Journey to the Land of Enchantment October 13th – 17th, 2016

 Come join me on a  Spiritual Vision Quest  to one of the most Magical, Mystical, Special places on the Planet……

Santa Fe New Mexico!

full moon in mountainso

This trip IS for you IF:

  • You are ready to step into your Soul’s Calling.
  • You know you MUST  make changes, yet indecision lingers.
  • You are ready to deepen your Spiritual Connection!
  • You are up for a Spiritual Adventure like no other!

You will be Powerfully Loved, Nurtured , and Awakened via  Ancient Custom’s,

Traditions,  and the Land itself!

The Details……

Thursday Oct 13th 2016…We begin at  4 PM

 Completing Monday Oct 17th 2016  1 PM

Your  Spiritual Vision Quest  Includes:

  • Pre-Trip  Astrological Consultation  with  emphasis on your North Node(Destiny Indicator) Prior to the trip.
  • Accommodations at the Renown Hotel Santa Fe..(The only Native Owned Hotel)hotel-santa-fe-the-hacienda
  •   Trip to Ten Thousand Waves, one of the top 10  spas in the country, a truly unique experience to prepare you to RECEIVE!
  • Hikes, Meditations, and Gatherings on Ancient Sacred Sites.
  • Horseback Riding on Amazing Gated Horses across Beautiful Land!
  • Star Gazing at Vortex Energy points!
  • Breakfast and Lunch mouthwatering meals.
  • Special Magical Surprises!

Cost: $1700 for double occupancy ( I will match you up for best compatibility)

$2100 for a Private Room

Early Bird Special….Register by August 1  and Save $200

Deposit of $300 Required to hold your space!

Payment Plans Available

Buy Now!

This time of the year the air is crisp and clear, the Aspen trees are Golden, and the weather is invigorating and perfect for being out on the Land!aspentrees santa fe 2

The Sunrises and Sunsets are spectacular.

The Blue Sky is like no other.

sunrise santa fe 083The red earth, pinon, juniper and cedar tree  aroma  is Real Aroma therapy!

As YOU unhook from your multitasking, noisy life in the fast lane,YOUR  Soul speaks to you in a Clear Profound  Authentic Voice!

With so many changes that have occurred in the last few years, this trip is the perfect opportunity to re-boot in the direction of your Soul’s Yearning! I was called to Santa Fe  during my personal grand cross for 9 months.  I had the opportunity to experience the city and land  as a local. That Journey now allows me to share and  offer you an amazing experience, from my own personal time in this

Mecca of Art, Light and Soul!

If this  trip is calling to your Heart…. Contact me today!

Looking forward to sharing this Sacred Journey!




 sw xmas

Extraordinary Full Moon in Leo!

Greetings Cosmic Artist!

full moon in caveFull Moon 3 * Leo/Aquarius

Jan 23 5:45 PM

This has been quite a dynamic month of change, review, renew, regroup….and now, we have the opportunity to RE-LEASE all the crazy energy, particularly what is not working in our life! We can no longer fit a square peg  into a circle!! In the last few weeks, I am sure you have all revisited the Pluto- Uranus square. If you have not…NOW is the time to re-visit issues that started in June of 2012! And, seriously, make adjustments, be grateful for the insights and move on!

It really is that simple!

Full Moons  always  shine  LIGHT on an area or issue in our life that has been hidden from our awareness!   This Leo Full Moon is especially powerful.

It illuminates  the opportunity to SEE and UNDERSTAND what’s next…….

And what has to go go go!!!

The axis of this Full Moon….Leo/Aquarius has quite a range of aspects and  will empower any and all  steps we take, large or small, as we embark on the next  chapter in the story of our Heart and Soul!

leo mysticalLeo is the sign of the Individual, our Creative Self Expression and our Unique Gifts and Talents. What we bring to the world that is ours uniquely!

Aquarius is the sign of the  Humanitarian, groups, and doing what is best for the Collective! Making a difference today by   bringing the Future into the Present!

So, we have the integration of our individual gifts and talents,  and how to best  express and  influence groups, the collective, and Humanity! Pretty awesome!

zodiac_signs_aquarius_004071_There is so much GOOD going on under the media radar!  We are collaborating and changing the world together in small communities, grass root movements,  and  creative endeavors that are making solid positive change!

Truth is being revealed in so many areas and so many ways! We are making progress!

There is still much work to be done…. Let’s  keep it up…..Step into your Starlight this Full Moon.


Only you can be YOU…..Be the Leo Leader that you are!… Take your  unique Leo gifts to  groups  you are called to!!!

The Pluto Mercury conjunction is powerful and intense and if you listen, INSIGHTS will be revealed!

As a reminder, Mercury will be stationing direct on Jan 25th ( yippee)!

It has been a super intense month. We have a few more insightful days, January 29th, and 30th.

Best Practice….wait until Feb 1 to proceed with new plans as these last days may provide you with important info  you need!

February 8th is the New Moon and Chinese New Year….and  will actually feel like the start of the New Year!

So, re-tweak your plans….and get ready for the Quantum Leap! And, one last note…..remember, we are in the 9 year…the Year of the Hermit….keep your Focus….Follow your Integrity…..Do not compromise here!                         Take your gifts into the world…and remember to RE-TREAT to your inner sanctuary and put structure into your Spiritual Practice.

The Way Through is IN!IKTL_web

Your full moon ceremony is a simple one….( Full Moons are not time sensitive like New Moons)

So, Saturday night, when the moon is Full, go out if you can, if not, find a quite spot in  your home.

Light a candle, bring your favorite crystals, Tigers Eye for Leo, Aquamarine for Aquarius, Clear Quartz for sure, and any other favorites.

Once you are completely centered and relaxed, ask these questions and have your journal near by.

What do I need to release?

And, what else do I need to release?

And….finally….what is the last piece I need to release?

( Dig deep to get it all out!)

What is my next step?

How can I use my talents for the greatest GOOD?hermit

What is the best solution for

What continues to call to my Heart?

(Ask any questions you would like insight on)

The answers will come….Trust the info you get!

Take as long as you need….this is your  special time!

I always like to pull a Tarot card,  Angel Card, Animal Medicine Card, Crystal Card….whatever you have for any additional info….

When you are ready to complete your meditation….always remember to Give Thanks for what you received, ending your time in an attitude  of gratitude!

Thank you so much for all you do!

Together we ARE changing the World…..YIPPEE!!!!


Inspired ….Connected…..Empowered

Peace and Blessings


PS The beautiful new art I am using is from an extraordinary artist Ashely Foreman…here is her link….







New Moon in Capricorn January 9th at 5:30 PM

Greetings Cosmic Artist,

Welcome to the first New Moon of 2016!

goat in percarious positionThe Sign of Capricorn is where we can discover more about our Soul’s Purpose for this Life time.That purpose can encompass many things. Our work in the world, the lessons we seek to learn, and the karma we are here to complete. Spiritually, it speaks to the path that is walked alone in the inner world. And, it reminds us that it is not always the easy path! But like the mountain goat, ( the symbol for Capricorn) it takes persistence and perseverance to reach the top of the mountain!

Generally, a New Moon is about New Beginnings!  It sets a new cycle in motion. However, this month, with the current astrological influences, we need to review and revisit our structures to be sure all is in place before we begin our climb in 2016! ( We don’t want to slip off the mountain!

Here is the line Astro line up of this New Moon…..

Mercury is RX in Capricorn along with Pluto, the Sun and the Moon! A big infusion of Cap energy!capricorn_zodiac kagaya

Jupiter is RX in Virgo( keeping expansion lean and mean!)

Saturn (ruler of Capricorn is kissing Venus ) in Sagittarius….( our beliefs, what we love and our $ )

So…….Best Practice, today and all month is to review and make the changes needed to have a strong structure for 2016!

And, it starts with a review of the last 3 years of the Pluto Uranus square. It started June of 2012 and completed March of 2015, with 7 exact hits in those years.  This is your key to 2016 and where to go next.

What Changed?

What worked?

What did you let go of?

What would you like to revisit?

What is still hanging on and has to GOOOOOOO!

This is what to consider all month!

The universe will provide all the insights, incidents, and ahhs you need if you LISTEN!


With all this Capricorn energy, the overall themes emphasized are “Responsibility, integrity, truth principles, authority figures/managers, the Father, your inner authority and your Soul Purpose!

Also,  interesting today is a 9 day, and we have just entered into a 9 Year…..The Year of the Hermit!9 integrity

The Hermit is the Spiritual Master, One who goes IN and seeks Consul

with his Higher Self  and Divinity!

And, as such, I am going to do our New Moon Ceremony a little differently….so it is more attuned to the Hermit energy.

Today at 5:30 take the time to do your Spiritual Ceremony, and here are my suggested guidelines…..prayer little girl

  1. Make your space beautiful, sacred, light a candle, have essential oils, maybe sage your space first. The Key is to  Block out all distractions!
  2. Go into a meditation or quiet reflection, and have your journal with you. Contemplate  and review the last three years….ask those questions listed above, and wait for your answers. Write as much as you need to get clear.
  3. Then, from this clear space, ask these questions….What is my Souls Purpose, What do I need to release in order to get on this path, what is my next step, and anything else you get! If you ask….and start to write, you will be amazed at what will follow! And, if given guidance…..FOLLOW IT!
  4. This is actually the perfect practice for the New Moons all year….as we are in the Way of the Hermit!

January is all about releasing, restructuring, reviewing, redoing, and reorganizing!

Plan on going Lean and Mean ( so to speak) and Simplify as much as possible!

February’s New Moon will really start to give us traction

So, get all the details in order this month!

It will make all the difference in your  Quantum Leap Year!

zuma beach 2016 jan 1Zuma Beach Sunrise Jan 1 2016