September Overview!


Happy Birthday Virgo!

And, this is going to be a September to Remember!   We are all at a crossroads, and the dynamic Cosmic energy flowing this month will certainly guide us…..whether we want it  too or not, so Best Practice….Go with the changes, even if unexpected! We have 2 Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter shifting into Libra, the Fall Equinox, Pluto stationing direct, a second New Moon in Libra at the end of the September., and the final square between Neptune and Saturn…!!!!! Wow!

And, I will say, right at the beginning of this blog….It is not BAD,  the shifts and changes occurring are here to help us move in the direction of the highest and greatest good for our Souls evolution….so buckle up, and plan to FLY this month….Destination….The Best Possible YOU!!!!

Let me break it down for you…..

Mercury RX in Virgo ..August 30th – September 22merc

We will all feel this retrograde strongly, as Mercury rules Virgo. So, it feels like a double Merc RX!

The bottom line message…….SLOW DOWN……double check all the details……Look at where you can  streamline, cut out the fat, clear and organize your desk, your closets, your home. Make all the details of your life efficient! In your work,reconnect with old clients, double check all the details of your plans…and redo if necessary. Best Practice, delay instead of charging forward with out a solid, detailed plan. The juice this month is in the details! Check them once, twice and a third time. Seriously! And, add a little humor….we can’t make up the events that will be happening….a good belly laugh will go a long way!!!

Create small daily routines that will have a big impact on your life. Health, diet, exercise, and meditation!  Start small, but commit! And, one that I love for us all to do this month….practice 1 Random Act of Kindness to someone you don’t know. Just 1act each day for the next 30 days! Wow….you and our world will be transformed by Oct 1! Let’s do it!….Yes! (Get your friends, colleagues, and family members to join us!)

September 1….New Moon Solar Eclipse at 9 * Virgo at 2:02 AM PDT solar eclipset

This is a key player this month!  New Moons are about New Beginnings, and when it is a Solar eclipse, it is a Super Charged Powerful New Beginning! There will be a ton of cosmic energy stream with updated coding, and guidance. Best Practice…..Set your intentions and spend time on the 1st to get your downloads and upgrades! New Moon ceremony Post on New Moon Page with a ton of info for you!    (Take on the Random Act of Kindness Challenge for the next 30 days! Woohoo!!!)

Ceremony and details here

September 9…Jupiter shifts into the sign of Libra thru Oct 2017!

Libra’s…..this is your year! Jupiter visits each sign for 1 year…so the last time this occurred was 12 years ago! This is the beginning of a new 12 year cycle for all  Libra’s!

Here are some of the gifts this benevolent planet will be bestowing on us this year….the_feel_of_jupiter_by_qaz2008-d4v2c1b

  • More Harmony and balance in our lives…yippee!
  • New relationships in our personal and professional lives….(Love!!!)
  • Increases our capacity to love and well as receive love.
  • We become more aware of what is fair and just and we seek to align with these principles!
  • We appreciate and seek out ways to bring more beauty into our homes and life in general!

Pretty awesome influence for the next year! My hope and prayer the world peace will gain big strides this year. Please join me in this prayer!


September 16th….Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Piscesspiritual-crossing

At the New Moon….there was a sense of initiation….beginnings….Now, with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, there is a sense of destiny being fulfilled, and that something spiritually significant is coming into being.Lunar eclipses bring a mystical feel, opening doors to the secret hidden energies for the cosmos. Pay close attention to these subtle energies as they hold insights and information that will impact your life.

Particularly since it is the final square of the Saturn Neptune square. With the FM Eclipse in close proximity to Chrion….healing happens….even past life events! Best Practice is to be out in the moonlight and receive important messages! We usually have a full moon ceremony, however, I will be at a Horseback Retreat in Wyoming! I will have the full moon ceremony details posted shortly for you to do your own!

But….KNOW….this is a super-powerful time to heal and connected to your destiny!

September 22….The Autumn Equinox! Join us live at Mothers Beachbalance of equinox

Equinoxes and Solstices are the natural seasons of the year when the Earth sifts on its axis and the veils between worlds are thin. It is a special cosmic day, and represent a 3 month period for you to create and complete plans. This is the last quarter of the year….and it is time to put all our new ideas directions and guidance to work for us! It is the time to receive the HARVEST of all our hard work this year! We will be holding a gathering at Mothers Beach from 7PM to 9PM.

Details will be posted on the events page! Please RSVP….space limited!

September 25th….Astrology Crystal Grid Class 12 to 4 at the AURA SHOP on Main St.astro-crystal-grid

I will be teaching my favorite…..Basic Astrology and how to Grid your natal chart at the AURA Shop on Main Street. Space Limited…. Please call to book 310.584.9998

Details on the events Page!

September 26th Pluto Stations Direct!

The power planet moves forward….All our plans begin to turn into reality. So, very important to be clear on what they are!

September 30th…..2nd New Moon in Libra@ 8 * at 5:11 PMweb_libra

We can now breathe easy….the month ends on a beautiful, harmonious note! Balance, peace, harmony, beauty, relationships, fairness, equality are the energies  we will be feeling! Our new direction established, we will be on our way. Your new moon ceremony will be posted later in the month!

Wow….as you can see…..a super action packed month.

I can’t emphasize enough the need to slow down, adapt new small daily habits and routines, listen IN…go out and speed time in nature, away from the hustle bustle so you can connect to your higher self and get INNER  guidance. Your world will look different on October 1……guaranteed!

And…as a note….I will be out of the office and away from all electronic media…( no internet, no phone) at a Horse Ranch in Wyoming from September 8th to the 17th. So, if you would like to set up a session, please do so before the 8th….or after the 17th.

I will have much to share when I return…..

Have a fantastic September to Remember….. and



Peace and Blessings

horse rearing

New Moon Solar Eclipse September 1

solar eclipset

New Moon Solar Eclipse

September 1 @ 2:03 AM PDT

9* Virgo

Every 6 months the Sun, Moon, and Earth align precisely enough to form an eclipse relaying a more intensified download of cosmic intelligence! Solar eclipses mark major endings and beginnings! Where they occur in our natal chart is the area  we are reaching a completion, and opening new channels of growth and expansion.

Eclipse energy is very powerful and events occur that are UNEXPECTED, so please, plan a light schedule on Thursday! Be flexible and able to change on a dime if need be!

Stay present and just flow with the day as it is sure to by dynamic!!!merlin waterfall

New Moons allow us to  hit  the reset button is some area of our life.  And, when it is a Solar Eclipse….it feels like a New Moon on Steroids…turbo charged!

This New Moon  occurs  at  9 * Virgo, and  will be emphasizing all the Virgo qualities. So, if you are a Virgo, or have Virgo Rising or Moon, you will be quite effected! This will be a major year and turning point for you!

Here are  the planetary players during this Eclipse….

virgoThe Sun, Moon, North Node, Jupiter, an Mercury RX all in Virgo …..opposite Neptune in Pisces…Squaring or challenging Saturn/Mars Conjunction in Sagittarius, creating at T-Square. This combo indicates a cross roads and turning point! All indicating a cross roads and turning point!


Crystals I recommend  working with for this eclipse and your ceremony are Peridot, Green Amethyst, Moss Agate for the Virgo energy.Amethyst to assist you with receiving messages and connecting with Neptune Spiritual Energy. Here is a beautiful grid to copy or print and use in your ceremony!

new moon eclipse!                                             Crystals from the AURA Shop on Main Street


Here are a few key elements, themes and possible impacts of this eclipse….

*One of the key focuses is to make a conscious effort to ASSIMILATE, INTEGRATE, and INCORPORATE the lessons you’ve learned, and insights you’ve gained as a result of the challenges you have been dealing with over the past few months.

*We are being asked to review and eliminate habits, thoughts, and attitudes that no longer serve us!your beliefs

*  Commit to empowering  habits, behaviors,and beliefs that will put you on a new course /direction! Small steps will have a big impact at this time!!!!!!

*  Mercury is in RX…so pause before you act…make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are lined up…and if one is missing…. be open to receiving Cosmic downloads and insights that will pull it all together.

* You may feel the need to create order and rhythm in your life!

*You may want to get back on track in some significant way.

*Your health, nutrition and well being become a priority!

*Magic occurs in the details…and this time of intense Virgo is all about cutting the fat, streamlining, and DOING the daily details that create lasting change!!!

As a note, any issues emphasized now may be important for up to the next 3 months (the length of the Eclipse influence.)

Remember, it is very important to do your ceremony at the exact time or AFTER……NOT BEFORE, so plan a little extra time first thing Thursday morning.You can make your list tonight and prepare, but do your ceremony when you get up!

Just as a reminder, New Moons occur every 29 1/2 days when the moon aligns with the sun in each of the 12 signs. It is a natural time of new beginnings. The ancients used the timing of the moon as a way of life, from planting to sowing to celebrating. New Moons are about starting anew. Be clear, set your intentions …..then….. let go, and ALLOW the Universe to deliver in  Divine Cosmic Timing!!!!!


Here are the Virgo qualities to work with this month.

Virgo Rules physical health:healthy summer food

Diet, exercise, weight control, healing.

Sample intentions to enhance physical health:

I am attracted to and consume only those foods that nurture and rejuvenate my body.

I love exercising ……. days a week with enthusiasm and joy!

I establish my perfect weight at ….. pounds and I am vibrantly healthy!exercise 2


Virgo Rules Work:

Jobs, work projects, co-workers and structured routines.

Sample intentions:

I easily attract, recognize, and begin working at the perfect job for me.

I easily complete ALL work projects with a minimum of stress and a maximum of efficiency.

I easily create routines that allow  plenty of time for work, play and family.

I release all resistance to hard work, creating ease, grace and joy!


Virgo Rules Creative Organization:

Orderly environments, handling details, efficiency planning, paperwork, and punctuality.organized office

Sample intentions:

I create neatness and order in my home and office.

I gladly pay my bills on time.

I have an efficient organized system for filing all paper work!


Virgo Rules Discrimination:

Analysis, critical thinking, focus, discernment.

Sample intentions:

I easily analyzing the problem of … a way that produces productive, happy results.

I accurately discern what is important to me!

I respond effectively to external crisis WITHOUT inner tension.


Virgo Rules Service:

Practical helpfulness, purity of intent, willingness to adapt.

Sample intentions:elethant and cat

I consciously feel satisfaction from being of service to others in my work.

I always participate in creating a calm peaceful environment.

I am consciously aware of my intention to benefit others!


Virgo Rules Synthesis:

Desire for perfection, processing, bringing order to chaos.

Sample intentions:

I am aware of and accept good fortune when it comes to me.

I choose to focus on what is RIGHT in my life rather that what is wrong.

I find peace and perfection in the middle of chaos!

Virgo also rules excessive perfectionism:

Worry, criticism, blame, judgment, workaholic tendencies.

Sample intentions to curb perfectionism:

I release all self-defeating tendencies to perfectionism.

I release the habit of obsessive worry.

I release the compulsion to “fix others”.

I release the compulsion to  “be right”.

I easily form the habit of living a balanced happy life!

Please feel free to use this  intentions or make up your own!

prayer little girl

Here is the info on setting up your New Moon Ceremony.

  1. Start your ceremony at the exact time, 2:03 AM or first thing when you get up on Thursday Sept 1  You have up to 8 hours to capture the full intensity of New Moon Power!
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred and special. Gather up your crystals around you, have a candle, essential oils, or  sage to clear your space!
  3. Write your 10 intentions by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Virgo, your  personal cross roads, or any other ongoing project you want to jump start!
  5. After writing, read them out loud, take a moment to feel them completed, be in the excitement of having these intentions actualized! You did it! Yippee!
  6. These intentions will be super charged ….EXPECT, KNOW  and ALLOW Divine perfect timing!  They are happening……TRUST the Process!





Please and Blessings


unicorn in floweros

Expect Miracles and Magic!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse August 18th

solar eclipsetGreetings!

Lunar Eclipse August 18th

2:26 AM PDT

Lunar Eclipses are always very special events, and have quite a mystical feel about them! So this one, in the sign of Aquarius, is bound to be special, bringing about brilliant insights and ahhs! (Aquarius rules brilliance)! It lasts only 36 minutes (regular ones last about 3 hours) and forms a very special aspect called a YOD.

Eclipses are like Cosmic Chiropractic Adjustments and a YOD heightens your senses and feels a bit like destiny and fate are playing a hand at your table! Yippee!cosmic-breath-of-life

Quite a special evening it will be…… perfect to hang out with like minded peeps!

And, of course, we will be gathering  to Celebrate and Honor this Aquarian Full Moon Eclipse at Mothers Beach in Marina del Rey! Come join us!

The ceremony includes an astrology overview as we approach a very critical August and September,      Tarot cards for insights, essential oils for opening and aligning, live drumming meditation, and a special crystal gift. Layer up, it’s chilly at sunset and we will be sitting in the sand. Feel free to bring your own crystals to charge up on the alter, and a mat or blanket to sit on. Also, the water taxis will be running in the marina, so, after the ceremony, we will be howling on the water as we cruise around.Water taxis ride is optional!  It’s Super Fun! Cost of Water taxis  cruise is $2.00.mothers beach

Place: Mothers Beach.. intersection of Palawan Way and Admiralty Way         

in front of Jamaica Bay Inn

Time: 7:30PM – 9:30PM

Cost: $20

Rsvp Required, (so we have enough special goodies to go around!)

 Public Parking off Palawan way or Killer Shrimp Lot!

aquarius constaltionHere are a few pointers to help you understand and align with the energies of this Aquarian Full Moon Eclipse.

  • First, be sure to plan a little extra time…unexpected events happen!
  • Emotions will be running high…so pause before you are quick to react and respond! Practice mindfulness!
  • The approaching Mars Saturn conjunction is withing 3 *….Best Practice….check your anger at the door. Exercise,journal, and be ready to RE-LEASE all that is not working in your life….all the Structures that keep you locked up and small will be coming to light to allow you to break through to a new YOU!
  • Aquarius is about our Global family, the Collective, Brilliance, and Humanitarian causes.
  • With the Leo Sun shinning it’s bright light on this Aquarian Full Moon, the question becomes, how can we Shin our individual Light to empower our planet and its citizens thru these revolutionary times we are privileged to be a part of! What we do now matters! Don’t just complain…be pro active for change!
  • Remember, you have special gifts and talents, uniquely yours…..time to stand up for what your heart is calling you to do!
  • We are in the middle of building a new paradigm……Let’s create a world that works for us all!john lenon peade


Crystals to use for this Full Moon Eclipse are Tigers Eye, Citrine, Clear Quartz, and Aqua Marine…

full moon 8.9

I have set up a grid for you…and please, feel free to use this one, or any of your favorite crystals who want to come out and play!

And as a note,  your crystals love to be out in the Moon Light…so set them out….they will be  soooo happy!

We are entering a very dynamic 6 weeks….so buckle is bound to be a fast ride!

if you never go you never know



Peace and Blessings



An Evening with Dr. Pat….Hormone Specialist!

Greetings all,

I am super excited to introduce the amazing Dr. Pat to you all! She is the expert in hormone balancing, the natural way, and is offering a ton of great information on August 23 here at the Dolphin Club House. Be sure to mark you calendars and come. Rsvp to me or Dr. Pat!

It will be and enlighten and informative evening you won’t want to miss!

dr p flyer

August 2016 Overview

Courage_Banner2Happy Birthday Leo!

Time to shine your Big Heart and Sparkling light on all you love and adore!


August is filled with dynamic cosmic energy that will get us  fired up and moving in the direction of our heart’s desires, goals and dreams!

Both August and September will have surprises, (eclipses) planetary shifts, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn

Challenges…. Saturn conjunct Mars squaring Neptune…..

And many empowering positive energies, Perseids meteor showers, grand trines, and sextiles!

It is mixed bag for sure, but will prepare us for the most dynamic month of the year….September!

So let me break it down for you by date!

July 29 – Dec 29th… Uranus stationed Retrogradepluto uranus conjuction

This  influence will be particularly noticeable the first week of of August! Uranus is the unpredictable, rebel genius planet of invention and  freedom. In the RX motion, watch for sudden insights, unexpected events and outcomes, sudden burst and shifts of energy and opportunity. His job is to set you free from boredom and help you access your natural genius!

August 2…Mars shifts into Sagittarius all month!

Mars is how we take action in the world, and when in the fire sign of Sag, we will be inspired to get moving! Be fearless, get the ball rolling,stay inspired by your beliefs and possibility. Time to breakthrough your own glass ceiling!

August 2……. New Moon in Leo!leo mystical

Time to create the life that you LOVE! Plant those seeds of intentions…your New Moon ceremony is posted on the New Moon Page. Please be sure to take a few minutes and set up the second half of your year! This is the New Moon to have some fun, think big and be brave!

August 12….Peak of the Annual Perseids Meteor Shower

Astronomers are saying this year should be quite spectacular as the meteors will be falling at 150/hour  instead of 80 /hour! These showers bring magical cosmic messages to us! Take some time to star gaze…and be ready to Receive Cosmic Gifts!perseid-meteor-kingham-620

August 13th….Saturn stations direct! Yippee!

Time to get moving on the projects that have been stalled!  Sagittarius is about our faith, our beliefs, seeking the truth, Saturn is about structure!This is a time of radical transformation and evolution on our planet. Ask what part you can play in making our  world one that reflects love, liberty and justice for all, and put that belief into action!

August 18th…Full Moon Rogue Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius!solar eclipse

Much has been written about this full moon…as it last only only 30 minutes and it is shrouded in mystery…and there is a cosmic message for sure! In the sign of Aquarius, it will be illuminating our humanitarian  concerns and our global family! This special Eclipse has new coding and energy for us all…so go out and bath in the moonlight!

Please join us for a live gathering on Mothers Beach at 7:30 PM on Thursday the 18th. Details on the Full Moon page!

  August 23rd-26th….. Mars Conjuncts Saturn while squaring Neptuneshoot for mooninspirational-quotes-tumblr

This is the most challenging few days of the month. Mars, anger and action is kissing Saturn, structure and authority,  breaking it wide open! So, if something has been brew for you, this will be the time it will come up! At the same time, Neptune in Pisces, is holding the high watch, encouraging us to act from our higher Spiritual Authority, not out of anger or what things APPEAR to be! This will take strength, courage, insight, compassion, and negotiation! That is why it is so important to set up your goals and dreams at the New Moon on August 2nd! At this volatile time on our planet, anything you can do to create calm negotiation, and win win solutions will elevate us all. What we do as individuals, lifts us  up! And, last but not least….act from love….practice random acts of kindness…. pause and breathe a few deep breaths before you act from anger! Transformation and evolution are messy….so Bring Love to the situation, and do your best!

August 30 – September 21 Mercury goes RX in Virgo!

Theme….Life happens in the Details!organized office

This will be the perfect time to tie up all the loose ends and details of your life and your daily routines! Any new projects that just got started may need a little tiding up! Change happens in the small consistent daily details we tend to….and, be sure to do all the Rx precautions….plan extra time, back up your electronics,reconnect with old friends and clients…reorganize files, paper stacks… and renew your commitment to being and staying organized!


Just a heads up..September is a game changer month…two eclipses, September 1 and 16. Jupiter shifts into Libra for 1 year, Saturn has its final square with Neptune, Pluto stations direct, and we have a 2nd New Moon on September 30th!

It is going to be a rocket propelled month…so take August to get grounded, fired up and ready! I will get more details to you by the last week of August!

In the mean time…..Have Fun and Create something fantastic during this beautiful Leo solar energy!



Ps…we have several wonderful live events this month… so.please check out the events page!


Peace and Blessings


unicorn in floweros