April Overview!

aries blue ramGreetings Cosmic Artist!

We made it thru the 7th and Final Pluto Uranus Square,  the New Moon Solar Eclipse and the Spring Equinox! Lots of changes, endings, and New Beginnings!

April will help us sort thru all the “Aftermath” so to speak!

Before we begin the April line up…… a note ….

The Final Pluto Uranus Square is slowly but surely dissipating. However, in Astrology lingo it is call a” separating aspect” ( meaning moving away),  and it is still “in orb “( with in 10 degrees) so it does have influence as  it  moves away. I like to see it as  these Big Guys are making sure we stick to the insights, changes, and new directions we  established over the past 3 years! They are the gate keepers of  the new direction and change!uruans planet

A few things you may  notice….

*The Shift has happened, and Changes are now  occurring with less struggle and strife. Any resistance you have  will begin to dissolve. It may feel  like a surrendering and allowing. Situations  WILL unfold in divine perfect timing! Trusting the process is super  important at this time, as is just allowing…….

*A new sense of FREEDOM and EMPOWERMENT will begin to emerge as you start to see these changes take hold. It has been a long 3 year process of change!  Onward and Upward my Friends!hikers empowered

*The process of change in your new direction will begin to feel more organic….a natural next step! Remember, we planted many seeds and they WILL begin to sprout in the months to come.

*And ….if you still feel like life is “falling apart” try replacing those thoughts with the idea that Life is finally ” falling together!” And the adventure of your hearts desire and new life direction is just beginning! Gratitude, Appreciation, Connection, and Compassion are the qualities to pull into your new journey!

Now….on to the  Cosmic Lineup for April!                                                                                                    And, I would like to add that with the exception of the first week……the month will really calm down and allow a lot of progress for our new directions!

April 4th…..Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at  14*  Libra 5:05 AM PDTfull moon eclipse blook

This is the final piece of last months powerful influences! Since Eclipses always occur in pairs, 2 weeks apart, this full moon eclipse will  illuminate or reveal  any and all details that have been overlooked or buried in regard to your relationships.   This is a super full moon, so you and all your encounters will be emotional! And, it may  relate back to the final  Pluto Uranus square March 16th  and New Moon Solar Eclipse of March 20th. This Lunar Eclipse is in Libra, so what will be highlighted are relationships…..all types! The intention is to reveal a hidden piece of info

 To help You  Create….

happy puppiess.*Balanced relationships….allowing the needs of both partners to be heard, known, and acknowledged with a  new depth of understanding.

*A Balance of order in your world….particularly if you have been in total chaos the last week weeks….(or years!)

* Pulling YOU back into alignment with YOUR needs, dreams and intentions…particularly if you have be focusing on the other person,  ignoring yourself.

*  Win win partnerships, with balance, empowerment, and  fairness without compromising your values, morals, and ethics.

* Be sure to release and let go of all the relationships that no longer work. Bless, thank, and let it go baby!

balance with rocks

For more details….click thru this link to my full moon page! http://shelleywarrenastrology.com/1456/full-moon-lunar-eclipse-april-4th-in-libra/

April 8th….Jupiter Goes Direct in Leo thru August 11th!

The beautiful planet of growth, expansion, grace, and goodness  has been resting since December 8th. He now begins his forward movement and final pass thru the Fiery Passionate energy of Leo! Jupiter will not be returning to this sign and position for 12 years….so time to hear the Lion Roar in your chart( wherever Leo resides  in your natal soul print is the area  where you will naturally expand!)  Best practice is to use the energy to get FIRED UP and on your new path! Also, new directions and projects will start to speed up, so buckle in!lion in chair with hitchcock

April 16th….Pluto goes Retrograde thru September 25th

The big outer planets retrograde once a year. At times we notice and others we don’t. What Pluto Rx may  feel like is a back drop  that is subtle but still influences the overall energy! When Pluto is turned inward, issues of power, manipulation, transformation, and change are working at deep levels of your soul. Just allow what he discovers to bubble up and be released. He is clearing  your soul roots!! Don’t be afraid to go deep to release old shitola! Pluto rooter is here and at work with the help of friends!ninja-turtles-secret-sewer-hideout-emerge

April 18th…New Moon in Aries 28 * @ 11:57 AM

New moons mark the beginning of a New Cycle.  Of course, perfect Cosmic timing! by spending  the first few weeks in April sifting thru  and finding the gems that continue to shine and entice us to follow their mystery and path we will be ready for this powerful New Moon! And, there is no better sign than Ariesempowered!, the Pioneering Spiritual Warrior, who springs forward  with courage, passion, and an attitude of.. ” I can do it!” (Starting now is not soon enough!Aries dare to go where  no one has gone before. Get ready to get your Aries on….( and we all have Aries in our charts…..some more than others….but yes, we have it)if you never go you never know

I will have your new moon ceremony posted in a few days…..but for now know….. this New Moon is the divine perfect time to begin the New Project,  or to revitalize one that remains healthy and in your heart!

April 21st-23rd….Mars….Pluto….Mercury….come together to Empower  Projects!

This cosmic alignment  will empower you to  get things accomplished that might ordinarily have taken  a long time. This energy will move you out of the murkie waters of indecision and  in to the pristine clear mountain stream! Here’s why. These planets will be in the compatible earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn, both known for perseverance and stick to it qualities! You will be mentally and physically ready to put in the structure and  steps to accomplish the tasks!  Time to tackle the project that you have been putting off! This is a great gift to help us so be sure to….JUST DO IT!

fall apart to fall togehter

Final words…..

We have all been thru so much in the past 3 years. The Cosmic intention was, is , and will continue to be to ASSIST us in aligning our hearts and souls  to our true  gifts, talents, and destinies! It is a blessing to be a  part of this special dynamic  time in history. The Aries energy this month will give us all the courage and passion we need to continue our Special Hero’s Journey!   Tallie Ho!

heros journey

PS Heads up….Mercury will be turning Retrograde May 18th – June 11th in the its own sign of Gemini.  Best practice….make your travel plans now or before the Rx.  While in Retrograde is the perfect time to plan a little down time, to rest, relax, and renew! Just book it before, and be flexible if your are traveling during this time as  there may be changes and delays.  More next month…but for now….use as a planning tool!



Stay Inspired….Connected…..Empowered

Peace and Blessings



Full Moon Lunar Eclipse April 4th in Libra

full moon eclipse blookWe have a beautiful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse early Saturday morning, 5:05  AM PDT! If you are an  early riser,  you will be able to see it!  It will be quick, beautiful, and  blood red in color! Early morning is such  a special time of day, so well worth your effort if you make it up!

Lunar Eclipses are extra potent Full Moons, signaling a fork in the road, a change, a releasing and letting go and an ending of some kind! This full moon eclipse  is in Libra, so balance in relationship, fairness, and justice,  are the themes that will be illuminated! And, more than likely, the issue will tie into last months Pluto Uranus final  square and the  March 20th Solar Eclipse.

Please note that everyone will be extra sensitive and emotional a few days prior and after, so be sure tolet it go! practice patience and compassion. We have all gone thru tremendous change……and now we are beginning a new journey….but the first stop is to RELEASE all the extra baggage…..including, but not limited too old love relationship, partnerships, friendships, and situations that are  not fair and just.

We will not be doing a  horseback ride this full moon, I fell and sprained my foot….no riding for me 🙁

But please do your own release ceremony. It is important to put to bed that person, place or thing that no longer serves you! A Full Moon release is a bit different than a New Moon ceremony, as it is not time sensitive. You can do your release on Friday  or Saturday evening if you are not up at 5 AM Saturday morning. The most important element here is to write down what no longer serves you….what you have outgrown, people and relationships that  are  no longer on your  wave link. This is the fork in the road of new directions. Choose the high road!Adventure time!endings begings

Write your List, include everything! Then do a ceremonious  Release! It’s great if you can burn it, but if not, rip it apart with glee and joy! Get Happy….sing the song….it does make you happy, which is the whole point.!!!!!happy williamsjpg

Then, howl,  moon-gaze, and simply give thanks and gratitude for the many  lessons learned…… Remember

Stay Inspired….Connected….Empowered!

Peace and Blessings,


full moon jump

March 20th New Moon Solar Eclipse 29*29 Pisces +Spring Equinox

spring exuinox plant your dreams

March 20th is a  Big Day! It IS the climax to a Super intense 2 weeks of change, completion, and a bit of chaos!  On Monday, we  completed the 7th and final hit of the 3 year transit of Pluto square Uranus, (breaking it  down and walking away from what is not working, and moving in a new innovative inspiring direction!) This in itself is cause for celebration!  It has been a challenging 3 years to say the least!  And now, on March 20th, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse. A Solar eclipse occurring on the New Moon, ( always about New Beginnings,) is like a New Moon on steroids! Super manifestation powers! And, right on the heels of this  New Moon Solar Eclipse at 29*29 Pisces ( the last degree of the last sign) we have the solar eclipseBeginning of the Astrological New Year, the Spring Equinox! This is  when the Sun moves into Aries, and we begin a whole new year. Equinoxes are also a very potent manifesting times! So, what we have here is a triple whammy in terms of cosmic energy to help us manifest our dreams, desires, and intentions. Icing on the cake of our new directions!  Yippee!

cosmic-breath-of-lifeThis New Moon, being at 29 *  29 Pisces, indicates a completion on many levels. So, for this month’s New Moon ceremony, I  have changed up the format a bit. We  can integrate qualities of both Pisces and Aries  to release, bless and let go…. in addition to activating these qualities to call forth to Anchor our New Year Intention and for many of us, New Life direction!


I  invite you to join me live in Marina del Rey  for this special day to Celebrate, Meditate, and Create from 7 to 9 PM! Please RSVP if you are coming as I will be preparing your Astrology chart….a visual picture of where  your  soul print being activated!star of david

And, if you can’t join me in person, where ever you are,  take a few minutes  to create your sacred space and do your New Moon Solar Eclipse/Equinox Ceremony. Don’t let this powerful, amazing, energetic day past you by!prayer big girl

Here are the exact times…..

2:35 AM New Moon Solar Eclipse 29 Pisces PDT

3:45 PM Spring Equinox 0 Aries PDT

Best practice is to plan time first thing in the morning when you arise, or in the early evening! As the slogan says…. JUST DO IT! You will receive big benefits….for sure!

New Moons are time sensitive, so ON or After….Not Before!!

Equinoxes are not as time sensitive, so you can combine both into One if you like, first thing in the morning!

As you sit down to prepare, grab your journal, and jot down the answers to the questions below.

This is a very special  time. Tune the world out, and tune IN to your inner world!

Take  time  LISTEN IN!!!

We review first …….past present 3

The Past 3 years….( Pluto Uranus square 7 hits)

* What were the most significant events in your life? List a few….

*What did you learn, better come to understand, and or realize about yourself or the situation?

*What was the hardest thing you had to do during this time?

*What important relationships formed or dissolved or stood the test of time?

* What situations ended…Either by choice or “other” reasons?

The Present…..Now

*What in your life is not working anymore….be honest!

*Are you feeling you are on the Verge of something new?

* Is there something you are super excited about… what is it?

*Does anyone or anything keep showing up in your life? ( there are no accidents only synchronicity!)

* Do you see your self differently? How so?

* Are you feeling overwhelmed….if so…what do you need to let go of that is just over?

The Future….. (yippee!)

The impact of the Pluto Uranus square will have a lingering effect…. what you will begin to feel is a fall out or impact of this 3 year event as time goes on. Probably by April the dust will settle, and the work on the new direction begins!

Your willingness to let go, grow, and change is the key . The seeds you plant on  March 20th have super manifesting power…..so plant deep and intend big!grow big

What is your Soul asking of you now…. Ask and Listen…..

If you got a message from your future….what might that be…..Listen!

This is a special Cosmic Day….We are transitioning Out of the Pisces Era, and into the Age of Aquarius!

We Passing the baton in the relay race of life! Time for a new race!

As we let the past go… send off all the things, places, and people  you want to release with love, blessings, and appreciation! Just LET GO!

Time to move forward, at warp speed into  a new dimension, place, and space!

We are combining the extraordinary Spiritual powers of Pisces, and the dynamic energy of Aries, New Beginnings!

Here are the guidelines  for your New Moon Ceremony/Celebration/Intention!!!.prayer little girl

  1. Start at the exact time 2:34 AM PDT on March 20th or AFTER.  First thing in the morning will work, so you only need to get up if you are a wild thing and can’t sleep!
  2. Get quiet, center, and make your ceremony sacred and your special time.  Gather your favorite crystals, sage, and candles. Clear Quartz will amplify your intentions…so have it in your hand or near by!
  3.  First write your review and release….for good….that which no longer serves you. Let it all go! No room for baggage on the next leg of our trip! 🙂
  4.   Plant your seeds! Write your 10 intentions…those ideas, dreams, and crazy schemes that have been waiting for you to give  life to them.   Time to Do it….intend it!
  5. Combine the energy of Pisces and Aries to assist you while planting your intentions!
  6. After getting clear and writing it down, take a moment to SEE them complete, FEEL them complete. Get Excited…IMAGINE you are there. Be happy! Play Farrell’s song!
  7. Read  your intentions out loud…..KNOW and EXPECT….. they happen!
  8. Most importantly…have fun, get creative, ignite your passion, and always follow your Heart’s Desire…… Together, We are pioneering a new way on our planet….how cool is that?

We are all ROCK STARS!

rock star

A few more ideas for intention setting……

Pisces Rules Spirituality, Imagination, Trust, and Mystic Awareness, so, open your mind and heart, align with your Inner Self, and BE ready for something Divine to occur!

Aries Rules New Beginnings, Blazing new trails, Initiation, High energy, Taking action,  and Innovative approaches.
Sample Intentions
I intend to initiate action on project

today!words for change
I intend  a successful new beginning in the area of

I intend to partner with Spirit in all areas of my life.

I intend to play and TRUST my imagination!

I intend to allow my fantasy’s to emerge, becoming reality.

I easily connect to nature and my environment on a deep level.

I have the clear mind of the mystic in viewing my life and circumstances.

I easily perceive and communicate with my guides and angels.

I trust my 6th sense!

I know and Trust that a Higher Power is successfully guiding my life.

I know and trust that everything occurs for my highest and greatest good!
I have confidence in simply being myself.
I am always authentic and transparent with others, letting them know my true feelings
I intend to take those risks that lead to personal growth and positive renewal.
I intend to make each day an adventure, filled with eagerness and exploration.
I view any set backs as an opportunity for creative self-discovery!
I intend to cultivate the habit of self-reliance.
I always follow my own  instincts in making decisions.
I have the courage to be myself!
I intend lots of vital health, energy and courage in every area of my life!
I confidently take the lead in the matter of

I intend strength and boldness in my approach to

I intend to lead my tribe with integrity, love, and grace, fearlessly!


let it go!

I surrender all worries and anxieties into the healing hands of a Higher Power.
I surrender and know my daily life is consistently being sourced by God.

I release and surrender all tendencies of self-deception and deceiving others.

I easily free myself from the addiction to

_and find it replaced with spiritual fulfillment!

I release and surrender all feelings of helplessness.


I bless and release

, knowing they walk their own path, with out me.

I release all feelings of disappointment and replace them with the knowing that that everything is working toward my highest good

As always, feel free to use these or make up your own!


PS : Albert Einstein was one of the most famous Pisces.einstein_classic_old

I leave you with a few quotes from this mystical genius…..

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

“If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” – Albert Einstein

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all

science.” – Albert Einstein


Onward  Spiritual Warriors!

heart innovation



Peace and Blessings


Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces

wolf howling at full moon57

Full Moon

March 5th 10:05 AM(Wednesday AM)

14 Virgo/Pisces

Full moons occur when the Sun is Opposite the Moon, asking us to integrate two polarized signs and perspectives. Virgo and Pisces represent very different modes of perception. Virgo employs analysis and reason, Pisces draws on intuition and feelings. The best way to work with these two signs and energies is to integrate matter and spirit. In other words……The Pisces Vision/ Intuition has the Idea….and the  Virgo practicality  does the work on this plane  to see the vision to fruition!  The key is to be able to balance both qualities….and not to get so caught up in the details that  you lose site of the vision!

The additional energy occurring around this full moon is the Jupiter/Uranus trinepluto uranus conjuction (expansion of innovative, creative ideas and insights) and of course, the 7th and final Pluto Uranus  square is in  orb, or  close at hand! ( evolution and revolutionary change.)  Please review the March overview  to more details on this 3 year aspect!

This Full Moon  is an opportunity to release all the old Virgo detail patterns and pickyness that no long support our             Big Pisces Vision! Yippee!

Best Practice is to stay present. This full moon will illuminate what needs to be release. Remember, full moons bring up emotions….so it will be an emotional few days. Pay attention to what comes up for you, and let it go……for good!past present 2

You will know what needs to be release. Look at what is keeping your vision stuck. That old saying, the “devil is in the details” really apply’s  here. Don’t stop the project just because you don’t know exactly what the next step is. Hold your vision sacred, have faith and let nothing get in your way

YOU KNOW what is right and real for you!

Let this full moon Light your Path….spend time with her…..ask the tough questions…..

Until we SEE things differently, (Pisces) we can’t do things differently(Virgo)!

vision laserious

Use this full moon to RE-SEE your vision! What and how can you do things New, differently, and put your unique soul signature on your project!


Be open, aware and ready!

Spend time, Be present…..and



 Peace and Blessings