Full Moon in Gemini /Sagittarius November 25th

fushia full moon

Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius

Wednesday November 25th 

2:44 PM PST


Full Moons always bring things and situations that were previously unknown into the light! It’s a time of the month when emotions are intense , energy runs high, and we can become very reactive!  What is being illuminated is reflected in the signs of the Sun, Moon, and any  other astrological aspects occurring. And, we have several challenging angles this Holiday weekend. So, understanding the big picture will be of great assistance as we gather with friends and family.cosmic-breath-of-life

So lets take a look….

The Sun in Sagittarius,  is conjunct or kissing  Mercury (communication) and Saturn ( structure and restriction). These 3 will be working as a unit in opposition to the Moon in Gemini.

Generally,  the  Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius  is light and fun, however, this full moon will take a more sober feeling tone.  This axis usually  illuminates the relationship between what we believe, our dreams and our our actual real life situation…..Gemini seeks to gather and share information, and Sagittarius searches for the unifying principles, meaning, and truth.

However,when Mercury is conjunct Saturn, conversations  tend to take on a more serious tone creating a heaviness in the air. Maybe there is an important decision you need to make…maybe your growth and expansion is being blocked in some way. During this Full Moon you will be shown a solution to a problem or  how to break through what is limiting you!change same

We also have the first of the 3 exact contacts of  Neptune square Saturn.  This Full Moon will kick start this aspect. And,  it may illuminate that which will be a theme for you throughout 2016. You can read more details about this very important and powerful aspect on my November overview…( I highly suggest you do that.) The short version is that Saturn in Sagittarius is about finding the Truth and putting a structure in to support it. Neptune is about our faith and that invisible presence of Spirit, that which you Can Not see or  put a structure around, but that which can only be Known and Felt in the Heart! Two totally different energies! This square energy asks us to follow our intuition and inner guidance rather than external authority and convention.

IKTL_webWe are summoned to spiritual maturity.By making time and space in our lives to connect with our higher self, we are able to see where we have been in denial, where we have abdicated our power, and how we can instead live with both integrity and vision, pragmatism and faith. As we engage more with nature, meditation, and the wisdom of our heart, we see through the fears and beliefs that block us from embodying our truth. These energies ask that we do a reality check in some key area of our life. And, don’t assume you understand what is going on with someone else. Clarity may not come initially with this aspect.  Be patient and stay open as a deeper understanding  can occur….but more than likely over time. Move from your Heart, not your Head!


Here are some additional possible impacts of this Full Moon…..

  • You can gain clarity about where you have lost faith …and begin renewing your beliefs.
  • Your intuition and imagination will be extra active so pay attention to messages and visions.
  • You may see where you are holding yourself back.
  • You may feel optimistic in one moment…and narrow minded in the next, adding to overall confusion. Best practice is to Breathe….Do Not Judge, and allow it all to flow in. Use the Gemini quality of information gathering and be flexible!SeedsofFaith_Web

If you are traveling over this holiday weekend make sure you check and recheck your plans. There may be delays and chaos with this aspect.  Best Practice is to Stay Grounded, Centered, Flexible, and plan extra time!

And, if you are out and about this Thanksgiving Weekend, do One thing to Pay it Forward… from a place of Love and Gratitude…..Just because you Can!

Buy a coffee or a meal for a stranger, drop a toy for a child, smile at strangers, give a lift to a friend or someone who can’t get out, pay someones parking meter,  have a heart felt conversation, have compassion when it is called for instead of anger……elethant and cat

And, please take time to send Love and Light to those in Paris , Mali, and Brussels who lost their loved ones so violently  because of  hatred. This hot spot needs our love, compassion , and support on all levels!

As we enter this Holiday Season…Remember the Real Reason…it is about Giving the Gift of  Love, Gratitude  and Appreciation from your  Heart to  the Heart of your Family and Friends!

Life+Peace+Love dove

THANK YOU all for being my readers, clients, friends, and allowing me the opportunity to share my love of Astrology and our Cosmic Connection!


Inspired…..Connected …..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings


Scorpio New Moon 11:11 @9:47AM

josephinewall-Scorpio-Regular-MagnetNew Moons each month set the stage for new cycles to begin. Astrologically, it is the best time  to start fresh in some way or to embark on the next phase of something you’ve been working on.

There is a special aspect occurring at the time of this New Moon on 11.11. Its called a YOD and it will have a dynamic and positive feel to it. Something special is happening……and….it will positively effect you in unexpected or unanticipated ways! Mercury is conjunct or kissing this Scorpio New Moon, so the doors to deeper mysteries of your mind/and understanding will be open. This will allow you to see things that are usually hard to grasp! It brings light to what is needed at this time.

  • The key to accessing the higher vibrations of the New Moon is to utilize whatever you feel passionate about to transform that which is blocking you from what you deeply care about.passion word

It is all about letting go of old forms, patterns, agendas….so you are freed up to REJUVENATE your passions, desires, and next level of development!

Scorpio is about Empowerment, Change, Crisis Skills, Sex/Soul Mates, Financial Partnerships, and Intense Passion! These are the areas that are highlighted and up for you to move thru and re-create!

Below are possible intentions for your Ceremony!

Scorpio Rules Power, Secrets, Psychology, Charisma, and Awareness of others Needs and Motives.

Sample intentions to enhance personal power:

I easily keep secrets!secret

I completely understand the needs and desires of my significant other.

I always empower my partner in my relationships.





Scorpio Rules Transcendence,Transformation, Eliminating old “baggage”, Change, Restoration, and Forgiveness.let it go!

Samples intentions to encourage easy effortless change:

Positive transformation is occurring in the area of


I lovingly release all old “baggage” from

(my childhood, previous relationships)

I confidently embrace change in the area of

I forgive


I gain personal power by ceasing to blame others for my circumstances.


Scorpio Rules Crisis, Compulsions, Obsessions, Intense Interactions, Living on the Edge.

Intentions to reduce stress in crisis:

I respond to crisis with clear competent thinking and action.

I release the habit of constantly creating stress and crisis in my life.

I express my intensity in ways that are not threatening to others.


Scorpio Rules Bonding, Sex, Soul Mates, Deep Emotional Connection

Sample Intentions to Cultivate Positive Bonding:passion people

I participate fully in making the sexuality in my relationship with

more passionate!

My soul mate relationship is deep and profoundly transformational!

I open to and allow the perfect Soul Mate relationship to reveal itself with ease and grace!


Scorpio Rules Financial Partnership, Loans, Taxes, Debts, Grants, Will and Inheritances, Contracts and Business.money

Intentions to Successfully Manage Financial Partnerships:

I apply for and received a loan to create my project.

I take action to become debt free in a way that empowers me!

I only use credit cards in  ways that create wealth.

My inheritance comes to me without  a power struggle with family.

I receive the perfect grant to expand my work.


And Last…but not least, Scorpio Rules the Misuse of Power, Revenge, Jealousy, Harsh Judgment, Destructive Urges Power Struggles, Abandonment, Suspicion, and Guilt.

Intentions to Help Release any Tendency to Misuse Power:

I release all tendencies to get involved in power struggles.

I release any fear of abandonment.

I release all jealousy and suspicion around my partner.

I suspend judgment of others and myself!

I let go  revenge against



As always, feel free to use these or make up your own.

Remember….the deeper you go….the freer you will be to move on!

The perfect Crystal for you to use during your Scorpio New Moon ceremony is Malachite! It is intense, beautiful, will absorb the  negative energy  and thought patterns you release…and assist in you in this powerful transformation process! Either hold or place near!


Here are guide lines for your New Moon Ceremony.

prayer big girl

  1. Start at the exact time 9:47 AM PDT, or AFTER on 11.11. You have up to 8 hours after the new moon to capture full intensity.
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred!
  3. Write your intentions by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Scorpio, and a New Path!
  5. After writing your intentions, take a moment, pause, SEE them actualized, FEEL the energy of them complete. KNOW, TRUST, and EXPECT them to happen!
  6. And most importantly…connect to your higher self…..make this time special and sacred.
  7. Ignite your Scorpio passion to regenerate YOU!


Sending you Love, Light, Powerful Transformation and Exciting New Directions!



Stay Inspired…..Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings






November Overview

scorpio kagayaHappy Birthday Scorpio!

During November, Scorpio energy can feel quite intense and emotionally charged as there are many elements occurring both internally and externally.This month is about release and renewal, so EMBRACING this powerful  trans-formative energy IS  the path of least resistance . It can and may get quite intense!

A beautiful analogy of this is to take a look at an oak tree. This is the time of the year when the leaves turn exquisite colors, then ….. boom….off the tree they fall, having served their purpose.Then, they lay dormant until we rake them up in big piles ….and burn them. ( Somewhat of a ritual in the Midwest, but native Californians will have to visualize this one! ) New Leaves will return in spring.

Same for us. Time to let the dead stuff go! It is no longer relevant. Period!fall trees

Deep healing is possible this month if we intend and allow a light to shine into the depth of our soul! The key theme  is” breaking free of what limits us!” Please keep that in mind all month when opportunities present for us to let go and move on. I encourage you to JUST DO IT!

And, heads up, it is going to be a very active cosmic month! All three of the personal planets shift signs, Mercury (thinking) Mars (doing)  and Venus( feelings). Both the New Moon and the Full Moon combine powerful Cosmic line ups, and the BIG NEWS…..  Saturn squares Neptune for the first of 3 meet ups.

FYI….I am giving you the dates of what I believe are the most MOST DYNAMIC noticeable aspects. A lot is happening. Best Practice…..be open to receiving inner guidance and changing your outer perception!

Here are the details by date: You might want to print and keep handy!

think big dogNovember 2 …Mercury (Thinking) moves into Magnetic, Intense Scorpio thru 11/20

The planet of communication in this sign goes deep! He plunges IN to get to the bottom of issues! You will notice that you are thinking more serious. Your thoughts are deeper, as are your conversations. Small talk just won’t be happening for these 3 weeks!

You WANT to delve into the WHAT  and  WHY of things. You may be drawn to the paranormal world,  or the occult! You are seeking out answers via research, investigation and the mysteries of life.

Key theme is transformation! Getting to the answers you seek!

BEST PRACTICE….. speak with kindness. You can investigate, and still speak it in a way that is kind, yet direct! Try not to push where you are not invited…and don’t be attached to the outcome. Trust the investigative process.  Hold your opinion till all details are revealed!

Nov 8th……….  Venus Moves into Libra Thru Dec 4bird-happiness-while-seating-together

 Venus loves being in Libra. It is one of her rulers! In Libra it is all about Partnerships and Love! Love in all forms…what you love, how you love  and how love appears in your life. She brings harmony, beauty, and balance into your relationships. Also, fairness, compromise, and negotiation are her domain in this sign for the next 6 weeks!

Look out for  over-giving and becoming co-dependent. Venus in Libra is about balance and equality. Try not to overthink decisions! Check in with your inner guidance to get the perfect direction for you at this time.

And…..this placement should  lighten up some of the intense Scorpio energy.

PhoenixRisingNov 11…… New Moon in Scorpio at @9:47 AM PST

This New Moon is the perfect opportunity to actually INTEND for your transformation to happen.

By using the energy and power of New Moon Beginnings, along with the assistance of Mercury in Scorpio, this is a potent time for  rebirth and renewal.

Mercury is conjunct or kissing this New Moon and will assist in opening doors to the mysteries of our mind. He can allow  you see what is difficult, dark and hidden.

Also….Scorpio is all about PASSION….so let your PASSION lead  to what what is blocking you so it can be released !

It is all about letting go and re-inventing you, your passions, and your dreams!

(The New Moon Ceremony will be available in time for your ceremony on the 11th….will advise when ready!)


November 12th….. Mars (Action) enters in Libra Thru Jan 3rd

The primary focus  of Mars (sometimes known as the Warrior Planet) in Libra for the next 6 weeks  is fairness and  equality.  Issues around WHO holds the power in relationship are sure to surface. Compromise is good as long as you make adjustments on your preferences…..not your essence!

Again, indecisiveness may occur…..get your guidance from within….or seek counsel with a trusted friend  or your astrologer :)! Someone who can guide you to a win win  decision!

November 18th……Neptune stations directspiritual-crossing

Neptune the planet of illusion, delusion, Vision and Spirituality turns direct.

The days surrounding a Neptune station can be quite interesting. You may feel somewhat disoriented
and/or ungrounded. Things may feel strange and even somewhat surreal. At times you might not be
quite sure what to do next or wonder if you actually just said or did something or not!
If you are super sensitivity, you may feel or pick up on other peoples emotions and feelings. Make sure you protect yourself  on an energetic level.
Also, pay close attention to your dreams! This is a great time to receive messages and insights. It is a great day to spend a little  time in meditation, and if you can plan a short retreat for a few days before and after….that would be great use of this energy!
Best Practice……  Ground yourself before you leave your home!

Nov 20th…..  Mercury Shifts Again Moves  into Fiery Expansive Sagittarius Thru 12/10

grow bigThis will be a nice relief after the intensity of his visit in Scorpio!

While in Sag, Mercury helps us open our minds to new possibilities! We become more hopeful and want to learn and discover new ideas and options! Being open minded and flexible when new options present will assist us in expanding our worlds, and for making attitude adjustments.

Also, look out for over committing…you think you can do it all….not considering  time involvement clearly.


November 25th….Full Moon in Gemini at 2:40 PM PSTfull moon jump

November 26th…Saturn Square Neptune for the 1st of 3 meet-ups!

This is definitely a complex set of astrological influences happening  very close together. Some are fiery in nature and will bring enthusiasm and passion to the table, while others are more serious in nature (Saturn square Neptune) requiring/demanding that we”get real” and take a very pragmatic approach to our dreams and plans. Emotions are sure to run high which could be a result of a build up of energies, perhaps even of the whole year. For sure, this is a powerful time but also one when much can be realized about where you are, how you got there and how to proceed in ways that will honor and express you.
The Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius will shine a light on the relationship between our beliefs, dreams, and life. Generally, this is a light hearted  full moon, however, this year we have additional players. Saturn in Sagittarius is aligning with the Sun and Mercury , all opposing this full moon, and all squaring Neptune.
shawdow side 2Let’s break it down….
Anytime Mercury or the Sun is aligned with Saturn things feel more serious, creating a heaviness in the air. It may be that important decisions need to be made. It can be a time when your growth feels limited, and you are seeking ways of breaking thru limiting situations.
The Square to Neptune can create confusion and chaos. Conversations may not be clear. Do not assume anything, ask, and restate your understanding.
You may feel open minded in one minute, and  pessimistic the next. The Full Moon can show you where you have lost faith, and how you can renew and reconnect to your heart and soul.
And…a little be about the influence of Saturn Square Neptune……
Saturn resonates with the FACTS…..what is knowable, solid, seeable…..
Neptune is the master of illusions, and so rules imagination and fantasy. He can lead you on a wild goose chase, or to Spiritual  Enlightenment!
When these two square off….(which they do 2 more times in 2016) it represents  a turning point! We cankagaya e mystic call it a crisis in consciousness. This square urges us to manifest from our essence…..not our ego, and to follow our intuition and inner guidance rather than external authority and convention. This can be quite challenging as  the low level of the Neptune energy brings out the victim mentality, blame and guilt!
So…we gotta make it real! Saturn’s job! This is the first of 3 squares or meet ups between these two, so we will be working on this aspect for the next 9 months. It is slow, gradual, and one that must be     addressed …for all of us!
Here are a few ways this can show up for you:
*You may feel confused, depressed, frustrated and afraid things will never change.
* You may wish you could ESCAPE!
* There may be times when the lines between what is real and what is illusion will be blurred…it is good as it means your perception is changing!
*Things can feel strange and surreal!
Best Practice during this time:truth
* Ask yourself …what is the Truth  about this situation?
*What will bring greater simplicity and ease to my life?
*How can I focus more on my Spirituality?
* How can I express my authentic truth and still align with what is practical and works?
This combination will create quite a stirring  in your Soul… It is the first of 3 squares, and will be a  gradual change, things won’t happen overnight. What is most important is that you start the inquiry. Have  the conversation. Be ready to take a look for yourself at yourself and situations….truthfully! Time to “Pony Up”  ( a cowboy term….but I think you get it!)
The bottom line of this aspect is to put Structure ( what you can see) into your Spiritual practice and beliefs  ( what your can’t see only feel) so this is what  becomes your  natural authority and guiding light and how you live your life!
This is the Thanksgiving week for the US…so a note….if you are traveling, please check and double check your details. There could be delays and extra chaos! And, if visiting  your family, show patience and love ….despite your difference!
And….lastly……Thanksgiving at its truest since is about Gratitude….for all that you DO HAVE!
For your wonderful friends and family, for all the many lessons learned, for what is working, and for the excitement of what lies ahead!
 We are all blessed….in so many ways!
Love to you all from the bottom of my heart!

Peace and Blessings