Blue Moon Full Moon July 31st

blue moonThe phrase “Once in a Blue Moon” dates back  400 years, and what it actually means is that there is a  second Full Moon in the same calendar Month. This  occurs once every two to three years.  So, we get to enjoy a second Full Moon this month!  And, we are celebrating with a Full Moon Ceremony on Mothers Beach in Marina del Rey.


Here are the details.

Time:Gather at 7:30 Pm, July 31st

Where: Mothers Beach in Front of the Jamaica Bay Inn at Palawan Way and Admiralty Way

What: A beautiful Full Moon Ceremony which includes a live Drumming Meditation and Release,

Powerful Essential Oils to open and assist your  process, your personal crystal, Tarot Card Pull, and a Cruise around the Marina in the Water Taxi….. all under the Magic of the  Moonlight!

Cost: $22 Includes the cruise  around the Marina on the Water Taxi….Super Fun!mothers beach

RSVP Required Please!

Feel free to bring your personal crystals and jewelry to charge under the Full Moon on our alter!

I will be Facilitating  with the  Amazing Healer, Shaman, Horsewoman and  Ceremony Partner, Linda Lightfoot.

Astro Details of this Full Moon….

The Full Moon each month is the height of the Lunar cycle (which begins at the New Moon, 2 weeks earlier).

During the days around the full moon, feelings start to get intense, dynamic, and emotions are strong. Things that were unknown become clear under the light and energy  of the Moon. Full Moons always illuminate what has been hidden.

This 2nd Full moon of the month  is in the axis of Leo/Aquarius.

Leo Rules Creativity, Fun, Self-Expression, while Aquarius is about collaboration, humanitarian issues, the greater good and the Future! This Full Moon will have us look at and consider what is best for our planet at this time. What kind of revolutionary change can be made that allows for personal self expression, and yet enhances  innovative growth!

This is the opportunity to get clear and fearlessly step in your Power ( Leo the Lion Power),cat lion

shining your light so bright  that your unique  gifts and talents impact your personal tribe in a very dynamic way (Aquarius!)creativity

Whether you join us at Mothers Beach, our spend the evening on your own… sure to take a moment to be energized and inspired by this amazing Blue Moon………..



And…step into your next chapter …..with Grace, Ease and a little

Moonlight Magic!

unicorn in floweros

Peace and Blessings


New Moon in Cancer July 15th @6:24 PM PDT

new begining with flowersNew Moon in Cancer

July 15th

6:42 PM PDT

New Moons are  the best time each month for setting intentions, making adjustments, and starting anew….and this New Moon in Cancer will have some super moonbeams flying! We have a very active line up in the cosmos that will assist us in anchoring all our new intentions, and perhaps, guiding us to new empowering paths!

cosmic-breath-of-lifeThe 15th is a super busy Cosmic Day! Not only is it a New Moon in Cancer, representing new beginnings in all those Cancer ruled areas of life….home, family, feelings, releasing the past…. we also have a Mars/ Mercury conjunction in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn in effect from the 13th to the 17th. This will be a time when new insights about what is important, really important are brought to the surface. What do you value most? What makes you feel safe? You may need, or choose to put your family first, or take care of an elderly parent. The New Moon ceremony will focus on new beginnings in this area of your life. You  will want to pull out all the old past mental weeds that strangle your future. Cancer has a tendency to hold on to the bitter end……..time to let go and reinvent!let it go!

The Mars/Mercury/Pluto influence lasts from  the 13th to the 17th.  So, heads up….communications can be challenging. Watch out for  misunderstanding. Tempers flare more easily than normal! There will be a strong tendency to  be reactive or impulsive! Best Practice during these few days ….Pause before you lash out or say something you could regret. Your words and responses can either hurt or heal! This is an opportunity to heal  long standing hurts… Pause… Breathe….take the high road….and respond with love, kindness, and a way to create a win win…..not a screaming match! Since this powerful aspect is occurring during the Cancer New Moon….take this opportunity to create NEW communications and understanding with family and friends!think big dog

It is important to note here that both Mars ( action) and Mercury (communication) will be passing over the challenging  degrees of the past 3 year Pluto Uranus square,  activating the New Moon, so, a block or challenge to your new direction could be revealed! Or, if you have not proceeded down your new path, a new one can become clear now! This is awesome cosmic help to have on the New Moon!go somewhere new

As always, remember to do your ceremony at the exact time or AFTER. Not before. You can make your lists and prepare, but do it after!

Just as a reminder, New Moons occur every 29 1/2 days when the moon aligns with the sun in each of the 12 signs. It is a natural time of new beginnings. The ancients used the timing of the moon as a way of life, from planting to sowing to celebrating.  Be clear, set your intentions, see and feel them complete, and trust the universe to do the rest!

Cancer rules your home, family, your internal structure or root beliefs, safety, intimacy/caring skills, feelings/moods, nurturing, being supported and accepting support.

So… we go!candles

Cancer Rules Foundations, Including:

Your internal frame of reference, Home, Family, and Gut Instincts.

Sample intentions to strengthen your Personal Foundation:


I easily attract, recognize, and purchase the perfect home for me at an amazing price!

I spend plenty of heart felt time with my family.tree home

I experience a feeling of increased security and joy.

I clearly and easily listen to and honor ALL my gut instincts!

Cancer Rules Safety, Including:

Security, Feelings of Belonging, Protection, Tenacity, and Financial Security.

Sample intentions to Increase Feelings of Safety:

I handle my finances in ways that create a stable base I can count

I have a complete sense of security in every area of my life.

I am loved and protected by the  infinite source of Good!

Cancer Rules Process, Including:

Training and practicing, early childhood conditioning, Growth, Nurturing,                        and  New Beginnings.

Sample intentions to Encourage Positive Growth:

I easily release childhood patterns that have held me in bondage!no dogs bikes beach zan girl

I joyously learn and grow from all significant events that happen in my life!

I easily embrace the process of my own expansion and personal growth!

Cancer Rules Emotional Closeness, Including:

Caring, Empathy, Vulnerability, and Intimacy

 Sample intentions to increase Emotional Closeness:

I intend to be open and ask for help in a way that is empowering!

I release all fear around intimacy!

I am empathic and understanding for those who need my caring and support…and I easily receive the same from my loved ones.Learn-to-Love-How-to-Live-Happily-Ever-After-1-mdn

Cancer Rules Feelings; Including;

Changing moods, Awareness of our own feelings, Sensitivity to others feelings, Tenderness, and Awareness of needs.

Sample Intentions to Enhance Feeling Experiences:

I consciously and consistently communicate my feelings in responsible, appropriate ways.

I release all moodiness!

I let go of all nonconstructive, overemotional responses.

I intend to live moment by moment and not be ruled by my moods!

Cancer rules Nurturing, Including:

Being supportive/accepting support, Food, Mother, Close family relations, Taking care of others, and being taken care of by another.mother duck keeping watch

 Sample intentions to Promote Positive Nurturing:

I release all self-destructive habits around food.

I experience wonderful, mutually heart felt relationships.

I spend great quality time with my mom.

Cancer Also Rules Excessive Self-Protection, Including:

Clinginess, Feelings of Insecurity, Possessiveness, Overly cautious behaviors, Fears of rejection, and a lack of definite goals.

Sample intentions to Release Self-Defeating Insecurity:

I release my habit of clinginess.

I replace the urge to possess others by a deep awareness and sense of security within myself.

I intend to define goals that empower me to rise above current limitations.

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!

 Crystal recommendation to work with during your Cancer New Moon Ceremony

MoonstonemoonstoneMoonstone has been used for centuries to connect with the energy and power of the moon!

It heightens  our intuition, connects us to the natural lunar cycle, and it helps to sort through our  emotions,  gaining higher perspective to meaning and purpose.

It is a beautiful stone to have near by, either on your alter, or just to hold

while your declare your intentions this month!


Here is the 411 on the rules for your New Moon ceremony.prayer little girl

  1. Start at the exact time 6:42  PM PDT July 15th or AFTER. You have up to 8 hours AFTER the new moon to really capture the full intensity.
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred.
  3. Write  10 intentions, by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Cancer.
  5. After writing, be sure to take a moment to visualize them completed, feel the feelings of them complete, then read them out loud and KNOW it is done!
  6. Most importantly….have fun, get creative, ignite your passion, and always follow your Heart’s Desire!


Until next New Moon, here’s wishing you a wonderfully nurturing, intimate July, full of wonderful relationships, and heart felt events!

Stay Inspired….Empowered….Connected

Peace and Blessings