January 2016 Overview…Happy Quantum Leap Year!

quantum leap yearWe are starting out the New Year with a bang, and when we move into February, it’s is going to feel like we lived the entire year in the first month! So, buckle up  …. it is going to be a Quantum Shift Month!


Before I break down January by days and aspects, it’s important to take  time to reflect on the last 3 years and what changed for you during the Pluto-Uranus square. This aspect is going to be re-activated all month….so best  Be Prepared!pluto uranus conjuction

In order to  fully understand the energy,  we need to revisit the Pluto- Uranus square. It was a 3 year long rare aspect that was extremely powerful and life changing for many of us. The first meeting of these two Power Planets was June of 2012, and the final exact aspect completed March of 2015. Change happen frequently during these 3 years, some good and some difficult. The direction you were traveling may have turned 180 * at least once, and you may have been lost, having to start from scratch. Old patterns, structures, and foundations dissolved as new ones formed. Priorities shifted, and some were not all you thought they would be.

Collectively, the influence of the Uranus-Pluto square upon the world has been lightning in volcanio thuge! New, unpredictable energies coming in from Uranus in Aries met and butted up against the old order represented by Pluto in Capricorn.This slow moving powerful square has brought shake ups and radical changes in many areas, and the ripple  effects are only just  beginning. We will feel these change for many years to come!

The last time these two planets met up was in the 60’s. It was a time of revolution,  though we did not realize it at the time.the beatles revolution


Take a listen to the music part of that revolution! This is what’s happening now. The changes we are making today are revolutionary, and will impact our culture and our world for decades!

As we seek to  move into places where we can thrive and express our Soul’s Higher Purpose, the changes we make personally will completely effect the Collective and  future of our planet! And, the Cosmos is here to Assist us in this transformation!

So, as Mercury retrogrades thru the sign of Capricorn all month, he connects with mercury the messenger of the godsand re-activates the Uranus -Pluto square.  Mercury is the planet of communication, our thought process, how  and what what we think. He has been called the Messenger of the Gods!  And,  now, we have the perfect opportunity to take a look at and rethink the last 3 years and consider where we are today. He will help us  understand the what and why!

rethinkAre we on the Right Path?

What changes occurred?

What opportunities were missed?

What was the hardest thing you had to do during this time?

What new things do you accept and embrace about yourself?

Do you feel you missed a chance for something new and exciting to come into your life?

If so, could that still happen?

And…what in your  your Heart and Soul continues to call you?

If you are not on your correct path, be prepared for changes, shifts, and moves!change next exit

The Universe will be making adjustments  for you, so be light on your feet and watch for and listen to the signs all around you.

Some things that may occur during this time…..

Challenges with communications…..flushing out information that is needed!

A reversal of direction due to new information and insights becoming known.

Agreements and contracts could fall apart as parties involved just can’t reach terms that are mutually satisfactory.

And you may surprise yourself at what you find out is true about you!

The benefit of this retrograde timing….. fall apart to fall togehter

  • You may get info or insights that expose something that could have been a disaster if you’d proceeded as planned.
  • In some unexpected way an idea you had in the last 3 years is revitalized and now feels like the perfect time to pursue and make a reality.
  • You finally see the truth of something  that has disturbed or challenged you for some time, and you are now able to move forward with a clear conscience.
  • You are able to release plans and ideas that are not getting any traction, and are willing to stay open to new, exciting directions the universe has in store for you!
  • You finally gain clarity about why things have gone the way they have for the past few years!

Below are the dates to note in your calendar….but please, stay open  and alert all month. The Uranus energy is very unpredictable…..as well as brilliant!

Pay attention to your ah-ha moments, and follow the synchronicities to Light your way!creativity

The first few days of the month are the best time to review and reflect.

Once Jan 5th roles around the action begins!

Jan 5th to the 25th……. Mercury goes Retrograde. He starts at 0 Aquarius and returns to Capricorn on the 8th thru the 25th.  All the usual Retrograde rules apply…back up computers, double check dates and appointments, be prepared and flexible. Things are about to change up!

Jan 5th – 7th…..The Sun Conjuncts Pluto and Squares Uranus. Expect the unexpected! (This is the first re-activation of the Uranus-Pluto sq)

Jan 7th- May 9th….Jupiter goes Retrograde in Virgo. All issues that are being re-viewed this month will be amplified! Also, this is perfect timing to re-look at your health, nutrition and fitness routines and re-establish new, better ones!

Jan 9th…New Moon in Capricorn at 5:30 @PM This  is the First New Moon of the year and is particularly potent. As such, I will be having a gathering this day for all of us to set intentions, review what is going on Cosmically, take a peak at the rest of the year,  and create 2016 together!

5:00 to 7:00 PM  in Marina del Rey@ the Dolphin Marina Pool Room!

RSVP if you would like to attend and I will send all the details!

dec new moonHere is what we have….the Sun and Moon ( New Moon) are conjunct or kissing Pluto, (powerful change agent) in the sign of Capricorn,  and all three are squaring Uranus (the brilliant rebel!) in Aries. It will be pretty intense!  Events that occur now and in the next few weeks could be life-changing. Something you though could happen may take a radical turn. However, this new twist is ultimately what you wanted…just an unexpected way of getting there! More details on this New Moon will be posted on New Moon Page shortly, as well as details about  my gathering!

Jan 20th…Mercury Rx squares Uranus the 2nd of 3 times.
Expect the un-expected…take 2!

Jan 22nd…Mercury Rx Conjuncts Pluto ( 2nd time at the Full Moon) More change…take 2!

Jan 23rd ….Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius

full moon jumpThis very social Full Moon may feel a bit heavy as Mercury is conjunct Pluto right before this Full Moon. But, what will be illuminated  is all the stuff that needs to be released  about what is not or did not work. It is a time to resent the buttons. Leo is about our personal self expression and creativity, Aquarius is about the Collective, and what we need to do to move our planet forward. How can we help, volunteer, do the right thing in our own special way? Listen In for your guidance

(  more details will be posted on Full Moon page shortly)

Jan 25th….Mercury goes Direct! Yea….but not out of the woods yet!

Jan 29th Mercury Conjuncts Pluto  the 3rd and final time!

Jan 31st….Mercury Squares Uranus for the 3rd and final time!

Woza…! Welcome to the New Year and New You!

And, I just love how the Cosmos just lines everything up perfectly for our transformation.

2016 =   9  Year (2+0+1+6)

9 in the Tarot is the Hermit!

He can really give us tools to work with this quantum leap year.

The Hermit is one of the most sacred of the Major Arcana cards. It symbolizes looking within for guidance, answers and strength, rather than seeking it outside of yourself. This simple act embodies a huge step in our spiritual evolution!hermit

This photo is of the Voyager Tarot deck and is the sculpture of the Mayan Inward Turning Sage. The Hermit symbolizes the law of wholeness-to become complete by uniting the highest state of attainment in the material and spiritual realms.  He shuts out distractions to complete his Spiritual pilgrimage and temporal work.The Hermit’s number Nine, three Threes, symbolizes the unity of mind, body and spirit.

The Hermit achieves his path of enlightenment by using his tools…

The 9 of Wands…having the courage and steadfastness to follow his path (Integrity)

The 9 of Crystals….He stays focuses and disciplined as he finds the light of illumination through the trials and tribulations of life ( Narrowness)

The 9 of Worlds…In touch with the inner light, he converts personal qualities and potentials into material harvest.

The 9 of Cups…He enjoys the Fruits and Fulfillment of the harvest, from the inside out!

One last thought….This year is going to be Quantum if you are

In The Flow with your Divine Plan!

Energy has shifted

Things  happen quickly

 Know You will be supported by the


It is exciting and scary!

Best Practice, Follow the path of the Hermit….

Go IN to get  your guidance on a daily basis,

Make it the most important part of your morning!

Your reward will be beyond measure!


Stay Inspired….Connected….Empowered!

Happy, Healthy, Quantum Leap

Peace and Blessings,






Full Moon Christmas Day!

fushia full moonMerry Christmas!

This is going to be quite a special day!

Full Moons are always a time of heighten emotions, bringing insights and awareness to the area the sign represents.

It is quite interesting this  Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn ( the signs that represent  home and family vs.  work and accomplishment ) actually falls on Dec. 25th this year! Christmas is already  an emotional day when memories, nostalgia, and duties all seem to coincide. Traditions, family, and values are emphasized.  Since the Full Moon will be shining  Light in these areas, many insights about family may be reveled!family steinfeild

Questions like….do we love our work…are we spending enough time with our children, are we working too many hours….do we feel love and nurtured by our families….do our families drive us cray cray?

Best Practice …..  Act with patience, love, kindness, and  be gentle!  It is a day for Love and Gratitude, appreciating what  you DO HAVE! I suggest you Do Not open up the family Pandora’s Box, or your day may not have a happy ending. Just forgive and move on without a lot of drama! Don’t let the past keep you from your amazing future!

We have a few other aspects that will  stir in some interesting dynamics….

First…a beautiful Mercury (communication) trine Jupiter ( blessings, understanding, grace)….This is wonderful aspect  to have when people gather. It encourages understanding while adding a light touch to conversations. It can  help  smooth over any rough spots while adding to very interesting and expansive discussions creating openings and new ideas…which is perfect….read on!

Uranus Stations Direct!solar system with light arrow

This influence will last about a week and it is quite exciting. Uranus rules brilliance, freedom,  and the future!

He has been resting since 7/25…and is now ready to charge forward. Pay very close attention to your thoughts and insights. Uranus acts like a messenger who introduces new ideas from the higher dimensions bringing you innovative solutions and brilliant ideas. Watch  where your mind wanders off to since there may be important significant pieces of information!

2016  = Qkeyuantum Leap Year!

The Keys to your LEAP are lurking…. LISTEN IN to RECEIVE!

And, as 2015 winds down, take some time to reflect…..

What was amazing?

What are you most proud of?

What came out of thin air and moved you forward in some way?

What needs improvement in your home, relationship, work, spiritual practice, health?rethink

What do you want to accomplishing in 2016?

Time to Get Ready….

It is going to be Awesome!

Wishing you the very best Holiday ever and sending you Legions of Love and Light….

Thank you all so much for being my in my life!

Love, Love, Love

Peace and Blessings


Ps…Be sure and howl at the moon on your way home!

wolf howling at full moon57Stay Inspired….Connected….Empowered!



New Moon in Sagittarius Dec 11 @2:29 AM

SeedsofFaith_WebNew Moons are always a potent time to create your

intentions for month ahead.This one is  a particularly

powerful because it is the lastNew Moon of the 2015,

and it is  packed with extra high-octane!

The Sun and Moon will be converging in the

forward-thinking sign of Sagittarius, guiding us to create a vision for 2016 and beyond!

What’s spectacular is HOW the Universe is helping us shake off the energy that is

weighing us down, so we can step into the most Empowered version of US!

sag kagaya

The time is NOW for you to honor your

Intuitive Knowing and have the

Courage to share your Unique Voice with the world!



Take a look at these numbers:

  • December 2015 is an 11 Universal Month (1 +2 +2+0+1+5 = 11)
  • Our New Moon is on December 11th
  • The Full Moon will be on December 25th at 11:11 GMT
  • In January 2016, our first New Moon is on 1-10, which is an 11 Universal Day
  •  (1 +1+0  2+0+1 + 6 = 11)

And, if you remember, November’s New Moon was on 11-11. That’s a whole lot of 11s!

Do you think the Universe is trying to get our attention! (That would be a Hell to the Yes!)

The Moon governs your Emotions and your Intuition.

11 is the number of Psychic Visions, Divine Inspiration and Guidance!

When these two energies come together, we receive an instant Infusion of Light

and Insight. Our Angels and guides are trying to get our attention!

LISTEN IN! They have messages to  guide us!!!


Time to release those crazy fears that keep us in


Have the Courage to Act on your Intuition!

You will open yourself to opportunities you never

imagined were possible.

This New Moon occurs early…2:29 AM

Plan on getting up a little early. This is a most special time.

Below are the intentions that match the Sagittarius energy and qualities,

however, before you begin to  write your  intentions, Ask these questions…

What is Spirit’s Vision of my life, or year?

How can I be of the greatest service at this moment in time?

What must I become to Live my Vision…..

What must I know to BE MY VISION……

Spend time listening….you will get an Insight…Idea…..Ah ha!


This is a great practice to bring into 2016.

Really set yourself up… Make it Easy…

To align with the Power of the Universe  is the fastest, easiest and most exciting way

to Be in the Flow and Manifest your Dreams!

IKTL_webSagittarius rules the Quest for Truth,

Religion, Spirituality, Intuition, and Honesty

Sample intentions to strengthen these areas:

I intend to connect with  my Higher Power daily.

Prayer and meditation  anchor each and every day.

I  listen with respect to my intuition, and act on the guidance I receive.

I intend  to Connect Daily , living completely “ In the Flow”!

Sagittarius Rules Freedom, Spontaneity, Adventure, Exploration, Foreign travel.

Sample intentions to Inspire

I intend to travel to

,  exploring new horizons and expanding my understanding.

I trust the Universe ALWAYS provides the perfect solution.

I have the ability to choose Freedom in all circumstances!

heros journeySagittarius Rules Optimism, Faith, Good Luck, Generous Spirit, Gallantry.

Sample intentions to Evoke Optimism:

I know that Good Luck appears in every aspect of my life.

My Faith is the source of my joy and positive outcomes in life.

I release all blocks to experiencing the joy of generosity.

I am receptive to Goodness and Abundance in all areas of my life.

Sagittarius Rules Higher Education, Mentors, Colleges, Universities, and Philosophy.

Sample intentions to Enhance Higher Understanding and  Education:

I attract the perfect books that advance my spiritual path, wisdom and knowledge.

I attract the perfect mentor/teacher to guide and help advance my understanding and life’s purpose.

I enroll in the perfect school for continuing my education.

Sagittarius Rules Carelessness, Shortcuts, Self-Righteousness, Making Assumptions, Excess, Extravagance, and Blunt communication.

Sample intentions to Eliminate Self-Defeating Carelessness:

I release all self- sabotaging carelessness in the area of

(money, relationships, ect).

I release the tendency to assume…without checking the facts.

I release the tendency to overdo.

I release the habit of being blunt; instead I choose words to empower.

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!

prayer big girlHere is the 411  for your New Moon Intention Ceremony.

  1. Start at the exact time 2:29 AM PST  or as soon as you rise on Friday morning the 11th! You have up to 8 hours after the New Moon to  capture its full intensity.
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred. Be sure to spend time in meditation before your intention writing. Ask…what is the highest vision for my life in 2016.
  3. Write up to 10 intentions, dreams, goals, by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Sagittarius and what you would like to manifest in 2016.
  5. After writing, take a moment to see these goals actualized…. feel how great it feels to have accomplished this vision! Trust and Know the Universe is already working its Magic for you! Be expectant! Give thanks and feel gratitude for all you have now and for all you will receive!
  6. Most importantly…. Think Big….Vision Big…Believe in YOU Big….. and  get ready for a most Amazing 2016!cat lion



Peace and Blessings


New Transformational Packages for 2016!

2016 pictureThe Shift has happened! Life is unfolding at a very Rapid Rate!

We are IN the Aquarian Age, an age that has NO precedent!We have entered new arenas that have no pathways! It is exciting and challenging, invigorating and scary!

Don’t you feel this at a soul level?

Aquarius IS the ruler of Astrology, and, as such, Astrology’s time has come! This is not about fortune telling. It is about using an ancient cosmic language and science that details the energy and uniqueness of your exact Soul Signature, (natal chart) with the current cosmic weather, (transits) to EMPOWER and TRANSFORM your life!astro grid 2

Your Soul Signature details your gifts, talents, challenges, loves, and your True North… what you have come to offer the world at this critical time on our planet!

NOW is the time to be on the path of Heart and Soul! Our Planet Needs YOU, your uniqueness, your divinity, and your creativity!

                     Think about this….how would you FEEL if:

  • You completely understood and accepted YOU…exactly as you are!
  • Your feelings and intuitions were validated?
  • You knew how to make your destiny a Reality Now?
  • You knew when to move forward, or when to hold back?
  • You knew what area of your life is really under construction; Career, Home, Love, and for how long?

Pretty awesome info to have at your fingertips…….yes?

This is what working together with your Soul Signature offers!

I invite you to join me on a journey to the authentic YOU!

Here are the New Packages I have designed  to keep you In the Flow in 2016!

the next levelVIP Soul Signature Coaching Program!

We know that left to our own devices, the best of intentions fall by the wayside. Life happens and we get completely distracted!

By working together on a Monthly basis over 3, 6, or 12 months we can break through the areas in your life that continue you to hold you back, and focus on your Destiny in THIS life time!

Astrology gives us a crystal clear picture of where you are in your Soul’s life cycle. My coaching style offers clarity, inspiration, empowerment, and gets the Desired Result!  I use a combination of many Metaphysical tools, including the Voyager Tarot, to enhance your 2016 goals, whether they be to find Love, make more $, or strengthen your Spiritual Connection!

The VIP Coaching Program Includes:

*1 Full Soul Signature Astro session at the onset to get clear on What, Why, and How! Together we design a Strategy to best achieve your goals, based on YOUR Unique Soul Chart.

*3 Calls each month for 45 minutes keeping you focused, connected, and on target!

* Powerful inner processes and meditations designed for you based on YOUR Soul Print. These processes Strengthen and Deepen your Connection to Source…. Your personal Power Center!

* A custom Crystal Grid programmed to enhance and accelerate your intentions and goals with tools on how to work with the crystals and their energy.

* Email and Text Access weekly

$750 monthly investment for 3,6, or 12-month program.

You can pay monthly, or in Full by Dec 20th and Save 20%

3 Month total $2250 Save 20% =$1800

6 Month total $4500 Save 20% =$3600

12 Month total $9000 Save 20% =$7200

This is a Powerful Rock Star Program for those of You who are on a Spiritual Soul Path, committed to Living your Best Life in the FLOW with  the Magic and Mystery of the Cosmos!


Rock_crystalThe Astro 4 Pack

1 single session in Astrology is eye opening and illuminating. However, it leaves most wanting to know more! This pack enables you to mix and match the readings you desire in order to create a system that will allow you to know yourself better on a Soul level, and know what is in store for you in 2016!



Here are the 4 basic readings you can choose from:

  • Your Basic Soul Print Analysis. This interpretation reveals the REAL YOU. Definitely a requirement for you to live your most Authentic, Empowered Life!
  • Your Transit report…. This session reveals what the Cosmos has in store for you in 2016, and how you can best use the energy to empower your year and Connect to the Cosmic Flow!
  • Your Solar Return Birthday Chart. I cast a chart for your 2016 Birthday, and we get a very clear picture of what the inner YOU will be working on from Birthday to Birthday.
  • Crystal Grid analysis, and Tarot reading! I super love customizing a crystal grid of your astrology chart. This grid aligns all your planetary placements with the corresponding crystal energy, creating your personal Crystal Matrix! It is beautiful, empowering, and perfect for your altar or special spot in your home or office. It is your 24/7 Empowerment Matrix, assisting and aligning your Amazing Self! Plus, a 30-minute Voyager Tarot session where you can ask any question to receive personal guidance!

 4 Pack cost is $780 ($195 per session)

However, if you purchase a 4 pack by December 20th, the price is $700!

This never expires, and we can customize the type of sessions for your package!

light houseThe Mini Soul Signature Monthly!

This program is designed for the Astrology enthusiast who want to BE in the KNOW and IN THE FLOW. I analyze your Soul Print Monthly and send you a personalized 30 minute reading on the movement of the planets each month. For example, we have 4 Mercury Retrogrades and 5 eclipses in 2016. Think it might be important to know the dates and energy around each of these events and how it will affect you directly?

(Did I get a Hell Yes? Hope so! )

Here’s how it works……

On the 1st of each month, you will receive in your email a customized, detailed overview of what’s happening Cosmically…Just for you! This is not a canned, generalized astrology program…. I do this personally! This 30-minute reading will advise best dates to begin projects, the impact of the New and Full Moon in your chart, the Major Astrology Aspects each month and how best to work with them. I also recommend the best crystals to work with, and a mini Voyager Tarot reading is included for extra guidance!

This is a brilliant planning tool for the New Year! It will allow you to Align with the BIG Picture and Flow of your Soul! It will detail dates to start projects to assure success, when Love is in the air each month, when to hang in and not walk away, and when it is time to get a move on! Pretty valuable info….all for YOU to have your Best Year Ever!

Starts Jan 1.

Price is $111 per month $1332 for the year.

If you pay in full by Dec 20, your price is $1111, a savings of $221!

The Basic Session…Price increase!

My Current Single Astrology session is $175, and will be going up to $195 starting Jan 1 2016! I am offering unlimited gift certificates thru the month of December …so, if you are planning to have a 2016 update, or would like to purchase gifts for friends and family….

NOW is the time to purchase!

I look forward to creating Magic together in 2016!~

Please let me know if you have any question….I am happy to discuss in detail!

Stay  Inspired….Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings


magical unicorn












December 2015 Overview!

sag kagayaHappy Birthday Sagittarius!

I always love this time of the year…..for many reasons, but in particular, Sagittarius energy is so expansive, generous, and optimistic, it feels like a breath of fresh air! The Symbol of Sagittarius is the Archer, aiming his arrow high into the sky, striving for greater consciousness. During this time, we are asked to seek greater understanding, higher truths, and new perspectives that broaden our horizons. It is a month of renewing Faith!

And, as this year draws to an end, it is the perfect time to Review what has been accomplished…the Good…the Bad…and the Ugly!…..and to set our sights for the Best Year Ever in 2016!

As we gather with friends and family, REMEMBER the REAL meaning of the Holidays…….one love

Gratitude, Faith, Thanksgiving, Appreciation and Love! Share it….Receive it….Give it!

Here is a run down of Energetic Days to note in your Calendar so you Stay in the Flow this month and end the Year Gracefully and with your Heart Wide Open!

time to love

And…as a note…Mars, the Planet of Action….is very busy this month! He acts as a catalyst as he connects with the energy of the  Big Guys….Pluto (change and transformation) and

Uranus(sudden unexpected insights and/or events!) He is in Libra,(relationships) so either ongoing disagreements, or things that are at a boiling point may come up! Negotiate a Win Win!


12.6 Mars Squares Pluto……Squares in Astrology represent turning points, so the energy this day can be a little feisty! Please take extra time before you leave your home to ground and slow down. Also, pause before you react to a comment or situation! This energy needs to be negotiated….and remember, Best Practice it to take the high road, opt for change, and act with compassion, love, and create  a win, win solution!

12.8 Mercury into Capricorn where it will remain until February 14th (except for  Jan 3-8 where it will hold at o Aquarius). The reason for the length of time is the retrograde in January 6 to 26.  Mark your calendars for sure, so you can plan  important January dates in December! While the messenger (Mercury) is in this sign you will find that your thinking process is  a little more grounded, practical,serious,  and all business!

12.10 Mars opposite  Uranus…. When these 2 planets are in opposite positions in the sky, Expect the Unexpected! Energy can be volatile! Be prepared for anything!   Best Practice…….Slow way down! Seriously! Try not to multi task (driving and texting). Stay present and on  high alert. This energy runs into the New Moon on the 11th, for an extra oomph!penguin on dolphin

12.11 New Moon in Sagittarius 2:30 AM PST

Sagittarius is the sign most concerned with meaning, purpose, and truth! This energy can open doors to greater understanding that allow new insights. Pathways and directions that you hadn’t considered or thought possible can present themselves. The Uranus Mars  opposition is the catalyst  to get you motivated and moving in the right direction! Be sure to save time for your  New Moon Intention Ceremony…it is the perfect opportunity to set 2016 in motion!   (will be posted shortly! )dec new moon

12.21 Winter Solstice 8:49 PM

This is first day of Winter, is the shortest day and  longest night! Perfect for a snuggle IN  spending time in Meditation, being quiet, and listening  as  the veils between worlds are thin! Assistance and messages from our Angels, Guides, and Messengers on the other side are clearly heard!  It is also the perfect time to plant seeds for the next 3 months and into 2016!


12. 25  Full Moon in Cancer.. 3:11 AM Christmas Day! full moon on beach with fari

This is going to be quite a beautiful, heart opening day… one that as we spend time with our family and friends,  we will be feeling much more emotional and intense. It may trigger past issues with family, or fond memories of holidays past. There may be an opening or insight revealed about your childhood, mother or father that will be illuminated and laid to rest. And as per usual, the Universe set up the perfect Cosmic Cocktail  so  anything that needs to be released  can be  left in 2015.

It is an opportunity to clear and clean the slate for the New Year…. baggage free! (more details will be posted on the full moon page shortly! )

And, for a little spice…..

Uranus stations Direct @ 7:53 PM on the 25th….

Uranus will help bring insights and  brilliant ideas to the playing field this day! If you have been stalled or stuck….now is the time to open to YOUR TRUTH and YOUR Unique Gifts and Talents!

  • What changes need to take place in my home that will bring greater light into my life?
  • What single thing is most needed in my work/career that will create greater stability?
  • What traditions and values are most important to me now, and how can theses be reflected in my life to a Greater degree!
  • What is my Genius Zone…How can I share it even more?

Great questions to ponder as you spend time with your closest  friends and family. Both the Full Moon and Uranus turning Direct will assist us in aligning with our Cosmic Soul Print.. revealing what’s next in 2016.creative brain

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season, a time of Reflection, Renewal, and a Bigger, Bolder, and Better Vision for 2016!shoot for mooninspirational-quotes-tumblr Stay Inspired…Connected….Empowered!

Peace and Blessings