of course….but wanted to give you a heads up so you take action in March!

Time to MARCH Forward!!!!

Stay Inspired….Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings