Full Moon July 19th in Capricorn

full moon heronThe Full Moon occurs each month when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. The Moon is illuminated by the light of the Sun! And, besides being just down right beautiful and mesmerizing, it seeks to illuminate or bring something hidden to light for transformation! It also signals a time when we naturally  seek to create greater balance, equilibrium, and fullness in our own life.  The Capricorn/Cancer axis brings awareness to the balance of our home/family life (Cancer) with work/career! (Capricorn)

We always  gather to honor the Full Moon and do a beautiful Ceremony! This month we are gathering at Mothers Beach, in front of the Jamaica Bay Inn, at the intersection of Admiralty Way and Palawan way. Parking is off Palawan Way.

Place: Mothers Beach ( in front of Jamaica Bay Inn on the sand)mothers beach

Time: 7:30

Cost: $20

RSVP Required

Gathering Includes astro overview, tarot cards for insights, essential oils for opening and aligning, live drumming meditation, and a special crystal gift. Layer up as it is chilly at sunset and we will be sitting in the sand. Feel free to bring your own crystals to charge up on the alter!

The Astrological Aspects of this Full Moon offer up exciting and challenging opportunities for our continued Spiritual growth!

Questions, situations or ideas to consider during this time……

  •  Balancing the Family and Career dynamic. How can we honor both? Do we need to carve out a little family fun? Our home  is our anchor. Are we grounded  supported and nurtured?
  • Mars is a key player in this FM suggesting we delve deeper into our True Intentions and Desires….getting to our Authentic Self! What is trying to emerge?
  • There is a Square from our unpredictable friend Uranus….so, if something happens that upsets the apple cart….it will likely bring greater freedom and order in time! This is deep level transformation….so.. breathe …. and embrace it!
  • There is a fun,creative Mercury Venus conjunction involved in this FM, so ideas flow freely, and amazing solutions prevail!
  • Cancer asks us to look at where we are standing ( home) and Capricorn asks us to look at the direction we are headed…..hence this is about looking at  the road you are on!

Here is the crystal grid I created for this Full Moon…. you can take a picture and use it in your ceremony if you are not joining us on the beach. I have included crystal energy for all the planetary positions and signs, connecting them with selenite and adding a clear quartz flame in the center! It will amplify, empower, and integrate all the crystals!

full moon crystal grid july

This FM is quite significant as we enter into August and September. There will be more changes and shifts, so,the big take away here is for us to  get really grounded and know where we are….and where we are going!

Here are a few great quotes that reflect this FM.

” If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up someplace else”

man on winding road

And from the Mountain Astrology writer Stephanie Austin….

“Often people attempt to live their lives backwards: they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want so they will be happier. The way it actually works is in reverse. You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want!! ” Margaret Young

happiness beach

This perfectly aligns with the Cosmic agenda for this Full Moon!!

So, wherever you are….take time to go out under Stars and Full Moon, contemplate where you are and where you really, really want to go in your life….listen for Moon messages…..and when done…..remember to Howl and let all the old stuff Go!!!!!

wolf howling at full moon57

New Cosmic codes and updates are beaming thru this beautiful evening…..be sure to take the time to RECEIVE her Light and Love!




Peace and Blessings




Voyager Tarot Special Events Weekend! August 27th and 28th

voyager bannerJoin us for 2 action packed days with James Wanless Ph.D., Creator of the Voyager Tarot Deck!

August 27th

10 AM to 5 PM


It’s “YouBiz” in our economy and culture today!  Learn the archetypal basics from Voyager on how to follow the “Fortune Formula” to have it all, your way! As a “solopreneur” for 35 years, James Wanless, Ph.D., gives you his experienced insights and study on how to succeed in the spiritual and healing arts, or in any profession, as a soloist. In one day, get your roadmap that works, tools to call upon, and activation as a “Magician”  to make it happen. Become the “FortuneMaker,” the rich and talented you, and learn how to get what you really want, “enough of everything” by personalizing your business, potentiating yourself and having the freedom to be yourself as your brand. Learn how the Voyager way of “wholeness” is the truest way to have it all in a sustainable way.

I am really excited about this class and is being offered by popular demand!

You will leave with a very clear plan for your Business….no matter what the field!


 If you sign up before the 25th


voyager success jamesAugust 28, 2016

10 AM to 5 PM


For those of you who have completed the first day of Voyager Counseling Certification and for those of you who have worked with Voyager, this is your opportunity to learn more, get a brush-up, and become Certified!

Includes the complimentary “Mindful Voyager,” the latest book by James Wanless, Ph.D.

Experience Voyager as the “21st Century Success Psychology and Navigation Map of Modern Life.”  This “gps of the soul” is beyond any tarot deck.  Voyager is an archetypal, wholistic, intuitive, powerful tool for becoming all that you are meant to be, to live your life of apotheosis and destiny, and how to have it all – happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise.

By becoming a “Voyager Counselor” – you learn how empower and inspire others! This is not rocket science, you can do it!  There is nothing more fulfilling than moving others to fulfill their lives.  And by helping others, you help yourself grow and realize your own potentials!


If you Sign up by 8/23


Both classes are being held at the Dolphin Marina Clubhouse

13900 Panay Way

RSVP Required….Space Limited!

Call or email me



Look forward to seeing you!




New Moon in Cancer July 4th

New Moon in Cancer

4th of july heartJuly 4th  4:02 AM PDT

New Moons occur when the Sun and Moon kiss or conjunct in the same zodiac sign each month. It is nature’s way of allowing us to hit the reset button,  starting anew…..each month! And, each New Moon has a unique cosmic signature, sending out energy and messages for all of us to receive and act upon!

The message this month is integration of the Divine Feminine! Cancer is the sign most associated with this principle, and the cosmic line up in this beautiful receptive water sign is quite strong! This New Moon is all about feelings!  How are we handling them? Are our needs being met? Is our home life happy?

How about our Body, Heart, and Soul? Are we nurturing that which fills us up? This merlin waterfall-001watery new moon draws us inward…..we are human Beings…..not human doings!   Masculine energy is materialist, and we are rewarded for our outer accomplishments. Time and regard for our inner world of feelings and introspection often drop to the bottom of our list. Several aspects of this New Moon allow us to open our hearts, release and heal our old wounds, and set sail on a New Emotional Beginning! One that integrates both our outer expression, and our inner reflection.

Quiet contemplation, if only for a short time, goes along way today!


Relax, Reflect, Unplug! Enjoy your quite time.

puppy hamack

The perfect crystal to use with your ceremony and inner work this month is moonstone 2Moonstone! She is quite a magical stone, representing the female energy. She teaches us the path of the Goddess through the emotional body! When emotions have been repressed, ignored, or drowned out by masculine energy, we become stuck! Moonstone assists us in feeling, releasing and beginning anew. What we desire this month is to gain mastery over our emotions and feelings and use them to transform and empower our divine feminine! Moonstone will assist in this process! Keep her with your all month!

And, as you sit in quiet contemplation during your New Moon Intention Ceremony, please include our planet and all her people…particularly those  innocent families who have been torn apart by  hatred and violence. Please Send love and compassion to all!one love

The best way to set up for your Ceremony is to Light a Candle, maybe incense or sage to clear the space, but mostly…. make your time special and sacred!prayer little girl

Pick 10 from the following Cancer ruled intentions….

Cancer Rules:

Home, Family, and Instincts

Sample intentions to strengthen your Personal Foundation:mother duck keeping watch

I spend plenty of heart felt time with my family.

I experience a feeling of increased security and joy.

I clearly and easily listen to and honor ALL my gut instincts!

I easily attract, recognize, and purchase the perfect home/apartment at an amazing price!


Cancer Rules:

Security, Feelings of Belonging, Protection, Tenacity, and Financial Security.

Sample intentions to Increase Feelings of Safety:

I handle my finances in ways that create a stable base I can count on.happy be

I have a complete sense of security in every area of my life.

I am loved and protected by an infinite source of Good!


Cancer Rules:

Growth, Nurturing, and New Beginnings.

Sample intentions to Encourage Positive Growth:

I release childhood patterns that have held me in bondage!

I joyously learn and grow from all significant events that happen in my life!

I embrace the process of my own expansion and personal growth!


Cancer Rules Emotional Closeness:

Caring, Empathy, Vulnerability, and IntimacyLearn-to-Love-How-to-Live-Happily-Ever-After-1-mdn

Sample intentions to increase Emotional Closeness:

I intend to be open and ask for help in a way that is empowering!

I release all fear around intimacy!

I am empathetic and understanding for those who need my care and support,

I  receive the same from my loved ones.

Cancer Rules Feelings;

Changing moods, Awareness of our own feelings, Sensitivity to others’ feelings, Tenderness, and Awareness of needs.

Sample Intentions to Enhance Feeling Experiences:

I consciously and consistently communicate my feelings in responsible, appropriate ways.

I release all moodiness!

I let go of all non-constructive, over the top emotional responses.

I intend to live moment by moment and not be ruled by my moods!


Cancer Rules Nurturing:

Being supportive/accepting support, Food, Close family relations.healthy summer food

Sample intentions to Promote Positive Nurturing:

I release all self-destructive habits around food.

I experience wonderful, mutually heart felt relationships

I spend great quality time with my family.


Cancer Also Rules Excessive Self-Protection, Including:

Clinginess, Feelings, of Insecurity, Possessiveness, Overly cautious behaviors, Fears of rejection, and a lack of definite goals.

Sample intentions to Release Self-Defeating Insecurity:

I release my habit of clinginess.

I replace the urge to possess others by a deep awareness and sense of security within myself.

I intend to define goals that empower me to rise above current limitations.

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!


person lotus planets

Here is the 411 for your New Moon ceremony.

  1. Start at the exact time  4:02 AM July 4th or as soon as you get up! (LOL) It’s a holiday so you should have time to take a few minutes in the AM!
  2. Write your 10 intentions, by hand, not computer.
  3. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Cancer.
  4.  After writing your intentions, be sure to visualize them complete, FEEL them complete, and KNOW it is done, allowing for Divine right timing!
  5. Most importantly… Love and be present with your family and friends today, Celebrate the Freedoms we do have, add plenty of gradditude,  FEEL and FOLLOW  your Heart’s Desire!
  6. PS….tears may flow today….for no reason….just allow with grace…and feel it!

Sending much Love and Light to all!

Stay Inspired….Connected….Empowered!

Peace and Blessings




July Overview 2016


As we enter the Month of July you will notice a distinct shift in energy! We go from the Thinking, Information Powered Gemini, into Watery, Instinctive, Emotional, Cancer!

Cancer rules the home, family, instincts, feelings,intuition, nurturing..both self and others! It’s a great month to cozy into your home with  those you love and enjoy summer BBQs, picnics, relaxing, hanging out.. ….doing NoThing…….Just Being… with NO agenda!!!

summer time

Really living “Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer” with friends and family! We push so much…now is the time to relax.happy puppiess

We have many planets in water this month….The Sun, Venus, Mercury, the Moon on sail boat healingthe 4th at the New Moon all in Cancer. Mars in Scorpio has just started forward movement (yippee!) and Neptune and Chiron both are in Pisces. These planets will be Trining each other at different times all month. Trines happen when planetary energy works together…it feels like The Force is With You, or you have the Wind Beneath your Wings…. just hoist your sails!

yellow-brick-road-6July 1 we hit the halfway mark of 2016. So, it’s a great time for  a bit of Reflection…..what has occurred so far in 2016…what’s worked….is there a new road you are traveling down…..what door is closing…..are you balancing home and work…what has been churning under ground….ready to emerge? Great questions to ponder, meditate and journal about all month!


healthy summer foodAnd, with all this Nurturing Cancer energy it is a beautiful month to revisit your food focus! What food really Nurtures your heart, soul, and family? What summer traditions do you love to share with friends and family? With the wonderful summer produce, it is easy to eat fresh farm/yard to your table! Indulge yourself!




There are two strong Astro influences that have been  active  in June and will  continue through July…so just a reminder…

1. Neptune square Saturn….Putting structure into our hopes and dreams…remaining true to our hearts desires and working thru the challenges and difficulties.

2. Mars inconjunct Uranus…This is the tricky one! Mars stationed direct on June 29th, and Uranus is slowing down turning RX on July 29th!  They remain at  23 to 24 degrees most of the month…in Scorpio and Aries.The best way to describe this energy is Mars, action and activity, is in a non negotiating stand off with Uranus…planet of Freedom, and  Sudden Surprises. One or the other will prevail…so, if a situation arises that is unexpected and unplanned…..make adjustments accordingly…. surrender your ego or need to be right….and do what is Best for all involved! Best Practice for this  aspect is to pause and breathe before you react in ways you may regret!pluto uranus conjuction

Here are a few  key dates to mark in your calendar……

July 4th…..New Moon in Cancer 4:01 AM PDT4th of july heart

This lunation Kicks off the watery Cancer Energy!Every month we have the opportunity to hit the reset button, and create the life we desire! And, this month is all about Cancer qualities! We have the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury all lined up in Cancer….and in the opposite position is Pluto in Capricorn. What the Cosmos is asking us is to integrate the gentle Cancer feminine energy and the masculine earth energy of Capricorn. How can you balance home and work, the masculine and feminine? We all work hard to create  beautiful homes….do we have time to relax and enjoy them?  Take time today to celebrate Freedom, and Families! And remember, with this much water energy, those around you may be quite emotional or moody ( Cancer qualities). Best practice today is to just chill, take a little quiet time for reflection, and a lot of fun time to enjoy the 4th of July traditions!

And, please take a moment to send Love and Light to all those families world wide who love heals_300178530112348_1271555408_nare dealing with loss from the senseless hate based acts of violence.Their pain is palpable.

A few moments of compassion,love, and empathy will go far…..Thank you!

(Your Ceremony is posted on the New Moon page!)




July 19th…Full Moon in Capricorn 3:56 PM PDTfull blur moon eih yoga pose

Full Moons occur each month when the Moon is in the opposite sign of the Sun.  Full Moons always shine or illuminate the truth about something that has perplexed or confused. It is the reason why we gather for Full Moon Ceremony. To receive special cosmic message needed to guide us more deeply on our path! We are gathering in July at Mothers Beach in Marina del Rey @ 7:45 PM. Please join us! All the Details on the Full Moon Page!

The Theme of this Full Moon continues the focus of home and family vs work and career. This is quite a dynamic full moon with many aspects…a water grand trine,       a T- square, and a few inconjuncts…so emotions will be running strong! We have a few key players in the Full Moon that might upset your apple-cart…(or plans lol)

Best Practice….KNOW that what is illuminated or brought up for review is necessary information to have. The heavens are lighting the way…our job is to slow down long enough to listen and hear your guidance! ( check out the full moon page for more details!)

July 29th…Uranus stations RX  until 12/29uruans planet-001

This will be a wild and crazy few days….getting us ready for the dynamic cosmic energy in August and September! Watch out for your electronics, they may go a bit haywire and  communications  can be  kinda of crazy! Misunderstandings may happen and a general feeling of chaos and zaniness is possible! It’s important to anchor yourself in your meditation practice or just practice Being Present. See yourself as a Calm presence,like being the eye of the storm! It won’t last long….just a few days!

This is sure to be a very dynamic month’s end with some pretty intriguing things going on!  Have fun and keep your eyes wide open! Pay close attention to any coincidences or synchonicities as they could be very significant over time!

Rest and Relax this month for sure…..

August and September are going to be Rockin…Astrologically!


Stay Inspired……Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings