Full Super Moon Lunar Eclipse Sept 27th

full blur moon eih yoga poseSuper Moon

Full Moon

Harvest Moon

Lunar Eclipse


September 27th @ 7:50 PM PDT

Big day… and it is bound to be Intense, Emotional, a bit challenging! And, definitely a day that will

“Illuminate”  issues in your relationships, all relationships. What needs  to be adjusted, negotiated, and reviewed will be evident!

Mutual Empowerment, Respect, and Love are always the desired goal!aries with zodiac

This full moon  in Aries has us dig deep into Self! All relationships begin  with your relationship to your SELF!  Individually, when we come  from wholeness, balanced emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally….we are able to Give and Receive freely…we are an open channel!

True partnership Multiplies rather than divides, generating a synergy where we create More Together than as individuals!

Astrologically, the  planetary alignments are sending  energy to Assist us in the balance of Self (Aries) and Partnerships (Libra).

Are you in a co-dependent relationship, fearing to be the REAL YOU?

Or quite the opposite, are you demanding and controlling your partners from an ego power position? Hmmm……quite a good topic to discuss! And, this weekend is the perfect time to engage this conversation! And, remember to come from a place of LOVE!

This  Full Moon is an opportunity to  balance the Feminine and the Masculine…To create Equality, personally and collectively! The goal being, of course,  Personal Peace, that leads to World Peace.


And….it all begins with YOU and your ability to  integrate  both!

This powerful energy  portal is a blessing and opportunity!

Come join us for a Magical Full Moon Horseback Ride!shell and linda horses

When: Sunday Sept 27. We gather at 5:15 PM at  leaving promptly at 5:30 for an hour ride.

Where: Circle K Ranch 914 Mariposa Ave in Burbank,Ca.

After the ride, we drive over to Bette Davis Park, just around the corner from the stables, for a Full Moon Ceremony. Our Ceremony’s include a powerful drumming meditation and release, essential oils to open and align our sensory system, crystals to empower and protect, Astrology overview,  and Tarot cards for personal messages  (Pretty awesome…and always a  heart opening evening!)

The event is about 2 hours….

Cost:  $50,( includes horse +wangler tip and ceremony [please bring $ )

RSVP a must to reserve your  horse!horse full moon

If you can’t make our super fun powerful event, be sure to go out and be in this incredible Light energy!

Make a list of what does not work for you in your relationships, and do your own release ceremony. Bless it, Burn it ( safely) and Let it Go!!!!!!!  For Good!fire dancer

And Celebrate…..Dance, Sing and for sure...Howl!

Remember….what comes up for you to release, heal, or negotiate will set you free and allow you to be more authentic, powerful, and able to give your special gifts to our planet,  moving us all to a world that works for everyone!


One last note…. Lunar  Eclipses often bring endings….so if a situation, person, or thing is just not workable….let it go. It is time  to move on! Something better awaits!

endings begings



Peace and Blessings


New Moon Solar Eclipse September 12th

solar eclipseGreetings,

September 12th  will be a very powerful day! No two ways around it. Remember…… it’s not BAD…..just super energized and dynamic!

As a note…..Eclipses are extra powerful New and Full Moons, marking major Endings and Beginnings! During an eclipse, the Sun, Moon, and Earth closely align,  allowing for cosmic information to be  funneled more intensely into the earths magnetic fields to guide us!

Best practice during this time is to Embrace  what occurs  and use it for Good!fall apart to fall togehter Eclipses are gifts from the universe to Support Change, moving us in the direction of our destiny! The more you hang on to what is not working, the harder it is to make a move FORWARD!

An Eclipse Assists!

Jupiter, the planet of blessings, expansion, and good fortune  is kissing this Eclipse…..Blessings abound!~the_feel_of_jupiter_by_qaz2008-d4v2c1b

The Energy of this Solar Eclipse is Virgo, the higher octave of which is



This quote says it all…….

“ Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time”

Shirley Chisholm

A few more details….

This Eclipse is a kick off to several  dynamic Cosmic Shifts and changes this month….particularly next week!guidence

Mercury goes Retrograde on the 17th in the sign in Libra, partnerships.

Saturn  is Shifting into Sagittarius on the 17th…The sign that seeks the Truth.

Take a minute to review my September Overview…it will give you more details on these events and get you up to speed on what to expect!

Again….Best Practice is to plan Extra Time, Be Flexible,  and  be sure you do a daily ritual of meditation, yoga, ect, BEFORE you leave your home. Staying Present, Going With the Flow, and Being of Service in your world will allow you to move thru this time with GRACE!

The universe is here to Support you…so Use this New Moon Eclipse and all the energy  happening around it to empower your intentions, and follow your hearts desires!

Reminder,  do your ceremony at the exact time of the New Moon or AFTER……NOT BEFORE. You can make your list  and prepare, but do your ceremony Saturday evening. An excuse to stay up late!

Virgo Power Crystals to use in your ceremony and all month.virgo image

Sardonyx…Empowers the qualities of Integrity and Virtuous conduct. It enhances your search fora meaningful existence  and the Virgo super power of  processing information!sardonyx

Peridot... A beautiful stone that is light and lively!
If you are looking for or needing more joy and inspiration, Peridot is perfect for you to use. It also assist in releasing  negativity. With its gentle  power and love, it is a great stone for activating the psychic ability  and assist  in finding your life’s purpose!


Moss Agate…this stone puts you in touch with feelings from the heart rather than your mind. It helps you to release self criticism and low self esteem, while  bringing  awareness to your positive qualities, boosting your self esteem! This is a stone that just embraces and loves you!

moss agate heart

You can use any or all during the month and  your intention ceremony, and if you need to  pick up, all are available at the

AURA SHOP, 2914  Main St.

As we step into this power packed few weeks, here are Virgo’s super powers to include in your intention ceremony…….

Virgo Rules Service, including:

Practical helpfulness, purity of intent, willingness to adapt.

Sample intentions:

I consciously feel satisfaction from being of Service to others in my work.

I always participate in creating a calm and peaceful environment.

I am consciously aware of my intention to benefit others!

Virgo Rules physical health, including:healthy summer food

Diet, exercise, weight control, healing.

Sample intentions to enhance physical health:

I am attracted to and consume only those foods that nurture and rejuvenate my body.

I love exercising __ days a week with enthusiasm and joy!

I establish my perfect weight at

pounds and I am vibrantly healthy!

Virgo Rules Work, including:

Jobs, work projects, co-workers and structured routines.

Sample intentions:

I easily attract, recognize, and begin working at the perfect job for me.elethant and cat

I easily complete ALL work projects with a minimum of stress and a maximum of efficiency.

I easily create routines that allow  plenty of time for work, play and family.

I release all resistance to hard work, creating instead ease, grace and joy!

Virgo Rules Creative Organization, including:

Orderly environments, handling details, efficiency planning, paperwork, and punctuality.

Sample intentions:

I create neatness and order in my home and office.

I happily pay my bills on time.organized office

I have an efficient organized system for filing all paper work!

Virgo Rules Discrimination, including:

Analysis, critical thinking, focus, discernment.

Sample intentions:

I easily find myself analyzing the problem of

in a way that produces productive, happy results.

I accurately discern what is important to me and what is not.

I respond effectively to external crisis without inner tension.

Virgo Rules Synthesis, including:

Desire for perfection, processing, bringing order to chaos.

Sample intentions:

I am aware of and accept good fortune when it comes to me.

I always focus on what is right in my life rather that what is wrong.

Virgo also rules excessive perfectionism, including:

Worry, criticism, blame and judgment, workaholic tendencies.

Sample intentions to curb perfectionism:

I release all self-defeating tendencies to perfectionism.

I release the habit of obsessive worry.

I release the compulsion to “fix others”.

I release the compulsion to “be right”.

I easily form the habit of living a balanced happy life!


These sample intentions are to help stimulate your own creative process.

Feel free to use or create  your own!

prayer image big girl 2


Here is the 411 on  your New Moon Ceremony.

  1. Start your ceremony at the exact time, which is 11:41 PM PDT on Saturday September 12  or after. You have up to 8 hours to capture the full intensity of New Moon Power.
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred. It is for YOU!
  3. Write your 10 intentions…..by hand…not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the qualities of Virgo, and of course anything you want to manifest!
  5. After writing, read them out loud, SEE them in your minds eye accomplished, FEEL how great you feel once completed, and TRUST the Universe will deliver in Divine Perfect timing!
  6.  This is your  Personal Magic….Have fun… call it forth!

A few Notes….

  • I am doing Eclipses Reading all month… at the AURA  Shop the next 3 Tuesdays, call to book directly at 310.584.9998, via phone and at my Marina del Rey office. Call or email!
  • The Santa Fe Vision Quest Retreat is going to be amazing…Join me !…(Details on the home page)hotel-santa-fe-the-hacienda
  • Full Moon  Lunar Eclipse Horseback Ride Sunday September 27….Super Charged! RSVPhorse full moon
  • Voyager Tarot Tarot Coaching workshop still has a few spaces available for next weekend!

voyager banner

Lots happening….I am here to support you through all the Challenges  and Opportunities!



Peace and Blessings



September Overview

virgo imageGreetings Cosmic Artists!

Happy Birthday Virgo!

Time to buckle up and ride the Magical Wave of Energy the Cosmos is sending us this month!

It will be a September to Remember….for sure! I will try to keep this  info for you short and to the point….however….this is the most active month of the year….and dynamic changes will be occurring!

Astrology’s greatest gift is to provide information that allows us to be informed and live IN the FLOW of Universal timing!

Let me break it down for you… (and you may want to print this for easy reference during the month)magic carpet with couple

We begin September with Venus still  in Retrograde. She has been in this position since July 25, helping us re-discover what and who we Love, what is really important,  what we value and why! Take a moment to review the last 6 weeks….What  has been reveled to you in this regard? What are you now  clear about ( person, place or thing) so you can move forward on the 6th!

September 6th...Venus stations direct @14* Leo!

Situations and people,  in regards to money and love,  will start to become crystal clear and a new direction or energy will emerge. One that will  support both your head and your heart  in a new way! Passion and Playfulness are key ingredients for your authentic expression of Love and Joy.

This is the key to Living and Being the Highest and Best YOU!

red umbrella

September 12….New Moon Lunar Eclipse @ 11:41 PM at 20 * Virgo

New Moons are always about New Beginnings. The sign of the New Moon indicates the areas and energies where opportunities for new beginnings are necessary. Eclipses are extra powerful New and Full Moons, marking major ending and beginnings! During an eclipse the flow of energy from the cosmos is interrupted…. allowing a re-boot and download of new cosmic coding generating new programs, pathways, and Possibilities! ( Love it!) Although this is a Partial solar eclipse and only visible in Southern Africa,  Madagascar and the northern half of Antarctica, its electromagnetic effects will be felt globally!


A Solar Eclipse in Virgo summons us to the higher octave of that sign: to evolve from criticism and pettiness  to discernment and service! Where and how can we shift our thoughts and routines and become a greater force for  good and be of service with our unique gifts and talents?

Virgo is about streamlining and eliminating the Fat…so to speak! What New routines in health and exercise can you commit to ( it will stick if you intend and add it now!) How can you improve your diet to include more whole foods and less junk food! Adding a routine of meditation and yoga will benefit you beyond what you can imagine at this time!

Also we have our friend Uranus ( Energy of Freedom, Rebellion, Brilliance, and of course the element of the Surprise) at work during this Eclipse. So, please remember…..even if an event occurs that you don’t expect….it is NOT BAD!!! This  strong energy is here  to Move you quickly to the next chapter.  Be open and receptive to what it Offers…even  though you did not expect it!

And I love this quote used by Stephanie Austine

“Take a Leap of Faith, and remember….You are capable of more than  you know.einstein_classic_old

Aim High. Behave honorably….. Persist! The world needs all you can give”  E.O. Wilson

(Your New Moon intention ceremony will be posted shortly)

September 16th…Jupiter In Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces!

This is a super mystical, magical influx of light that comes at the perfect time to assist us in following our Inner Guide this month! Jupiter in pragmatic, practical Virgo will help us anchor our Spiritual Vision, dreams, and insights beaming in from Neptune in Pisces! By blending the power of both, we have the opportunity to  Catch our Spiritual Vision, and make it a Practical Reality in our world! Be sure to spend time and honor this aspect. It is special, very rare and here for Your Personal Inner Assistance! Use it, ask it, honor it and follow the beautiful guidance.

full moon on beach with fariHumility, gratitude, being of service and keeping your eye on the Big Vision is key!

September 17th….Mercury goes Retrograde @15* Libra

This is the 3rd and final retrograde of Mercury this year. It is very interesting that this Rx is in the Air the thinkersign of Libra, ruled by Venus, and in charge of our Relationships! There will be more emphasis on all types of relationships.  Particularly communication.  We just completed a 6 week Venus Rx.  The heads up here is this….review, regroup, re-connect, re-think!  Be Clear. Slow down. Make sure you are heard, and be sure you Listen! Practice compassion for yourself and others.

As a note, from a Cosmic perspective, it is about making sure you have all the details in order and needed for your projects, relationships, and work situations. Mercury is asking us to slooooow down. Create balance and harmony in our lives and in our relationships. And, to be clear on all the facts presented!

mercRemember.. best practice is to be proactive with the Mercury going Rx! Be sure to back up all devices, prior to the 17th, book all travel arrangements, plan your schedules so you at least have a base point when situations get crazy. Also, try not to make any major purchases during this time!

September 17th… @ 7:41 PM Saturn shifts back into Sagittarius  until December 2017!

cloverful saturn

Sagittarius energy is one of my favorites! The Archer  seeks the Truth! Personal Truth, Global Truth! Saturn puts down structures and discipline.  When these two combine, on a global platform, we will begin to  see the Truth in all cultures and their beliefs. To find the common thread of unity. To align and allow for greater tolerance and understanding. To be responsible and wise in our growth and evolution as a people.

As individuals, the next 2 1/2 years will be a time for seeking and understanding the very core of our beliefs, Spiritual or Religious.  It is a time to shift our negativity into the higher mind of possibility. During this time you may be called to take up a new body of study, go back to university, find a mentor, or become a mentor. It is a time of learning, growing,changing our thinking and changing our world! We will be upping the ante for the next 2 1/2 years! This, to me is fantastic!

Here are a few key words/phrases to keep in mind…spiritual warrior

Integrity, patience, maturity, travel, taking a  spiritual pilgramiage, committing fully to your spiritual practice, finding your true and highest path, new directions and goals solidify! Becoming a Spiritual Warrior for Good! Are you ready? I say YES YES YES! We will have till December 2017 to evolve and grow into the Best Version of US!

September 23th …  The Sun Shifts into Libra and Marks the Beginning of Fall…

The Fall Equinox @1:20 AM.

This is always a special time of the year. The energy shifts and a new season begins! Change is in the air!

winter solsticeThe veils between worlds are thin at this time, so it is perfect to plant the seeds, (intentions and desires) for the next 3 months. There is a beautiful moon in Aquarius that harmonizes beautifully….

Enjoy the day…. prepare for a change of seasons….and any other changes that are taking place in your world!


September 27th…Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries @4 * at 7:50 PMsolar eclipset

This is the Finale of the Month, and a grand one it will be! It will give us the opportunity to totally RELEASE any and all of the people, places, and things that no longer serve our new vision,and, the truth about something that has perplexed or confused could be revealed at this time.

The energy will be super strong….as it is a Super Full Moon, (  close in proximity  to the earth) in the Aries/Libra Access. This means partnerships will be illuminated and emphasized in a big way!

And, particularly since Mercury is in retrograde in Libra. Issues around self empowerment with in a relationship, the importance of clear communication, ( don’t assume you can read another s mind) A restructuring of a partnership may be in order, balancing the power between the male/female energy can be an issue. Boundaries my need to be put in place to hold the structure of a strong equal relationship.

Remember…….creating harmony rather than conflict, being a mediator, standing up for what you believe, cooperation and understanding of others, and taking care of what your needs are while still supporting  your partner is what’s up.It all comes down to creating relationships, both in business and in life, that are balanced,  and supportive. One that provides  creative individual  freedom  within the partnership!

Tall order….Right! We can do it!think big dog

Honing up on our listening as well as speaking  skills  are primed to be cultivated now!

This most important tip I can give you  is to practice staying present. Go with the flow as things unfold, Stay true to Your Truth and Values. Let go of what is not working…..and Know all is occurring in Divine Perfect Order!

Expect Magic and  Miracles!

magical unicorn



Peace and Blessings


life is an adventure