Full Moon in Sagittarius June 20th

horse full moonFull Moon in Sagittarius

29* ( Second One in a Row!)

June 20th 4:02 PM

Once every few years we have two full moons in the same zodiac sign. May’s full moon was at 1 * Sagittarius, and this month it is at 29* Sagittarius. So,  the polarity between Gemini and Sagittarius is emphasized greatly! Gemini deals with perception, Sagittarius with concepts and convictions. The bright side of Gemini remains open minded, aware that there is always more to learn and that listening is as important as speaking! The shadow side of the Twins know a lot of facts, but has little wisdom! The high road of Sagittarius leads to ever-expanding horizons of understanding, tolerance, and the realization of life’s purpose;its low road falls into deep ruts of dogmatism, entitlement, and excess of all kinds.

This Full Moon highlights where we are Walking our Talk and we we are still learning to embody our deepest truths! This lunanation, combined with the Saturn Neptune Exact Square June 17th,and the Grand Mutable Cross, illuminates the path for our Souls to follow!

A crossroads that has been building all month!spiritual-crossing

Sagittarius Rules Horses…..the Higher self of the horse is the Unicorn……and the Boss of the Unicorns is Pegasus!  Pegasus will be joining us on the Full Moon Ride/Drumming Journey  to guide and  assist in illuminating our Soul’s path!PegasusFullMoon

We  meet up at the Circle K Stables at 5:45  on Sunday the 19th, then set off to ride thru beautiful Griffith Park for an hour. The ride allows us time to relax and open up to Possibility! After the ride, we directly proceed to Betty Davis Park, around the corner and do an amazing ceremony including  a guided Pegasus Meditation Journey! It will be an awesome evening….you can count on it!

RSVP REQUIRED for horse reservations!

Time: 6:00 PM Sunday June 19th

Where: Circle K Ranch  914 S Mariposa St, Burbank Ca

Cost: $60 Cash….No atm’s at stables

 If you can’t join us, be sure to go out and let this special f moonlight shine it’s blessings of clarity, confidence, and resolve to follow your Heart and Soul’s Path!

Let go if what is not working…..embrace a new exciting direction and future….

And howl to your hearts content! wolf howling at full moon57This is a special time and moment.

We are all ready to take flight ,and with the direct station of Mars June 29th, the Lights are GREEN!

Remember….Words and Thoughts become Things…..Now is the Time to Think Big!



Peace and Blessing

Shelleymagical unicorn

New Moon in Gemini June 4th 7:59 PM PDT

geminiNew Moon in Gemini @ 15*

June 4th 7:59 PM  PDT

This New Moon links up with one of the most important alignments of 2016…a Mutable Grand Cross that includes the Saturn Neptune square!

New Moons occur when the Sun and Moon align in the same sign each month. It is a time to begin a new cycle, Cosmic Time, allowing your intentions to soar at a greater speed! ( kinda like intentions on steroids!!!)

Let’s break it down….

The Sun, Moon, and Venus are all lined up in Gemini…..opposite Saturn in Sagittarius. This opposition asks us to work with the extra Gemini energy….Information, curiosity, ideas, adaptability,multitasking….. and integrate Sagittarius on the opposite side …our beliefs, philosophies, big visions, and purpose.

The other half of the Cross is Jupiter in Virgo, opposite Neptune in Pisces. Virgo in Jupiter is about expanding, but, being lean and mean in the process,cutting out the fat, and being extra efficient! Neptune in Pisces is our our dreams, inspiration, and Spiritual Connection! Each tip of the cross then challenges the two points at 60 degrees…..thus creating the different energies and conflict. Since each sign is Mutable or flexible, negotiating change is much easier than with a Fixed or Cardinal Cross, but still info overload!

Below is a great visual this Mutable Grand Cross.  All 4 of these signs are considered to be the most adaptable and flexible of the Zodiac,and are fluid and dynamic. Meaning, we can change more easily right now and shifts can occur without as much resistance! Yippee!june-grand-cross-astrology-2016

Just watch out for information overload, or triple tasking! Best to keep a journal this month, and be diligent about jotting down ideas, insights, and aha moments. Mars goes direct on June 29th….so, being crystal clear on your direction is quite important! And…if you are still not sure…..you can always check with your astrologer for guidance 🙂 lol

As we prepare for the New Moon Ceremony, take some time to stroll down Retrograde Lane……….. What was revealed to you over that last few months?the thinker

Did a new idea make itself known?

What ended, what began?

What FEELS complete, and what FEELS unfinished?

It’s best to prep a few days before the 4th, so you have time to consider all your options! And, if you have a question you need clarity on..try this. Before you fall asleep…..ask your higher self the question and expext guidance upon awakening! Have your journal ready!  As soon as you wake up..jot down everything….even if it does not make sense. It will! The decisions you make at the Grand Cross are major turning points! Be open and aware of new ideas and ways of working! There is a light in this long tunnel!9512540-path-to-light

Crystals I like to work with at the time of Gemini are Blue Lace Agate,and Kyanite. Both help you work with and assimilate all the layers of information you have been receiving!

I created a beautiful crystal grid for this New Moon.   The center is a magical unicorn crystal surrounded by  amethyst (for Pisces) green amethyst (Virgo) Blue Lace Agate (Gemini) and Apophyllite (Sagittarius) The Grid is placed on a Selenite disc to clear, energize, and connect with Spirit! And I have my favorite hearts  surrounding + Pegasus! ( He is getting ready for our Full Moon Journey!)  Please feel free to use these on in your ceremony or create your own using your favorites.The Crystals will do the work of balancing and aligning you with the powerful cosmic energies!(Check out the the Crystal Guru App for crystal info 24/7……I love it!)gemini new moon grid

Please join us for a live FREE gathering in the Dolphin Marina Rec Room from 7 to9 pm

We are doing a beautiful  intention ceremony and Maggie May will be teaching awesome self massage techniques!

Details on the event page!

Please RSVP to save your place! Space is limited!

If you are not joining us, here are the steps for your own intention ceremony.


Words and Thoughts are King here…

so chose carefully what you want to create and how you speak it into the world!words for change

Sample intentions for the time of Gemini for you to use….or make up your own!

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, including:  thinking, writing, speaking, effective listening, and teaching.

Sample intentions to promote inner and outer communication are:

I am inspired to take action on my new innovative ideas and projects!creative brain

I clearly communicate with my boss/coworkers/partner in an effective empowering manor.

I intend to LISTEN and pause before I respond to my family/co-workers.

I  ASK the right questions, leading me to a clear understanding in conversations.

I love writing in my journal daily!

My new book is powerful and transforms lives!

My speaking engagements always empower my audience, and I clearly speak from confidence!

Gemini rules learning, including: factual information, print media, the internet, and formal education.

Sample intentions to enhance learning:

I love using the internet to expand my research and learning!i love books

I find the perfect classes online or in person to further my education in the field of…….

I love studying and learning many different venues!

I envision a new and innovative way to educate and learn, and launch it in the world!

Gemini Rules: Automobiles (and mechanics), short trips, and all transportation.

Sample intentions

I intend to find the new perfect car, at the perfect price.

I intend to take amazing short fun day trips on a regular basis!

I release any fear of flying or travel right now!

Driving on the freeway is always a pleasant experience for me!

All car repairs are complete and long lasting!

Gemini rules relationships based on close proximity, including: happy firends

Brothers, sisters, neighbors, school mates, and roommates.

Sample intentions to encourage positive communication in social relationships:

Easy, effective communication always occurs between me and my ….(sister, brother,


I always say the right words to my neighbors, promoting harmonious relationships.

My …(sister/brother) always communicates in a loving, understanding manor.

My neighborhood is a loving, supportive community!

prayer little girlHere is the 411 for your New Moon ceremony.

  1. Start at the exact time 7:59 PM PDT June 4th or AFTER. You have up to 8 hours after to really capture the full intensity, and the closer to the exact time is always better!
  2.  Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred.
  3. Write your 10 Intentions, 10 only …by hand, not computer. It would be fun to create a word collage during this full moon and with your intentions!
  4. Take a few moments to visualize each intention, actually PICTURING and FEELING the desired result.
  5.  Then…most important…. EXPECT results! Assume the position…It is Done!
  6. Last but not least,have fun,get creative, ignite your passion and vision, and always, always, follow your Heart’s Desire!

Until next New Moon, here is wishing you great new ideas, innovative solutions,

clear communication and an open heart!

astro book with lights



Peace and Blessings


June 2016 Overview!

gemini.2Happy Birthday Gemini!

This is a great month to tap into our inner Gemini, using the Power of Thoughts and Words to create our next chapter (or month)! Gemini is the sign of the Twin… representing duality! And if you know a Gemini, sometimes they appear to have 2 different personalities, are full of great information, are curious, fun, and versatile, all qualities of this Sign and the focus forJune!

And, from a  Spiritual perspective, the duality can represent the higher mind and the lower mind,….or as I like to think of it as our Intuition (higher mind) vs Information (Lower mind).  Gemini’s ruler is Mercury and was know by the  ancients as  “The Messenger of the Gods” bringing important  info, thoughts, and ideas to us from the higher realms!mercury the messenger of the gods

An interesting Note…..Mythology has it that  Zeus had twin sons,Castor and Pollux. One mortal, and one divine. When mortal Castor was wounded in battle his divine brother, Pollux, mourned him so passionately that Zeus placed them both in the heavens, as the Twins. Thus the heavenly twins are symbolic of our two minds….Castor the lower mind or mind of earth, and Pollux, the higher mind or mind in the heart (intuition) ! This story indicates how our higher mind can rescue our lower mind and bring it heavenly illuminations. These two stars can be seen in the night sky in the area of Gemini!castor and polux

So….our work during this time of heighten Gemini is to integrate the two! And, since Mercury just stationed direct…..  clarity, new directions and ideas should flow abundantly all month~! You can think of it as the information highway running smoothly…from the inside out ….(inner to the outer!)This is especially important with the Saturn Neptune square the month….(more on this below)


Here  are the key aspects to be on the lookout for this month…..

June 4th…New Moon in Gemini….Powerful one activating a Mutual Grand Cross!

We are doing a FREE New Moon event at the Dolphin Marina with extraordinary Maggie May,maggie flyer

Please RSVP for this FREE event to me or Maggie

 New Moon Astro Details and Ceremony posted on the New Moon Page!

The Mutable Grand Cross can be a little challenging…be sure to read  the New Moon Page!

June 17th.…. Second exact square of Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces!

This is a rare astro event that has been the undercurrent of 2016. The first meeting was November 26 2015, and the final meeting is September 10th 2016. The next time these two planets form a square is in 2033, so needless to say….getting the lesson now is important!

your beliefsThe Cosmic agenda behind this square…….

*To help transcend old patterns, attitudes and beliefs that hold us back by dissolving resistance to change and  fear of the unknown!

* Help us identify our true potential and soul gifts in this lifetime!

* Help us create a bridge between reality and possibility, our dreams and desires, and how to put a  practical structure or plan  in place to create it in our every day life!

To explain further the energies at work with these two planets….

* Neptune is the most Mystical of the Planets and can bring you just the inspiration you need! He assists in increasing our faith, trust, and revives our dreams!  Neptune is know as the Great Dis-solver and can facilitate releasing fears, blocks, and those things that prevent us from moving forward!

(You know the conversation…”I can’t….. because I am too old, tired,busy, overwhelmed….ect!)

*Saturn can then help us Build and Create what is meaningful, realistic, and practical. A nice way to view this scenario  is The Practical Dreamer is  working with and for us right now!

This square is part of another aspect the will be in influence most of the month and that is a Mutable Grand Cross which kicks off at the New Moon on the 4th.

The 4 signs involved in this Mutable Grand Cross are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. These signs are considered to be the most adaptable and flexible of the Zodiac and are more fluid and dynamic than the other signs. Meaning, we can change more easily right now and shifts can occur without as much resistance! Yippee!june-grand-cross-astrology-2016

Please watch out for information overload! Best to keep a journal this month, and be diligent about jotting down ideas, insights,  and aha moments. Mars goes direct on June 29th….so, being crystal clear on your direction is quite important! And…if you are still not sure…..you can always check with your astrologer for guidance 🙂

PegasusFullMoonJune 19th/ 20th Full Moon @ 29 Sagittarius.. This is the 2nd full moon in Sagittarius and we are planning a very special Full Moon Ride and Shamanic Drumming Circle Calling in Pegasus on Sunday the 19th.The full moon is exact in the early morning of the 20th, as is the Summer Solstice! This event will be  aligning with two very powerful  energy vortexes!

 All Details on the Full Moon page…please come and join us! We won’t be back on the horses during the Summer….. it is just tooo hot in Burbank! We will be doing our Full Moon Ceremonies at Mothers Beach in the summer months.

June 29th….Mars stations direct in Scorpio! Yippee!

Energy returns and forward actions begin!if you never go you never know

Mars has been retrograde since April 17th and now stations direct! During his time in retrograde, he has been stirring up what is just below the surface….first in Sagittarius, ( our beliefs and philosophies) and now in Scorpio, helping us to identify deep, dark secrets, allowing them to bubble up and be released! Mars job in Scorpio is to stir up and rekindle our passions and or deepest fears! Now  is the time to rediscover who you are! Something will come to the surface that could possibly change your life if  you are aware and work with the insights!

As Mars Stations direct…here are a few questions to ponder…..

*What am I passionate about? Have I let the embers die…..What ACTIONS can I take to reboot and re-kindle the flame?!

( I am reminded of  the perfect song by the Spice Girls  song….What do you want do you really, really, want????!!!!!!!) Really think about it!

What project, hope, or dream  just won’t die…..how do I breathe life back into it…grow big

What Action Steps can I take to get it going again?

By the end of June we again have the GREEN Light to proceed with our  NEW plans and directions! So much has shifted and changed  with all the retrogrades! We have been guided and challenged by our INNER Wisdom, and circumstances!

Time to THINK and FEEL Big and proceed with Confidence! You have earned it!

Thoughts become Things…..Choose Wisely!

Stay Inspired…..Connected….Empowered!

Peace and Blessings

Shelleyunicorn in floweros