New Moon in Taurus May 17th


New Moon in Taurus on  May 17th @ 9:13 PM

Mercury goes Rx  May 18th-June 11th. ( please read my May overview for more details on the RX)

So, our usual strategy of working with this New Moon energy needs to be tweaked just a bit this month!


First….Venus IS the natural  ruler of Taurus…. so, like Venus….Taurus loves all the finer things in life!

Beautiful sumptuous home and surroundings, possessions, and material wealth. Also, sensuality is of taurs goddessgreat importance! Patience, perseverance, and digging in….( like the bull) are also  qualities of this strong Earth energy!

We have a beautiful trine between Neptune ( the higher octave of Venus) and Venus at this New Moon….encouraging us to look at what we love on the physical plane, but also, Spiritually. What is  really important….. are we receiving as much as we are giving? Are we in service or servitude?  What is our soul yearning for? Are we accumulating just to have stuff…or can we let go and circulate things we no longer need?



rethinkWith  Mercury turning retrograde on the 18th….our Best Practice is to review, renew,  and rethink all the qualities  that are really important to our heart and soul. Deep Love, Joy, Beauty, Balance and Harmony are being called forward. Plant your seeds of intention  with your ceremony….and allow them to sprout in divine perfect  universal time!


Just as a reminder, New Moons occur every 29 1/2 days when the moon aligns with the sun in each of the 12 signs. It is a natural time of new beginnings. The ancients used the timing of the moon as a way of life, from planting to sowing to celebrating. New Moons are about starting anew. Be clear, set your intentions,  then let go and expect them to come true!

Now On to the New Moon Ceremony…..candles

 Taurus Rules:

Money, Sensual pleasure, Contentment, Perseverance, Patience,And Self-worth.

Sample Intentions to Increase Money and Material Possessions:

I create financial independence with ease and grace!

I attract and purchase the right

(possession) for me at a price that is in my budget!money

I live in a beautiful, comfortable, sumptuous home environment!

Samples Wishes to Increase Sensual Experience and Pleasure:

I intend to enjoy  the sensual side of life in a happy, healthy way!

I enjoy a beautiful massage with my mate on a weekly basis!

In my sexual relationship with

I fully experience joyous sensual pleasure!


Taurus Rules Enjoyment of Life on Earth, Including:

Appreciation, Gratitude, Simple pleasures, Satisfaction, Contentment.

Sample intentions:

I completely enjoy and appreciate my life!garden

I am so grateful for all the beautiful good things that are in my life.

I consciously appreciate the abundance of Mother Nature and life itself!

 Taurus Rules Building, Including:

Solid Foundations, Persistence, Progressing step by step, Thoroughness, Perseverance.

Sample Intentions to Aid in Building Successful Results:

I persistently follow a practical path until my goal of

is reached!

Today I intend to  build solid foundations that I can depend on in every area of my life.

I  consistently progress, step by step to accomplish my goal of


Taurus Rules Reliability, Including:

Patience, Dependability, Trustworthiness, Steadfastness.

Sample Intentions:

I intend to KEEP MY WORD and be reliable.

I am trustworthy in all I do and say!


Taurus Rules Self Worth and Values Including:self worth

Awareness of personal needs, Setting appropriate boundaries, Strong values, Determination, Self-acceptance.

Sample Intentions to Increase Self-Worth.

I intend to define what is important to me, and live my life according to my values!

I establish boundaries that empower my life.

I consciously and consistently experience feelings of self worth in every area of my life!

I release  the tendency to undervalue myself and my work, totally!


Taurus Also Rules Inflexibility, Including:

Stubbornness, Attachment, Resistance to change.

Sample Intentions to Aid in Releasing Inflexibility:

I ask for all self-defeating stubbornness to be released with ease and grace.

I  let go of   all attachment to excessive accumulation…..easily!

I intend to embrace constructive change!


As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!prayer big girl


Here is the 411 for your New Moon ceremony.

  1. Start at the exact time 9:13 PM PST May 17th or AFTER. You have up to 8 hours after the new moon to really capture the full intensity.
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred and special!
  3. Write your intentions, 10 … preferably by hand, not computer.
  4. Your intentions this month are around the natural qualities of Taurus.
  5. After writing your  intentions,  take a moment to SEE them realized, FEEL excited they are accomplished, KNOW and TRUST the Universe is at work for YOU and EXPECT results! Wowow!.
  6. Most importantly…Have fun, get creative, ignite your passion, and always follow your Heart’s Desire!

Until Next New Moon, here is wishing you an abundantly sensual, financially prosperous month!


 Stay Inspired…..Connected…..Empowered!

Peace and Blessings



May Overview!

taurus-zodiac-sign-profileHappy Birthday Taurus!

As we enter May, we can certainly lean in on the  positive qualities of the Bull to  help us slow down, relax,  and  spend time in our gardens, home, and with friends and family. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and loves  Her  surroundings to be sumptuous and gorgeous! And, after the wild and  crazy ride of the last few months, it is a welcome change to just take a load off, and slow down a bit! ( And, this is perfect for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde)

So, here is the Cosmic Line up with  dates and times for you to mark in your calendars!

May 3rd Full Moon….Wesak Moon 13 * Scorpio/Taurus @ 8:42 PM PDThorse full moon

Join us for an amazing Full Moon Horseback ride! It is going to be awesome. (Please confirm by Saturday for horse rentals!) Info on the full moon page

Full Wesak Moon

The energies of this Full Moon are pretty intense! Anytime  Scorpio gets involves this is usually the case!  Full moons bring to light things you hadn’t seen, but that are relevant to whatever you are currently dealing with. Scorpio by nature, delves into what is going on below the surface to bring it up for transformation ( this is the good news!)  The Taurus/ Scorpio axis  rules  power or  misuse of it, ( or becoming empowered), your finances and resources, self worth and self esteem, and sensuality and sexuality.PhoenixRising

Best Practice during this intense weekend is to use your power to empower others! And, since it is the Wesak, or The Buddha Moon, be open to receiving special guidance to help you move thru what ever  is stuck deep within. The messages you receive  now from our beautiful Wesak Celestial Guides will help you realize your own gifts, talents, and release all that STUFF that is no longer needed or wanted! Yippee!guidence

And one last note here… aware of any additions /compulsions that are pulling at you now as they will be extra strong….so, you may need to manage them with a little help of a  friend or meeting! And….remember, this is the icky stuff we are talking about….so don’t be afraid to dive it and bring light to the muck! Your courage will be rewarded!



May 7th Venus Moves into Cancer until June 5love heart

Here is what you may notice with this energy shift…

*You will feel more loving and kind.

* Your home really feels like a place of comfort and nurturing, and you want to snuggle in more!

* You may feel the urge to update and beautify your home.

* Just beware of  care taking  everyone around you …in other words, don’t completely give your self away without healthy boundaries!

May 14th-18th….Mars Opposite Saturn (Gemini /Saturn Axis )

This is a short transit, but worth mentioning here. Mars is the fiery  planet of action and getting a move on!  Saturn is in Retrograde, restructuring areas of our life, and  asking us to slow down. So, you may feel blocked or frustrated, especially when are are tying to accomplish something you feel is urgent  and it is stalled!  Best Practice is to just surrender….don’t push it….shelf it….and trust that the situation needs a little time and space before final decisions are made. New directions or insights will  be revealed, so trust this process and just allow! (Hard I know)

May 17th…..New Moon in Taurus at 26* 9:13 PMgarden

The New Moon each month begins the growth cycle of the Moon and signals a time to start anew in some way. This is especially true of this New Moon as Taurus rule such things as gardening and tending to what you care most about.This is the best time of month to begin a new phase or project and is ideal for setting your intentions and goals. Pathways, ideas and new opportunities that come to you now are to be considered seriously as they could have hidden potential that can bring you benefit in some way.

 This New Moon in Taurus is bringing you opportunities to build and/or create something inhappy puppiess
our lives that we deeply care about. There is a wonderful trine between Venus (the ruler of Taurus) and Neptune. These two planets have rulership over how you love. Venus rules “earthly”/personal love while Neptune is the planet that attunes us all to love of a more cosmic or Universal nature. When they
connect in a positive way as they are now, it opens the heart allowing love to express freely and unconditionally.  Your New Moon intention Ceremony will be quite powerful and potent this month for sure…. More details will be posted shortly on the New Moon Page!
And a note….since Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th….plant your seeds, but plan on a start date after June 11th if they are New intentions. If they are redoes, or tweaking of already planted seeds…you are free to begin!worldlove
May 18th – June 11 Mercury Goes Retrograde at 13 * Gemini- Turning Direct at 4* Gemini
This IS the big news for the Month, and it will  really pay off in big dividends if you work WITH this energy and plan for it! So, first…..Mercury loves being in the sign of Gemini, as this is his home sign or  ruler! So, this  retrograde will be Super Strong in terms of all our communications, agreements, verbal and written interactions with others and with all our near and dear electronic devices!
rethinkMercury will be in  Gemini a bit longer than usual….April 30th – July 8th, with the retrograde occurring May 18th – June 10th. So, we  will have plenty of time be thinking and re-thinking our worlds!
So,  here is what you may notice during the time of Mercury in Gemini!
*You will likely be able to think and communicate more clearly ( both during the forward and retro motion)
* Making informed decision are easier and less stressful
* Mental creativity is enhanced ( during RX you may Rethink old creative projects!)
* You may discover a fresh new way of doing things
* You may be more open minded and curious than usual
* Synchronicities occur and insights come from out of the blue!
While in retrograde the above may still occur, but will be more subtle
So, what you should expect and plan for while Mercury is Retrograde in Gemini?
* Your beloved electronic devices may go haywire, so be sure that everything is backed up or in the cloud a few days prior to the 18th! Really….. for sure!
* Computer issue such as cyber attacks, viruses or loosing date happen….again….BACK UP!
* Cells drop calls, you can loose texts, emails get lost….so follow up if you don’t get a response back!
* In general, communications get scrambled, so double and triple check dates and times.
* You may be extra forgetful….so have key ( car and home) back up plans in place, and set 2 alarms for important meetings so you don’t miss them.
Best Practice for this Mercury Retrograde….merc
* Start NOW to plan and schedule  this month….book your travel  now, arrange and confirm meetings,  make any and all repairs on electronics, computers and your car NOW – thru the May 15th!
* Do not make any major purchases during this 3 week period. You  just won’t  be happy with it  when Merc goes Direct.
*Again, double check all the facts, reconfirm  ALL your plans, expect delays and don’t freak out if someone is late or forgets! Patience and Grace go along way during this time!
* No contract signing….and if you do have to do this….just remember, the nature of the agreement will change!
* The cosmic point is to get us to SLOOOOW down and make sure we are dotting I’s and crossing T’s. And is our crazy multitasking world, we should oblige! It will behoove us 🙂
* Review, redo, rethink, reconnect, renew, retreat……these are the keys to serenity over these 3 weeks!
So, take a load off, enjoy the beautiful grounding, sensuous energy of Taurus. Plant your garden, both figuratively with your intentions, and physically…. and mostly…..
Breathe and Enjoy May!
 new begining with flowers
Peace and Blessings,