Full Moon in Pisces August 29th

full moon in caveSuper Full Moon in Magical, Mystical Pisces

Saturday August 29th @ 11:35 AM PDT

Full Moons always illuminate that which has been hidden from us, and sheds light on situations that allow for us to make course corrections! This Full Moon on Saturday is the first of 3 Super Full Moons in a row, where the Moon is at both perigee ( its closest approach to Earth), and syzygy (in alignment with the Sun and Earth). Super Moons generate stronger gravitational and electromagnetic pull, tugging harder on the Earth’s tides and tectonic plates, as well as on our physical and emotional bodies!


Take note….we will all be FEELING this Full Moon for sure….a few days before and after!

Howling will be in order, for sure!howling dog full moon

Saturday’s SuperMoon is in the sign of Pisces, opposite the Sun in Virgo. A great way to understand this particular polarity is Virgo is a practical, no nonsense Earth sign, ruled by Mercury,( communication). Pisces is a sensitive, mystical, psychic  water sign, ruled by Neptune (Spiritual Insight and Transcendence)

venusVirgo functions by analysis and discernment, and Pisces navigates by intuition and empathy. This polarity widens the door of perception, expanding our view of reality and  of what’s possible!

Virgo is the sign of being of practical service in on the Earth.

Pisces is the sign of being of  service in the Spiritual realm.

So….if we combine these two energies at the highest level it looks like this… We Receive our Visions, Inspirations, Ideals, and Ideas from Pisces thru our Spiritual Practice and Mystical connection,  and then through the practically of Virgo, we  carry them out in the world!


We Vision with Pisces, and Virgo gets the job done! cosmic-breath-of-life

This Pisces/Virgo energy  has additional powerful planetary energy and  connections at the time of this Super Moon…

In Virgo, we have Jupiter ( planet of expansion and blessings, and good fortune) kissing the Sun…and in Pisces, we have Neptune(our direct connection to Spirit) Kissing the Moon!

This additional Virgo Pisces polarity will give you ideas about where your dreams meet up with your reality. Bringing clarity about this  can also show  what steps you need to take that will move you in the direction of your desires.

This Pisces energy will help you to look for and listen IN for  insights on how to make  life more of a reflection of your spiritual vision, knowing, and value.

How might you deepen your spiritual practice in your life?candles

What could you do on a daily basis that facilitates this?

Look for simple answers and uncomplicated approaches!

This truly is a special Full Moon…there’s MAGIC in the air!

unicorn in floweros

Join Linda Lightfoot and me for a powerful Full Moon Ceremony at Mothers Beach!

Time: 7:30  -9:00 PM

Place: Mothers Beach, in front of Jamaica Bay Inn, ( Palawan Way and Admiralty Way)

Cost: $20

Rsvp Required

mothers beach

This is bound to be a very special, mystical, magical  evening!

If you can’t join us live….where ever you are, go outside and experience this Powerful Light Energy!

Full Moon

Stay Inspired….Connected…..Empowered

Peace and Blessings





New Moon in Leo Friday August 14th@7:53 AM PDT

leo mysticalNew Moon Friday August 14th

7:53 AM  PDT  @ 21 * LEO

New Moons are always about starting anew! It is the Natural Cosmic Way of assisting us in hitting the re-set button and getting back on course! And, I Particularly  Love Love Love the New Moon in Leo, as it brings forth the attributes of Leo….and who doesn’t like being a Queen/King for the Day….right?

We all have Leo  somewhere in our Soul Print and that  area of our life is due for more creativity, fun, self expression and Love!

“Leo represents the journey of Self-Discovery…the exploration and expression of our Divine Essence. We are all sparks of light emerging from the Oneness, incarnated on this planet to Learn, Love, and Serve. Every one of us is a unique individual, with a distinct set of talents to offer. Leo signifies our quest to become a conscious Ruler of our reality. To be Lion-Hearted is to have the courage to step fully in our power and as creators, to act from love, for love and with love!” Stephanie Austin

Other influences you will feel  at the time of the New Moon …lion and goddess

*Venus continues in her retrograde motion through September 6th, having us consider and reconsider what is important….really important….what values do we choose and why!

* Mars also joins the Leo party amplifying the Lion/Lioness  qualities, bringing his hot, fiery courage, passion, and energy to this New Moon new beginning!

*Uranus in Aries is making a tight trine, emphasizing unique, new, and  innovative ideas!

This is a powerful Cosmic line up to support us in creating outside the box……standing in our Lion  Power and Courage, and moving from a place of Love, Self Expression, and the Hearts Desire!

See why it is one of my favorites!

tigers eyeAlso….Tigers Eye is  perfect stone to work with this month with the  amazing  Creative Leo Energy!  Besides it’s beautiful warm golden glow,Tigers Eye is excellent for promoting your latent talents and unblocking your creative abilities! It also is a stone of strength, courage, and empowerment ! Great to use in your ceremony and keep on your alter!

Now…on the the ceremony and intentions!

Leo Rules the Heart Connections, Including: Romance, Children, Dating, and Intense Love Encounters.

Sample Intentions to encourage personal Love:red umbrella

I joyously create a feeling of romance and play in my relationship with


I easily find myself reentering the dating scene in a way that is successful and pleasurable for me!

I attract the perfect loving romantic soul mate, NOW!

Leo Rules Creativity, Including: Enthusiasm, Creative Projects, Artistic Expression, Passion, and Self-actualization!

Sample Intentions:

I begin each day with enthusiasm and joy!creative brain

I am filled with new creative ideas in my work and projects!

I am involved in projects that evoke my passion and vital interest!

Leo Rules Pleasures and Celebration, Including: Fun, Play, Games, Parties, Vacation and taking risk for excitement.

Sample Intentions:

I intend to do one thing daily that brings me pleasure.

I easily find myself taking risks that bring joy and vitality into my life!

I always find myself consciously taking time to play and enjoy life!if you never go you never know


Leo Rules Determination, Including: Self Confidence, Radiance, Leadership, Stamina, Strength of purpose, and Concentrated Focus.heros journey

Sample Intentions:

I truly am confident in all areas of my life!

I easily take the perfect right actions that lead to the desired result.

I release any underlying tendency to sabotage the successful fulfillment of my heart’s desires!


And last but not least, Leo Rules Giving Love, Including: Loyalty, Generosity, Encouragement and Kindness.

Sample Intentions:

I intend to express myself in ways that others KNOW I love them.elethant and cat

I always give love, support, and approval to those I love, no matter what!

I intend to give others the benefit of the doubt.


As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!





So, here is the 411 on the RULES for your New Moon ceremony.

prayer image big girl 2

  1. Start at the exact time…7:53 AM  PDT Friday  August 14th  or after. You have up to 8 hours to really capture the full intensity of a new moon.
  2. Get quite, center, and make your ceremony sacred!
  3. Write your 10 intentions…..by hand….not computer.
  4. Your intentions/desires this month are around the natural qualities of Leo.
  5. After writing your intentions, take a moment to see them completed, feel what it would be like to have them completed, and most importantly, KNOW that the Universe will deliver them to you! Expect it!
  6. And most importantly……Have Fun, Get creative, Ignite your passion, Stand Strong, Be Courageous, and ALWAYS follow your Hearts Desire!

lion of oz

 Stay Inspired….Connected….Empowered

Peace and Blessings


Voyager Coaching Certification Weekend…Clarification!

Voyager Coaching Certification Week End!

voyager success james                                   Presented by

James Wanless Master Teacher and Creator of the Voyager Deck.

Voyager Coaching is a revolutionary use of Tarot as a proactive tool. It’s an action process for creating YOUR future and to powerfully coach your clients. It is deeper and more effective than a one-session Reading.

This Coaching process is unique and different from other mentoring systems. It allows for using the modern, multicultural, wholistic Voyager Deck as empowerment cards for getting REAL results! Voyager cards provide a universal, time-tested, yet intuitive, synchronistically ‘right for the moment’ map for success!

 Voyager Coaching is not old world, fortune telling.

It is program of action-oriented “Fortune Creation.”

During the Coaching Weekend, you will experience and learn the following Action-Readings:


















shaynes visit 016Date and Time: September 18-20th 2015

Friday Evening Sept 18th 7 to 10 PM

Saturday Sept 19th 10 AM to 6 PM

Sunday Sept 20th 10AM to 5 PM

Place: 13900 Panay Way, Dolphin Marina Club House

Cost…..$499 …..Save $100….. Enroll by Sept 1 $399!

*Anyone with Voyager experience may take this Course!

*If you choose to be Certified as a Coach, you  will need to Certify as a Counselor FIRST!

* This  Coaching course will make it easier for you to Certify as a Counselor!

And, if you just want to add some excellent tools to work with your clients, this course is for YOU!

 To enroll with early bird pricing,

or for any questions, please contact me directly at



We look forward to the Voyage with each of you!james view

James Wanless PH.D.

Shelley Warren


August 2015 Overview!

leo mysticalHappy Birthday Leo!

This is the month to get Creative, Live from your Heart, and Step into your Lion/Lioness Power!

We  start the month  of August off with a dynamic, super Cosmic Line up! Here is what to be on the lookout for during this most interesting and potentially life changing  first week.


August 1st and 2nd

First….we have a background energy  of the Venus/Jupiter conjunction.jupiter-venus_2230-062915

Venus ( Love and Money) in Retrograde, and Jupiter( Expansion and Blessings) in the last degrees of Leo have been in orb, (close) for the last few weeks,  reminding us of what is truly important,  what we value and care about. You may have decided it is time to go back to school, leave a job, pursue a new life’s direction, stay or leave a relationship….

( the overall impact of this aspect is to move you closer to what you LOVE!)



saturn blk and whiteNext….Saturn Stations Direct!

Saturn ( our structure and work)  has been in a retrograde motion since March.  During this time you may have experienced :

*Reevaluating your approach to something.

*Rethinking plans, or even scratching  them and starting over.

* You laid a lot of ground work without a lot of traction or forward movement.

* You were approached with some new ideas, but it just wasn’t  the right time to take action.

* You got clear about where you are, and where you want to go next in your life.

Once Saturn stations direct on the 1st  @10:53 PM PDT, you will begin to see movement in  some  of these areas where you were experiencing being stuck….As this forward motion gains speed, here is what  the next few weeks might bring…..

* Things that took time to plan…now get the GREEN Light! Yippee!green light

* You personally feel Ready to make that change…related to work, your finances, where you live, or a habit or health regime.

* After considering options, you are now ready to let some things go, so you can move forward with those that are most relevant!

* You appreciate and allow for Universal timing....( Being IN the Flow!)

( The overall impact of this influence encourages you to let go of some things in order to pursue new and more relevant options!

life is an adventureThe combination of both of these events with Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus may play out in your life like:

* Unexpected turn of events that have you considering bold new options!

*Your creative juices are strong and you seek to find ways to express them!

* It time to make a decision … you Are ready for the next chapter in your life!

* You are clear that in order to move forward you simply must let something go!

* Things that you LOVE begin to FLOW in the Right direction!

This first week will be dynamic…..be awake and aware….the signs and clues will be rolling in!

August 11th….Jupiter Shifts into Virgo for the next 13 Months!virgo

Jupiter is know as  the Great Benefactor and where  he transits in your chart is the area of your life that will be touched with abundance, expansion,  and just plane old good luck and plenty of Grace. He is the natural ruler of  Sagittarius, and  teaches us about being positive, having an optimistic view, and Receiving as well as Giving Blessings and Goodness!

When Jupiter moves into the Sign of Virgo for the year…..the qualities of Virgo will be expanded for all of us, as we all have Virgo in our charts. And,  it will be a super  year for all Virgos!                                  Jupiter spends a year in each sign I t takes him 12 years to move thru the Zodiac. The last time he was here was 12 years ag0…2003! Think about where you were….particularly Virgos, as this is the beginning of a new 12 year cycle for you.

Virgo is a practical, earth sign, that looks to streamline, design order, enjoy the simple things in life,  get healthy, and create daily routines that are easy, simple, and get the job done… all with ease and grace I might add!

Here are some of the gifts you may notice and  receive in the next 13 months…..

* You find pleasure in simple things.integrity

* You embrace the concept that Less is More!

* Honesty and Integrity and being Authentic  become a priority.

* You are called to be of Service in some way.

* Daily fitness and eating healthy become easy and effortless!

* You are completely organized….from bills to closets!  Nice!

Time to say bye bye to the Leo grandiosity ….and into the Practicality and Simplicity of Virgo for the next year!

August 12th….The Perseids Meteor Showersperseid-meteor-kingham-620

These showers are  always quite beautiful and have a very mystical influence on us all. Just think of these showers as light messengers,  bringing you special and insightful pieces of information….sent to you from your higher self many years ago,  designed to arrive at this exact moment in time! Pretty awesome! Be ready to receive guidance and insight on this special evening……Expect it!

August 14th…….. New Moon in Leo @ 7:53 AM

New Moons are optimal times for setting new intentions. The Sun and Moon align, and it generates a Cosmic still point, where we can more easily recall our soul”s  objectivity and perceive  new possibilities! In Leo, we are ready for More Love, Creativity, and Joy in our lives.

Leo represents the journey of Self- discovery, and the courage to realize our special gifts and talents. Venus  Retrograde in Leo is close by this New Moon….so, reviewing, refining and realizing what we Love, Truly Love…will be amplified! Opening our hearts, following our Passion, and having the courage to do so is the Cosmic agenda for this New Moon! Your New Moon Ceremony will be posted shortly!

August 29th….Full Moon in Pisces @ 6*full moon with shiip

Full Moons illuminate or bring light to that which is hidden. This month, the themes highlighted will be around  the Virgo/Pisces axis. Virgo practicality, and Pisces the Dreamer!  We need a little of both to be able to make our dreams reality…so this Full moon will assist us in this process. It is also the first of 3 Super Full Moons in a row, which will facilitate us in SHIFTING our consciousness!

We will be gathering for a Full Moon ceremony on Mothers Beach. Details will be posted shortly….stay tuned!

Special note….Prep for September!

In September we have the 3rd and final Mercury Retrograde (Sept 17th- Oct 9th)  in the sign of Libra. Two eclipses (super powerful)  New Moon September 12 and Full Moon September 27th.   Saturn shifting into Sagittarius, and Venus stationing direct Sept 6th!

Whewwwww! This is a lot of shifting and changing energy!  I will be explaining in detail next month, but I just wanted you to have a heads up so you can plan around the  Mercury RX!

  Have an Awesome August…..Live with an  Open Heart and let your Creative Side Shine!

 taylor swiftStay


 Peace and Blessings