Full Moon Nov 14 in Taurus/Scorpio

November 14th @9:23 AM PST

wolf howling at full moon57Full Moons always illuminate that which is hidden. It offers us to see things in a New Light!  This Full Moon is the the 3rd of 4 Super Full Moons. We  feel the pull of the Moon in normal times, but  when it is  a Super Full Moon…coming  close to Earth, the gravitational pull is amplified!  So… Heads Up…. this is one of the most emotional and intense Full Moon energies of the year!  It  involves bringing up deep issues that reside in our unconscious or shadow side. shawdow side The Taurus/Scorpio axis  rules  issues of self worth, self esteem, and what we value. Finances and resources  also come under the spotlight…as does our sex life!

There are several aspects with this Full Moon that  indicate there are things going on below the surface that once identified,will require you to make some adjustments before they can be resolved, balanced, and  restored.

Areas where  adjustments may need to occur:

*Your relationship with abundance ( or lack)

*Your relationship with your body and how you take care of it

*Your relationship with sex….shawdow tango

*Power…use, misuse, and abuse of it!

*Discovering what matters most to you at this stage of your life.

Questions to consider during these intense few days…Are you in denial about something that needs to emerge?

Are you tending to and doing what you really really care about…or do you put if off until you have the time/energy/money/etc?

Are you utilizing the resources you have available to you?

Scorpio energy  gets down and dirty… to find the truth.. no matter how painful…and transform it!

There is a great quote from Angeles Arrien in the Mountain Astrologer this month that I love….

“There comes a time in the Spiritual Journey when you start making choices from a very different place. And, if a choice lines up so that it supports truth, health ,happiness, wisdom, and love, it is the right choice! ”

So, once you find YOUR truth….make your choices from a higher perspective!

These choices and decisions will empower us all!

shawdow side 2

 We are not having a full moon gathering! To cold and too dark! So, I highly suggest you do your own!                Here are a few suggestions for a DIY  Full Moon Release ceremony:


The best crystal is still Malachite for the Scorpio Sun, and rutilated quartz for the Taurus moon.( It will help you access your past,and what you is ready to be released at this time!)

Here is your beautiful Full Moon  crystal grid to use or follow…


* Full moons are not  as time sensitive as New Moons, so plan to go out and feel and experience this very powerful, Super Full Moon. Receive the downloads, upgrades and assistance she is sending to you!
* Bring a journal and take a few moment to contemplate and meditate. Ask for guidance!

* Write down all the things that  are no longer working for you. List everything. The Intention is to expose hidden secrets and ” just let go”  so you can move forward without a bunch of  emotional baggage!

*Then, take your list.…Bless It for what worked and the lessons learned.  Next, light it up and let her burn baby burn! All the way….no chunks of paper left!

*Once burned…..Shout… Dance… Howl…. get excited that these things will no longer have power over you!

 Bye Bye Now to the past shitola!!let it go!

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing….do it FULL OUT!

Put your Heart and Soul into it!

And….on a another note…. The  US elections will be over…finally!  Who ever wins, it is truly a time to release this ridicules campaign and all the separation it has created.  Do an extra howl or written release,  let’s” let go” of the crazy hate, bigotry, lies and name calling. I know we will all  have to dig deep to release….

but it is really time to move forward!

Time to the page, work together, and UNITE our beautiful country!

And, please send love to our New Leader…whoever it is will need it!



Peace and Blessings


shawdow side moon

November Overview 2016

scorpio kagayaHappy Birthday Scorpio!

During November, Scorpio energy can feel quite intense and emotionally charged as there are many elements occurring both internally and externally.This month is about release and renewal, so EMBRACING this powerful  transformative energy IS  the path of least resistance . It can and may get quite intense!

A beautiful analogy of this is to take a look at an oak tree. This is the time of the year when the leaves turn exquisite colors, then ….. boom….off the tree they fall, having served their purpose.Then, they lay dormant until we rake them up in big piles ….and burn them. ( Somewhat of a ritual in the Midwest, but native Californians will have to visualize this one! ) New Leaves will return in spring.

Same for us. Time to let the dead stuff go! Let’s burn it ! It is no longer relevant. Period!fall trees

Deep healing is possible  if we intend and allow a light to shine into the depth of our soul! The key theme this month is  ” breaking free of what limits us!”  Please keep that in mind all month when opportunities present for us to let go and move on. I encourage you to JUST DO IT!

And, heads up, it is going to be a very active cosmic month! All three of the personal planets shift signs, Mercury (thinking) Mars (action) and Venus( feelings). Both the New Moon and the Full Moon combine powerful Cosmic line ups, Jupiter squares Pluto, (first of 3 squares running into 2017) and Neptune stations Direct!

A lot is happening to help us prepare for 2017!!!

Best Practice…..renew and DO your daily Spiritual Practice!meditation

Here are the details by date: You might want to print and keep handy!

November 8 …Mars (Action) moves into the sign of Aquarius thru 12/19. We are encouraged to try new methods to achieve our goal!  Personally, I love this and it happens only once every 2 years! The Cosmic timing couldn’t be better to allow us to put into action in a new way, the changes we are making! Yippee! Think outside the box, and let your natural Aquarian genius invent new ways!!

November 11….Venus ( feelings) enters Capricorn until 1/14/17. You will notice you are taking a responsible  practical  approaches with  $ and relationships!
And with Mercury RX in Capricorn in December, these two energies will keep holiday spending in check!

November 12….. Mercury, ( thinking) moves into Fiery, Expansive, Sagittarius until12/2……

grow bigThis will be a nice relief after the intensity of his visit in Scorpio!

While in Sag, Mercury helps us open our minds to new possibilities! We become more hopeful and want to learn and discover new ideas and options! Being open minded and flexible when new options present will assist us in expanding our worlds, and for making attitude adjustments.

Also, look out for over committing…you think you can do it all….not considering  time involvement clearly.

( This is another reason why it is so important to let go of baggage!)         Time to Think Big!

November 14th….Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio….This is a Super intense Super Full Moon where we will be seeking to balance and release our intense emotions and past baggage  (all the details posted on the Full Moon page!) http://shelleywarrenastrology.com/3214/full-moon-nov-14-in-taurusscorpio/

November 19th ….Neptune stations direct.spiritual-crossing

Neptune the planet of illusion, delusion, Vision and Spirituality turns direct….Neptune has been quietly and softly  revamping our Spiritual understanding and connection. All the new insights and ideas we have been working on will begin to make sense , as our Spiritual muscle empowers forward movement!

The days surrounding a Neptune station can be quite interesting. You may feel somewhat disoriented
and/or ungrounded. Things may feel strange and even somewhat surreal. At times you might not be
quite sure what to do next or wonder if you actually just said or did something or not!
If you are super sensitive, you may feel or pick up on other peoples emotions and feelings. Make sure you protect yourself  on an energetic level.
Also, pay close attention to your dreams! This is a great time to receive messages and insights. It is a great day to spend a little  time in meditation, and if you can plan a short retreat for a few days before and after….that would be great use of this energy!
Best Practice…..Consciously Ground yourself before you leave  home!


November 24th…..Jupiter squares Pluto….this first of 3 squares and  will give us a taste of a KEY change in store for us in 2017! When we have the first hit of an aspect, it is much like an awakening! These two energies are quite different, but when in this  aspect combination, can create quite remarkable change and Spiritual growth! It will encourage us to look at our shadow(Pluto) and our Light (Jupiter) and offer us challenges to grow and expand our personal soul’s evolution! This is occurring on Thanksgiving day in the US.  A day of celebrating love, gratitude and thanksgiving for the many blessings of 2016. It should make for quite and extraordinary day! I will be writing more on this aspect as in unfolds in the New Year!

November 29th ….New Moon in Sagittarius…..This New Moon will really be a relief after the intense Scorpio energy ! Time to lighten up and think Big! This is the perfect way to end the month and prepare for 2017!          New moon ceremony will be posted shortly!

 As you can see, our Key theme this month  is transformation!

PhoenixRising no 2                                              We will be rising out of the ashes of our old selves!!!

And….lastly. as we enter into the holiday season …we DO have so much to be grateful for!
2016 is almost over, and we get to begin a brand new year shortly. ( yippee!!)
The US elections will be complete, and we can begin the process of reuniting our country!
Thanksgiving at its truest since is about Gratitude….for all that we DO HAVE!
Our wonderful friends, family, fur children and the ability to GIVE and RECEIVE LOVE!
Really….What else is there?
 Sending you all Love, Love, and more Love….

Peace and Blessings



New Moon in Scorpio Oct 30th

josephinewall-Scorpio-Regular-MagnetOctober 30

10:38 AM PDT

7 * Scorpio

New Moons each month set the stage for new cycles to begin. Astrologically, it is the best time to start fresh in some way, or to embark on the next phase of something you’ve been working on. Since both the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same sign, the energy of that sign is the focus….and this month it is Scorpio, ruler of birth, death, regeneration and transformation!! It is a powerful intense energy! And, when used at its highest form can  help us change and rejuvenate…… or we can plummet into the darkness of fear, obsession, and misused power! We fear what we do not understand. Fear manifests from a limited view! However, there is a special aspect occurring at the time of this New Moon that will assist us in softening the intense Scorpio energy. It is a beautiful connection between the Sun, Moon, Mercury, (our conscious mind), and Neptune, our Spiritual connection. It may feel like something special is happening, as trines between planets allow energy to flow easily! Mercury  assists  this Scorpio New Moon in opening  door to the deeper mysteries of life,and understanding our Spiritual connection in new ways! Neptune  allows us to see things that are usually hard to grasp! These mystical insights  empower us to move thru the fear and into light and love!

  • Keys to accessing the higher vibrations of the New Moon are to utilize whatever you feel passionate about. Moving towards passion transforms that which is blocking you.                                     passion word

It is all about Letting Go of old forms, patterns, agendas….so you are freed up to REJUVENATE your passions, giving you the courage to take action!!!

The best crystal to use for this New Moon is Malachite.!malichate (We just received a new shipment  of these beauties at the AURA SHOP if you need to drop in and pick one up!) Like Scorpio, it  is intense, beautiful, and will absorb the  negative energy  and thought patterns you release, totally assisting  you in this powerful transformation process!  And since the Sun and Moon are conjunct, I added the best crystals for Scorpio Moon energy, Smoky Quartz and Herkimer Diamond!

There is a great Crystal app created by the AURA SHOP…The Crystal Guru. You can learn all about the energy of crystals, and how they enhance our lives! The app is super easy to use…and you have info at your finger tips…24/7!

Here is the grid I created for this New Moon!


Scorpio Energy  is Rules Empowerment, Change, Crisis Skills, Sex/Soul Mates, Financial Partnerships, and Intense Passion! These are the areas that are highlighted and up for you to move thru and rejuvenate!

Below are possible intentions for your Ceremony!

Scorpio Rules Power, Secrets, Psychology, Charisma, and Awareness of others Needs and Motives.

Sample intentions to enhance personal power:

I easily keep secrets!secret

I completely understand the needs and desires of my significant other.

I always empower my partner in all relationships.

Scorpio Rules Transcendence,Transformation, Eliminating old “baggage”, Change, Restoration, and Forgiveness.let it go!

Samples intentions to encourage easy effortless change:

Positive transformation is occurring in the area of …!

I lovingly release all old “baggage” from ……(my childhood, previous relationships)

I confidently embrace change in the area of ……….!

I forgive …..!

I gain personal power by ceasing to blame others for my circumstances.

Scorpio Rules Crisis, Compulsions, Obsessions, Intense Interactions, Living on the Edge.

Intentions to reduce stress in crisis:

I respond to crisis with clear competent thinking and action.

I release the habit of constantly creating stress and crisis in my life.

I express my intensity in ways that are not threatening to others.

Scorpio Rules Bonding, Sex, Soul Mates, Deep Emotional Connection

Sample Intentions to Cultivate Positive Bonding:passion people

I participate fully in making the sexuality in my relationship with……..more passionate!

My soul mate relationship is deep and profoundly transformational!

I open to and allow the perfect Soul Mate relationship to reveal itself with ease and grace!

Scorpio Rules Financial Partnership, Loans, Taxes, Debts, Grants, Will and Inheritances, Contracts and Business.money

Intentions to Successfully Manage Financial Partnerships:

I apply for and received a loan to create my project.

I take action to become debt free in a way that empowers me!

I only use credit cards in  ways that create wealth.

My inheritance comes to me without  a power struggle with family.

I receive the perfect grant to expand my work.

And Last…but not least, Scorpio Rules the Misuse of Power, Revenge, Jealousy, Harsh Judgment, Destructive Urges, Power Struggles, Abandonment, Suspicion, and Guilt.

Intentions to Help Release any Tendency to Misuse Power:

I release all tendencies to get involved in power struggles.

I release any fear of abandonment.

I release all jealousy and suspicion around my partner.

I suspend judgment of others and myself!

I let go  revenge against ..…..!

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own.

Remember….the deeper you go….the freer you will be to move on!

Here are guide lines for your New Moon Ceremony.

prayer big girl

  1. Start at the exact time 9:38 AM PDT, or AFTER on Oct 30. You have up to 8 hours after the new moon to capture full intensity.
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred!
  3. Write your intentions by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Scorpio, and a New Path!
  5. After writing your intentions, take a moment, pause, SEE them actualized, FEEL the energy of them complete. KNOW, TRUST, and EXPECT them to happen!
  6. And most importantly…connect to your higher self…..make this time special and sacred.
  7. Ignite your Scorpio passion to regenerate YOU!

Sending you Love, Light, Powerful Transformation and Exciting New Directions!


Stay Inspired…..Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings