Full Moon in Aries/Libra October 15th

full moon jump Super Moon in Aries/Libra

October 15th

9:23 PM PDT

23 * Aries

Full Moons are about bringing to light that which is hidden or unseen to release or become aware of!       It is a time when we are trying to gain balance! This Full Moon is power pack, as it is a SUPER Full Moon….( in very close orb to the earth) so emotions will be running  high!  Plus, there are 2 dicey aspects taking place at the time of this Full Moon that are rather potent!

First….Aries/Libra is the Relationship access.Thoughts around “how do I balance my personal freedom, and still manage a loving supportive relationship?”

The themes of Me vs my Partners, Fairness, Balance, Mutual Empowerment,Giving and Receiving will worldloveemerge! Since this Full Moon is kissing(conjunct Uranus….we must expect the unexpected! It will be quite important to plan extra time, slow down, ground yourself, and to pause before responding when someone pushes your buttons! Even though you might be ready to explode, just walk away until you have time to process! Re-approach when you are in a relaxed, calm frame of mind! As a note, this aspect of Uranus conjunct the Full Moon is a trigger point to the Pluto /Uranus square of 2012-2015. Notice if re-occurring issues arise…..ones that you thought were handled. Instead of getting mad…..use it as a HMMMMMM....I guess more work/ negotiation is required on this subject!

family steinfeildThe the other strong aspect occurring is Mars conjunct Pluto! This energy can and will bring up conflict and discord! Please remember,conflicts (differences of opinions)  will  need to be negotiated and resolved! Not  a shouting match or physical fight!!!!!

If this does not come up for you personally…..then be a good friend and step in if need be.

We all need to watch the words we speak, and the thoughts we think! Remember, until you walk a mile in someone else shoes, you do not know what is driving them!!! Love and compassion are  the order of the day!

Conflict is rampant in our world….our country. This Full Moon calls for all of us to work out PEACEFUL,let it go WIN WIN solutions to differences of opinions and beliefs. Lets  PRACTICE conflict resolution and LISTEN, really LISTEN to what our partner/colleague is saying!

I realize this may sound heavy…..my intention is to INFORM you of the energies and give you solutions to work with it for the highest resolve!!!!



linda sw at burbankLinda Lightfoot and I are hosting our last Full Moon ride of the year in Burbank! We are calling it the FREEDOM ride! (for Aries)! There is such a magical ability of the Horse to Empower and allow creativity to flow!  These magnificent animals facilitate our healing! The ride will be at sunset/dusk…followed by our ceremony under the Moonlight at Bette Davis park. This time of year is spectacular at Griffith Park so please join us! All riding abilities welcome!!!


Date: Saturday Oct 15

Place: Studio Stables ( formally called Circle K…it is where we always ride)

914 Mariposa St, Burbank, Ca

Time: 5:00 PM to get saddled up…we ride around 5:15-5:30. Please be on time!

Cost: $60   all included…you can pay on  my site under live events or bring $

( Stables only accept $)

(Just for timing…we ride for an hour, and our ceremony is about an hour to hour and a half)

It will be a great evening for an ADVENTURE!

RSVP Required to reserve horses and ranglers!

If you can not join us,here are some guidelines for your own!

Full moons are not as time sensitive as New Moons, so go out on Saturday evening, take a few minutes to sit, take in the moon light, it will be gorgeous as it is a Super Moon very close to us, full of messages, codes, and downloads!

Set your intentions to get clarity and make your time special!

Have your note book and reflect on your relationships! Write down what is working,  where there is fullmoonin purpleconflict, and if so, what you can do differently, how  can approach in a more BALANCED way to resolve?

Also review the changes that occurred between 2012 and 2015…is something reoccurring, not quit right yet? If so, re-calibrate, change course, tweak it!

Write it all down under the power of this magnificent moon. Have your partner join you…..Talk with each other from the HEART….LISTEN from the HEART. Work out a WIN WIN if you are choosing to stay together….or if  irreconcilable, how to part amicably, both empowered.

When you are complete…. let out a big ole HOWL, send gratitude and blessings back up to the beautiful Moon, and know  the clarity and insight you received is the right course for you!

The best crystals to use  are your beautiful Rose Quartz for love and Kyanite for clalrity  and balance and onyx or black tourmaline for grounding!

Here is the grid I created for us!


So…..remember….Best Practice…..Pause…and create Win Win, Love and Balance!!!



Peace and Blessings

wolf howling at full moon57


October 2016 Overview!

_LIBRAHappy Birthday Libra!

And all of you with strong Libra in your soul prints will have a great treat this year! Jupiter….the planet of grace, expansion, and blessings will be transiting in your sign for the next 12 months! Yippee for you! This happens only once every 12 years,so congrats! Also, for my air sign peeps….Gemini and Aquarius….Jupiter will be your ally throughout the year….so, take advantage and accept Grace….( and don’t think about it! LOL)


Now to the energy of the month…..this is going to be quite interesting!  And……Not anything like last month…thank goodness!

Let me break it down for you….balance with rocks

First…the theme is Balance and Relationship! We have several planets in Libra now and Libra always finds a way to do what is best for both sides! Time to take a look at all your partners…intimate and business. With the whirlwind September, take a step back and see what was stirred up, what changed, what worked, and what is ready to be abandoned!


                                             Down time and together time is in order!


If you are not in an intimate relationship and desire one…this is the month to focus on what you want   to manifest in a partner…( be sure to plant those seeds on the New Moon September 30 or right after!!!!)


if it doesnt challeneg it does changeNext.…and this is the more challenging consideration and reflection for the month. Mars the Planet of action, energy and at times anger has shifted into the sign of Capricorn. This occurs once every 2 years. In this sign, he will reactivate  and revisiting the slow moving Pluto/ Uranus square!!! If you remember….this started in 2012, and actually completed in 2015….HOWEVER….Mars will stir the pot this month  both conjuncting (kissing) Pluto in Capricorn, and squaring Uranus in Aries. He will also square our lovely Jupiter in Libra.

This  is a  Cosmic check in….Have you made those changes that were initiated during 2012-2015?

If so, is the direction working? Does it need to be tweaked… or…..does it need a complete overhaul?

What will bring you pleasure, happiness…..and BALANCE, aligning with your gifts and talents?

What changes MUST begin now?

And, if you made  changes between 2012 and 2015….are you happy and fulling your destiny?

       Big, bold questions….right?change98201_448973581852345_996570224_n

Here are the funky…. or better said…stir it up and WAKE UP dates!!!

Oct 5….Mars squares our friend Jupiter.…(remember, squares create tension, negotiation required). You might just feel annoyed this day… it is just the warm up!

October 15th…Full Moon in Aries/Libra...This full moon is conjunct Uranus…and it will be the trigger of the Uranus Pluto square reactivation! It is also a SUPER MOON which really amps ups the Lunar activity. Key….finding ways to assert our freedom, without inducing conflict with others is the undertone! Join us for our last Full Moon ride of the season in Burbank. We are call it The Freedom Ride!!!        (more details on the Full moon page!)horse full moon

Oct 19….Mars conjunctions Pluto!!!!! This is a big one. Mars,action,  anger, kisses Pluto, power, change, transformation. This will be in orb around the full moon so emotions will be running high and hot! Best practice….pause, reflect, and really look at what this energy is trying to help you with! Take the high road here….embrace the change, let go of what is not working….Pluto can be brutal if you don’t surrender to the necessary changes required for YOU and your Soul’s growth. If you are on path,have compassion for your fellows this day, it will be a hot potato for many!change same

October 28th Mars squares Uranus!!!! Sudden breakthroughs are possible today. And breaking out for FREEDOM is strong! But beware not to throw the baby out with the bath water!

October 30….New Moon in Scorpio! This is a beautiful New Moon with  compassionate aspects, so the energy can soften and allow us to process our feelings and begin anew! ( details will be posted by end of the month!)

Crystals to use this month for Love and Balance are Rose Quartz, Blue Celestite, Sodalite, Kyanite, Aquamarine and any others you are particularly drawn to. We have a great selection at the AURA SHOP on Main if you are feeling the need to power up  with a few more!

So, as you can see….this is the month to integrate all the new info with all the changes from the last several years, and create the perfect path for you. I also want to add here that we just moved into Fall, the time of harvest and thanksgivings….and we are completing the final months of a 9 year….a year of completion.shoot for mooninspirational-quotes-tumblr

2017 brings us a 1 year….and a new cycle of beginnings!

So take the time to contemplate, questions, discuss, brainstorm, finish up projects and end this year complete, powered up, and ready to begin a whole new cycle!



Peace and blessings!

dog paddle board

PS….. We have 2 live events this month …

October 15th….Last Full Moon Ride in Burbank….We are calling it the Freedom Ride as the Moon is Conjunct Uranus!!!! The ride will be at 5 PM so it will be a Sunset Ride and a Full Moon Ceremony to follow…details on the full moon page and you can now register and pay on line under the Live events page!

October 30…. on the New Moon in Scorpio, I will be teaching Voyager Tarot 101 at the AURA SHOP from 12 to 4!  Call the AURA SHOP register…310.584.9998. Come join the fun and learn how to work with this amazing deck!!

And ….lastly…..I am teaming up with an amazing jewelry designer, Kiki, and we will be offering custom Astro jewelry using your power stones from your Soul Print Astro chart!

Soooooo exciting….details and products will be availability shortly!

New Moon in Libra….Focus….Balance and Relationships!

web_libraHappy  New Moon in Libra!

Friday Sept 30th@ 5:11 PM

This has certainly been a wild and crazy month, and now we have the opportunity to anchor new directions and changes with a Powerful New Moon!

New Moons are always about new beginnings….and this one in Libra is super powered by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and blessings who just shifted into this sign of Love, Relationship and Balance a few weeks ago. Jupiter transits thru each of the 12 zodiac sign for one year. Now he is in Libra, so to have him kissing this New Moon is really awesome! And, if you are a Libra, this is the New Moon to set an amazing year in motion for you!!!

Top of the reflection/intention list…..how can we begin to BALANCE our connections and create powerful relationships……. How do we work together to co- create peace and unity?

shawdow tangoOne of my passions is the Art of the  ARGENTINE TANGO….in this dance, TWO must work together as ONE! As a follower, we must surrender to our partners lead…no way to back lead or do your own thing solo! You must trust! As a leader, we must communicate with our partners (thru body language) clearly and directly what our next move will be!  We must be WILLING to co-create thru following giving and receiving, leading and following!  If one of you slips up….the other is there to catch you and guide you to the next movement when balance is restored! It is truly an exquisite union when you move as one! If only all could dance THROUGH life, creating balance, harmony, and beauty as if it were the Last Tango!!!

This dance represents the rhythm of life… living, moving, and flowing with the cosmic heartbeat… working together in a most intimate way…..balancing the masculine and feminine, the yin and the yang!

This is our assignment for the next month, and for this year while Jupiter dances thru the sign of Libra….


You gotta love it!!! Literally!

Crystals to work with for your New Moon Libra Ceremony…

Rose quartz….for Love and Relationship

Blue Celestite.. for stabilizing the Yin- Yang energy…and helps us Get into the Cosmic Flow

Moon Stone….for New Beginnings….

These 3 are the most important for you to use…and I created a full grid covering all the planets to you to use!


The big Rose Quarts Heart  at the top is for Love…Love…Love!

Now, on to the qualities of Libra and a possible intentions!.

Libra rules partnerships, marriage, relationships, balance, justice, art, beauty, peace, harmony and diplomacy!

Sample intentions to Inspire Happiness, Commitment, and Equality in all Your Relationships:

I attract the perfect  loving, committed long term relationship.

I attract the perfect business partners that are aligned with my values and goals.

I joyfully re- ignite my marriage (Partnership) with love, passion, respect, and appreciation.

red umbrella

Libra rules Balance, Equality, Appreciation of opposite viewpoints, Negotiation, Counseling.

Sample intentions:

I  intend to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND all points of view, and Appreciate differences!

I intend to create Win Win solutions in all my relationships!

I effectively negotiate my situation with …… listening from my Heart, releasing my need to be right!

full moon cat and dog

Libra Rules Harmony, Peace, Beauty, Art.

Sample Intentions :

I  create a beautiful, peaceful environment at work and at home.

I find  the perfect art that express beauty in my home.

Libra Rules Teamwork, Giving and Receiving Support, Collaboration, Cooperation.

Sample Intentions:

I am consciously aware that we are ‘all in this together’ and easily lend my support to others.

I  collaborate with ………in a way that results in a win- win situation.

I support my family and business partners in their dreams and intentions, as they support me and mine!elethant and cat

Libra Rules Refinement, Luxury, Elegance, Pampering, Grace

I  fully Receive and Appreciate  being pampered by others!

I am  graceful and elegant as I move though my daily life.

I am consciously aware of the beauty and grace in each moment.

Libra Also Rules Loss of Self- Identity, Codependency, Appeasing behaviors, Indecision.

Sample Intentions:

I release the need to like, and be liked, by everyone!

I release the desire to achieve peace at any price.

I release indecision, trusting the direction I choose is perfect for me at this moment.

I love who I am, perfect in every way!self worth

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!

Here are the guidelines for your New Moon ceremony.prayer little girl

Start at the exact time of the New Moon 5:11 PM  PDT Sept 30 or after.

  1. Write  no more than 10 intentions by hand, not computer.
  2. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Libra.  And, feel free to include anything other project you are currently working on.
  3. After writing, take a moment to SEE (picture it), then FEEL your intentions actualized, (feel happy and loved!) And the final piece is to BELIEVE it is possible and happening now! Then just let it go, not worrying HOW to figure it all out. JUST allow the Universe to deliver in perfect Divine Timing! Your part is to be EXPECTANT!
  4. And, most importantly…Dream Big, Get Creative, Ignite your passion, and always follow your Hearts Desire!

Stay Inspire….Connected….Empowered

Peace and Blessings


peace love happiness

P.S. The  next full moon is Oct 15th  , and if you live in LA, we will be doing our last full moon horseback ride of the year.  I invite you to join us….mark you calendars now…more details to follow!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Sept 16th in Pisces!

full moon with canueIt has been a very power packed 16 days between the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Sept 1st, and this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! These eclipses, along with several additional  aspects, are having a profound effect on our Soul’s journey! Eclipses propel us to take big steps! The portal that opens re-configures and re-calibrates our coding! We are stepping into a new direction, one that balances our heart and head, the divine feminine and masculine, duality and unity, love not fear! The Pisces Virgo axis is a blending of Spiritual Vision, and Virgo Doing, balancing the two! Time to release the past disappointments, and stand open and ready to move with strength, grace  and courage toward new ideas and visions!spiritual warrior

Full Moons bring to light that which has been hidden from view. Time to light it up and release the fear, suffering, pain, and past! It is over….really over!

I just can’t say enough about the Power of this Full Moon Eclipse. Jupiter, the planet of blessings and expansion, has just shifted into Libra, and remains near the Super Galactic Center (SGC) located at 2 degrees Libra, magnifying an immense concentration of stellar intelligence streaming from trillions of suns! “The SGC is a colossal Black Hole around which our Milky Way and many other galaxies revolve. Electromagnetic energy from the SGC acts as a spiritual beacon, triggering a deep cellular remembrance of our cosmic origins,  impelling us to embody the destiny encoded in our birth charts! ” Stephanie Austin

solar system with light arrow

This Full moon Lunar Eclipse illuminates our next step and shows us: it is not what you have on the outside that glitters in the light, it’s what you have on the inside that shines in the dark” Anthony Liccione

Amazing….yes? So, please take the time to go out and soak in the energy and vibrations from this very special moment in time.

You can create your own personal ceremony, ( I will be out of town on retreat) However, here are a few suggestions to get the most out of this energy.

Plan your ceremony Thursday evening with the Moonlight shinning!fm mothers


Always make your time special,sacred and intentional!

Center, ground your self,(aums are very effective,  as are a few deep breaths) The point is to come fully  present in you body,and spend time in the silence, just BEING with this wonderful, magnificent Moonlight!

You can use crystals, candles, essential oils, or just take yourself outdoors and do moon gazing!


I have created an amazing grid.Crystals are from the AURASHOP on Main St if you need to pick up a few.

                         Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Grid

The crystals  recommend are Amethyst, the Pisces Stone, perfect for connecting you to your Spirit Guides and Galactic friends, green amethyst or Peridot for Virgo service, Citrine for abundance, Rose quartz for love, Labradorite as your Spiritual mentor, Kyananite for balance, Moonstone to create a little magic, Rainbow hemitite to assist you in re-awakening your passion keeping you grounded, red jasper to nurture and protect, and a piece of Bismouth for a Shaman Journey and astral travel,( yippee) and at the top, one of my favorites,  a Lemurian quartz, for returning to the Soul!!!

Please feel free to copy this for yourself, and use any crystals you feel drawn to use!

Most importantly…..just be out in the Light of the Moon…..you will get upgraded and coded with magic!

Happy Full Moon Eclipse…..And don’t forget to howl!!

howling dog full moonStay…..


Peace and Blessings