New Moon in Aquarius and Chinese New Year Today!

aquarius constaltionGreetings Cosmic Artists,

Today is a great day to reset your New Years plans and intentions and begin anew!

New Moons each month are when the Sun and Moon align in the same sign. It is the natural cycle of New Beginnings.

The sign of the of Zodic the New Moon occurs in is the area of intention, expansion, and focus for the month.

This month is Aquarius!

This New Moon in Aquarius  illuminates the power of the Individual and the exponential potency of higher group consciousness. What IS occurring, in the invisible arena, and under the media radar, is a Spiritual Revolution. And this is exactly what is needed to create effective and lasting social, political, and financial reform. HEART centered consciousness transforms ourselves, our lives, and our world.shoot for mooninspirational-quotes-tumblr

Our capacity to effect change is far, far greater than we realize. Dr. David Hawkins, in his ground breaking brilliant book, Power vs Force, illustrates the profound influence our thoughts and state of mind have on ourselves and others. He defines power as energizing and life supporting. In contrast, force generates resistance, conflict and depletes energy. Power makes us strong, Force makes us weak. Love, integrity and empathy empower us; hatred, shame and judgment weaken us. His 29 year study demonstrated that the human body immediately becomes stronger or weaker depending on a person’s mental state and that level of consciousness affects the world. His studies showed that one person, vibrating at high levels of self-esteem, empathy, and a willingness to learn from experience counter balances 70,000 people in lower frequencies of hopelessness, fear, and anger. This is  awesome documented scientific information!

Just think, those of us practicing our New Moon ceremony monthly, creating our individual dreams, vibrating at a high level of consciousness  seriously impact our changing world!

This rocks my world and inspires me! (Of course, I am an Aquarian!) Please, share this with all your friends and family……KNOW that we, as a group  affect millions on a daily basis!

Today, as you set your intentions for the month and year, please include some of the Aquarian qualities  in plans, hopes, and dreams for 2016.

Lets vibe up the world consciousness!IKTL_web

Crystals  that best Reflect Aquarian Energy are Aqua Marine, Clear Quartz, and Labradorite!  You can program the Clear Quartz crystal to hold the energy of your New Moon intention! So, include your crystal friends in your ceremony!

For info on crystals, check out the app Crystal Guru!

You have all the crystal  info at your fingertips!Rock_crystal


Now, on to the  Aquarian Qualities to include in your ceremony……

Aquarius Rules Inventions, Including: Innovative ideas, Brilliance, and Eccentricity.

Sample intentions to stimulate inventive energy:creative brain

I love to think outside the box and be inventive!

I allow my natural uniqueness to shine through in all I do.

I tap into my natural genius and invent my future now!


Aquarius Rules the Future, Including:

New Trends and Unconventional Approaches, High Technology, Long Range Goals, and Following your Hearts Desire.

Sample Intentions to Successfully Navigate the Future:

I love seeing new trends and blend them easily into my work!

I intend to integrate new technology easily and gracefully! (My personal favorite!)grow big

I take the first step toward making my dream of

_come true!

I listen to and follow my heart’s desire with joy and excitement!


Aquarius Rules Humanitarianism, Including:

Seeking outcomes that are good for everyone involved, Identification with humankind, Interest in others, operating from a larger worldview.

Sample intentions to Stimulate Humanitarianism:

I always support outcomes that are a win win for me and others.

I actively support a Cause that makes a difference in the world through

My personal donation of time and money!

I open to the big picture of my life in the area of


I speak out and become actively involved in situations where there is injustice.

elethant and cat

Aquarius Rules Revelations, Including:

the beatles revolutionExcitement, Unexpected Results, Surprises, and Freedom.

Sample intentions to Attract Exciting Experiences:

I greet unexpected events as positive opportunities for growth, knowing it is for my highest and greatest soul’s evolution.

I am open to receiving new revelations to show me the right path in the matter of


I easily find myself making changes that create greater freedom in my relationship with


I find myself embracing the possibility of happy surprises in my daily life!


Aquarius Rules: The Big Picture, Including:

Seeking Knowledge, Tools of divination (Astrology, Numerology, Tarot etc.), Manifesting Dreams

Sample Intentions to Aid in Accessing “the Big Picture”

I easily gain the knowledge that will empower me to manifest my dream of


I enroll in the perfect class (Astrology, Tarot, Spiritual studies ect.) that will open me up to divine understanding and my hearts desire.

I am awake and aware of insights that lead to my dream of ——-coming true!


Aquarius Rules Friendship, Including:happy iransjpg


I attract the perfect friends into my life that love and support my individuality and give me plenty of freedom to be!

I love networking and meeting powerful like-minded people that promote new paradigm shifts!

I circulate in groups that make a difference in the world.

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!


Here is the 411 on the rules for your New Moon ceremony.prayer image big girl 2

  1. Start at the exact time 6:38 AM PST  or AFTER on February 8th. You have up to 8 hours after the new moon to  capture the full intensity.
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred.
  3. Write your 10 intentions, 10 only …by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Aquarius.
  5. After writing your intentions, take a moment to actually see and feel them accomplished. Really feel the emotion. EXPECT and KNOW they will happen!
  6. Most importantly….have fun, get creative, ignite your passion, and always follow your Heart’s Desire!


Until next New Moon, here is wishing you brilliant, inventive, trend setting solutions, plenty of personal freedom, love,

kindness and caring for each other, and our planet.




Peace and Blessings


February 2016 Overview!

zodiac_signs_aquarius_004071_Happy Birthday Aquarius!

As we start the month… grateful January is complete!  WowWowWow…What a wild month it was…. for every one! Best Practice….take what worked, tweak what needs it,let go of what is ready to be left behind, and roll the new you into the rest of the year!

February is quite calm in comparison, and, the New Moon on Feb 8th will really feel like the start of the New Year!

This  month we get to celebrate Aquarius Energy with our eccentric,  lovable humanitarian Aquarius friends. We all have this sign  in our charts, so time to  be social, gather with friends, vision outside the box, and come up with genius projects that will change the world!aquarius constaltion

Not only is the Sun in Aquarius, but both Mercury  and Venus will be joining the Aquarian party mid month….so be ready to receive insights, ah ha moments, and brilliant flashes of  genius ideas!

Here are the key dates  to make note in your calendar!

2016-Year-of-the-monkey-creative-vectorFebruary 8th…. New Moon in Aquarius + Chinese New Year…The Year of the Fire Monkey!

New Moons occur each month and  represent the best time to start New Projects or update current ones. This is the natural way to get in sync with, and utilize the power of the Universe! This Aquarian New Moon  highlights the power of community and collaboration, thinking outside the box! Aquarius represents the establishment of a global consciousness based on freedom, equality, and mutual benefit!  Coming together is the only way we will ever make permanent  changes! With the amazing technology and ability to connect around the globe via the internet, aligning with like minds is as easy as turning on your computer! Pick the group that calls to your heart and collaborate! (New Moon Ceremony will be posted for your ceremony on the 8th!)

The Chinese Fire Monkey 2016

“The positive and negative quality of the Monkey Year 2016 culminate in a year that anything can happen. There is little point in storing up goods or planning one’s life. The influence of the Monkey puts everything into flux. Things will get accomplished, but largely through personal and individual efforts. Group movements, such as political upheaval or revolutions, will not make a mark during this year.

This cheeky animal bursts with exuberance, bringing a lightening fast pace and fantastical motivation. The Monkey increases communication, humor and wit, helping us get through stressful times with grace and ease. Business flourishes and risks tend to pan out. The Monkey’s gift is the ability to find unconventional solutions to old problems. Daring to be different can lead to success.”

Be sure to add these qualities to your New Moon Ceremony!


February 13th …Mercury finally leaves Capricorn and moves into Aquarius until 3/5. Mercury, the Planet of communication  is Exalted            ( Super Happy and Brilliant) in this sign. Be aware of this shift and Listen IN!  Genius ideas will flow if you Listen and Allow. Don’t be surprised if you have an amazing breakthrough during this time!

love heartFebruary 14th…… Love day!  The Stars are aligned for you to Give Love and Receive Love on this traditional day of LOVE! It will be an interesting blend of Aquarian Sun Uniqueness and Taurus Moon Beauty! So Live a little on the Wild Side this day, do something unexpected, and be sure to shower those you Love with beautiful gifts, food,  flowers, and plenty of compliments!

Come join us at the AURA SHOP on Main Street Santa Monica on the 13th and 14th ..

I will be doing Special Love Readings for 12 to 5  Call to book at 310.584.9998!

February 16th…Venus shifts into Aquarius until  3/16….Venus ( love and passion) is quit interesting in the sign of Aquarius. You may find yourself stopping into your local Crystal Shop picking out the Perfect crystal, getting an astrology reading ( LOL) or attending a Metaphysical Workshop. The new and unusual will  spark your interest, and you might even start a New Love Affair with someone from another country! Exciting if you are single…Yes? If you are with a partner, you might find you each need just a bit of freedom the next 6 weeks. Or, you might become super passionate about a great humanitarian cause and sign up and start collaborating!

full moon heronFebruary 22 Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo

The Full Moon always bring light to that which has been hidden. It is under the energy of a Full Moon that we can SEE CLEARLY and learn how to release, let go, and integrate the energies of the full moon. In this case, The Sun is in Pisces, and the Moon is opposite in Virgo. This Polarity is about integrating your spiritual life with your everyday life. Finding a balance between having Faith in Spirit, and also doing your part in the world. This Virgo Full Moon illuminates where we need to balance intellect with intuition, effort with surrender, and judgement with compassion. Virgo seeks to be of service on a practical level, and Pisces dreams the big dream!  Use this full moon to dream big!

Februray 29th….Leap Day! This is a special day as it only comes around once every 4 years! Plan something special and Magical! It is a day to LEAP into 2016!


Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, is the only retrograde planet this month! He is still in the sign of Virgo, ( health, daily routines, and body mind connection) so, this is the perfect time to review and recommend to your health, diet, and exercise routine, just in case they got derailed last month ! LOL! And, continue to organize and slim line your tasks, office systems, ect! The old saying ” Less is More”exercise 2

This IS the month to enjoy relax….and get all details in order!  Next month there are many dynamic  energy shifts!

We will be Springing into Spring for Sure!

Have a great month with lots of Love, Peace and Joy!


Connected….Inspired ….Empowered!

Peace and Blessings