New Moon in Capricorn December 28th

Last  New Moon of 2016!!!!

December 28th 10:53 PM

7 * Capricorn!

goat in percarious positionThe Sign of Capricorn is where we can discover more about our Soul’s Purpose for this Life time.That purpose can encompass many things. Our work in the world, the lessons we seek to learn, and the karma we are here to complete. Spiritually, it speaks to the path that is walked alone in the inner world, and, reminds us that it is not always the easy path!               And, like the mountain goat, ( the symbol for Capricorn) it takes persistence and perseverance to reach the top of the mountain!

There is quite an unusual combination of energy for this Capricorn New Moon, primarily because Uranus ( the planet that rules the unexpected) is stationing direct very close to the  same time! This is sure to bring an unconventional, unpredictable energy to pragmatic Capricorn!  Events may occur that you just did not see coming……And, they can  open you up for an a whole new direction or beginning!

Best practice, stay flexible, open, and go with the New Flow!

This New Moon in Capricorn brings into focus 3 areas.

*Your goals and sense of purpose.

*Your foundation and what creates security in your life.

*You relationship to authority ( includes fathers, bosses,government).

Any of these are where you may get insights, understanding, and unexpected surprises!


Here is the rest of the potent , awesome, planetary line up for this New Moon!

*Jupiter (blessings and expansion) is opposite Uranus (unexpected) and Saturn (solid grounding and moving forward) is trining Uranus…making Uranus a big player while he turns direct!

Key words in a nut shell……..Blessings, expansion of the unexpected, and solid grounding with the ability to move forward with great new ideas!

Stay alert…listen for, and follow the cosmic gold dust!!

*Mercury is Retrograde in Capricorn, conjunct or kissing this New Moon…suggesting that you take another look at commitments and agreements for 2017. Some may need to be released to allow for new ones!

*Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces has you look at why you continue to do the same things,over and over, that prevent you from getting where you want to go! Time to release that too!

This all adds up to a quite a powerful Cosmic Ending to 2016!

To recap simply…

Time to release and review all that no longer serves us. Really complete it and leave it in 2016!

2017 is a One year…The year of the Magician! Time to create Magic….so please, leave the past right where it is…In the Past!!

Be open to unexpected surprises from the Cosmos! Uranus is like the Cosmic Santa, bringing what you need to make 2017 Magical!

Join us for a Poweful New Moon Ceremony at the AURA SHOP on Main St. 7 to 9 PM…details on the events page!

If you cannot join us….here are the guide lines for DIY Ceremony!

prayer little girl

  1. Make your space beautiful, sacred, light a candle, have essential oils, maybe sage your space first. The Key is to  Block out all distractions!
  2. Go into a meditation or quiet reflection, and have your journal with you. Contemplate  and review the year..write down all the amazing things you accomplished….all the things that you were disappointed about…and what you want to continue working on. ( Consider this to be your pre- New Years Eve Intention time!) Write as much as you need to get clear.
  3. Then, from this clear space, ask these questions….*What is my Souls Purpose, *What do I need to release in order to get on this path * What is my next step?  Write some more!
  4. Since Mercury is Retrograde, it is not time to take action, but it is time to plan and strategize!  This will be an ongoing conversation…as Uranus will continue dropping in surprises.
    Below are a few Capricorn Intentions you may want to review and integrate with what you just wrote! We need a map to get where were are planning to go….even if we have to take a few detours along the way!

Capricorn Rules Goals, Including:

Ambition, Defining Goals, Using Opportunities, Professions, Hard Work.

Sample Intentions to assist us in Reaching Goals for 2017:

I clearly see my goal of ——–, completed with ease, grace and joy!
I intend to do work that aligns with my heart and integrity.

I intend to work with and for companies that are aligned with my values.

I clearly define my goals for this year, month by month and KNOW they will manifest!

I love achieving success in my work! I am a Rock Star!

Capricorn Rules Future Needs, Including:

Father Time, Making Sensible Decisions, Maturity.

Sample Intentions to Promote Preparing for 2017and the Future:goal setting

I intend to plan and execute a solid financial plan for my future!

All business decisions I make in 2017 lead to financial abundance and a structure that supports a lifestyle I love!

I intend to use TIME to my best advantage, and I always have plenty of it!

Capricorn Rules Responsibility, Including:

Self-discipline, Adult Behavior, Keeping Commitments, Public Image.

Sample Intentions to Encourage Responsible Behavior Leading to Success:setting-up-goals-and-objectives

I intend to behave in ways that create an authentic public image.

I intend to keep my commitments and honor my word to myself and others.

I intend to practice self-discipline, and reach my goal of… 2017.

Capricorn Rules Success, Including:

Accomplishments, Recognition, Social Status, Achieving Goals.

Sample Intentions to help achieve success:

I release all anxiety around success.

I intend to succeed in my chosen profession, no matter what!

I intend to achieve my goal of …….with enthusiasm and energy!

I intend and SEE myself reaching my goals, succeeding in every area of my life!

I love being successful, and it comes easy to me!

Capricorn Rules Management, Including:mother duck keeping watch

Following Protocol, Delegating Responsibility, Being in Charge, Respect.

Sample Intentions to Enhance Management Skills:

I intend to management my staff in ways that promote responsibility and respect for all involved!

I accurately discern the talents of those around me and place them in positions that are perfect for their skill set!

Capricorn Rules Authority, Including:

Fathers, Bosses, Tradition, Reputation.

Sample Intentions to Promote Successful Interactions with Authority:

I intend to interact with my father in a constructive loving way, one that promotes self-identity.

I interact with my boss without fear.

I honor and respect traditional ways.

The Best Crystals to use in your ceremony are Onyx, and Garnet, along with your Moonstone!

Here is the grid I created for you!


Once all your journaling is complete, here is the rest of the ceremony

  1. Start at the exact time 10:53 PM PST Wednesday December 28 or AFTER. You have up to 8 hours to capture the full intensity
  2. Write your 10 intentions by hand,  your main ones for the 2017 Map….and know it is a Map that will probably change, but you have a starting point and the bones!
  3. After writing your intentions and goals, take a few minutes, SEE them actualized. FEEL what it feels like to accomplish and complete them……. and EXPECT them to happen…in Divine Perfect Time!!!!
  4. Listen to your Heart and Soul……
  5. Go for your Big Vision …the world needs you Now!

Here’s to an amazing, powerful, Magical 2017


Stay Inspired….Connected…..Empowered!



Winter Solstice Gathering December 21 from 7 to 9 PM

winter-solsticeThe Winter Solstice has long been a  day of celebration as the sun shifts into the sign of Capricorn, signaling a new season!  It is the shortest day, longest night, and this year, it occurs a few days after Mercury stations retrograde, and Mars moves into Pisces. All meaning it is the perfect opportunity to gather and reconnect with like minded seekers, sharing heart to heart, spending time in prayer, meditation, and reflection!  Together we plant seeds and allow them to germinate and gather strong roots to support us in 2017!


Energetically, it is a powerful time to connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Helpers or the other side.

The veils between worlds  are thin today!


Join us for an intimate gathering in Marina del Rey!

Evening will include:



Astro Overview for 2017

Tarot cards

Essential Oils



Cost: $25

RSVP Required for us to plan space

Looking forward to seeing you for an intimate evening of re-connection!

winter tree



Peace and Blessings



Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius Dec.13

fushia full moonFull Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius

December 13th

  4:05 PM PST

Full Moons always bring things and situations that were previously unknown into the light. It is a time when we are trying to gain balance! Emotions can run high as we seek to know the truth of situations!  What is being illuminated is reflected in the signs of the Sun and Moon. We are being asked to integrate these two energies! With this lunation, we are called upon to to utilize both our rational mind (Gemini) and our intuitive wisdom (Sagittarius) to resolve current issues!

This is also a trigger to the beautiful Jupiter Sextile Saturn aspect discussed in the December Overview! (Please review) This is a real blessing, so be ready to take advantage of the Good!

So lets take a look at how to work with this Full Moon energy!

  • Best practice is to look at how you can merge these two energies….information (Gemini) into wisdom (Sagittarius)
  • Sagittarius /Gemini polarity brings opportunity to expand our mind and look at a bigger picture!
  • This FM helps us see where faith has been lost, and helps us renew our Beliefs!
  • Intuitively, we seek to gain greater balance  by utilizing our innate wisdom!  (Love this!)
  • Communications of all kinds are significant at this time, so pay attention! A powerful insight or ahha  can change a belief in a flash!let it go
  • Intuition and imagination will be extra active so pay attention to messages and visions.
  • We  may see where we are holding back…..time to let that go!!!!

This is the last full moon of the year, and an opportunity to RELEASE all the useless information we have collected this year, and  hone in on the WISDOM we acquired thru trial and error!



2017 is a 1 Year….the Year of the Magician! Let’s go in with a clean slate and create some Magic!!!!



Take a few minutes to prepare for your  Full Moon release ceremony by  making a list of all you want to let go of.butterfly let go

                  Write it all down! We don’t want to bring any old baggage, information, or beliefs  into 2017.

Here is a beautiful grid to work with this FM. Since the axis is Gemini(information) Sagittarius ( Wisdom/Beliefs),

I did it a bit differently, using just the special crystals that work to integrate these 2 energy’s.  These gorgeous crystals are from the AURA SHOP on Main St.



Labradorite is the Spiritual Mentor Crystal (for Sag energy) and Kyanite ( for Gemini) helps to bring the truth to you through logical thought and intuition! Apophylite at the top links Spiritual and Physical, and, of course Moon Stone at the bottom, enhances intuition and adjusts your biorhythms during the Full Moon! ( Always have your Moon stone for any moon ceremony!)

Kyanite is the Blue Stone and Labradorite is the  multi faceted olive gold stone! Actually…the grid is created on a Labradorite slab! Awesome and from the AURA SHOP!~  Print and use this or create your own!

Take your list of Releases and your crystals to your special place OUTSIDE, if possible, and vibe with the Moonlight!

full moon and lakeSpend a few minutes in Silence, under the beautiful rays of Moonlight.

Then read your release list ….OUT LOUD….to the Moonlight.

When complete….light it up and watch it burn….all of it!

Jot down any insights or ideas that come to you that are NEW.


When complete…Give great thanks for all you DO have….and relax…..

Time to get ready for a brand New Year and YOU!!!prayer big girl

Note …Mercury goes retrograde Dec 18th – Jan. 8th. If you are traveling over this holiday  make sure you check and recheck your plans. There may be delays and chaos with this aspect.  Best Practice, Stay Grounded, Centered, Flexible, and plan extra time! Really get all your shopping and shipping done this week. You want your cards and gifts to arrive in time and at the correct address!!! You will want to slow down by the 19th….(Mars into Pisces) so really, trust me, get it all done, or as much as you can….this week!!!


SeedsofFaith_WebDuring  this Holiday Season…Remember the Real Reason we Celebrate…it is about Giving the Gift of  Love, Gratitude  and Appreciation from your Heart to the Heart of your Family and Friends! Since it is a retrograde Holiday, reconnect with friends and family, and reconsider your 2017 directions. There is exciting Cosmic energy guiding us at end of this month and year!

Get ready to start fresh and expand your beliefs and views and expect the unexpected!!

Life+Peace+Love dove

THANK YOU all for being my readers, clients, friends, and allowing me the opportunity to share my love of Astrology and our Cosmic Connection!


Inspired…..Connected …..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings



Peace and Blessings


December Overview 2016

sag kagayaHappy Birthday Sagittarius!

I always love this time of the year…..for many reasons, but in particular, Sagittarius energy is so expansive, generous, and optimistic, it feels like a breath of fresh air! The Symbol of Sagittarius is the Archer, aiming his arrow high into the sky, striving for greater consciousness. During this time, we are asked to seek greater understanding,higher truths, and new perspectives that broaden our horizons.

                                    It is a month of renewing Faith!

And, as this year draws to an end, it is the perfect time to review what has been accomplished…the Good…the Bad…and the Ugly!…..and  set our sights for 2017!


As we gather with friends and family this month, REMEMBER the REAL meaning of the Holidays…….one love

Gratitude, Faith, Thanksgiving, Appreciation and Love!

Share it….Receive it….Give it!

This has been quite an extraordinary year with many starts, stops, shifts, changes, new beginnings and endings!  And now, this month the Cosmos is lining up special energy to assist us ending 2016 powerfully! Let’s tie up all those loose ends and prepare for 2017,  a 1 year, beginning a new cycle for us all! (YIPPEE!!!!!)

time to love

Here is a run down of Energetic Days to note in your Calendar so you Stay in the Flow this month and end the Year Gracefully and  Empowered!

cosmic-breath-of-lifeAs a special Cosmic Gift, we have an unusually long aspect ( good vibration energy) holding strong all month and into January! Saturn in Sagittarius is sextiling Jupiter in Libra! Sextiles are called the “opportunity aspect” and exert positive energy. It does however, require that you pay attention to HOW it presents itself in your life and then act as needed!  YOUR PARTICIPATION is required! These two Big Planets are in a cosmic dance, having quite the time! So for us, after such a year as 2016,  rewards are available! A Sextile is an opportunity to have life work, and, the energy is subtle. Pay attention to the little details.  Look for and be open to signs, people, synchronicity, unexpected meetings!  Make notes, keep a special journal! This is not the time to rest on your laurels! Be proactive in the Vision you are creating! Magic is in the Air! Saturn can help Jupiter expand in solid practical ways. The Cosmos is sending sparkles and light beams to inspire, connect, uplift, and lead us on our Soul path. It will be quite and extraordinary ending of 2016!

You may want to print this or just jot down the days so you are in tune and in the Flow during the busy Holiday Season!

12.13 Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius @ 4:05 PM PST PegasusFullMoon

This is a beautiful Full moon and is one of the triggers activating the Jupiter Sextile Saturn dance happening in shawdow tangothe Sky all month!    Full Moons always seek to create balance (the Sun opposite the Moon) and illuminate that which has been hidden! The Moon in Gemini will bring focus to all  all forms of communication, how you receive and process it.The Sun in Sagittarius then forms opinions and beliefs about what is true or what could be old and outdated. The gift is to look at what no longer supports you, and let it go!

Best Practice….. choose the High Vibe of this Full Moon, and  LOOK at New Possibilities. Be WILLING to See and Know Higher Truths. ( more info and a FM ceremony will be posted on the full moon page!)

12.19 Mercury goes Retrograde in Capricorn December 19th thru Jan 8

mercThis is the 4th and final retrograde of the year, and the second one in Capricorn. We started 2016 with Mercury RX in Capricorn, and now we are ending with this same aspect! I like to think it is the Cosmos giving us a check and balance before we take off into 2017! Please do all the usual Merc Rx strategies, (plan ahead, back up computers, check and double check your travel plans for the holidays, and definitely shop early!) And, you may revisit issues that came up during January….did you take care of situations?  Is there something lingering that needs completion? The same opportunity may re-present….so take note and appropriate action. You get a second chance to re-adjust!! The very best way to work with  Mercury RX energy is to RE-connect with friends and family. RE-member the real reason for the holidays and celebrate love, connection, and Faith. Pay attention to synchronicities and the people you vibe with. This is the time to jot down  all your amazing ideas and ah-has, as it is not the best time to initiate moving forward into action. Better to regroup, relax, and renew! Some missing piece of information will present during this time that will make all the difference for your 2017!


12.19 Mars Moves into  Pisces thru January 27.Lake Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand.

Fiery Mars entering mystical and watery Pisces will slow things down! All the more reason to for getting prepared early for the Mercury Rx and the holidays You will not be in the mood to rush and push forward, complicating the Mercury Rx even more! Best Practice for this energy is to take time out to BE…. meditate, connect to your Higher Self, renew your faith, open up to compassion and love for self, family, friends and the world! Connect with nature, walk on the beach, go to the movies, be inspired, dream!!  A perfect energy to blend with the Saturn Jupiter Sextile!

dec new moon12.21 Winter Solstice 2:45 AM PST

A new season begins! The Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn, signaling  the shortest day and  longest night of the year! Perfect for planting seeds, planning and setting intentions for the next 3 months and into 2017!  Meditation, being quiet, and listening IN are so important at this time  as  the veils between worlds are thin! Assistance and messages from our Angels, Guides, and Messengers on the other side are clearly heard!  I will be holding a  beautiful Solstice gathering  at the Dolphin Marina Club. Included is powerful meditation, visioning,  and surprises! Details will be on the events page where you can sign up. And, if you can’t join us, be sure to take a moment to LISTEN IN, where ever you are are today!

12. 24  Saturn Trine Uranus

The influence of this aspect lasts a few weeks before and after and is great news as this is quite a powerful aspect! Trines help us bringlightbuld inhand two planetary energies together. Combined, these 2 planets can bridge our ideals with reality and work to bring dreams into manifestation! And, it will even empower the Sextile with Jupiter! We have 3 amazing planets working together in synastry just for us! Timing and synchronicities are key elements of how this transit manifests, so trust divine timing and pay close attention to coincidences and ah-ha moments. Now is the time to consider new pathways and directions! During this time your unique innovative ideas and solution can and will become reality!!!

12.25 Jupiter Opposite Uranus

This aspect can and will amplify whatever is going on! It is a positive energy that can bring lots of enthusiasm, optimism and hope for the future. Under this influence we want to grow and evolve is some significant and noticeable way!  It Fires us up to be all that we can be! Here are a few great questions to ask yourself…..

penguin on dolphinWhat If…….( think very big!!)

Why Not Try…..(something really unusual that is in your heart)

If not now…when? (of course after the Mercury stations direct Jan 8th)

You will probably be with friends and family today….the best place to get support and inspiration!!  All of this energies will be blending into a new, innovative direction for you!

Key words….Expand Your Genius!


12.28 New Moon in Capricorn @ 10: 53 PM PST

This is a very special New Moon! New Moons are always about New Beginnings, wiping the slate and starting fresh!! In Capricorn, it new moon pick tree emphasizes our primary purpose, goals and intentions for the New Year…..which may need a a bit of clearing and revamping! And, Uranus stations direct a few hours later, bringing sudden and brilliant possibilities!

This is a very important day! Please take the time to do your intention setting ceremony! It will be quite beneficial as you start the New Year! I am hosting a New Moon gathering at the AURA SHOP on Main Street on 12.28, 7 to 9 PM.  This will be quite an extraordinary evening. Shanna Fanelli will be giving us an amazing Sound Bath and Chakra Clearing  alignment with crystal bowls and her own spectacular voice! I will discuss the trends and key Astrological events occurring in 2017, followed by  a powerful mediation and visioning! If you are in town, you won’t want to miss it!  Space is limited as we will be in the Crystal Room of Illumination!

Please call the AURA SHOP to reserve….310.584.9998.

All details for the New Moon ceremony will be posted on the New Moon page shortly for you to do your personal intention setting!

creative brain12.29 Uranus stations Direct ….The spice that brings it all  together!

Uranus  brings insights and  brilliant ideas to the playing field! If you have been stalled or stuck….now is the time to open to YOUR TRUTH and YOUR Unique Gifts and Talents!

  • What changes need to take place in my home that will bring greater light into my life?
  • What single thing is most needed in my work/career that will create greater stability?
  • What traditions and values are most important to me now, and how can theses be reflected in my life to a Greater degree!
  • What is my Genius Zone…How can I share it even more?

Great questions to ponder as you spend time planning the New Year! Both the New Moon and Uranus turning Direct will assist us in aligning with our Cosmic Soul Print!

This is quite the Cosmic Gift after a Challenging Year!

In review….it has been quite a year! Clearly, events occurred that were not expected on many levels! We as so blessed to be receiving this  delicious Cosmic Cocktail to enlighten and empower our year end! Now more that ever, the world  needs our unique contributions.

2017 is a 1 year…the Year of the Magician! 

We are here at this moment in time to create our personal Magic and help the evolution of our Planet!

Be Bold, Follow your Inner Yellow Brick Road, Dare to go where no man or woman has gone before!

Why Not?

Why Not Now?


Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season,

A time of Reflection, Renewal, and a Bigger, Bolder, Better 2017!shoot for mooninspirational-quotes-tumblr Stay Inspired…Connected….Empowered!

Peace and Blessings